Father’s Day Present

I am a physician assistant at a busy walk-in medical center. My duties include everything from minor first aid to doing complete exams on the patients. There are four physician assistants, four physicians and eight nurses who work rotating shifts twenty-four hours a day. We all get along well, and we help to take care of medical problems in each other’s family, this since we are the only medical facility within fifty miles, that being the reason we are so busy. My spouse and I have been married for about eight years. She was married once before and has a daughter, Bernie. When we were married Bern was about eleven years old, I have watched her grow up over the years into a beautiful young woman. I feel a little guilty, since I cannot help but watch her almost every time she walks by, although I would never try anything with her there have been a few good dreams over the last couple of years. I had always hoped that she never noticed me watching her, there are times though, when I am sure she saw me.

Recently, on one of my few days off, Bernie had an unusual request. “Dad” she said, “I need these medical forms filled out for my job at the camp this summer.”

I took the papers and looked them over. “Bernie, these require a complete physical,” I told her. “I will have Linda at work take care of it, for this kind of exam would probably be more comfortable with a female doing it.”

“Actually, I would rather have you do it,” she said, as I almost fell off the chair. “I am sorry but you know that I can’t do that, if for no other reason than your mother would be furious,” I told her.

“I am nineteen years old, and can make my own choice,” she replied, “Besides, mom is never going to find out about it.”

I have to admit that examining her was one of my biggest fantasies. After not much of an argument I agreed to do it. We set it for Saturday, when her mother was at work. As the week went on my anticipation grew. On Friday I gathered everything that I would need, this was a very through exam and I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget anything. Just to be sure I went over the exam form one last time.

Saturday morning came and my wife left for work at her usual time. I was downstairs having a cup of coffee when Bernie came down. She was wearing one of her short, thin, nightshirts, the ones she only seemed to wear when her mother was not at home. “Good morning,” I said.

“Hi” she answered, “Do I have time to take a shower before we get started?” she asked as she took a cold drink from the refrigerator.

“Yes,” I told her. “But you can’t have anything to eat or drink until after your blood test.”

“But you know I need this to get started,” she complained.

“All right, wait right here,” I said. I returned with a syringe. “I’ll do your blood test now, okay ?” I asked.

“All right,” she said. “But I have to warn you I don’t like needles.”

She sat there with her eyes closed tight and her head turned. “Please warn me when your going to stick me with that thing,” she asked. but by the time she finished asking it was over with. “That’ the first time anyone did it on the first try, and it didn’t hurt,” she said.

“Now you can have your drink and take your shower,” I told her. “By the way I also need a urine sample so take this cup with you.” She took the cup and headed for the shower, she returned twenty minutes later.

“Okay dad,” she said. “I guess I’m ready when you are.” I finished my coffee and went up to her bedroom. “Since you know what kind of exam this is, are you really sure you want me to do it?” I asked

“As embarrassing as this might be, I would rather have you do it than a stranger.” I began by asking the basic questions about medical history, previous health problems and anything else that happened before her mother and I were married. I was very happy that there were no question about sexual problems or sexual activity. I also asked, “ Bernie, have you ever had an exam like this before, I mean do you know what to expect?”

“No,” she answered. “ I never had any thing like what’s listed on that form. But I do have an idea about what’s coming.”

“Okay Bern, I need you to take off your pajamas now,” I told her. She began to blush a little as she looked down and started to unbutton her top. She turned around, facing away from me and pulled the bottom of her pajamas off before removing her top. I could sense her embarrassment as she slowly turned back to face me wearing only a pair of white cotton bikini panties and a matching white cotton bra. This was the beginning of one of the best days in my medical career.

As she stood there I could see there was not an ounce of excess fat anywhere on her body, and her white underwear only made her beautiful tan look even darker. “Please have a seat on the bed and we can get started,” I said. She sat down looking a little nervous. I asked, “Are you sure you really want to go through with this ?”

“Yes I’m sure,” she replied. I began by listening to her heart and lungs, checking her ears and her throat.

“I’m afraid you aren’t going to like this next part,” I told her. “Since you have been drinking that cold soda I won’t be able to take your temperature orally,” I said.

A look of dread suddenly came over her face, “You don’t mean in my….”

“I’m afraid so,” I answered. “Please just lie down and I’ll make it as quick as I can.”

She lay on the bed with her face buried in the pillow. I slipped my hand under the waistband of her panties and began to slide them down. “Please raise your butt a little, so I can pull these down,” I asked.

She lifted her rear end up off the bed, and kept it elevated so I could take her temperature .It took a moment for me to gather my thoughts about what I was doing. This was the first time I had seen Bernie’s bare bottom, and it was a pleasure to look at. She jumped a little as I placed my right hand on her butt. I gently pushed her cheeks apart and spread a small dab of lubricant on her anus. I picked up the thermometer and dipped it in the jar of KY-jelly, making sure it was well coated.

“Just relax now, your going to feel as light poke,” I explained. She twitched a bit as I penetrated her with the well lubed thermometer. “Don’t move,” I said. “This has to remain in place for a few minutes.” After about three minutes I removed the thermometer, it seemed to me that it was tighter coming out than it was going in. I slipped her underpants back in place, then I asked her to lay on her back.

