Four Ess

Charlene closed her eyes enjoying the delicious pleasure as the warm shower water coursed down over her lithe young body. A shiver passed over her as she looked down and saw her pert little nipples thrusting out eagerly from the tips of her firm young tits. She watched her soft brown pebbled areolas gathering together under the massaging of the shower jet. They swiftly hardened into stiff sensitive knobs of pure lust!

She had washed herself thoroughly and her naturally blonde waist length hair was shampooed twice and conditioned as well. She glanced at the bottle of luxurious scented body shampoo and for an instant she hesitated, should she? Or not? It was SOOO nice! And really, she had been good lately. Plus she really wanted ‘it’ BAD!

She knew, of course, that she was a complete, salacious SLUT and had every intention of ‘doing’ herself before the shower ended - but she liked to make a perverted game out of ‘deciding’ to masturbate herself! Breathing raggedly she hoarsely whispered to herself

“Go on! You little WHORE!

Finger your slutty wet CUNT! till you have a nice big GOODIE!

Make yourself CUM you shameless BITCH!”

It felt as if her voice came from someone else entirely, some sexually depraved outside observer who wanted to see her shame herself by lasciviously touching her intimate private parts until, moaning and writhing helplessly she sank to her knees with warm honey fluid draining from her bare vulva in a steady trickle as her sexually inflamed young cunt exploded in a long series of massive cum draining ORGASMS!

High up between her tanned thighs her eagerly waiting cunt was totally hairless and smooth. And it had been ever since the first day she had arrived to attend school at the young ladies boarding academy. Shortly after lights out that first night she had been lying in her bed preparing to masturbate herself to sleep when her door had suddenly burst open and a crowd of girls had flooded into her room in their sleep attire. Some had worn sheer sexy nightgowns, some only sexy lace and satin brassieres with tiny lace trimmed bikini panties that barely covered their privates. A few were completely NUDE! Giggling they cavorted about saying something unintelligible that sounded like “we’re the FourEss”. They informed her that she was to be “initiated” and before she could open her mouth to protest they had pulled the covers down to the bottom of the bed.

Four of them had taken hold of her arms and legs spreading them wide apart and holding her down helpless. Charlene had stared at them open mouthed in astonishment and wide eyed with surprise. She had not been not surprised when one of them stepped to her side and reached down to grasp the hem of her long white silk nightgown. Slowly the silky gown had slithered erotically up over her legs. As the hem was lifted higher and higher Charlene felt the cool room air wafting across her thighs and then a puff wafted across her nude belly and she knew that her vulva had been bared for their inspection.

Charlene did not yet know that she was going to mature and be, in her sexual preference, A RAVING LESBIAN SLUT! As a seventeen year old she had of course long before ‘discovered’ the sexual ecstasies to be found in masturbating her succulent body. Long before she got her menstrual periods shortly after her eleventh birthday she had discovered the sensitive tissues inside the mysterious slit of her smooth pink vulva, her ‘lady place’. She didn’t orgasm yet but she loved the feelings she got when she placed her fingertip inside the little slit of her ‘poussey’ as she called it and delicately rubbed around and around on her little clitty. She had done this so long it seemed she could hardly remember a time when she had not fondled herself this way.

As she had approached her ninth birthday her titties began swelling. The little insignificant ring of pebbled brown areolar tissue suddenly puffed out large and soft signaling the onset of her womanhood. Exploring her new titty buds she found that her newly swollen areolas were also exquisitely sensitive. Her teensy specks of nipple nipples remained tiny at first but the swollen soft pebbly brown ring around them swelled up three times the diameter it had been as a little girl and got all puffy and soft. And WOW! as her fingertips explored these new signs of her budding sexuality she found that they were SENSITIVE! So sensitive in fact that she practically rubbed them raw in frenzies of adolescent masturbatatory self abuse.

At first her mother either didn’t notice or in her convenient modesty overlooked the condition of her growing daughters chest. Thus, for many months Charlene did not have, or wear, a training brassiere. During this time every moment she wasn’t being watched her hands were busy inside her blouse exploring the succulent new tits growing there! At first she used her fingertips to massage the puffy soft areolas in sexy circles. Then as her nipples also began to swell, and were even more sensitive than her areolae she used her thumbs to lewdly flick them back and forth. God it was sexy!

And then one day in her bath she was rubbing her cunt with one hand and her titties with the other when she felt as if her pussey and her tits both were swelling up inside inflating like hot itchy sex balloons. They became extremely hot and urgently needy. She massaged herself more and faster feeling the turgidness increase until suddenly SHE EXPLODED IN HER FIRST MASTURBATATORY ORGASM! She gasped as her entire body shuddered convulsively. It felt like molten lava flows of pleasure were searing her young body. Her tits and poussey blazed with fiery electrical jolts of pure pleasure. The orgasm went on and on as her fingers pressed against her stiff clitty rubbing it in a little circle whilst it shot of fireworks of sexy delight.

