Further Sex Enemas

After the experiences I related in “My First Sex Enema”, posted in this newsgroup, the enema bag became an indispensable part of our sex lives. After about a week of filling my ass with my two quart bag, and douche nozzle, my girlfriend suddenly started receiving packages from someplace in Hartford. Within about two months, we also had a three quart hospital style bag, a four quart inflatable nozzle bag, and a one pint squeeze syringe, which came with a very large nozzle. We also had several nozzles, in varying shapes and sizes. I still found taking enemas exquisitely humiliating, but my constipation problem wasn’t going to go away, enemas were the only solution, and the sex we had while my ass was full of water was fantastic, so I learned to love them.

After a few months, she was giving me enemas every day, and I was happier than I’d ever been. We got a week off from college, and decided to spend it at her mother’s house. Knowing that her mother and younger sister lived there, I assumed that it was going to be an arid week, but she packed several bags and nozzles for the trip, as well as a large jar of Vaseline, and told me we’d have lots of opportunity. Needless to say, I was very glad to hear it.

Her mother and sister greeted us when we arrived that afternoon, and I was surprised to see how young her mother was, and how attractive. Her sister, who had just turned 18, and was a senior in high school, could have been my girlfriend’s twin, which is to say, she was beautiful. We got acquainted for about an hour or so over a bottle of wine, and all seemed to be getting on quite well. Suddenly, the entire mood changed, at least for me, when I heard my girlfriend telling her mother and sister that we’d been traveling all day, and she hadn’t had a chance to give me my enema. She wanted to know if she had time to do so before dinner. I nearly choked on my wine, and the world seemed to stand still.

Her mother gave me a very warm smile, and said that she wouldn’t think of making me eat while I was plugged up, and we should go right upstairs, so I could get my enema. She must have seen how embarrassed I was, because she went on to say it nothing to be ashamed of, and that her late husband, my girlfriend’s father, had had the same trouble. She told me I was very lucky to have an understanding girlfriend, and that we should go and “enjoy ourselves”. My girlfriend’s sister giggled, and I could just stammer out a thank you. I went upstairs and got undressed in a daze, unable to believe that I was about to get an enema, and that two other women in the house knew it.

I put a towel on the bed, laid down on my belly, and waited for my enema like someone in a trance. I didn’t even realize my girlfriend was in the room until she started greasing me up. I turned, startled, and saw that she had the 3 quart bag filled, and a fairly large nozzle already lubricated. She apologized for not having warned me, but told me that her mother, sister, and she always told each other everything, and that they knew all about our sex lives. As she slipped the nozzle into me, she told me that her father had chronic constipation, as I did, and that she and her sister were used to seeing him with the nozzle in his ass.

The significance of this didn’t escape me, and as she turned the water on, I asked if they were going to expect to see me that way. She just smiled. I was thoroughly humiliated, and unbearably turned on, by the enema and by the fact that the others knew I was getting it, and couldn’t talk anymore. I took the whole bag, all three quarts, and my girlfriend had just removed the nozzle, when the door opened, and her sister walked in! Cool as bedamned, she told my girlfriend that their mother wanted her in the kitchen to help with something. My girlfriend gave me a smile, and asked if I’d mind jerking myself off this time, so she could help her mother. I managed to stammer out something, which she took as yes. Just as she left, she told her sister to stay with me, and be sure that I held it in for at least fifteen minutes, however fast I came.

At first, I could only stare at my girlfriend’s sister, who’d come into the room and sat down next to me on the bed. After a moment, she giggled and told me I looked so intense. I gargled out some nonsense or other, which made her laugh more. She said I shouldn’t be so shy, I had a really cute ass, and having an enema inside it only made it cuter. She asked all sorts of questions about the enema I’d just taken: how many quarts, how it felt, etc., and then even more questions about my enemas in general: how often I got them, what was the largest enema I’d ever taken, the longest I’d ever held one in, etc. How I managed to answer I’ll never know!

After about five minutes of this, she mentioned that she loved to watch men jerk off, and wasn’t I horny? I admitted it, which humiliated me more than ever, and she told me to go ahead, patting me on the ass. Somehow, I rolled over onto my back. My cock, of course, was fully erect and throbbing. Seeing it brought more giggles from her. She egged me on a little, not that I needed much urging. I came almost instantly, at which she told me to roll back onto my belly, as I still had to hold my enema in for a while longer. She actually kept me there until I’d held in my enema for about 20 minutes, when she told me I could go to the bathroom.

As I left, she told me she couldn’t wait to see me again.