First Visit to the Gynecologist

This afternoon had been in the planning stages for months. Now the day was finally at hand. It was really quite a unique opportunity. I was sitting behind a regular reception desk wearing a shirt, slacks and a white lab coat. I looked every bit the part of a doctor’s assistant and that was exactly the part I was to play. My friend and co-conspirator, Roger, a gynecologist, was in his office only a few feet away. The waiting room was empty. There were only two people expected today and only one patient.

Roger had known that this day would come for a number of years but my invitation was much more recent. Roger had long been a fan of the Master Chris stories and had noted my own interest in the submissive nature of a gynecological exam. We had made contact a couple of years before and had become instant friends.

Although we lived in different parts of the country, Roger and I often found the time to talk, making sure we kept up on each other’s exploits. I told him that I envied him his profession but he was quick to set me straight about that. In 99.9% of the visit, he assured me, I’d have really no interest in being there. Still, he said, every once in awhile there is a visit that makes it interesting. Roger also described to me the group he and his wife Jane had been a part of for almost ten years. There were currently four couples involved and they had regular parties once per month. The ages ranged from the late 20’s to early 40’s. All four women were very submissive and the men dominant. During the parties, explained Roger, the women might be instructed to perform for the group or they might switch submissive for the evening, giving each woman the chance to be dominated by someone new.

Roger had described one of the women to me in detail a couple of months ago. Wendy was 38 but looked ten years younger. She had been submissive most of her adult life to her husband Robert and had known Roger and Jane since before their marriage eighteen years before. She was apparently a petite blond not unlike Meg Ryan Roger assured me She kept her figure through the birth of two daughters, one now fourteen and one just turning seventeen. It was Sally, the seventeen year-old that had me hop a plane half-way across the country. Roger was the gynecologist of three of the four women who were part of their group and their annual exams were part of the .1% of exams that he found “interesting”. Wendy had discussed Sally’s impending exam with Roger as it would be the first full gynecological exam she had ever had.

Roger had shared that discussion with me. Wendy had been concerned about what would be done to Sally during her exam. Wendy’s own examinations while thorough, contained an extensive erotic element. Wendy knew that Sally was due for an exam. She also knew that Sally’s own submissive nature was starting to express itself. She described Sally’s obvious arousal during spankings and afterwards during corner time and an incident when she found Sally masturbating blindfolded. She very much wanted to give her to Roger. Still, an aura of decorum would have to be maintained.

After conferring with Wendy and Robert, Roger had also gotten permission for me to assist. A rare and sweet opportunity that I would not have missed for the world. In the last seven weeks we had scripted the exam between the three of us and now here we were. Wendy and Sally were expected any minute and I knew I could hardly wait.

The door opened at exactly 4:30. They were right on time. The two of them were very pretty and the family resemblance was obvious. Wendy was about 5’5” with short curly blond hair and a freckled nose and cheeks. I guess her weight at about 110lbs with about a 34B-24-34, aerobics instructor body. She was wearing a floral print sundress and high-heeled sandals. Roger’s comparison of Meg Ryan was not at all unfair

Sally was the junior version. Same freckled nose and cheeks, blond hair up high in a pony tail. She was also in a sundress, this one yellow. It was short enough to show off long tanned coltish legs and tight enough to show every erect nipples. From fear? excitement? arousal? She did look a little nervous.

Wendy approached me at the desk. “Hi. Sally here has an appointment with Dr. Bentsen.”

I flashed my warmest smile, “Hi Mrs. Keal. Hello Sally. Yes, I see your appointment here for 4:30. I’ll let Dr. Bentsen know that you’re here.”

Roger’s eyes were twinkling with excitement. “OK. Show Wendy in first.”

“Great” I said.

A moment later, I was back in the waiting room. “Mrs. Keal, Dr. Bentsen would like to see you in his office first.”

“You wait right here Sally. I’m sure it won’t be long.” said her mother.

I led Wendy down the corridor to Roger’s office and held the door to let her pass inside. I followed her and shut the door behind me. Roger had assured me that this office was completely soundproofed.

“Hi Roger.” said Wendy smiling.

“Hi yourself.” he said, “Excited?”

“Whew! And how! I feeling a little guilty for being so turned on at my daughter getting examined but I can’t help it.”

“As you’ve no doubt guessed, that person behind you is Chris.”

“Hi.” she smiled at me.

“Hello again.” I said.

Roger smiled at Wendy. “Did you prepare yourself as I instructed?”