And she was off! After that day she masturbated herself at least once a day and often dozens of times a day. She thought about sex constantly!

So now in her new boarding school, as she lay on her bed with her gown pulled lewdly up to expose her wet aroused twat, she knew that she was CREAMING in anticipation of a session of sexy hot masturbation. Her soft blond pubic curls were soaked with the honey sweet fluid flowing copiously from her vagina! Every girl in the room looked closely between her widespread thighs at the matted patch of cum soaked pubes covering her bare vulva. Each wrinkled her nose and said something like “ugh look at that nasty cunt hair!”

They had then taken electric clippers and SHAVED HER SNATCH COMPLETELY! After using the electric clippers they applied depilatory to her slightly stubbled pink vulva and allowed it to remove even the stubble till she was again as bare and smooth as she had been when her cunt slipped out of her mothers bloody wet vagina the day she was born. She was embarrassed but shrugged it off as something she had to endure. It seemed every school did some nasty thing or other to new girls and bare shaved cunts was apparently the thing here. She didn’t care, it was all sex and she loved it! She just couldn’t get enough!

And that was why as she now stood in the shower she knew she was going to masturbate even as she ‘talked nasty’ to herself.

“Go on you filthy little SLUT!” she said to herself.

“You know how slippery and sexy it feels to rub that body shampoo jelly all over your tits and on that sexy cunt of yours!

Go ahead!


You need it, you depraved WHORE!”

Without another word she took the bottle and poured a generous dollop of body shampoo into her palm. Spreading the pink jell between her palms she turned her back to the shower spray and began spreading the slippery jelly over her lust swollen D-cup breasts, sensually massaging them with it as she lathered them up. She moaned as her palms slid over the full curves of her massive tits and her lathered fingers diddled her nipples. Over and over she sensuously flicked her foam lubricated, acorn sized, nipples with her thumbs. The sensations nearly drove her insane with sexual arousal and desire. Finally she reached down and began lathering her smooth shaved cunt as well. The jelly and foam made the massage incredibly sensuous and in no time she was jerking and groaning in a string of hot orgasms. Charlene was multi orgasmic and it was rare when she didn’t have many orgasms in a single session of masturbation, perhaps even hundreds. They just popped off one after another! And she was really loving it! This jelly made masturbating herself incredibly SEXY!

But as Charlene masturbated herself in the shower another woman was having sex as well. The headmistress of the school, a voluptuous light brown skinned Jamaican woman with a firm flat belly and proud full tits capped with rich dark colored raspberries for nipples, was standing totally nude before the glass of a one way mirror installed in Charlene’s bathroom. Nikki was watching Charlene as she masturbated herself. Also nude and kneeling before Nikki with her head firmly jammed between Nikki’s thighs was one of the school girls. The girl was noisily and wetly eating out Nikki’s luscious brown cunt. Nikki was one of the few women and girls in the school whose cunt was adorned with pubic hair. All of the ones keeping cunt hair were black and has wonderful kinky curly black twats. Nikki kept hers clipped short but it was very curly. Licking the abundant curly hair with her tongue seemed to drive the cunt eating girl crazy with desire. She moaned and murmured about what a glorious cunt Nikki had. But she was good with her tongue and Nikki was having one massive lesbian orgasm after another. Finally as Charlene finished pleasuring herself in the shower Nikki also stopped her cunteater. Her hand rested gently on the girls blond hair. Gently she pushed her face away from her sweet cum flowing cunt saying “OK That’s enough for now! Tell the others that “FourEss” may have Charlene tonight. Tell them to FUCK HER! Fuck her brains out!”

That same evening Charlene was in her nightgown brushing her hair when a white envelope slid under her door. She picked it up and opened it curiously. Inside was a folded sheet of stiff high quality notepaper with a curious emblem on the cover. The emblem consisted of four script letter S’s joined to form a diamond. Inside the note was written a single word, “Tonight!” she felt her cunt spasm and immediately began to juice freely. She didn’t know what the message portended but somehow knew it announced a sexual situation. Wearing the same long white silk sheath nightgown to bed that she had worn on her very first night Charlene lay in her bed wide awake and waiting. Tonight she did not masturbate as she felt sure that she was going to get plenty of fucking very soon! But after waiting quite a while she dozed off.

Sometime in the middle of the night she was awakened by a girls voice saying “We have come to have you Charlene”

Sleepily she was helped from bed and led down hall supported by four nude girls. Entering a large room she was placed upon a on low raised platform. A bright spotlight was aimed at her as she stood calmly blinking in the beam. A low sexy voice told her “Slowly raise your pretty nightgown for us Charlene. Expose your sex to us. Show us your delicious sweet cunt!” Even as she had been led down the hall Charlene’s cunt had begin to juice up and now it was spewing cum copiously. “God!” she thought to herself “I’m gonna cum right here just thinking about all this!” Obediently she reached down and slowly, lasciviously began to slide the gown up her legs. All the time her cunt continued to juice and twin streams of slippery sweet tasting cum drooled obscenely down her inner thighs. The spotlight narrowed tightly and was aimed right on her cunt, dripping wet and glistening with her fragrant vaginal sex fluids.

