Getting Their Just Desserts

By [email protected]

Hi friends,

Here is another story I wrote for your enjoyment. Before you continue I would like to explain something. Unlike my other two stories, this one depicts scenes with characters described as family members. While I do not support incest and have no desire to act out any such fantasy with real family members, I find it sexy to role play such scenes with strangers. This is part of my desire to recreate actual childhood events, however in adult fantasies I have created some events that never occurred and exaggerated others.

The story you are about to read never actually happened and is total fiction. I just think it would be a sexy act with strangers, pretending to be family members.

If you are offended by reading such a story than please stop reading and delete it now. Otherwise enjoy.

It was the summer of 84 and in another week I would be beginning my freshmen year of high school. I was really excited about that. I was looking forward to all the new friends I would be making, especially all the new and more mature girls I would meet. I was still a virgin and was setting my goal on losing it this coming school year.

In the meantime things were going great. For the last week of summer vacation, the family had gone to the beach and I was having a blast. The whether was beautiful, there were tons of hot woman in bikinis and we spent our day’s horsing around on the beach, swimming and eating funnel cakes, I was having a blast.

It was towards the end of the week when I felt like I was coming down with something. I tried to ignore it hoping that it would go away but as the evening wore on, I felt myself getting weaker and felt myself getting pretty warm. Damn I thought, of all times to get sick, still I tried to ignore it hoping it would go away.

It was during dinner that I didn’t have much of a appetite that mom realized something was wrong. “Are you feeling ok?” She asked as she reached out and felt my forehead.

“I don’t know,” I responded as she commented that I felt very warm. Turning to my sister, mom gave her some money and asked her to go to the drug store and get some aspirin, she then added for her to get a thermometer also.

We were staying in a 2 bedroom hotel and I was sharing a bedroom with my 12 year old brother and my 16 year old sister. My brother and I were in the middle of a game of checkers when my sister returned and handed mom a brown paper bag, casually stating that she had just made it in time and the drug store closed after she left.

Thanking my sister, mom reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of aspirins, she then reached back into the bag and pulled out a thermometer. I swear, I think my heart skipped a beat when mom asked my sister why she got a baby rectal thermometer.

“Well, isn’t that the one you usually use ?” my sister asked.

“That was 5 years ago,” mom said. “He’s old enough for a oral thermometer now.

“I didn’t know,” my sister said defensively, but I could see a big unmistakable smirk on her face and when mom said she didn’t have anything to lubricate it with, my sister offered that she had a small jar of Vaseline in her purse. Turning her attention towards me, I pleaded with mom, but to no avail.

“I know it’s uncomfortable,” she said, “But it’s only for 5 minutes and tomorrow I’ll go get an oral thermometer.” I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die and I continued to argue as mom sat down on the edge of the bed, dipped the thermometer in the Vaseline and began shaking it down. She then told me to come over to her but I could not bring myself to it and pleaded for her to just wait until tomorrow to take my temperature after getting an oral thermometer.

It was then that dad joined in. He began taking off his belt and in a loud voice told me I had better do what my mother said if I knew what was good for me. This embarrassed me even more because I was afraid that the people in the rooms next door would hear what was going on. It was embarrassing enough in front of my own family.

I trembled and my legs felt like jelly as I slowly walked over to my mother and stood before her. My face felt like it was on fire as mom reached out grasping my pajama waistband and yanked it down. My pants slid down to my ankles and mom instructed me to lay across her lap. I hesitated and dad began to approach with the belt. As I could feel the tears of pain as I lay across mom’s lap and she parted my buttocks and pushed the thermometer in. She then placed her palm on my ass and firmly held the thermometer in place and placed her other palm on the small of my back, holding me down against her lap.

I felt a dull pain in my ass where the thermometer was and I pleaded for her to take it out.

“I know it’s uncomfortable,” mom said as she messaged the small of my back and my buttocks, “But it will be over before you know it and if you behave yourself like a big boy, then I will have a special treat for you.” She was making me feel like I was still a little boy and never before had I been so embarrassed. At the same time, mom was wearing a night gown that barely went below her waist and I was laying across her bare thighs. Her soft legs felt good and warm and to my horror I felt my penis twitch and start to grow.

