Fertility Clinic

My wife and I have been married for several years, and we’ve wanted a child, but haven’t had one, so she got checked out. I was really happy that everything was all right with her. Then it was my turn.

I didn’t look forward to the clinic at the hospital, but when I showed up they were nice, and the nurse took me into the back hall. She put me in an examining room, and told me to take off my clothes.

“Oh, there’s no drape, do you need one?” she asked.

I just shrugged, and she said, “OK!” and left.

I’m an average looking guy, and my job gives me plenty of exercise. I’ve got a decent amount of hair on my chest, and I think I look pretty good naked, so I didn’t mind.

I took off my clothes, and sat on the end of the table. It took a long time, but finally the doctor rushed in. She was gorgeous. Her long reddish brunette hair was tied back, and she wore big glasses, but she had a face that was strikingly beautiful, with perfect skin. Her white coat couldn’t hide breasts that just wouldn’t quit!

She looked at me, and said, “You’re Mister Jones, Steven J.?”

I said, “That’s me.”

She was writing on her clipboard when a young nurse came in with a bottle. “Should I have him . . . now?” she said. The doctor looked at her, and said, “Urine sample OK, wait on the other.”

“Come with me,” the nurse said, and I followed her across the hall to a bathroom. “You have to fill this” she said, and I went in the bathroom, filled it, and brought it out. She stepped into the bathroom, and came out with some tissue. “You’ve got a drop there,” she said sweetly, and squatted in front of me, and blotted the drop off the end of my penis. My friend down there began to loosen up, and get a little longer. We went back in the examining room, but now the doctor was sitting on the table, still writing.

“Thanks.”, she said to the nurse. The nurse smiled at me as she went out, and closed the door. I was standing there naked with my hands on my hips. The doctor started swinging her legs back and forth slowly.

“So, Mister Jones, you can’t get your wife pregnant. Looks like you have everything you need to do the job. What’s the problem?”

I shrugged, and put my hands out, and said, “You tell me Doc!”

She hopped off the table, and said, “Lay down.” I hopped up on the table, laid back and put my hands under my head.

“Your recent physical says you’re fine,” she said, and put her clipboard down. She picked up some examining gloves, and I watched her put them on. She stepped over to my right, and began to examine my belly, working her way down.

“Any tenderness?” she said.

“I’m fine.” She rubbed my pubis, and then took my penis in her hand, and began to examine it.

“How’s this guy been?” she said.

“He’s in great shape,” I said, and smiled. She smiled too.

She gently opened the end of my friend, and looked in, then laid him on my belly, and took a hold of my balls. Man did that feel good! She started feeling them every which way, and my friend started to stand up.

“I guess he is in great shape,” she said with a smile.

She went over to the cabinet and got out a test tube, a big one, and opened a jar of something, and smeared it around in the test tube. She came back over to me, and said, “You’re supposed to do this yourself, but I think it would be faster if I helped.”

Man did I smile! She laid the test tube between my legs, and started playing with my penis with her left hand while her right hand expertly worked my balls. She started lightly squeezing my balls, and the next thing I knew her mouth was on my dick! She worked it up and down like I didn’t think was possible! She swirled her tongue around the tip, then took her mouth off to brush back her hair which had fallen down, and I felt the cool air on my wet dick, then her warm mouth came back down around it again.

She worked me for a while, then stood up. “Having trouble coming?” she said, and smiled. I thought we were just getting started, but I said, “Yeah.” She unbuttoned her blouse, and opened it. She was wearing one of those open-cupped bra’s that left her nipples exposed! Her breasts were full and firm, and wobbled only a little as she touched them with her fingers.

“Will these help?” she said. I was ready to come right then. She started working my dick with her lips then took it in her mouth. I felt her hard nipples brushing against my side.

She sensed I was about to come, and got the test tube, and put it around my dick. As I started to spurt, she worked it back and forth on the end of my dick as she milked my balls. Man did I spurt! I saw the come splatter all over the inside of the tube!

It felt really good when she wiped me off afterwards too.

I’ll never forget her standing against the open door with the test tube in her hand as I lay there, naked and smiling.

She grinned, and said, “We’ll let you know the results.”