Wendy’s face blushed a deep red as she stole a glance in my direction. “Yes, Sir.” she whispered.

“Good.” said Roger, “Let’ s make sure. Remove your dress and stand in position.”

Wendy gulped and looked again at me hesitatingly. Having to strip in front of a newly met man is unnerving as her daughter was about to discover. Wendy closed her eyes for a moment then reached down and grasped the hem of her dress. I one movement she peeled it up, over her head and off leaving her naked but for her heels. These were off a moment later and Wendy spread her feet almost three feet apart before clasping her hands behind her head.

The tanned back, buttocks and legs were perfect from my rear perspective. Wendy had kept herself in shape. Between her tight buttocks peeked the end of a rectal plug as per Roger’s instructions.

Roger motioned me over to enjoy the frontal view. With Wendy’s hands behind her head, her breasts were pulled up leaving gently curving mounds with no sag. As Roger had described, Wendy’s nipples were a dark brown and right now were very hard. Although the areolae were not very wide, the nipples themselves were quite long and quite thick. With the pencil in my hand, I flicked each of them a couple of times. “We’ll have to see if Sally’s get this long won’t we?” Wendy moaned in reply.

Moving further to the front I could see Wendy’s smooth mound. All the women in Roger’s group kept themselves completely devoid of public hair. Wendy’s lips were puffy and protuberant and I could see the glistening sheen of her juices on them. I let my fingers trail across her bare pubis as I walked around her, “I wonder if we’ll have to shave Sally’s today?” I murmured. Wendy groaned aloud at the thought.

I completed my tour behind the pretty blond where my fingers found the end of the rectal plug. “Would you like to tease one of these into your daughter’s bottom?” I whispered.

“Oh God yes!” she said.

Roger chuckled. “Speaking of which, we’d better get started. Chris, this is your cue. We’ll be enjoying Sally preparation from behind the one-way mirror.”

I turned and left Roger’s office and headed back to the waiting room.

“Sally, would you follow me please?” It was my best bedside voice.

Sally obediently followed me down the corridor and into an examining room.

“Sally, Dr. Bentsen is going to be with you in just a few moments. I’m going to take care of the basics before he does. Please take your shoes, clothes and any underwear off here and I’ll be right back. OK?”

Sally gulped nervously but nodded her head. I left the room and the door perhaps an inch ajar. A moment later I was in the next room with Roger and Wendy looking through a one- way mirror. Sally did look quite nervous. She removed first her shoes and then hesitated a long minute or so before reaching down to peel off her sun dress.

This left her in just a pair of high-cut floral print panties. Sally put her fingers into the waistband and started to pull them off. Her bare buttocks came into view. Then, seeming to think the better of it, she pulled them back up and looked around as though for some other covering. There was, of course, none. Sally’s bare breasts came into view as she turned. The nipples were pink and perhaps a little smaller than her mother’s but they were definitely thick and definitely long and, like her mother’s definitely hard.

Sally perched herself on the table to await her fate and that was my cue to get back to work. My eyebrows raised as I walked in the room and looked pointedly at Sally’s panties.

“Now Sally,” I said in my most paternal voice “I hope you’re going to be a good girl for me.”

Sally’s freckled face reddened as she blushed.

“Take those panties off please. I did say all of your clothes.”

“Yes, Sir.” said the young girl softly and hopped off the table to remove her last line of defense.

The blond pubis was lightly covered. I could clearly see Sally’s puffy lips through the light down before one hand dropped to cover up.

“OK. You can sit up on the table for a minute. I’ve got most of your medical history already from your mom but I have a few more specific questions you’ll need to answer for Dr. Bentsen.” I pulled out an officious looking clipboard.

“Now then, when did you start menstruating?”

Sally blushed again as she realized how personal these questions were. She had no idea. “Thirteen.”

“And when did your last period start?”

“Two weeks ago yesterday.”

“OK. Are you sexually active?”

“What?! No.” Sally’s eyes were wide.

“Sally, you’ll need to answer all these questions truthfully for Dr. Bentsen. “Have you ever had intercourse?”

Sally shook her head.

“Have you had boyfriends?”

“Yes.” she said.

“And what did you do with them? Have you let them touch you?”

Sally blushed again as she nodded.

“On your breasts?”

Another nod.

“Your pubic area?”

Again a nod.

“Have they touched you inside your vagina?”

Sally hesitated a long moment before nodding again.

“And have they touched your anal region?”

Sally’s eyes opened wide and her head shot up. “No way!”