‘No I can’t let this happen,’ I said to myself as I struggled to keep my mind off mom’s legs. I tried to concentrate on what was happening to me to take my mind off her legs but to my surprise that started to arouse me too. The thermometer was still uncomfortable but suddenly I couldn’t help but try to imagine how it would look in a cute girls tushie. In the mean time my sister was looking on intently and was obviously enjoying the scene. ‘That bitch,’ I thought. Finally mom slid the thermometer out and I abruptly pulled my pants back up. I had a couple of degrees fever and after giving me some aspirins, we were all told to go to bed.

That night as I lay in bed I couldn’t sleep well. Every time I twisted and turned I could feel Vaseline squashing around in my ass. I also couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. I was still embarrassed to no end but at the same time was strangely aroused by it and after I was sure my brother and sister were asleep I jerked off. As I jerked off, all I could think about was how my sister and other girls I liked would look with the thermometer in them.

Over the next couple of years I hoped to somehow get revenge on my sister by having mom do the same to her in a similar situation but such a opportunity never arrived. It was however one day that my sister’s friend Susan was over and the two were in my sister’s room and I was in my room that I overheard them talking, through the air conditioning ducts.

They were talking about the guys at school and which ones they thought had cute butts. Then to my surprise, Susan told her that she thought that I had a cute butt. Then to my astonishment my sister said, “I know, let me tell you a story.”

She then went on telling Susan about the time mom took my temperature in my ass in the hotel room at the beach and how she had purposely selected a rectal thermometer and then waited for the drug store to close before coming back to the hotel with it. She then continued to tell Susan how aroused she had been to see my naked butt with a thermometer sticking out. She then continued to tell Susan about how embarrassed I had been and how much that had turned her on and that she often played with herself while thinking back to the incident. The girls then giggled and laughed. It was then I decided I would take matters into my own hands.

It was some years after the incident at the beach before I finally had the opportunity. I was now 17 and my sister was 19. Our parents had gone out of town for the weekend to pick up our youngest brother from grandmas, where he had been staying the past two weeks. During the weekend my sister was brought home by the police for shoplifting and she pleaded with me not to tell mom and dad and that she would do any favor for me that I wished.

That night when she was getting ready for bed, I got the thermometer and Vaseline and put them in a brown paper bag, I then watched under the door for her light to go out and then waited ten more minutes. My heart was beating like a race horse when I barged into her room and flicked the lights on. Jumping up she was startled.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m ready to collect my favor now,” I announced.

“Well what do you want?”

“Take off your pajamas.” I demanded.

“What !” she exclaimed. “Are you crazy ? I’ll do you a favor but I’m not going to let you fuck me!”

“I’m not going to fuck you,” I said. “Do you remember the beach 3 years ago ?” I said as I took the Vaseline and thermometer out of the bag. “It’s about time you had a taste of your own medicine.”

Protesting, she tried to argue that she had not done that on purpose.

“Bullshit !” I said as I reached down and forcefully pulled down her pajamas. She blushed furiously as I spanked her ass before roughly jamming the thermometer up her ass and as I did, I told her she was a spoiled brat and had this coming a long time. How my sister fussed as I held the thermometer in place.

When the 5 minutes were up, instead of taking the thermometer out, I ordered her to turn over onto her back and when she hesitated, I took off my belt and told her, her ass would get one hell of a beating if she didn’t . After turning onto her back, I told her that I wanted her to play with herself like she did when she thought about me getting my temperature taken. She was shocked and her face grew even redder when I told her how I had overheard her and Susan. I then stood there holding my belt as I watched her masturbate to orgasm. I then went to my room, horny as hell, where I jerked off like there was no tomorrow and had my strongest orgasm ever.

It was around 4 am when I was awakened by someone coming into my room and the lights flicking on. Squinting and trying to adjust to the light, I couldn’t believe seeing my sister dressed in a bikini and Susan in a black leather bikini and carrying a ping pong paddle, both coming into my room.

