Female RN In Nevada

Not much as been new in my life as a female RN in Nevada lately. It seems that all the exams are pretty much alike - the girl stands up alongside the table, lowers her panties, and bends over onto the table. I sit behind her, open her buttocks with my left hand, and slide my right index finger into the anal canal.

But there was a teenage girl about three weeks ago that might interest your readers–especially if a reluctant girl excites them, as it does most men and lesbians.

This girl came in complaining of pains in her lower abdomen. It was 14 days after her menstrual cycle started. It just so happens that ovulation occurs 14 days after the onset of menses. So, I explained to her that she was just having ovarian cramps due to ovulation.

She wanted to know if I could check to make sure. I told her to remove her jeans and panties and lie on her back on the table. She removed her jeans but not her panties. She did not want to, she told me. She told me, upon my questioning, that she was embarrassed to remove her panties because she had not been seen naked by anyone for about 10 years.

I told her that was okay. I listened to her ovaries and palpated. I could feel that one ovary was larger than the other and thus ovulating. I told her that the last part of the exam was a rectal exam so that I could check her uterus. She didn’t think she could do that. All the while, she is wincing in pain. I just think she had a low pain tolerance.

I then told her that a back rub will often alleviate menstrual pain. She liked that idea. So, she rolled over, pulled her sweatshirt up to her bra straps and let me rub her back.

Can you picture this in your mind now, readers? This very attractive young lady is lying on her stomach with only her small panties between me and her small tight orbs. I put some lotion on her back and begin rubbing and talking to her about school, boyfriends (she had none), possible careers, etc.

After about 10 minutes, she was feeling much better she told me. I then asked her if she trusted me enough to lower her panties and do the rectal exam.

She looked at me, smiled a little (nothing sexual, just a friendly smile), and said sure. So, I gently pulled her panties down to her knees, walked to the counter to put on a glove and lubricant, and walked back toward her.

She was lying with her face toward me but her eyes closed. I gently opened her buttocks to view a very pink, hairless, symmetrical anus. Her vaginal lips were slightly in view and could be interpreted as belonging to a virgin since they were so tight yet.

I gently pressed my finger into her anus and pushed toward the uterus. I did the usual sweep inside the rectum to feel for anything unusual. Everything felt fine and I withdrew. I removed my glove and grabbed some tissue to wipe the excess lubricant from between her buttocks.

As I was gently wiping her anus, I asked Leslie how she felt. She said much better. With that, she pulled up her panties, I helped her off the table, she dressed, and I sent her home with the advice to buy some Motrin.

I smiled to myself as I watched her walk down the hallway away from me. I have relived that exam in my mind at least three times a day for the past few weeks.

I really love my job!”