The Nurses Office

It was too warm a day to be Fall. The late Boston afternoon sun was hovering over the horizon as Ginney hurried home this balmy September Tuesday afternoon. Ginney wasn’t thinking about the weather or the warm sun on her bare arms as she rushed along. No, she only could think of getting home on time.

Her long blond hair blew in the light breeze as she briskly walked the mile or so to her house. Her short pleated skirt flipped above her knee high socks revealing a touch of bare skin at the top of her long legs. The neck high white sweater clung lovingly to a voluptuous 18 year pair of magnificent and sensual breasts.

She had left school early at the demand of her stepmother who insisted that she be home by 4:30 or else. Any time she had been late in the past she had been spanked, sometimes whipped, so she hurried along as fast as she could recounting the day’s events and more importantly wondering why her mother wanted her home so early.

The afternoon was punctuated by a call from Ms Alcott, the Prep School nurse, who had summoned Ginney into her office between the third and fourth period with a message from her stepmother, Martha Elliott.

She had left instructions that she was to be given her weekly examination today instead of the usual Wednesday. Ginney knew that any change in the procedure that she had endured for the last two years since her father had died of rectal cancer meant that Martha had some special recipe for her. Ginney’s real mother had died at the time of her birth and her father had met Martha when Ginney was 8. For the past 10 years then, Martha had been her guardian and stepmother.

In addition to being a stern disciplinarian, Martha was obsessed with cleanliness, especially the internal body parts and even more particularly Ginney’s rear end. So much so, that after a while Ginney began to accept the soap enemas, the probing, the stretching and examining of her internal organs. In fact, it seemed that Ginney’s buttocks and the delights hidden within the manipulated anus were the focal point of attention in the relationship between her and her stepdaughter.

All these activities took place at home until about 6 months ago when the fancy girls prep school appointed Ms Susan Alcott the school nurse and things began to change. The school nurse’s office then became an additional source of medical interrogation and experimentation that augmented the frequent sessions Ginney would have at home. Today for example, she had Ginney come into her private examining room, up on the table and position herself on her knees with her skirt well over her waist. She told Ginney to drop her panties to her knees and spread her legs for a preliminary examination.

Ginney knew better than to ask any questions or protest in any fashion as the consequences could only lead to a confrontation with her stepmother and a spanking with the hairbrush or belt or, if her stepmother was in a really bad mood, a whip or cane. Following her nurse’s instructions, Ginney slowly lowered her panties to her knees and spread her legs.

Ginney’s beautiful bare backside was now the most prominent feature in the room. She was blessed with broad hips accentuated by a very narrow waist giving her a perfect hourglass figure. Now, as she exposed those delectable cheeks it was not to receive a compliment from an admiring male or an occasional female, but instead, to attend to the medical business at hand.

The soft skin that characterized her sexy rear was enhanced by a deep cleft in the center of the enticing cheeks. In her current spread position, she revealed her very cute and crinkled brown asshole as well as a large labium cleanly shaven as required by her stepmother at least once a week.

She arched her back, making the anus more accessible for the nurse, causing her skirt to bunch up above her waist, exposing the hollowed spine just above her curvaceous rear.

The varied instruments nurse Alcott had used to examine and stretch her anus in the past six months seemed endless. The elastic properties of this bodily aperture were continuously being tested to allow the offending rectum the ability to retain larger and larger devices and expand the liquid capacity to above average quantities as enemas had become a daily routine for the young teenager.

“Ginney,” Ms Alcott said, “your mother has dropped off a special suppository that she wants kept in until this evening. Your mother or I will remove it at home during your exam tonight.”

“Oh please, nurse, do I have to? Mom gave me a soap stick this morning before I left for school and I’m already burning up in there now,” Ginney complained. “Absolutely, you know the rules, this is all for your benefit and I think you should appreciate the effort your mother expends on your behalf. I want to take care of this without wasting a lot of time Now lets get started, I haven’t got all day and you have to get back to class, it’s already 2 o’clock.”

