First Time

Recently, several of my friends were gathered together one evening just swapping girl talk. Some of them are divorced, some never married, some are living with boy friends, and others living alone. At a previous gathering we had agreed to divulge the recollections of our first experience. Some of the girls were very reluctant since this is one of the most private things in a girl’s life but eventually we all agreed. Taken from my diary entries made twelve years ago when I was fourteen, this was my story. It is all true.

The Story

My sister Sue and her husband Hal invited me to spend a relaxing long weekend with them at their cabin at Lake Tahoe. August is quite warm and I took little else but some shorts, Levi’s, a couple tops, and my swim suit. After the drive up to the lake we spent the remaining hours sitting on the deck in the sun. Sue is a real beauty with long blonde hair and a knockout figure. Hal is one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. Tall, tanned, and well built. Even though I was fourteen, Sue let me have some of the wine they were drinking and I remember getting a little tipsy after two glasses full. We had a nice dinner and chatted a while before turning in.
The next day I spent the morning on the sun deck wearing some shorts and a halter top working on my tan. Sue was in the cabin and Hal was doing some work in his “away office”. About noon I came in the living room and sat down with Sue on the sofa. Sue guided our conversation to sex which was a little embarrassing to me since I was still a total virgin. She related how she lost her virginity as a teenager and what a painful experience it was. I remember the night it happened. Sue got home late that evening and came straight to the bedroom we shared. She was crying and seemed in considerable pain. As she undressed I could see blood all over her legs and her panties were soaked with blood. The boy she had been with gave her no chance to relax and prepare. Being anxious and afraid her vagina was dry and when he roughly thrust into her body some of the delicate tissue was torn. He broke her hymen in the same thrust. Sue showered and we tried to sleep but I could hear her crying most of the night. When we got up the next morning there was blood on her sheets and she was still bleeding a little. The whole experience was so painful she did not have sex again until after she and Hal were married.

Even after they married, she told me, she couldn’t enjoy sex for quite a while. It was only because Hal was so patient and helped her relax that she began to actively participate. Now they have a full and wonderful sex life, she said.

I felt a little uncomfortable with the conversation but Sue continued. She told me that she did not want me to suffer through such an experience and knew that if I was properly prepared I would love and enjoy sex. Then she shocked me by saying that she and Hal had agreed to undertake my initiation.

Sue stood up and took my hand. “Come with me little sister and don’t be afraid.”

Half stumbling and starting to cry, Sue lead me to my bedroom. Through my tears I begged her not to hurt me. She assured me that that was the last thing in the world they wanted to due and again told me not to be afraid. In the bedroom I stood numbly with tears streaming down my cheeks while Sue removed my halter top. She looked at my breasts and told me I had the makings of a beautiful figure. Then she pulled my shorts down to my ankles.

Sue put her arms around me and hugged me close to her and told me not to cry and that everything would be fine. A moment later I felt her fingers inside the elastic of my panties and she slipped them down over my buttocks. My panties fell down to my ankles on top of my shorts. Sue pulled me forward and I stepped out of my clothes. She looked at my naked body and again told me how pretty I was. Then she handed me a short bathrobe. When I put it on Sue wiped the tears from my face and lead me out of the room and down the hall to their bedroom.

As we entered the room I saw Hal standing by their big poster bed. Hanging from one of the posters was a partially filled enema bag. I recoiled at the sight recalling a few enemas my mother had administered when I was constipated. It was not a happy memory. I blurted out that I didn’t need that but Sue guided me to the side of the bed. She explained that an enema would help relax me. Then she told me that if it were properly administered it was an extremely pleasing experience for a woman and one that could not only intensify sex later but could often bring on an orgasm by itself. Hal then told me they would administer a series of enemas. Each one would progressively contain more fluid and my position would be changed. The result would be a thoroughly cleaned and empty bowel. And I would be completely relaxed and more receptive.

Sue sat down on the bed and Hal positioned my on my left side with my head in Sue’s lap. Then he drew my legs up into a fetal position with my right leg slightly over my left. This, he explained, was the classic position used in hospitals. I felt him raise the bottom of the robe and knew that I was now fully exposed to him. The embarrassment was overwhelming and I shut my eyes tightly. Hal raised my right cheek and I felt him gently rubbing something slick on my anus. Sue told me not to think about anything except the sensations I felt and again said not to be afraid.

When the nozzle tip first touched me my anus puckered. Hal was rotating the nozzle back and forth as he pressed and it slowly slipped in. I felt every millimeter going in and it didn’t hurt at all. Hal gently stroked the nozzle in and out while he rotated it back and forth. I had never felt anything like that in my life. Just as I let out a soft moan at this pleasing new sensation I heard a click and suddenly there was a rush of warmth in my lower back and rectum. Sue told me to relax and left the warmth spread through me as Hal continued the manipulation of the nozzle. As I relaxed more I found myself enjoying the administration of my first proper enema.

