First Colonic

By Anonymous

I’ve had an interest in enemas for as long as I can remember. I was told by my sister that my grandmother used to give all the grand-children either laxatives or enemas. The others were old enough to elect to have laxatives, but being too young to answer, I was always given both.

It must not have been too bad, because I have always been drawn to anything that could force water up my ass. I remember, from eight or nine years on, experimenting with things whenever I was home alone. Empty coke bottles and plastic squeeze containers were the most common tool. Later on I started noticing the douche and enema sections in drug stores. Even as a kid I was fascinated by the items and never failed to get a hard-on as I lingered in those aisles. It wasn’t until college days that I got up the nerve to take those items to a check out person and get them home to play with. My activities were strictly solitary and were discussed with no one.

While I was away at school, I happened by a chiropractic office one day. There was a sandwich sign out in the lobby of the building advertising a Dr. John Paulson and his services which included massage, “colonic irrigation” and “prostate treatments”. Just seeing that sign made me shaky all over. I copied down the phone number and hurried home.

Still trembling a little, I called the number. It seemed to ring forever, and then a man answered identifying himself as Dr. Paulson. I managed to stammer out a request for a massage and received an appointment for that afternoon.

I got to the office about ten minutes early for my 5:00 appointment. Much to my surprise the office door was locked and the light in the waiting room was off. I knocked hard on the door and soon a light came on and the door was opened for me. I was greeted by a man in his fifties wearing a white medical coat. He asked if I were David. When I said yes, he introduced himself as Dr. Paulson. He said I was the last appointment for the day so he had pretty much locked up. He took me back to a room with a long padded exam table. He told me to take all of my clothes off and put them on the chair. I nervously began shedding clothing and tried to keep my dick from getting hard. It was difficult. The room was loaded with cabinets and

shelves containing medical equipment such as metal enema cans, rubber bulbs of various sizes and nozzles ranging from the size of my pinky to a curved one on the biggest bulb that had to be eight inches long and an inch in diameter. Naked , I quickly placed myself belly down on the table. The doctor hung up his coat. Underneath he wore a tight t-shirt and seemed to be pretty hunky. He put some massage oil on my back and began working his hands slowly over my shoulders. While he massaged I asked him about the references to “colonic irrigation” and “prostate treatments” I had seen on his sign. He told me that colonic irrigation was a complete cleansing of the bowel. I asked him if that was what all the cans and bulbs were for. He told me no, that they were for giving patients special implant solutions after they received a colonic. He said that there was no comparison between a colonic and an enema. That with a colonic more than 30 gallons of water is run in and out of the intestines. I asked if it hurt, and he told me that it didn’t, that you just relax on a table like the one I was on and that he would insert a metal speculum about six inches into the anus. The other end would be hooked up to the colonic machine. Water would flow in under regulated pressure so that it would never get too uncomfortable. Then he would release an outflow valve that would let the water flow out into a completely closed system directly into the sewer line. That way there was no mess or odor. He said the process was so comfortable that some patients had actually drifted off to sleep while they were on the table.

By then his hands had worked their way down to my lower back. Soon he was kneading my ass, pushing my cheeks up and apart. His thumbs would lightly brush against my asshole and drive me crazy. I managed to ask how much a colonic would cost and he said $15. By now his hands had moved down to my thighs and I started to cool down a bit. That was until he asked me if I wanted him to give me a colonic after the massage. I blurted out “sure” before I had a chance to chicken out. What followed was the most intense and exciting pumping out I have ever received.

He had me turn over onto my back and finished my massage. Then he opened a cabinet and got me a hospital gown to put on. He said the colonic room was a little cool, and the gown would keep me warm . He told me to put it on with the opening in the back. Next I followed him to another room . There I found another exam table, covered with paper. At the foot of the table was a huge tapered glass beaker attached to a metal box with all sorts of long thick tubing. This I learned was a Dierker colonic irrigation machine. (Over the next several years I was to become quite familiar with that contraption as well as several other delivery systems.) He explained that he would connect the tubing to a speculum which he would insert up into my rectum. Then he would run water into my colon from the beaker, then release it back through the tubing carrying any built

up wastes with it. He said he would control the pressure and temperature of the water. All I would need to do was relax and tell him if I felt too full or uncomfortable. With that he turned a knob and water started filling the beaker.

He told me that he would do a brief exam of my rectum before the colonic. He donned a pair of latex gloves and brought out a jar of vaseline. He turned me away from him and had me bend over the table. Next I felt his finger slide up into me. At first his finger made slow circular motions inside me. Then he started pressing and pushing in one spot. The pressure kept increasing , and it felt like his finger was going to come right through my cock, which was rock hard by this point. He told

me he was checking my prostate gland. Just as I was getting into it, he pulled out and wiped my butt with a few tissues.