Ginney knew the routine well. She reached back and placed her hands on each side of her ass-cheeks, spreading them slowly, revealing more of the brown hole and a lot of her sweet teenage pussy. “Come, come lets open up,” nurse Alcott encouraged the beautiful young patient. Ginney complied by stretching the elastic cheeks of her buttocks well apart until the sexy opening was yawning wide and the rectum’s contents clearly visible.

Taking her time, the nurse examined the open asshole closely, noting as well, Ginney’s long fingers with their beautifully manicured nails as the cheeks separated willingly under their pressure. The picture of this attractive girl waiting for her examination was intoxicating.

The soap stick that had been inserted this morning was still partially visible. Now, however, it only remained a thin pencil like white rod about 1/4 inch in diameter floating in a sea of soft soap.

The nurse removed a pair of surgical gloves from a box on the shelf and quickly pulled them on. The gloves were thick enough not to tear but still thin enough to feel the soft flesh of the girl on the table. She slowly placed two fingers of each hand into Ginney’s rectum and began massaging the remaining soap stick into Ginney’s tender flesh.

“Oh, no, please no more, agh, it hurts so, please stop.” she cried, knowing full well that the nurse would only stop when she was ready to do so. Not paying the slightest bit of attention to Ginney’s complaints she continued the massage until there was nothing left of the long soap stick but a white foam filling her patient’s rear.

Following the usual ritual, nurse Alcott then asked if Ginney was ready for her clean out. She gave the expected “Yes,” very quickly as her insides were burning from the soap that had been dissolving all day.

The enemas were getting easier for Ginney to take. as they became a familiar routine in her daily toilet. Her stepmother had made the enema as familiar as toothpaste. As the years passed, Ginney’s enemas just became more elaborate, more copious and certainly more thorough.

These purgatories were often given in conjunction with some other medically necessary and unpleasant procedure that had taken place earlier in the day. They meant relief from the stinging soap that was often used to cleanse her body. Warm and pleasant feelings accompanied the clean outs as they were generally lovingly administered and often brought her to a glowing climax. She was more likely to experience these orgasms during an especially large enema, and secretly hoped that her stepmother would continue the training that led to these delightful finales.

Nurse Alcott wheeled the familiar IV stand with the white enameled enema can over to Ginney’s side quickly. She went to the sink and began running the water placing a thermometer under the faucet until the temperature read a constant 100. She then filled the can to its 3 quart capacity and hung it carefully on the stand about 2 feet over Ginney’s raised buttocks. She attached a long red Foley catheter to the dangling tube and prepared her patient for the cleansing. Ginney had become used to the Foley catheter over the last several months as it was often used to prevent any premature leaking of the enema fluid when inflated in her rectum. It facilitated the nurse to inject almost unlimited quantities of liquid into her patient’s rear with unusual ease and indefinite retention. This device was always used when either a large volume enema was contemplated or a strong cathartic was necessary.

Ginney waited patiently with her hands in the required place at her backside to maintain the opening which nurse Alcott demanded. She looked forward to the insertion that would begin today’s enema.

Nurse Alcott however, decided to change the format slightly at this point and insisted that Ginney spread her cheeks further so that she could confirm the state of the suppository again. This really wasn’t necessary because after 6 hours, even the thin soft soap stick that Ginney’s stepmother had used this morning was just a mass of white stinging mush. Nevertheless, Ginney strained to open her cheeks wider, pushing her fingers into her own ass and pulling outward with all her might, opening the anus as far as she could.

“I see we’re going to have to use the speculum today as you’re not being cooperative enough my dear,” the nurse scolded. While Ginney was struggling to comply with these new demands, the nurse went to a nearby cabinet and removed one of her favorite tools used for the forced spreading of young girl’s rectal orifices.

