From the Future Chapter Three

By Anonymous

My mind was reeling as the images from the holographic session immediately surfaced. There was no place to hide; how could I hide from someone who knew me so well? All of the time that she had spent listening to me, understanding and interpreting my dreams, setting up the holographic session so that I could come to grips with my fears and my desires; yes, all of this was to be found in what she called “the bathroom “. I found it somewhat peculiar that all of the standard fixtures were antiques, not the stainless steel units that would be found in any where else in the Center. She had gone to extraordinary means to accomplish a particular goal. I wondered if there were any other “patients” that had been invited to visit her under similar grounds.

“Isn’t that a beautiful little elephant?” Her words came out sounding more like a taunting than anything. There in the hollow of the figurine were the small squares of paper, the ones that had some very interesting suggestions written on them. “Would you like for me to pick for us?” She had said ‘us’, not ‘you’.

“That’s okay.” My voice almost didn’t make it out of my throat. All I could see were visions of the holographic session, the paper falling to the ground as I sat on the elimination basin, my pants around my ankles with her standing there looking at my nakedness, enjoying my situation; the situation that she had engineered.

“Vernon”, hearing my name spoken so softly that my whole being swayed as if I had been given a hug, “Are you still afraid of me?” It was hard to understand my own feelings as so many thoughts were blitzing my mind all at once. Was she to be my councilor, a lover, a mother figure or a nurse to give me enemas?

“Yes,” I said quietly with my eyes looking down at my feet.

“Vernon, I thought we agreed; you would call me Beth?” She was lecturing me on a very intimate level.

“Yes, Beth.” I brought my head up slowly. When my eyes met her own I felt her arm touch the back of my neck and draw me a little closer. For a brief moment I stopped breathing and closed my eyes. The softest of kisses landed on my lips and I breathed out slowly in an attempt to regain some control of myself.

“Then I will pick.” She took one from the middle and placed the porcelain elephant back on the counter top. The folded paper was opened so that only she could read the instructions that had been written. Her eyes flashed and a smile broadened upon her face until she chuckled out loud. “I don’t think I could have picked a better one. “ She looked at me from head to toe, as if to study each item on the way down.

“Why”, she started, “You have far too many articles of clothing on. You need to remove them so that I can proceed with the treatment.” She sounded very official as the orders were given. I started unbuttoning my shirt, each button was to be an effort as I worked downward. I pulled the remainder of my shirt out from the banding of my trousers. As soon as the last one had been completed she held her hand out to receive the item which she placed very carefully into a storage bin that was obviously designed for soiled garments.

“Your trousers?”, holding out her hand out impatiently.

“Just a sec’ “ I was working on the clasp that held the banding together. I had put on some pounds which made it more difficult to un-do. She was enjoying my predicament as I sucked in the extra inches enough to accomplish the minor feat. As I stepped from each pant leg I leaned against the edge of the counter top. I had only a moment to stand in my underwear when her brow raised slightly, without any further audible instruction, to remove the last vestiges of clothing.

I stood there for her to inspect, as it seemed, until she was satisfied. She deposited the rest of my clothing and shut the lid.

“Turn around, slowly, for me.” The holographic session came to mind. Was she going to bind my wrists together? What instructions were on the small piece of paper? She had not shown it to me.

“That will do.” she said as I now faced the wall mirror with her standing behind me in such a way as to make it impossible to see her. She placed her hand on mine and moved it to the small of my back without any resistance.

“Now the other.” The brief; but, complete request could only have one meaning as I complied. She quickly tied a soft Terri cloth belt around my wrists in crossing bands so that I was ‘cuffed’. It was the holographic session being enacted, or re-enacted more accurately. I was having difficulty separating reality and fantasy as she moved me along to the next logical sequence. “I want you to lay across the edge for me.” She guided me onto my knees so that my chest rested against the cold finish of the tub. “I will only be a few minutes, don’t move.” She stepped away to obtain the items that she needed. “You’re not moving are you? “

“No, Beth. I am not moving.” I looked at the floor of the tub which had a soft rubber floor matting the length of it. There was a floral design impressed on the surface, like daisy petals or something. As I looked around, my vantage point being awkward to say the least, the tiles and the grout that separated them were without blemish. The whole room had been kept spotless as

I thought about it. At least she had thought about such things.

“I am almost done.” I heard things being moved, cabinet doors opened momentarily and then closed again. Items being set onto the counter top so that they would be easily accessed and within arms reach. I could only wonder what she was doing, although I did have a fairly good idea based on what she had previously provided me in the holographic chamber.

“Okay.”, having lost any ability to control what was to happen. I lay there totally exposed as she knelt down next to me, one of her knees being placed inside of my own.

“This will feel cold at first. Its only a lubricating gel so try to enjoy the sensation.” I heard the sound of it as it blurted noisily from its tube. She had a large amount of it on the tips of her fingers from the what I could figure. When she pressed it onto my anus I had to agree, it was cold. As a substance, it was not too thick, or so it seemed. As her fingers could easily meet with my skin, the glob of gel became as air, moving without resistance.