It only took a few minutes for the one quart solution to enter my body. Hal clipped off the tube, slowly removed the nozzle, and told me to lay still. Since I was not yet ready to have a man see all of me, he left the room. Sue gently rubbed my back and then rolled me over to gently rub my stomach and lower abdomen. Her massage felt wonderful and helped work the solution deeper into my intestines. Before long I could feel the pressure building and Sue guided me to the toilet where she had me sit forward on the seat and lean back slightly. Sue explained that the technique for expelling the enema solution was just as important as how I received it. I was to hold the solution until the pressure really built up and then just relax to let some out. Let the pressure build again and relax. Never force it out.

A moment later I couldn’t hold it any longer and, as instructed, just relaxed. A torrent of sudsy warm water and feces burst out of my anus. The feeling was absolutely exquisite and I let out a little moan of pleasure as my body shuddered. I had no idea anything could feel like that. Sue told me Hal had used a solution of warm water with non alkaline soap and lanolin. Alkaline soap will irritate the intestines and cause burning. When I had expelled the enema and cleaned up we rejoined Hal in the living room. Sitting on the sofa I had a wonderfully warm feeling throughout my whole body. We talked for a while and discussed enemas and how to take them. Sue described several positions which we would try later and how often they should be administered. I was now completely relaxed and my inhibitions were almost gone. After a while Hal left the room and I knew he was going to prepare my next enema. I was ashamed to admit it but I was looking forward to it.

Sue lead me back to the bedroom where Hal was waiting. The two quart enema bag was full. Again I lay on my left side in the first position with my head in Sue’s lap. When Hal touched me to apply the lubricant I reached back to spread my cheeks and gave him full access to my awaiting anus. As he massaged the KY jelly into me I felt a profound wetness welling up in my vagina. I had never experienced such stimulation before and soon the odor of my own lubrication told them their ministrations were having the desired affect. As Hal inserted the nozzle my own juices were dripping from my vagina onto my leg. I couldn’t help but sigh as I felt the nozzle shaft entering by body. I heard the click and again the rush of warmth began to fill me.

A few minutes later, when I had taken half the bag, Hal stopped the flow and removed the nozzle. Sue told me to roll over on my stomach with my legs apart slightly. In the new position I thrust my hips upward without being told to give Hal access. I badly wanted to feel the sensation of the insertion again. When the enema resumed Hal gently massaged my back while Sue softly told me to think only of the sensation I felt and to let the warmth spread through me. It was wonderful. Hal removed the nozzle when I had accepted the last of the enema and again told me to lay still until the pressure built. It wasn’t long before I felt the need to expel the solution and again Sue helped me to the toilet. Once seated she asked if I could control the rest myself and I answered I could. She gave me a loving kiss and left the bathroom just as I released the first of my second enema.

Juices were still flowing from my vagina as I expelled the solution. Without thinking my hand slipped between my legs and I began masturbating. I had done this before but never had I been so wet. Waves of pleasure swept through me as I rubbed my now swollen clitoris while the warm water exited my body. It took extra cleaning this time to get my juices wiped from my inner thighs. I sat there for a few minutes letting the intensity of my feelings subside. There was a little embarrassment that I had so wantonly exposed myself to Hal and that I had gotten so much pleasure out of something that had once been so distasteful in years passed.

When I returned to the living room Sue and Hal were there waiting for me. I knew that they were aware of the stimulation I received and how aroused I had become but I still whispered to Sue when I told her what I had done while expelling the enema. She smiled knowingly and gave me big hug. Hal asked how I felt and I told him I felt very good but had a little stomach ache. He told me that was normal cramping after receiving an enema when I wasn’t used to it. The cramps soon were gone and I felt warm and completely relaxed. As we chatted I couldn’t help but think how much Sue loved me and cared about me to prepare me for what I knew was to follow sometime soon. A half hour later Hal left the room to prepare my next enema. Now I was anxiously awaiting the treatment and when Hal called, Sue and I returned to the bedroom. This time she didn’t have to lead me. I thought I was ready to receive the enema but what I saw when I entered the room gave me a shock.

Hanging on the poster were two full bags with hoses and nozzles attached. Each contained two quarts of water. I told Sue it would be too much and I knew I couldn’t take it. She told me my insides had expanded some by now but she knew I couldn’t hold four quarts. However, I needed to take as much as possible for the enema to work deeply into my intestines. This was necessary to give me a thorough cleaning and to rinse out the remaining soap that had migrated deeper into my body. Because I would be placed in three positions this time Sue suggested that I remove my rope. Without hesitation I complied even knowing Hal would now see me completely naked.

I lay on my left side as before and reached back to spread my cheeks for Hal. This time he not only massaged KY jelly around my puckered anus but, because the two previous enemas had washed out my natural lubrication, slipped a finger inside to lubricate the entrance canal. That was the first time anything other than the nozzle had penetrated me. I tensed up for a moment but relaxed and let his finger slip by the sphincter and into my rectum. It really felt good as he rotated his finger spreading the lubricant thoroughly inside me.