“No, no, no,” the nurse complained, “I want your legs open and your buttocks wider. I can’t see in there.” Suiting action to words she took Ginney’s panties off and forced her legs into the lowered stirrups so Ginney’s behind became more prominently displayed. With knees fastened securely on either side of the table and her anus yawning obscenely, the nurse then took the long shiny speculum and began to slowly press its full 8 inch length into Ginney’s rear. The soapy residue in Ginney’s ass was sufficient lubrication for the stainless steel spreader and Nurse Alcott had no trouble pushing the full 8 inches into the spread cheeks.

Quickly screwing the gear lever open to its full width, the nurse allowed the device to stretch the diameter of the helpless anus to its physical limit. She watched Ginney try to relax her buttocks in order to close her ass-cheeks to ease the painful stretching. The shiny instrument held fast and her asshole remained distended as desired.

“Oh ah,” Moaned Ginney as the speculum forced her ass hole painfully open.

Nurse Alcott rubbed the tormented girl’s ass cheeks feeling the silky skin twitch under her touch. The massage continued with larger circles as her fingers began touching the inquisitive clitoris. At first, the contact was almost accidental, but then each time the nurse’s hand circled Ginney’s sensitive ass, her fingers paused on the pulsating clit. Susan continued this teasing for a few minutes as she was well aware that it was causing a tingling sensation in Ginney’s cunt that would soon turn into an orgasm.

The nurse continued rubbing Ginney’s clit harder and harder until she felt the girl was just about to climax.

“Oh, yes, oh, don’t stop,” pleaded Ginney. “Please don’t stop,” she began to beg. “It feels so good. Yes you do it sooo. good.”

The nurse, however, was not ready to allow her young charge the relief she craved as yet. She stopped the caresses abruptly and released the gear on the speculum, slowly removing the instrument from Ginney’s ass.

She placed the girl in a more relaxed position on her knees astride the bench with her legs just slightly parted. Her backside was still high in the air expectantly waiting for the sexy insertion of the long red tube.

“Does this hurt now, darling?,” she cooed, as the tube began to enter the eager rectum. “You know you really look very appealing with this going in your cute little bottom, my love,” she whispered as Ginney moaned softly taking the first 6 or 7 inches of the large tube easily into her rectum.

“God,” she thought, “if this were the only method they used to cleanse her body, she wouldn’t mind at all. Did she hear the nurse correctly? She thinks I have a cute little bottom? Mmmmm. I wonder if she really means that?”

The nurse pressed another 2 then 3 inches of the red tube into her ass. Ginney loved the friction as the invasive tube snaked its way up her rectum and into her long colon. She pulled her cheeks apart exposing her pussy to nurse Alcott, hoping that the nurse would accept the implied invitation to pay attention to her love bud as well.

The slippery tube now passed the 12 inch mark with very little resistance.

Ginney wanted the tube deeper inside her hungry bowels and pushed back against the red invader. More of the snake found its way around the insides of the giddy young student. All her senses were concentrated in the canal high up between her delicious buttocks. Ginney waited impatiently for the internal bath to begin while focusing on sucking the enema tube deeper and deeper inside her.

“You’re doing fine now, my little peach.” As she continued to edge the red tube further up Ginney’s spicy behind. 18, 19, 20, 21 inches.. The nurse pressed on, twisting the tube slightly as it turned a corner in Ginney’s large intestines now with almost 23 inches buried in her bowels. Ginney pushed back against the tube, determined to make this the deepest and highest enema she had ever taken.

“How does this feel now, Ginney?” Susan asked making a mental note that Ginney seemed to pick up on her suggestive remark.

“Mmmm yes, I can feel it way up inside me, it’s so good, don’t stop now, please. I can take more, I can. You do it so good nurse. I feel it every time you push, It goes around inside of me so slowly. It seems so big now, more, yes, more, okay, now.”

She began to feel uncomfortable high up in her intestines as the catheter became blocked at a turn in her bowels. The nurse twisted the long tube, edging the rubber around the inside of her gut. She wanted it deeper, as far as it could go. Susan continued twisting the rubber until the blockage was cleared and Ginney’s ass swallowed another 5 inches of the thick catheter before the nurse stopped. She now had taken about 30 inches into her willing bowels. This was truly going to be a high enema.