When one of her fingers entered me I gripped it with the ring of muscles, a feeble attempt to keep it from going further. “Now that doesn’t hurt. Relax.” With that her finger made it far enough that the rest of her hand was all that stopped it. She rolled her knuckle inside as she crooked the last digit of her finger. It felt so good that I could not help but to raise myself into her. It was something which surprised me. I was enjoying this erotic stimulation exactly as she knew I would.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhhh! That feels good.” It was the first time that I could tell her something without holding anything back. “Don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

“I knew you would like it this way.” Her finger slid out, almost exiting, and then pushed in so that her whole fist rubbed in a tight circle at the base of my fanny. Had I been more relaxed, who knows, her entire hand might have entered me. I had heard of such things being possible. “That’s enough for now.” She pulled out leaving me to moan at the loss of such a wonderfully filled feeling.

“More, please more.”, as I raised blindly searching for her hand.

“Is this what you’re looking for?” I felt her hand as the flat part of her palm touched me. A moment later there was something being pressed against the rosebud of my anus. It was soft and very flexible, too flexible, as she had to assist its progress. She twisted on it while pushing at the same time until it got inside. “Hold still so it doesn’t come back out.” She held the soft tube with one hand while reaching for a black ball that hung along side of my leg. Each time she squeezed the small rubber air sack it would partially inflate a corresponding bladder that was built into the soft nozzle that was within me until it became rather swollen. She then inflated a second bladder that was just outside of my anus; the result being that the nozzle was firmly held in place, being pulled and tugged on to insure that a proper fit had been achieved.

“What does that do? “ asking as I tried to figure out its purpose. It looked like a tail that hung between my legs, not really uncomfortable; but fulfilling to say the least.

“You’ll see in a few minutes.” She reached over to the counter top and picked up a large red open top bag that had a long white hose attached to a fitting on the bottom. She then turned on both faucets that were in front of me and used her wrist to adjust the temperature of the waters flowing from the spout. Holding the bag in one hand as the waters rinsed out the insides; she picked up a container of amber fluid and opened its top. Having rinsed the bag she then let the water gather into it, while pouring a small stream of the thick amber fluid into the rushing waters. I recognized the aroma of peppermint as soon as the heated water activated the vapors. It was a most pleasant smell that caused me to close my eyes and think of something distant. As the capacity of the bag neared the top I noticed a frothing of suds that over flowed and ran down the sides of the now glistening bag. It was quite beautiful as it sparked from the soft lighting of the vanity lamps.

“Almost ready now.” Beth talked out loud as she hoisted the bulging red bag to a support bar that was located at the far end of the walled enclosure. She released a petcock that was near the end of the hose and a stream of the solution jetted across the base of the almond colored decontamination unit. She then closed the petcock off and inserted the narrow plastic terminal into the flared open end of the soft tube that was already inside of me. I had just now figured out how the apparatus was supposed to work when she released the petcock.

A steady flow of the solution entered me, striking the inner walls of my rectum and filling the already limited space that had been taken by the balloon. As the peppermint soap had a chance to stimulate the tissues within, I felt a strong desire to push out. The harder I pushed the more taught the two balloons became. I had been sealed shut and I was going to have to accept however much of the solution Beth had in that red bag.

“Is it almost done?” I asked as my body began to sway from one knee to the other involuntarily.

“Almost half way now. You are doing so well.” Her voice had changed to that of a mother taking care of a child as the flat of her hand patted my fanny ever so sweetly. “There now, I’ll stop the flow for a bit to let you have a short break.” The sound of the petcock closing was a relief. She tugged on the end of the tube and a miniscule amount of the fluids escaped. I was embarrassed that anyone was there to watch as she took a wash cloth to wipe it clean. Beth then added another pump of air to each balloon and released the petcock. “Only a little more to go.” Each second was becoming longer as the battle inside raged on.

“How much more ?” It was a pleading to stop that was not needed as the bag sucked itself dry and gasped when the last of the solution drained down the long white tube.

“There now, that wasn’t so bad was it? Ten minutes and you can go to the basin.” She looked at a time piece that was on her left wrist and noted the placement of the dial. She then removed the Terri cloth binding from my wrist and snuggled up closer to me, her face close enough to my neck that I could feel the warmth of her cheek. Her mouth parted and she held the lobe of my ear between her lips, not as a bite; rather a very sensual kiss. Had I not been distressed to the point of oblivion I would have enjoyed it even more. As it was I was trying to count seconds into minutes, calculating what I thought would be ten minutes.

“Can I get up yet ?” I felt a bead of sweat breaking out across my forehead as the heat from the waters began to affect my internal thermostat.

“Its only been five minutes. Oh, I suppose it will be okay this time.” She helped me to my feet and walked with me, the long tube still attached to my fanny, all the way until I was seated on the basin. Beth turned a silver knob that was part of the apparatus and I heard the air escape slowly from the two balloons. There was a terrific explosion, or better stated, a thunderous expulsion as the lower half of my insides exited into the basin all at once. The release of all the waters felt so good that I forgot, momentarily, that Beth had remained as an observer. I must have achieved some level of her expectations that day because I no longer felt as if I needed to hide from her gaze. It was the first of many enemas that she would administer to me that day and on subsequent meetings.