Again the pleasing rush of warmth sent a shudder through my body as I began to fill. I relaxed and breathed deeply as I felt the warm sensation spreading up my body from my anus and lower back. When the first bag was half empty Hal removed the nozzle and I rolled over on my stomach. As I raised my hips I gave a little moan. Hal assured me I could have the nozzle back and again it slipped easily into my anus. The water began flowing and I relished in the continued stimulation that had again caused my vagina to drip. I started to have mild cramps as the bag emptied its contents and Hal removed the nozzle.

Next I was rolled over on my back and Sue held my legs up and apart while Hal inserted the nozzle from the second bag. After it was in I placed my feet on the bed so my legs stayed bent upward and Hal could continue his skilled manipulation of the nozzle. I could see the bag slowly beginning to contract as the water flowed into my body, flooded my rectum and working its way deeper into my intestines. The cramping became worse and very quickly I cried out to Hal that I couldn’t take any more and begged him to stop. Hal clamped the hose and while holding the nozzle in my anus he instructed me to arch my back as much as possible. Then he told me to bend forward. Repeating these two moves the pressure subsided and again more water began flowing into me.

But shortly later I couldn’t hold any more and Hal stopped the enema and withdrew the nozzle. The pressure was intense and the cramping had resumed so Sue quickly helped me up and into the bathroom. I couldn’t help but notice that my belly seemed distended a little. Once on the toilet I couldn’t hold the enema any longer and it began gushing out of my body in torrents. I started sweating and my whole body shuddered with several spasms. In spite of that I was overwhelmed with the sexual stimulation as I evacuated my first three quart enema. Once again my thighs were coated with fluid that still seeped from my vagina. That was the closest I had ever come to an orgasm.

I sat on the toilet for some time as water continued to drain from my upper intestines. Finally I cleaned up and returned to the living room to join Sue and Hal. My stomach hurt quite a bit but again Hal and Sue assured me it was normal cramping and it would soon stop. Sue turned to Hal and ask him to give her an enema. It seemed that she had become very aroused too. Hal told her she had just had one a few days ago but she pleaded and finally he agreed. Besides, she noted, I would be draining for a while yet and then we both could both take the warm oil. I had no idea what she was talking about and she didn’t explain. They got up and headed for their bedroom leaving me alone. The urge to expel came over me again so I used their other bathroom to evacuate some more of the last enema. As I finished Sue came into the room wearing a rope and asked if I wanted to watch. I hesitated for a moment but she assured me she didn’t mind. After all, she had been with me for three such events so I followed her into their room.

Hanging on the poster was a full two quart bag but the nozzle was definitely different. It was much thicker than the standard pipe I had taken and there were rows of little bumps on the three inch shaft. Clearly, this didn’t come from Walgreens Drug store. Sue dropped her rope and for the first time since we were children I saw her magnificent body. Her full and erect breasts were not large but perfectly sized for her height. The nipples were jutting straight out as she was already stimulated by the anticipation of something she obviously enjoyed very much. The only untanned part of her body was a small patch on each breast and a wedge at her pubis. She had shaved all but a small part of her pubic hair in order to wear a very skimpy bikini that showed off her stunning figure. Even at fourteen I was a bit jealous of my sister’s good looks but knew I had time to grow.

She gave Hal a long wet kiss and lay down on her belly with her legs spread. Hal positioned himself between her legs and began massaging body lotion around her anus. Sue began moaning and squirming in delight. As his fingers became coated he slipped a finger deep into her anus which made her cry out with pleasure. Working his finger in and out of her body brought Sue to an increased height of tension and pleasure. Soon she could stand no more and rolled over on her back pulling her legs all the way up. She begged Hal to start the enema but he teased her some more. Finally her inserted the large nozzle while rotating it back and forth. Sue’s cries of passion grew louder as she again begged Hal to start her enema. But he now slipped a finger into her dripping vagina while still manipulating the nozzle. Sue began bucking and thrashing around as her cries grew still louder.

I had never seen such a sight nor did I even believe a woman could be so aroused that she totally lost control of her body. Finally Hal stopped the loving torture by taking his finger out of her vagina and releasing the clamp. As the warm water entered her rectum Sue screamed and arched her back then fell back on the bed. That initial rush of her enema had brought her to an orgasm. More water had drained down in my rectum and the urge to expel it was getting very intense. I was so fascinated by what I was witnessing that I tightened every muscle to hold my own enema. She lay there taking the enema, softly moaning with her hips slowly twisting back and forth as Hal manipulated the large nozzle. I could see her love juices trickling from her vagina as she writhed in pleasure. When she had taken the two quarts she asked Hal for more but he told her that was enough for now. As Hal removed the large nozzle I dashed to the other toilet just in time to expel the last of my enema.

I heard Sue evacuating her enema and when she finished we both lay naked on their bed. We talked for a while and Sue released the rest of the water that had drained down. Sue then told me about the warm oil we would both receive. After an enema and particularly after a large one, the natural lubricants are washed from the intestines and rectum. Olive oil is a wonder lubricant to replace the natural oils and also makes a good sex lube. Soon Hal entered the room carrying a long neck feminine bulb syringe and a tube of KY jelly. Sue lay on her back with her legs pulled up as Hal inserted the greased shaft.