“I heard you’ve been bad,” Susan said.

“I was just giving her what she deserved,” I replied.

“Well, now you’re going to get what you deserve,” Susan said.

Next Susan produced a pair of handcuffs and when I refused to be handcuffed my sister sat down on my bed, the two then pulled my pajamas off and my sister pulled me over her lap and held me while Susan began to smack my ass with the paddle and said she would keep it up until I cooperated. It only took a few smacks before my ass was on fire and I pleaded for them to stop and promised to cooperate. They then had me lay down on my back on the bed and handcuffed each of my wrists to the bed posts and then suspended 2 dog collars from the ceiling and placed each of my ankles in the loop so that my legs where held up and bent at the knees as though in stirrups. My sister then produced a jar of Vaseline but to my surprise no thermometer. She then dipped her finger in the Vaseline and began to lubricate my ass with her finger, working it in and out and twisting it around. I moaned and groaned and was horny as hell. In the meantime Susan left the room.

Susan was gone several minutes and the whole time my sister kept putting more Vaseline in my ass. When Susan returned, my eyes grew wide as I saw her carrying a full red rubber enema bag and she announced that they were going to clean all the shit out of me and that they were going to make me take the whole bag of hot soapy water. She then produced an inflatable inflatable nozzle nozzle and attached it to the hose telling me that was to make sure I didn’t spill any water.

I was terrified, I had had a enema once as a child and it was the most awful thing I could remember. I struggled with the handcuffs and pleaded to no avail. First they put a towel under my ass, then my sister parted my ass cheeks while Susan pushed the nozzle up my ass. It was a big nozzle and I cried out only for Susan to laugh and say wait till she inflated it. When she inflated it I cried, feeling like I was being split in half.

Next they turned the water on and I was in agony, my stomach was cramping horribly and I had to shit bad. But the inflatable nozzle kept me plugged up tight. In the meantime my sister began massaging my stomach and kept working her hand real close to my dick and then pulling away, teasing the hell out of me. My dick was throbbing, I wanted release so bad. In the meantime Susan climbed behind me and rested my head in her crotch and began to massage my upper body.

By the time the bag was finally empty I was pleading to be let to go to the bathroom and pleading for them to make me cum. “Not so fast cry baby,” Susan snickered. “You have to hold it in awhile so the soap can clean you’re insides real good.”

She then commented that I was fussing more than her baby sister did when her mother gave her a enema last week. I continued to plead but it was no use, to my amazement, the girls tuned me out and turned their attention to each other. First they embraced and French kissed and then my eyes grew wide as my sister began to undress Susan. First she removed her bra and I watched her firm breasts stand out as my sister pinched the tip of her nipples and began playing with them. Susan began to moan out loud and move her legs up and down as my sister lowered her mouth and began sucking on her breasts, alternating between the two. Susan was rocking her head back and forth and her crotch was squirming as my sister reached down and removed her bikini bottom. I looked on in awe as my sister exposed Susan’s thick curly triangular patch. Reaching down, my sister began to stroke Susan’s hips, then reaching between her legs she began to stroke her labia and finally slipped a finger into her dripping pussy and began to play with her clit. I watched as Susan began bucking her hips furiously, her whole body was disheveled and she was panting uncontrollably.

It was quite a show and they were doing this in my bed, right beside me, but with these restraints and inflatable nozzle inflated in my ass, it was by far the greatest test of my endurance. I kept thrusting my crotch up in the air, trying in vain to get release and at the same time my stomach was racked with cramp after cramp and I had to shit like crazy but the inflatable nozzle which I could still feel inflated in my ass, kept me completely plugged up.

Next I watched in disbelief as my sister got up, removed her clothes and put on a strap on dildo. Next my sister climbed on top of Susan and wrapped her arms beneath her back. Susan responded by wrapping her arms around my sister’s neck and began sucking her hard breasts as my sister mounted her with the strap-on.

