Female Urologist

I was so turned on by my company physical that when I needed to see a doctor on my own I chose a female physician. The exam I got was bland in that she only had me remove my shirt but she was a fine doctor and I trusted her judgement. A while later I saw her about some pain which she suspected to be a bladder/and or prostate inflammation. She said I should see a urologist.

My insurance limited who we could see but when I checked the list there was a female urologist. She advertised as general and female urology. I thought about it and after a drink got up the nerve to call. I figured they would say her practice was women only, but the secretary matter of factly made the appointment. When the day arrived my heart was pounding. I could barely speak. I was the only man in the reception area and had the last appointment.

At my turn I heard the receptionist mention to the doctor, “You don’t get many men.”

The doctor replied, “He is my first.”

I met her in her office. She was young (30ish) and very petit. We talked then she led me to a exam room and told me to get completely undressed. She left the room without giving me a gown. On the table was one that was more like a dress, with flower prints and all. I started to have second thoughts and was nervous and beet red.

She returned and found me in the gown pacing. She openly laughed at me in my dress. She had me remove the gown and lie on the table. She stood at my side talking with a wide eyed expression and a grin. She was staring at my penis and balls which had shrunk to nothing from the humiliation. She pressed around the pubic area and then started to examine my penis. She held it then ran a finger along the shaft, over my balls and down to my anus.

She told me to stand and try to relax. She reached over, grabbed my balls in one hand and gently pulled them downward, while pressing her other hand on my groin right over my penis. She repeated for me to relax. She did this for a minute until my balls hung lower. She then used both hands to examine them for lumps. The sensation was dizzying. When done, she had me turn around and bend over the table. Next she inserted her finger in my anus and moved it around. This caused a slight erection which I do not know if she saw. She said we were done and told me to get dressed. She said the prostate seemed ok and gave me medicine for the bladder infection. She said she felt some hardness in the left testicle and set me up for a sonagram.

That will come next.