Slowly he penetrated deeper until all six inches had entered and the bulb was pressed firmly against her anus. When she was ready, Hal squeezed the bulb hard and sent eight ounces of hot olive oil into Sue’s bowels. Sue relaxed as Hal withdrew the syringe and left the room to reload for me. I had been told that it was necessary to inject the oil deep in the rectum and as near the first curve of intestine as possible. From there some would be absorbed and some would saturate the rectum and upper anal canal. When Hal returned I too lay on my back and pulled my legs up. The pipe slipped in without any discomfort and Hal guided it in slowly. Being smaller than Sue, the pipe penetrated my rectum completely and settled in the base of my intestine. Hal gave me a minute to relax and adjust to having something lodged in my body. I said I was ready and he squeezed the bulb.

The sudden impact of the hot oil shooting up into my intestines took my breath away and I gasped. It didn’t hurt but frightened me a little at first. As the oil seeped down and coated the more sensitive nerves in my rectum I felt the intensity of the heat building. Sue and I retained the oil for fifteen or twenty minutes before heading for the toilet. Fatigue was setting in from the intense experiences I had been subjected to so I went to my room and lay down. Sue came with me and suggested I nap for a while. She would come for me when it was time. Although I tried to sleep, the thought of having sex for the first time and the natural fear kept me awake. I knew that Sue and Hal had prepared me for the experience and that I would not suffer the same fate as Sue and many other girls. Without knowing it I drifted off to sleep.

It was evening when Sue awoke me. I showered and returned to my bedroom where Sue was waiting. She asked if I was afraid and I admitted I was. Sue put her arms around me and held me close to her. She told me that since I was a complete virgin there would be some pain and bleeding but that was normal. When my periods started I used only pads and had not even had a tampon inserted in my vagina. Sue said she would be with me and help me through the hard part. That made me feel better just knowing she would be there. She then said she would give me a final piece of assistance to make it easier for me. Sue told me to lay back on the bed and spread my legs as wide apart as I could. A towel was placed under me and Sue carefully inserted a rectal bulb syringe into my vagina. Gently she injected some warm olive oil and removed the syringe. When the oil drained on the towel I still had a nice coating inside that would help me through what I felt would probably be a painful but natural event in a girl’s life.

I put on a robe and followed Sue to the living room. The only light came from candles. Soft music filled the room and on the floor in the center was a large pad, about the size of a mattress, that was covered with a white sheet. Hal was wearing a robe and stood at one end of the pad. Without being told I removed my robe and lay down on the pad. Sue sat down by me and put my head in her lap and gently stroked my face. Hal raised my legs until my feet were flat on the pad with my heels nearly touching my buttocks. Then I felt his hands between my knees and he gently spread my legs apart and knelt between them. He took off his robe but from the position I could not see his penis. This, I learned, was done intentionally since the first sight of the shaft and realization that it would soon be painfully forced inside your body causes many girls to tense up and dry out quickly.

As Hal leaned forward his body pushed my legs farther apart. Sue told me to relax as much as possible and to feel everything. It was, she said, an experience only a girl can have and it can happen only once in her life. A moment later I felt the first contact as the tip of Hal’s penis touched the entrance to my vagina. There was pressure and discomfort as my body tried to accept its first penetration. The discomfort turned to pain as Hal pressed the head of his penis farther into my vaginal opening. I began squirming and moving my hips to relieve the increasing pain but nothing helped. I couldn’t take any more and cried out for Hal to stop. He seemed just too big for a fourteen year old and I feared I would be badly torn.

He eased off the pressure and Sue gently told me I was almost there and to try and relax then give a push with my hips. Hal resumed the pressure while I pushed a little. The stretching, which a moment before was unbearable, suddenly eased as I felt Hall’s foreskin pass my labia and enter my body. The head of his penis was now pressed firmly against my hymen and a different pain welled up between my legs. My breathing became rapid and was more like gasping for breath. In spite of the preparation, which I knew had been excellent, and how slow and gentle Hal was working, this really hurt. Sue still held my head in her lap and whispered in my ear to give one really hard push.

Mustering my courage, I pushed up while Hal pushed down. There was a sudden burst of intense hot pain that shot through my lower body as my hymen tore. It was like a knife being thrust between my legs and into my pelvis. My eyes flew open wide. I gasp and screamed as I became a woman. Clutching my arms around Hal’s back I instinctively thrust my hips to stifle the searing pain. As the head of Hal’s penis passed my ruptured hymen I screamed again. Sue held me tightly and whispered reassuring words in my ear. The initial shock of pain subsided and I felt warmth on my legs, my anus, and between my buttocks. I knew I was bleeding. Hal pressed in a little deeper then stopped and drew back slightly. Another little push and he was deeper inside me.

