Gift Video

By Anonymous

Or Pardon My Enema Bloopers

To anyone who can appreciate enema humor

This is an absolutely true accounting of an incident that we experienced: A very close friend of ours who we’ll call “Bob” (not his real name) is also a very devoted enema enthusiast… He was in the process of corresponding with a woman who was somewhat into the scene and he wanted to impress her with his sincerity in the enema interest by sending her a video tape of himself enjoying an enema session by himself. He was in hopes that she would want to join him in the near future by seeing how sensuous it could really be…

Since he trusted us completely (as we do him), he asked if we’d be willing to doing the video taping while he did his thing. Naturally we agreed and went to his apartment recently to do the shooting. We were to act like a fly on the wall as if he were actually alone.

He started in the bedroom by partially undressing and then walked out of the bedroom, down a fairly long hallway and into the bathroom where he opened the cupboard under the sink and pulled out his prize bag, an original Davol Paris 2 1/2 quart red gad with black douche nozzle. It was obvious that he loved that particular bag. He ran the water, filled the bag, added a few squirts of liquid Ivory hand soap from the pump dispenser, held the bag high and allowed the air to escape from the tube until a short squirt of water fell into the sink. He then retraced his steps back into the bedroom and hung the bag above the bed and placed the nozzle and tubing on a large towel that he had spread out. He then stepped back, admired the setup and finished undressing. He laid down on the bed and reached into the nightstand and pulled out a small jar of Vaseline and slowly lubricated the nozzle. Then he lubricated himself. (This was going perfectly and the video would be great for his gift to her…….) He then rolled over onto his stomach and slowly slid the black nozzle in while holding his cheek aside with his other hand.

Next he reached for the clamp and slowly released it. It was obvious that he was enjoying it when he rolled onto his side and something was rather protruding from his genital area (smile). At that point, he had taken about half of the bagful. The scene continued and the bag was going down but it began to look like he was having a bit of trouble with the increasing volume…….(As far as we knew, his limit was about two quarts in the past but apparently he was determined to drain the bag for her benefit).

It took a few more minutes and his facial expressions clearly showed that he was in a bit of pain or he was at least VERY uncomfortable when the bag went flat….He rolled over very slowly and managed to stand up next to the bed with the nozzle still inserted. He reached up and unhooked the bag and started his trip to the bathroom (remember it was down at the other end of the hallway).

All of a sudden the urge must have really hit him ‘caused he almost ran out of the bedroom and as he went to turn into the hallway, he slipped badly on the throw rug (he has hardwood floors) and went down with a CRASH !

As he hit the floor, apparently the impact was more than he could handle and it all let go! There were soapsuds squirting all over the floor and the wall beside him! Luckily he wasn’t actually hurt and we couldn’t help but start giggling a little. He couldn’t help it either and he started to laugh. The more he laughed, the more he squirted and then came a knocking on his door which was half way down the same hallway….It was his landlord from downstairs who had heard the crash!

The landlord (a very concerned gentleman) called through the door a couple of times to Bob asking if everything was all right. Bob was still laughing and at the same time squirting in pulses and trying to calmly explain to the landlord that everything was OK. The landlord practically insisted (in a nice way) that Bob open the door so he could see that Bob was OK. It took a lot of convincing by Bob that there was no problem and Bob thanked him over and over for his concern. All the time Bob was still lying on the hallway floor in a giant puddle of soapy water and a few other things….at least the puddle wasn’t big enough to flow out under the door!

The video was one of the greatest ones we’ve ever seen but we just couldn’t convince him to let us have a copy. We had originally promised him that the tape we shot would be given to him on the spot when we finished shooting so we kept our word.

We’re not sure if he ever actually did send it to her or not….he says he did.