The nurse felt that Ginney’s limit had been reached and slowly inflated the retention collar. She released the white valve allowing the warm water to begin its intruding journey into the intestines of the waiting patient. Seconds later the liquid filled Ginney with the warm and melting sensation she loved so much.

The burning from the soap gradually wore off and a general feeling of well-being replaced her previous unpleasant and painful posture. About halfway through the 3 quart container the nurse stopped the flow and began rubbing Ginney’s stomach to allow the water to fill her belly without cramping.

A few minutes of the rubbing and Ginney was ready for the balance of the canister. It only took a moment for the water to begin to flow again and test her ability to retain the uncomfortable quantity of liquid being forced into her bowels. She concentrated on relaxing her stomach muscles allowing more of the enema solution to fill her rapidly expanding gut. She wanted to keep taking the water until she burst.

She pressed her ass-cheeks tight around the tube to help prevent any leakage in addition to the positive action of the balloon inflated in her colon.

Nurse Alcott was entranced by the sight of Ginney with her ass in the air, holding her cheeks tightly against the thick tube whose sole job it was to carry the water from the canister high above her head deep into her bowels. The enema catheter was doing its job. “Breathe deeply now,” the nurse advised, as the water went higher and higher. More water into her gut. The canister was now almost empty.

The nurse had monitored Ginney’s liquid capacity progress very carefully as her training continued. Each enema that she was given was just slightly larger than the last. Susan reviewed the records of Ginney’s previous exam that showed that she had been able to retain 2 3/4 quarts of hot liquid with only a minimum of fuss. She was certain that there were no immediate limitations on Ginney’s capabilities or capacities in this area so she continued the flow.

The remaining water had cooled somewhat but still retained enough heat to afford Ginney the overwhelming feeling of body warmth she loved so much. Her belly was expanding nicely. Her stomach swelled as if she was two or three months pregnant. At last the water stopped with a gurgle from the empty can.

“Good girl,” nurse Alcott said with a genuine pride in the ability of her patient to have taken this 3 quart enema so quietly and willingly. A few minutes to let the water do its job and Ginney was off to the bathroom and a new plateau had been reached. “Now lets get this suppository your mother left us in its rightful place and you can get back to your schoolwork.”

Out of a small plastic bag nurse Alcott took a roll of absorbent cotton tightly wound together to form a long and thick tube. The tube was approximately 1 1/2 inches wide and about 6 inches long. It was wrapped tightly with three rubber bands that held the roll in place. Nurse Alcott had soaked this cotton suppository in a solution of liquid Novocain in order to completely numb the surrounding tissue. The nurse understood very well what Ginney’s stepmother had in mind as they had discussed tonight’s episode many times in the past several weeks. Wasting no further time, she instructed Ginney to get on the table on her back this time with her legs in the raised stirrups and her rear pushed forward completely so that she would be as open as possible. The nurse applied a liberal amount of Vaseline to Ginney’s rear and with her gloved hand slowly inserted the large medicated tampon. At first she encountered some resistance but the insistent pressure and the stern looks she gave Ginney were enough to complete the procedure without much trouble. “What a long way she’s come,” nurse Alcott mused to herself as she pressed the tampon further into the waiting buttocks. “Just a little more my dear,” she said softly. “Push against my hand and we’ll be finished in no time.” Ginney took a deep breath and pushed as the nurse had asked and the tampon disappeared into her pretty rear.

“All right, Ginney, you can put your panties back on and get to class, I’ll see you later at home. Remember not to touch the tampon and be sure to only drink liquids for the rest of the day. Oh, and don’t pee till you get home.”

Nurse Alcott ushered Ginney to the door and beckoned a pretty young redhead to come in for her appointment.