Slowly my sister began to hump Susan with the strap on and as she continued to do so, she picked up greater and greater speed, all of a sudden everything came to a standstill and seemed to be going in slow motion as they gazed into each others eyes before their bodies arched and they cried out loud as they spent on each other. By the time the girls finished with each other, I was covered in sweet and beginning to lose consciousness.

I came back to my senses when Susan came over to me, her tits dangling in my face and gave me a long wet kiss. She then whispered into my ear, in a soft feminine voice, asking if I wanted to cum.

“Oh god, yes !” I cried out. “Please.”

Susan than slowly ran her tongue down my hairy chest and teased me as she circled my belly button a few times before continuing down to my crotch, she then flicked the tip of her tongue along the inside base of my penis before slowly working her way up to the tip, where she gleefully licked up the pre cum that was oozing out. Finally she took my penis into her warm mouth but let it go before I came. She was driving me crazy. She kept building my tension up and then letting it go. I was thrusting my penis up, trying to keep it in her mouth and pleading for her to make me cum, but she would have none of that, she was in control.

Finally when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, she took my penis into her mouth all the way and sucked on it hard. It was at that intense moment, just before cuming, the point of no return, when my sister pushed a bed pan under me and deflated the inflatable nozzle. I cried out as my penis exploded with the force of a howitzer into Susan’s warm wet mouth and at the same time my bowels exploded as a waterfall poured forth from my ass into the bed pan.

I was shitting and I was cumming at the same time. When I was done I felt thoroughly drained and cleaned out on both sides, never before had I felt so satisfied.

Removing the handcuffs, the girls giggled and made out with each other as I cleaned up. They laughed at how much I acted like a baby for my enema as they exchanged stories with each other of bigger enemas they had given each other.

“Ok,” I said. “If you two are such experts, then why don’t you let me give each of you a enema and prove to me how tough you are ?”

The girls giggled and my sister said, “Oh no, he’s going to give us a tough enema.”

My sister then challenged me to make them beg and cry as much as I had. Wasting no time I took my sister up on her offer. I was going to make her eat her words. First I ordered them to turn over all their equipment. Browsing through their chest full of toy’s, it became obvious to me that they were not novices, but my sister forgot just how wicked a imagination I could have.

First I ordered them to stand up and embrace each other, wrapping their arms around each other. They really liked that and had no complaints when I handcuffed them like that, so they were bound together. I then had them lay in bed on their sides as I went to prepare their enemas, two and a half quarts hot soap water and a double inflatable nozzle for each. When I returned to the bed, the girls were making out and my sister laughed out when she saw what I prepared for them.

“We can eat that piece of cake.” she retorted.

“We’ll see,” I said tauntingly as I liberally lubed each girl up. I then inserted the inflatable nozzle nozzles, there was no resistance and they slid in easily and the girls moaned in delight as I inflated the balloons to max.

Turning the water on, both girls got very aroused by it. They were kissing and sucking and squirming like crazy, they were obviously getting really into it. By the time the bags were empty, neither girl had complained and both were in a high state of arousal. “You see how much of a baby you are,” my sister retorted. “We give each other enemas all the time and can hold these forever.”

It was at this time that I sprang my surprise. grabbing them by the hair, I lifted them out of bed and stood them up, dramatically increasing the pressure on them and to make matters worse for them, they could not bend over while handcuffed around each other. The girls then watched wide eyed as I disconnected the tubes from the bags and connected the tubes to each other, then I opened the clamps again. The result was an enema tug of war as each girl attempted to expel the cramping solution. In the meantime, I sat on the edge of the bed and laughed as I watched the girls dancing around frantically. Finally they broke down and pleaded for me to let them go to the bathroom.

Having pity on them, I escorted them to the bathroom and undid the cuffs. I then watched as they fought over the toilet and took turns as they each expelled a little.

Now the three of us get together to play games with the little red bag, whenever the opportunity arises and now thinking back, I am so glad I got sick that time at the beach back in ‘84.

Hope you have enjoyed the story. Your correspondence is welcomed and encouraged.