This gentle seesaw movement continued with each stroke going deeper into my vagina. Every movement caused more pain as the tearing of my hymen progressed but the pain was never as bad as it had been. With each slow thrust I could feel my insides stretching to accept Hal’s penis. Finally, one last push and I felt Hal press against my womb. He stopped for a while to let me catch my breath. Now other sensations began to well up. I was tolerating the pain and started moving my hips a little. Gradually we began stroking together. My excitement increased and I forgot the pain as waves of an intense new pleasure swept over me. I became frantic in my cries of pleasure as Hal pressed harder into me than before then pinioned my to the pad. The head of his penis was pressed hard against my cervix when he ejaculated. Heavy pulses of hot seamen and sperm filled my young vagina and sprayed between my labia onto my thighs and on the pad. With the head of Hal’s penis pressed firmly against my cervix, I felt a slight burning sensation as part of his fluid was injected through the tiny cervical opening and directly into my uterus.

Slowly I released my grip on Hal’s back and he withdrew. I lay their gasping for breath. There was still considerable pain but it seemed pushed far back in my mind compared to the other feelings that overwhelmed me. I was indeed a woman. After a few moments Sue helped me up into a sitting position. I looked down and saw blood all over the sheet and on my legs. My vagina was having spasms and with each contraction bloody seamen ran out onto the pad. I began crying but my tears were a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Sue gave me another big hug and after a while helped my up and into the bathroom for a long soak in the tub. When I had dried off and put my robe on I went back to the living room. Hal and Sue had removed the pad and put the bloody sheet in the laundry. The furniture was back in its original place and only the candles lit the room. A glass of wine was waiting for me. I thanked Sue and Hal for what they had done for me and gave each a loving kiss. I knew they loved me and cared about me. It was now about eight o’clock in the evening.

About two hours later Hal gave Sue a questioning look. She returned a “yes” nod and he left the room. A few minutes later Sue got up, took my hand and lead me back to their bedroom. I had no idea what they were planning. When we entered the room Hal was waiting by the bed. Without saying anything Sue removed my robe and I stood completely naked before Hal. He took off his robe and for the first time I saw his penis as we faced each other. I didn’t know how much he had put inside me but I knew that for a first time it was all I could handle. Sue laid me face down on the bed with my legs apart. Next she massaged my entire rectal area with a lanolin body lotion.

Every so often she inserted a finger into my anus to spread some of the lotion inside. It was obvious what was going to happen and I became terribly frightened at the realization that Hal’s penis was going to be pushed up inside my rectum. I told Sue I was afraid but she assured me it would be OK. I was positioned on my knees with my legs spread and head down resting on a pillow. As Sue put her hands on my shoulders I felt Hal getting on the bed and positioning himself between my legs. She told me to relax and not to tense up, then reached over my back and spread my cheeks wide.

At the first contact of Hal’s penis my anus puckered tightly shut. Hal applied a constant, but not hard, pressure. Bit by bit my sphincter muscle relaxed and Hal’s penis, which he had greased with KY jelly, finally slipped through my anus and into my rectum. The sensation was like nothing I could imagine. I began to wail as I felt his foreskin pass through. Suddenly I experienced strong contractions as I began to have spasms. Hal stopped immediately when I cried out and we waited till the contractions stopped. Then slowly he pressed farther into my rectum with a seesaw motion. With each forward movement the penetration was deeper. I began to experience a feeling of fullness and a need to evacuate.

As my body became more accustomed to his presence that feeling abated and was replaced with the same sexual stimulation I felt with the enemas only this time it was far more intense. Although there was a little pain deep inside I began to buck and thrust against Hal. Before too long Hal held me tightly by my hips and pulled back till just the head of his penis was inside me. A moment later I felt a sudden hot pulse in my anal canal and lower rectum as Hal started to ejaculate. He knew I felt it when I cried out and with one motion pulled me back hard as he thrust his hips forward driving his penis completely into my rectum. I screamed as I felt the rest of his ejaculation being shot deep into my lower intestine. When Hal withdrew I fell forward on the bed unable to move and gasping for breath. It was my first seminal enema and I wanted to hold it forever.

After a quick shower we all gathered in the living room for another glass of wine. There was a dull pain in my anus and lower back and my vagina was very sore but they were also pains of pleasure. In time, Sue told me, I would only remember that there was some pain but it would nothing compared to the other sensations I had experienced.

I slept late Sunday morning and awoke to a nice breakfast in bed. Hal had gone in town for supplies so Sue and I were along, sitting on my bed, engaging in some girl talk. During the night I had a little spot bleeding. Sue got up and went into their bathroom. A few minutes later she called for me to join her. She didn’t want the residue of Hal’s bloody seminal fluid to remain in my vagina and possibly infect the torn tissue so she had prepared my first douche to clean me out. I sat on the toilet, leaning back with my legs apart, while she gently inserted the vaginal pipe. Even though it had been lubricated it still hurt a little going in and I winced. She let me relax then opened the clamp. The solution stung as it flowed over the delicate raw tissue and torn edges of my hymen.