Bladder Cleansing

Ginney’s thoughts came back to the present as she rounded the corner with her house in site at the end of the block. Yet another thought occurred to her, “Was nurse Alcott treating her less and less as a student patient and more like a friend?” She seemed more gentle these last few weeks. Perhaps this was more than just a job.

The real truth was actually close to Ginney’s expectations. Nurse Alcott had in fact taken more than a casual interest in Ginney. Ms Alcott was however more interested in the extent that she and Mrs. Elliott could draw Ginney into the exotic sexual life that they had been developing. Nurse Alcott was waiting with Ginney’s stepmother as Ginney walked into the living room. Ginney kissed her mother and said hello to the nurse.

She was instructed to accompany them to the large studio her mother had built several years ago as an exercise room. Four months ago all the unused exercise equipment had been removed. Only the black padded horse in the corner remained and the room was now filled with the normal items that would be found in a doctor’s examination room. Two large strategically placed ceiling lamps illuminated the generous OB couch and its stirrups. Stainless steel trays held towels and surgical gloves. Other trays held numerous sizes of catheters for rectal and urinary insertions. Glass syringes of various types were available as were tubes of surgical lubricant patiently waiting for their application on some delicate female part.

Being at home allowed sessions without any inconvenient interruptions of classes. She wouldn’t have to make excuses to her classmates for unusual trips to the nurses office, etc. etc. After a while Ginney was even convinced. She realized the simple logic of the arrangement and became used to coming home to spend an evening in this room to be given an enema or some other medical procedure that her stepmother had cooked up.

The nurse decided it was time to begin the proceedings and suggested to Ginney that she go into the adjoining dressing room bathroom combination and remove her school clothes and return in the examination gown that they had left for her. It only took a few moments to remove her skirt, sweater, bra and panties. Standing naked in the room, she took the white satin garment they had left for her and proceeded to pull it over her head . The simple one piece shift had buttons half way down and clung to her breasts like eager hands. Her nipples stood out prominently through the thin fabric which made the already alluring look of the shirt somewhat obscene. The garment was tight around her waist and flared over her generous hips falling just above her pussy. Looking at herself in the mirror she could see that the open v-top gave no protection to her voluptuous breasts from curious eyes as the buttons only came halfway up to her mid chest. It certainly left her ass and pussy free for a com plete examination. This garment was obviously designed to be seductive and sexy rather than clinical. In fact, her nipples were so sensitive to the silk that they stood erect as her large glands pressed the turgid buds against the clinging material.

Ginney turned once more to the mirror to survey her sexy costume, then quickly returned to the larger room and her impatient stepmother and school nurse.

She was greeted by compliments from nurse Alcott and her stepmother which made her blush as they ogled her partially naked figure.

“All right now Ginney, up on the table, on your back, legs in the stirrups, and we’ll begin” said Susan Alcott.

Ginney settled herself on her back with her feet high up and apart, cushioned by the fur lined stirrups. This position provided unrestricted access to her pale pink teenage vagina as well as displaying all the charms offered by her delightful backside. The tight curve of her ass now exposed the deep crease in the center of the plentiful mounds which highlighted a brown and crinkled anus winking playfully in the open air.

Nurse Alcott moved Ginney slightly lower on the table so that her legs were now almost perpendicular to her torso. This served to widen the gap at the juncture of her legs and vividly placed on display the sensitive organs that would soon be manipulated to her tormentors satisfaction.

“Did you follow my instructions from this afternoon?” the nurse asked. “Liquids only and not to relieve yourself until you arrived here at home.”

“Yes, Nurse “ Ginney replied, “but I really have to go badly and that tampon inside me is huge.”

“You know that Nurse Alcott is helping us to maintain our cleanliness program here at home.” offered Mrs. Elliott. “She agrees with me that the school facilities could be the cause of some of the contagious diseases that students contract unknowingly. According to your most recent urine test you may have acquired a minor infection in your bladder which may have been caused by the dirty toilet seats at school. Nurse Alcott is going to help me treat that infection now so that we can resolve the problem. Susan thinks she can arrest the infection from spreading if we complete tonight’s catheterization properly.”

