First Time Giving

It seems unbelievable when I look back over 20 years and think of the first time I ever gave an enema. I was 16 years old and taking nurses aid training at the adult night school. As part of our training we worked in a near by hospital ( no pay but course credit ) pretty much slaves to the paid staff. We changed waters and did vital signs ( no rectal temps…damn ) and the general dirty work the Nurses didn’t want to do.

Early on in the program the whole class was called into a room to see an enema demonstration, one of the nurses who worked at the hospital and was to have surgery in the morning agreed to let the class what her get her enema. This was in the days when you checked in the night before and you could get an enema, now they tell you to do it yourself and check in the morning.

We had gone over enemas in class: different types, how to administer etc. But this was the real thing. It was to be a 2 qt. tap water enema. Our instructor prepared the bag and explained what to do. Then she said that only one of us could actually give the enema and chose me to do it ! Boy was I nervous but excited.

The nurse who was to receive the enema was a very sexy ( and at the time ) older woman of about 33 or so. Her bottom was very shapely & firm. I would have been hard as a rock if I was a boy. The first thing I had to do was to lubricate around her asshole ( what a great job ) It was cool to have on the rubber gloves and be pretending to be sooo professional while doing something that was almost like sex. And it just got better.

After I greased her behind I got to grease up the enema nozzle ( a small white plastic rectal tube, not what I’d use now ) and penetrate her beautiful ass with it. I felt like the luckiest girl in class. I undid the clip and let the water flow. Our instructor said to watch the bag and make sure it didn’t run in too fast. I liked to look at the bag and then look at her ass. I kept my hand on the nozzle to make sure it didn’t slide out . I could feel the heat of the water or at least I thought I could. and with my other hand I would feel the bag . My best friend said it looked like I really knew what I was doing. I’m surprised my tongue wasn’t hanging out.

After our little nursie got all 2 qts. in she sat up and showed us her distention. I fell in love. Then very gracefully and with confidence she walked into the bathroom to expel. The class went out at this point.

Well, that was 20 years ago and it is still one of my favorite memories.