Slowly she worked the pipe in and out and around to thoroughly clean me. Even with the slight burning sensation the warm solution felt good. After I wiped off we lay on her bed and discussed yesterday’s events in detail. Sue then began to discuss the pleasantries of a well administered enema. Initially, she had taken an enema every month after her period. The cleaning made her feel much fresher in addition to being a pleasing event itself. The only soap additive she used was a non alkaline type that didn’t irritate the delicate intestinal or rectal tissue. After some months she asked Hal to give her an enema every other week. The sexual stimulation for her was intense and they always made love afterward. She told me that after a good enema her orgasms were so intense she nearly passed out. As time went on she increased the frequency to every week and they obtained some specialized equipment. She had become adept in giving Hal an enema which he enjoyed as much as she did. Sue explained various positions and techniques and before long I was ready to learn.

After I took off my robe a padded stool about the size of a piano bench was placed by the bed. Another padded stool, slightly lower was placed in front of the first one. Sue had me kneel on the higher bench with my right leg and my left leg on the floor. In this position I rested my forearms on the smaller bench so that my head and shoulders were about six inches below my hips. This I learned was the old classic hospital position and Sue showed my pictures of nurses giving enemas to female patients. Sue gently inserted a greased standard rectal nozzle and I gratefully accepted a two quart enema. With no pressure on my abdomen and the gravity assistance I found there was very little cramping and no sudden pressure build up. The feeling was wonderful as the warm water flowed into my near empty bowels. When Sue removed the nozzle I remained in that position for quite a while retaining the enema she had administered. After I evacuated the fluid and returned to the bedroom I found Sue had refilled the bag. Now it was her turn. Following Sue’s instruction I administered the first enema of my life to another person.

After resting a while, I knelt with both legs on the higher stool and my arms resting on the lower one. The only difference was the first position involved a straight left leg and now both legs were folded under me. Sue instructed me on proper lubrication and techniques for applying it. There was no resistance as she gently slipped the nozzle into my anus. The rush of warmth that spread through my body was incredible and I couldn’t help but moaning with pleasure as my second enema of the morning surged into my bowels. After some rest I positioned Sue as I had been and noted the delight she experienced as her little sister administered to her. Her vagina was dripping more than mine and I knew I had done a good job. Two each was enough for now and after a shower we dressed and waited for Hal to return.

When Hal returned we discussed what we would do on our day at the cabin. At Sue’s urging, and to my great delight, Hal agreed to take a few vacation days so we could remain the mountains most of the week. The rest of the day was spent being lazy in the sun. That evening after dinner they asked how I felt. I said I felt fine and after watching some TV Hal stood me up and began taking my clothes off. I didn’t resist and soon I was naked before them. Sue and Hal then disrobed and we all went into their bedroom. After a little warm up Hal sat on the large bench stool and Sue guided me into a straddling position. As I moved forward I couldn’t help looking at Hal’s erect penis and knew it would soon be inside my body. Just to be safe, Hal applied some KY jelly to his penis and as I moved over it I reached down, took his organ in my hand and guided it toward my vagina. With his penis head at the entrance I slowly began to lower myself onto his shaft. It began to hurt as soon as he passed my labia but I continued down.

Gently I lowered my self and finally I felt him fully penetrate my tight young vagina with his penis pressing against my cervix. I tried to accept him deeper but the pain was to intense and Sue cautioned me against a deep thrust at my age. Even though there were a couple inches to spare, I began rocking back and forth and moving up and down. The friction against my clitoris soon had me gasping and crying out. Hal sensed that I was loosing control and being fearful that I might seriously hurt myself he released his ejaculation deep into my vagina. I came very close to my first full orgasm and it was the most shattering emotional experience of my life.

The Next Days

For the next few days Sue and I exchanged multiple enemas every morning. I tried several different positions and learned the benefits of each. Some would allow acceptance of more liquid while others produced a more intense response at the expense of rapid pressure build up and painful cramping. I also learned that while anal sex was very pleasing I should never take an enema just before and both my partner and I should be well lubricated. The only enema exception was if I received a warm oil and lanolin injection as Hal had provided. Sue progressively increased the size of me enemas until I could accept three quarts without undue discomfort. My ability to retain an enema was limited due to my age and size. In the evenings, with Sue’s supervision, I had sex with Hal and learned different positions. Twice more I experienced anal sex.

The morning of the next to last day I asked Sue about some of their special equipment. I had already seen the nozzle Hal used on her the first time but Sue and I had always used the standard small two and a half inch pipe and a common two quart bag. Sue went to the closet and returned with a box. Several small boxes contained special nozzles in addition to the one I had seen. One was a straight pipe about four inches long with a three quarter in bulb at the tip. A curving slot caused the solution to swirl as it exited. Another larger device was made of soft flexible plastic. It was at least six or seven inches long and also had a slotted bulb tip. The main shaft was a half inch in diameter and tapered outward at the base to over an inch. Behind the flare it tapered back to the half inch diameter. Attached to the far end was a check valve that prevented any back flow. Once fully inserted the flare prevented the device from slipping out of the anus so it didn’t have to be held in place. When the enema was finished the hose could be detached and the flare and check valve acted like a plug. This allowed the user to retain the enema as long as desired.