Then he told me to get on the table and lay on my back. I took a little time shifting my position trying to deflate my dick. Dr. Paulson told me he was going to check my abdomen and to tell him if any of the areas he pressed felt sore. He pulled my gown up exposing my body from the nipples down. I swallowed hard as his cold hand began pushing all around my stomach area. Some of the areas actually were a little tender. As his explorations got closer to the base of my cock, it began to roll and fill up. There didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it. But the doctor didn’t say anything even when my dick brushed against his hand. Then he pulled my gown back down. He had me raise my knees toward my chest, bringing my asshole into view. He attached the big metal nozzle to the end of the tube and put a generous amount of the vaseline on the nozzle. He told me to take a deep breath. One hand spread my butt and the other slid the speculum up into my ass. Then he had me bring my feet back down to rest on the table with my knees still bent and my legs spread apart.

Almost immediately I felt a surge of warm water flowing into me. Just as I was starting to get full, he pushed a lever and the water began to drain out of me. This process continued for about a half hour with the fill ups lasting longer and longer. I could feel the water rising higher and higher up into my guts. When I started to squirm a little Dr. Paulson would tell me to take long deep breaths and would gently massage my stomach through the gown. Once I relaxed, the build up and release began to feel really good. In fact my dick rose to its limit and made a sort of tent with my hospital gown. Dr. Paulson was increasing my

excitement by gripping the end of the speculum and slowly rotating it around in my ass or easing it in and out a few inches at a time. He would also squeeze on the tubing which would suddenly increase the pressure way up inside me. I would feel this great thumping of water surges.

After a bit of this treatment I couldn’t help squirming and pushing my butt harder against the speculum. Just as I was getting to a point where I thought I was about to cum, the doctor said that we had been on the machine for over an hour and the water was coming out pretty clear. He said that’s how long a session usually goes, so if I was getting tired we could stop for the day.

I was really getting into it, and the last thing I wanted was for him to stop. Since he seemed to be leaving it somewhat up to me, I managed to ask him if he could do a few more deep fills before we ended. (What I really wanted to say was, couldn’t he keep doing this to me all night, but I didn’t think that wouldn’t fly.) He said we could go for about another ten minutes. I had a reprieve.

Before he started the filling process again, he said he wanted to do a little abdominal massage to loosen up any feces that might be caked into pockets in my colon. He pulled the hospital gown up to my nipples and poured some creamy massage liquid onto my belly. He gently began rubbing the palm of his right hand in circular motions over my stomach. Shortly after he began

pressing, I saw dark brown liquid and material passing through the outflow tube. Then he began filling me again, all the while he gently rubbed my stomach in ever widening circles. As the water started rising in my gut, my cock started its own filling up process. My hardening cock rolled toward my navel just as his hand moved to my lower abdomen. He didn’t change his massage stroke, but merely eased my cock to the side with his hand as it moved around my belly. When his hand traveled back up my stomach, my cock sprang back to center. The water pressure inside me was getting really intense. I started to squirm a little, but I wanted to take in as much water as possible. By the time his hand came back around to my cock, my dick was starting to twitch. But this time, instead of just pushing it to the side, he gripped it with his left hand and raised it out of the way as he continued his light massage. The build up of the water and the squeezing of his hand around my hard-on were too much for me. My cock spasmed, and I began spurting cum onto my chest and belly. To my surprise, Doctor Paulson didn’t let go of my dick or stop his massage until the last shudder of my climax. As I felt myself collapsing onto the padded table, he pressed the release valve and let the water flow out of me.

If the fill had continued much longer, I think it would have started coming out of my mouth. I was scared, and didn’t know what his reaction was going to be. But he just smiled, got some paper towels, and wiped my cum away. He continued to dab at the sticky goo as it dripped from my cock and to gently kneed my stomach as the water drained out of me. Finally he said that he thought I had pretty much emptied in both places, and he was going to take the speculum out . He told my to tighten my sphincter muscle as he slid the metal nozzle from me. He helped me down from the table and said to take my time in the bathroom because there is usually some water still high up that will need to come out. After a few minutes to myself in the bathroom, I found he was right as shots of water made their way from my upper colon out through my ass. Another five minutes of expelling water, and I was pretty confident I could make it home without an accident. I went back to the massage room and put on my clothes.

Then Dr. Paulson yelled for me to meet him in the front. He had a bill ready for me. I was desperate to stall. I didn’t want the experience to end there. I asked him how often people get colonics. He said it varied, with some getting them once a year, or once a month. Then he made my pulse race when he said that some people do a daily series of ten irrigation’s when they first start colonic therapy to get rid of all the accumulated waste in their system. I asked him if he thought that would be a good idea for me, and he said he definitely thought so. He said he would keep my appointment for the same time each day so that he would be free to give me as much time as I needed.

That began several years of at least weekly colonic irrigation, a number of barium enema x-rays, high enema implants with all sorts of solutions and colon tubes, and prostate treatments both with large phallic shaped metallic electrical probes and his rubber gloved fingers. On my second visit, he undid his pants and showed me the largest anal probe that he had in his office. His cock was nine inches long, very thick and curved upward like a Greek satyr. Frequently my treatments ended with a special cum enema that he would pump up my ass.

I moved out of state after college, and have seen probably a hundred other therapists who do colonic irrigation and similar treatments since then. These have ranged from strictly clinical to highly erotic. But any chance I get, I try to return for special treatments from Dr. Paulson.