For a long moment the room was completely still. Every little bitch in the place was staring hungrily at Charlene’s twat. Then a voice spoke. “Masturbate yourself you hot little slut!” it said. Charlene moaned softly and her hand slowly moved to cover her cunt. Her breath came in a sharp hiss as her fingers began to slide up and down the wet furrow between her lust swollen pink labia. She dipped her finger inside and began to stroke the sensitive inner tissues of her vulva. The voice spoke again, “Use both hands, spread your slimy twat wide open for us to watch while you finger your clitty!” Charlene tucked the hem of her gown up under her chin and placed her free hand on her vulva so that her forefinger and index fingers lay over her bulging cuntlips. She spread them apart to splay open parting her snatch revealing the flaming red engorged tissues inside the bulging pink labia. Now with her other hand she reached in with a trembling forefinger, guiding it directly to her stiff clitty. She moaned loudly when she touched the tip of the firm pea sized sex organ. Her legs trembled as she began stroking it with fingertip. In only an instant she stiffened and groaned harshly as she orgasms frantically. She lashed at her clitty furiously with her finger and her cum spewed from her vagina in a thick slimy stream.

It went on and on even when the voice told her “Stick a finger up your ass and fuck it back there real deep while you get off.” Someone pulled off her gown and she hastily reached around behind herself and thrust a finger into her asshole. Finding a large firm brown turd just inside her anus did not slow her orgasming a bit but when she pulled it out to fuck herself with it again the dark brown stain on her finger was noticed immediately.

“IT’S ENEMA TIME!” the voice announced joyously. And the room lights suddenly went on. Charlene was led over to a waist high padded bar, the enema rail and was quickly bent over it ass thrust high up in the air for all to admire and for any who wished to cop a feel of Charlene’s succulent firm ass globes. Bent over as she was Charlene’s D-cup sized tits dangled invitingly and two girls took up positions at her sides fondling the proffered tits as the enema equipment was prepared. While the huge, gallon sized bag was being fitted with hose and a monster cock shaped dildo nozzle Charlene’s legs were spread widely and a low bench placed between them. A nude girl lay on this with her head between Charlene’s thighs and her mouth and face positioned exactly so that moving up a fraction of an inch enabled her to begin sucking Charlene’s cum drooling pussy. And that is exactly what the girl did. And what Charlene did is ORGASM. Madly, loudly, wetly and over and over to boot. As this fun scenario played for them all the enema bag was filled brimful with soapy water and glycerin. The fat rubber dildo tip was liberally greased with KY and they were ready to begin Charlene’s monster anal flush. Charlene was so busy orgasming however that she barely noticed as they dildo was slipped between her delicious buttocks nor as it was rooted about in her musty dark shit crevice till it found her puckered brownie hole. She was anally receptive anyway and so as the huge dildo was slowly forced into her ass she only felt sexier than ever and orgasmed all the more fiercely and satisfyingly!

But! As the one gallon enema was slowly administered and the massive load of soapsuds and glycerin slowly flowed into her stretched open anus and filled her bowels brimful she found herself cramping violently and began panting harshly as she strove to accept the huge dose of enema. Soon her belly began to sag, hugely distended with the watery load sloshing inside her cramping guts. But Charlene loved it and orgasmed to the final gurgle of the huge bag as the entire gallon of enema filled her huge bloated belly and she was help upright and led to a freestanding commode where seated with her legs wide apart she expelled the enema into the clear bowl and all watched her shit it out. Soapy enema water and shit blasted from her ass in a mighty flood and the sensation was incredibly erotic for the seated young slut. finally with a huge string of juicy wet farts she emptied and was wiped.

But this was not all! The dildo was re-greased and the bag refilled again to the brim with warm water and this time it was Charlene who lay on her back on the low bench as she legs were temporarily raised so the dildo could again be slid deeply into her straining rectum and a slow loving enema forced inside her ass again! As she accepted the soothing warmth of her enema they mounted her body and rub their cunts against hers tribade style till each orgasms mightily. Others rubbed their wet smooth cunts against Charlene’s bulging titties and nipples. Many also availed themselves of the sweet opportunity to placed their cunts over Charlene’s face and allow her suck them off to however many quick satisfying orgasms they cared to have. Finally all were sexually sated and Charlene was allowed to shit out the enema. She was then led back to her room exhausted, now officially a Slimy Slit Slurping Slut A real FourEss!