Finally, Sue produced a large bag that held four quarts. I couldn’t believe anyone could hold that much and if they did it would cause terrible pain. Sue assured me it was possible but she or Hal rarely took that heavy a load. Still my curiosity compelled to ask if she would give me a deep enema. After a discussion with Hal they agreed to let me try but it would have to be a submersion enema since they knew my body couldn’t accept it otherwise.

Hal prepared the large bag and attached the four inch nozzle with the bulb tip. Sue started a tub full of hot water and instructed me to get in and lay down. In spite of my desire there was a deep fear at what I had requested. Hal released the air from the hose and applied a liberal amount of lubricant to the tip and shaft. Then as I raised my legs he pressed the bulb tip against my anus. It started to hurt a little but when I relaxed the bulb and shaft slipped in and Hal gently pushed it fully into my rectum. I lay back and let the bath water cover me. While the water was rising Hal told me I would feel very little pressure with a submersion enema and I would not feel the necessity to immediately evacuate when I first got up. It was also likely that I would become nauseated from the pressure on my stomach and other organs. I lay there with my knees up and the long nozzle firmly planted deep in my rectum for several minutes before Hal opened the valve.

The sudden rush of warm water felt different from previous enemas because this nozzle actually shot the water into my intestine rather than flooding the rectum. I could feel the warmth spreading through my lower body but there was no sensation of pressure nor any cramping. Looking up I could see the large bag slowly collapsing and I was being filled. Water was being driven deeper into my empty intestines than ever before. I began to sweat and my breathing became heavier. Still more water flowed into my body. Soon I began to feel uncomfortable and shift around in the tub. Sue asked if I wanted to stop but I said I wanted to take more if I could. Several minutes later, to their complete surprise, the bag was empty.

They both had to help me up into a standing position and Hal removed the nozzle. I felt heavy with a terrible fullness as I step out of the tub. Looking down, my belly was distended as if I were pregnant. Sue quickly dried me off and suddenly I needed desperately to evacuate the four quart enema. I barely got to the toilet before the first portion gushed out. Almost immediately a wave of nausea swept over me and I thought I would vomit. I had a terrific urge to expel the enema but nothing else would come out. The weight of the water high up in my intestines was crimping the lower portions that had first expelled. I alternated between hot flashes and chills and the nausea increased. I was in agony and still unable to expel any of the water that bloated my entire mid section. Hal had me lay back as far as I could while Sue firmly rubbed my stomach area. Finally more water drained down and I could not control its expulsion. Sue continued the firm massage while more and more drained out of me. The cramps which had nearly doubled me over in pain began to subside and the chills stopped. I continued to sweat heavily as the nausea lessened. After quite a few minutes I began to feel better and straightened up. Sue warned me that I would experience explosive evacuations and for nearly an hour I did. Several times I literally ran to the toilet.

By the time I was nearly empty I was very weak and still rather uncomfortable. I felt as if my insides had completely collapsed and knew my entire intestinal track had been washed out. Hal cautioned that I would not have a normal bowel movement for a couple days and I probably would become constipated. Sheepishly I looked at Sue and told her that in spite of the experience it was a personal triumph to have taken such a large enema at my young age. She agreed but firmly said I should never do that again until I was much older.

I lay quietly resting on their bed for several hours trying to regain my strength. When Sue came into the room she found me handling her long flexible nozzle with the valve. She shook her head and told me there was no way I could accept that device since my anus was far to small and tight. Finally I gained the courage to ask if she and Hal would show me how it was used. Sue had also been well cleaned out by our repeated daily enemas and she decided she was able to take a deep enema. Hal finally agreed to administer a deep enema to Sue with the special nozzle but told her she would already probably become constipated even without it. Hal would be there to help Sue and Sue agreed to help me with the certain constipation after we returned home.

Hal rinsed out the big bag and attached the long flexible nozzle while Sue got undress and lay on the bed. While she relaxed her body Hal filled the bag and attached it to a heavy hook on the bed poster. Sue lay on her stomach while Hal massaged a lot of lanolin lotion into her anus to soften the tissue and ease the insertion of the flare into her rectum. The flexible pipe with the bulb tip would snake its way through her rectum and into her lower intestine. Next Hal applied a liberal amount of KY jelly to the nozzle and to Sue. When she was finally ready Sue got into a kneeling position with her head and shoulders resting on the bed.