I began palpating her abdomen, it was washboard flat and as solid as could be. This was a body that any young women would be proud to have. I moved on, examining her arms and legs, checking her reflexes and other minor things.” Please unhook your bra, and push it out of the way, so I could check your breasts,” I said.

Again, that bashful look, as she undid the clasp of her bra. She opened it and took it off. Now I got a good look at two beautiful, very firm breasts. They were perfectly sized for her build, and beautifully tanned. The absence of any tanning lines told me that she either spent a lot of time at a tanning salon or nude sunbathing. Apparently she was not as bashful as I thought. I began squeezing and pushing on the left breast first. I made sure to feel every inch, to be sure the exam was through and for my own enjoyment. As I worked my way from the base to her nipple Bernie just lay there with her eyes closed, and just a hint of a smile on her face. As I proceeded to repeat the exam on the right side her nipples became rock hard. Before I finished I began pinching both nipples, I wanted to see her reaction. I could see her body begin to tense up a little, and the smile on her face began to grow.

“Okay Bern,” I said. “You made it through that just fine, now I need you to remove your panties so I can do your pelvic exam.” This time there was no bashful look. She lifted her butt and slid her panties off, throwing them on the floor. There were two things immediately noticeable, first there were no tanning lines here either, definitely a nude sunbather. The second thing missing was hair. Bernie was clean shaven. Shaved women have always been a turn-on for me, but this was better than any of the fantasies I ever had.

“Now please spread your legs as far apart as you can please.” As she did this I could see that she had shaved everyplace, she was as clean and hair-free as the day she was born. I put on a pair of gloves, and began to do an external exam. Everything was just as perfect as could be. I could see that I would not need much K-Y jelly, she was as moist and slippery as she could be. As I began to spread her lips apart she tensed up again. “Is this going to hurt very much?” she asked.

I assured her, “You are only going to feel a slight poke, absolutely no pain.” I began penetrating her with my fingers. I went very slowly, and was as gentle as I could be. Once my fingers were in as far as possible I began probing for anything abnormal. Bernie’s face once again had that smile on it. She really seemed to be enjoying this. Because of the mutual enjoyment I took a little longer than normal to do this part of the exam.

Suddenly I felt her muscles begin contracting around my fingers. The smile on her face was definitely getting bigger. All at once she began gently thrusting herself against my hand. This was definitely not what I had in mind. I immediately removed my fingers from her. A look of disappointment replaced the smile on her face. As hard as it was I pretended nothing had happened. Her face was turning red. I could clearly see that she her embarrassment about what had just happened. I did not say anything about it. I felt that it would be better that way.

“Now it’s time for your rectal exam, then we will be finished.” I explained. I was thinking about what had happened during her pelvic exam, and wondered what might happen now. I decided that if the same thing happened again I would let it happen, at least to a certain point. The only problem was I did not know where that point might be.

“Just like before I need you turn over, lay face down with your butt in the air.”

“Okay dad,” she said. “Now please don’t lie to me. I’ve heard that these exams hurt real bad, do they?”

“Sometimes they do,” I explained “But I will be as gentle as I can, okay ?” She seemed real tense but after a second she relaxed a little and lifted her butt in the air. I placed my hand on her butt and spread her cheeks as far apart as I could without hurting her.

I placed a generous amount of lubricant on her anus and began sliding my finger inside her. At first she was trembling a little. After the initial penetration she relaxed. I pushed my finger it’s full length into her. So far so good. I completed the exam as quickly as possible. I could feel her muscles once again contracting around my finger. As I began pulling out she tightened even more, I felt her once again thrusting against my hand. This time she was moving faster, harder than before. The more I tried to remove my finger the harder she held me. I decided that if this is what she really wants I would let her enjoy herself. I inserted one of my free fingers into her vagina. She let out first a soft moan, and then a loud scream of pleasure. I was glad that she was enjoying it and wondered if she knew how much fun I was having. After a minute or so her thrusting became much harder and much faster. My hand was actually beginning to hurt.

All of a sudden I felt her muscles clamp down harder as she reached her peak. She was moaning so much that I was glad the windows were closed or else the whole neighborhood would wonder what was going on in here. I kept both of my fingers in place, gently massaging her insides as she collapsed on the bed. I could still feel her muscles pulsing against my fingers. She lay on she bed, still moaning and breathing hard. As I began pulling my hand away she reached down and grabbed it, She looked up at me and said, “Please not yet.” I stopped pulling. After a minute she released my arm, she looked up with a look of shame. She began to say something or apologize for what had just happened. Before she could say anything I looked down and said, “I hope you enjoyed your exam as much as I did.”

Bern just smiled as she put her head back on the bed. I left the room. As I washed my hands I thought about all the fantasies I had had about her. None of them even came close to being as good as this day was. This was a day I will think about and recall forever.

That night my wife and I had the wildest and best sex we had in a longtime. She asked me what had gotten into me that day.

I answered “Don’t ask questions. Just be glad it did.”

She said, “Whatever it was, I hope it happens again. Real soon.”