“OK fine.” I said, “Now then, how often do you masturbate?”

“Uhhh, no. No I don’t do that.” said Sally

“Now Sally, of course you do. All girls of your age do. I’d just like to know how often. Several times a day, once a day, once a week?”

“A couple of times a week I guess.” said Sally in a low voice.

“Good. Thank you. And what objects have you inserted into you while masturbating?”

Sally started to protest again but one look at my face stopped her cold.

“Not much, my hairbrush, a candle and a carrot.”

“Have your ever inserted anything into your bottom?”

Sally shook her head. Her blush had now expanded down her chest almost to her erect nipples.

“That’ll do it. I’ll be giving these answers to Dr. Bentsen. Now let’s take care of your height, weight, blood pressure and so on. Hop off that table and come over to the scale.”

Sally’s hands naturally moved to cover herself. One across her breasts, the other over her pubis. I took her weight and carefully noted it on my clipboard.

“OK. now turn around to face me with your feet together and hands by your side. Stand tall.”

Sally blushed yet again as she uncovered herself before me. I took note of her height and then directed her back to the table where, in a few moments, I had measured her blood pressure.

“OK now lie on the table on your tummy please.”

Sally, now used to following my instructions, rolled onto her tummy on the paper covered table.

“Good. Up on hands and knees now. That’s fine. Now cross your arms and rest your head down on your hands. Very good.”

Sally was now in a classic head-down, tail-up position. I grasped one of her calves and gently urged it outwards leaving her knees about eight inches apart. Sally was looking at me as I moved now slowly around the room. In this exposing, submissive position she was completely open. I moved to one of the cabinets and slowly, deliberately pulled on rubber gloves. As I snapped the end of the glove over my wrist, I saw Sally blink.

Now from another cabinet I pulled a rectal thermometer and a tube of lubricating KY jelly. Sally’s eyes went wide as I moved from the cabinet back to the examining table. I took the thermometer and covered it with the lubricant. Now I rested the palm of my left hand on the smooth white buttocks. My forefinger and thumb were resting gently down the slightly spread crack of Sally’s bottom. Pressing down, then firmly outward, I spread the cheeks wide apart. Sally’s dark brown crinkled anus was now fully exposed to me. I held her there a long moment. I could feel her tremble slightly beneath my palm. The next touch Sally felt was cold, right at the center of her virgin anus. I teased the cool metal tip of the thermometer covered in the slippery jelly at the entrance to the anus then slid it deep into her rectum in one long motion. Once three-quarters of it was fully inside her I twirled it between my fingers for a moment eliciting a soft squeal from the teen before releasing the buttocks. I jiggled the thermometer once or twice before telling Sally to stay still until I instructed her otherwise.

I walked back to the cabinet and removed my gloves. The KY was now conveniently placed where Roger would be using it shortly. I moved back to the table a couple of times to tease the tip of the thermometer. The trembles and shivers in Sally’s hindquarters were well worth the effort. After about two minutes of having to wait in this humiliating position, it was almost time for the thermometer to come out. I could see from behind her that the rectal teasing was causing another welcome effect. Sally’s sparsely covered pussy lips were now puffy and spread out like the petals of a flower. Her internal moisture was clearly visible from behind.

The door behind me opened and Roger walked in right on schedule. Sally’ s eyes flew open at the intrusion. Now two strange men were looking at her naked body in this terribly exposing position! Sally had never felt this exposed.

“Hello Sally, I’m Dr. Bentsen.” said Roger, “You look like Chris is just about done with you.”

“Just about Doctor.” I said, “We’re just finishing off with Sally’s temperature.”

“Good.” said Roger.

I teased the thermometer for the last time and pulled it slowly from her rectum in a twirling motion. Without further instruction, Sally stayed motionless in her tail-up position as I completed the notations on the clipboard and Roger made a show of reading it.

“OK. Thanks Chris.” he said and I made my exit.

Roger moved over to Sally and softly smacked her left buttock. “Up you get Sally. Sit down on the table and we’ll get this exam over with.”

I made my way into Roger’s office. Wendy was at the one-way mirror still naked. The rectal plug was still visible between her buttocks which were now a hot pink in color. She had obviously just spent a little time over Roger’s knee.

Wendy looked over her shoulder at me as I walked in. “That was very hot!” she said smiling, “I came twice while you took her temperature.”

I smiled back, “Glad you enjoyed it.”

We turned together to see the view of Roger and Sally together.