Hal pressed the bulb against Sue’s anus and with a little effort and a soft moan she let it pass into her body. As the shaft was pushed deeper into her body I could see her anus being expanded as the flare got nearer. Hal told her to relax and breath deeply. He applied more pressure to slowly expand her. The insertion couldn’t take too long or she would not regain sphincter control. As the flare expanded her anus farther Sue let out a scream of pain. Hal paused a moment then pushed the flare through her anal canal and into her rectum. Sue cried out again as it went all the way in. When the flexible pipe had settled in her lower intestine Hal pulled it back slightly to seat the back side of the flare. Sue took several deep breaths and said she was OK and now comfortable with the large device firmly embedded. Then Hal opened the clamp and the water began flowing into her body. Sue gave a slight moan as she began to fill with warm water. Several times she shifted from one knee to the other allowing the water to progress deeper into her intestines.

When she had take about three quarts she began to cramp and pressure started building. The flow rate was to quick for her to accept and Hal partially clamped the hose to restrict the flow. Left in this condition when her internal pressure rose the check valve stopped the flow. As the water worked its way deeper into her body more came in. Hal and I sat on the edge of the bed watching Sue as she slowly took more and more into her body. She too began to sweat and frequently cried out in pain but the tortuous enema continued. Her intestines were larger than mine and better able to expand to hold the large volume of water that now filled them. The bag finally flattened and Hal disconnected the hose from the check valve. Sue was whimpering and crying as her body strained to accommodate the enema she held. Her cries became louder and she shook her head from side to side.

I looked between her legs and saw fluid dripping from her vagina. Sue was having a shattering orgasm. As her climax subsided I looked at her belly that was distended and hung down from her kneeling position. She looked like a very pregnant woman. After several minutes her intestines had been rearranged and the extreme discomfort reduced to a level she could tolerate. With help from Hal Sue got off the bed though she could not stand up straight. The device protruding from her anus completely blocked her from expelling the heavy load she carried. While she steadied herself Hal rubbed her stomach to ease the discomfort. Sue retained the enema for half an hour but finally she could take no more and begged Hal to release it.

Another hose was attached to the check valve and while she stood by the toilet Hal opened the valve. A steady stream of water flowed out and into the toilet. The flow became a trickle and Hal again massaged her stomach to release trapped water which again flowed out of her body. This procedure was repeated several times until Sue had emptied most of the enema. When she decided she was ready Hal prepared to remove the device from her body. The valve was closed and the short hose removed. Sue bent over and Hal started a steady downward pull. She screamed as the flare again expanded her anus but this time there was no lubrication to ease the passage. I could tell she was in great pain as the flare finally passed through her anus and the pipe was removed. Immediately she sat on the toilet and expelled a large quantity of water. Sue continued draining for over an hour. Weak and totally exhausted from enema and intense orgasm, she lay down to rest. We all slept soundly that night.

The next day I packed my things and we drove back to the Bay Area. Nobody was at home when we arrived at my house so they helped bring my things in before we sat and talked about the week in the mountains. I thanked them for their loving help in getting me safely and pleasantly through the most difficult time in a girl’s life. Hal hugged me and told me I was a special girl to him and that he would care for me forever. Sue held me tight for several minutes telling me how much she loved me and what a pretty woman I was becoming. We all kissed good-bye and they departed for their home several miles away.

Three days later I knew I was badly constipated and called Sue. She picked me up that afternoon and we drove to their house so there would be no interruptions and no explanations needed. I told Sue I hadn’t had a normal bowel movement since I arrived at the cabin and after three days of usual eating at home I had a terrible stomach ache. She pressed several places on my stomach which caused me considerable pain and noted that I was indeed severely impacted. I followed Sue to their bedroom and quickly disrobed in anticipation of receiving an enema that would bring much needed relief as well as pleasure. Sue prepared a warm two quart enema with a mild soap and lanolin.

When she was ready I knelt on a stool with my left leg on the floor and my head and shoulders resting on their bed. Sue applied some lubricant to my puckered anus and gently eased the nozzle in. As I felt the rush of warmth Sue told me to expect cramping due to my constipation. Almost immediately the cramps started and became very painful. Sue slowed the enema and rubbed my stomach to ease the pain. Finally I cried out that I couldn’t take any more and Sue clamped the hose and removed the nozzle. I had only taken a little over a quart and felt embarrassed but Sue assured me it was normal. I lay down on my back while Sue gently massaged my stomach to work the soapy solution deeper into my intestines and soften the impaction. When the cramping lessened I rolled over and Sue inserted the nozzle again. This time I took the last of the enema but with some difficulty. Again Sue massaged my belly and told me to hold the enema as long as I could to let it work. After a while the pressure became too much and I ran for the toilet. In one huge gush I expelled most of the soapy enema and cleared the constipation.

After I rested a while Sue rinsed me out twice with plain warm water. After a total of six quarts and three enemas I felt fine again. She told me she too became constipated but Hal took care of her quickly. Every three days for over a week Sue gave me another enema until my body returned to normal. I would gladly have continued the treatments but Sue cautioned that too much of a good thing would lead to trouble. After I was cleared, Sue would only give me a two quart enema when my period was ended. She was right. It did make me feel clean and fresh.

I never had sex with Hal again nor did either of us want to. He is as he has always been, a loving brother in law. But I will always be grateful for his help in preparing me for a full and satisfying sex life when I matured.