Nurse Alcott pulled a tray containing three thick red catheter tubes closer to the table. Each of the tubes had clips on the slightly fluted ends and each tube was of a different diameter. The tubes ranged in sizes from #22 to #26 which, when translated into a standard measurement meant 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in diameter.

With rubber gloves donned, she bent over and opened Ginney’s vagina by pulling back the folds until she exposed the entrance to her urethra. Ginney was accustomed to this type of examination by now as each week the nurse would scrutinize her clit and urethra while making various comments about her cleanliness and bodily health.

Ginney would often close her eyes during these ministrations and let the tingling sensations growing from her clit build as the probing became more intense.

The purpose of her prior weekly manipulations was to open the urethra to its maximum dilation for catheterization. Ginney had no idea that nurse Alcott had planned this penetration many months ago even though she knew that her peehole had been stretched far beyond the normal size for girls her age.

And now, with the Novocain working nicely in Ginney’s rear, the nurse knew that Ginney would only feel a mild discomfort when the largest catheter slipped up the short canal and penetrated her bladder.

The nurse began by rubbing a small quantity KY jelly on the open cunt, working the gel around the inner areas of her slit. She continued the massage until she could easily tell that the young girl’s waiting pussy had relaxed sufficiently to allow the catheter’s insertion.

Nurse Alcott selected the largest diameter tube and, after lubricating it she prepared to begin the urethra’s penetration. The nurse parted the sensitive opening with the two fingers of her left hand and pressed the tube into the small opening. She pushed harder as the tunnel refused to open to its uninvited visitor. The skin compressed under the increased pressure but the canal remained closed to the large invader. More pressure and the hole completely disappeared until, at last, the orifice opened its tiny mouth and let the giant snake slide in. Slowly the tube stretched the small canal to make its way further towards the girl’s full bladder.

At first, Ginney experienced a slight painful sensation but with the effect of the Novocain tampon still in her rectum, the pain melted quickly away as the large catheter continued into her body. About 3 inches had been inserted when nurse Alcott placed two fingers inside Ginney’s vagina pressing upward to feel the tube inside the short urethra. She massaged the upper wall of the vagina noting that the tube sat comfortably in the small passage. The insertion slowly continued as the nurse pressed the catheter towards the young patient’s bladder accompanied by a few throaty cries and some “ohhhhsss, and ahhh’s.” The urge to pee was overwhelming.

Ginney felt multiple sensations as the tube broke into her bladder. At first, a sweet stinging sensation then a series of hot flashes combined with the increased pressure of having to relieve oneself. Her bladder began releasing its contents. The liquid rushed down the tube unrestricted seeking an exit.

Fortunately, the clamp on the end of the tube was effective in blocking the flow of hot urine and the urge to expel continued unresolved.

Nurse Alcott shuttled the tube in and out in short slow movements. At first, she would partially withdraw the tube for a brief moment, then press it back into the vessel. Then withdraw slowly then press forward even slower. The seesawing motion felt just like a long thin dildo fucking her cunt.

The tube would timidly leave, then cleverly force its way back into the sensitive organ. Each time the catheter moved in either direction a shiver would travel around her body.

The urge to expel the pent up liquid was becoming overwhelming however as nurse Alcott watched Ginney struggle with her impossible assignment.

“Oh, please, I have to go now. Please let me go !!”

Susan watched as Ginney tried to relax her peristalsis instinct but the pressure in her bladder was too much.

“Ah, please, now, now, I have to go !!”

Susan could see that Ginney was having great difficulty holding off from an inevitable accident so she finally allowed the flow to exit the tube into a waiting glass pitcher. It seemed as though the liquid would never stop as Ginney grunted with the relief granted from the immediate deflation of her bladder.

The two conspirators watched as the urine rapidly filled the empty beaker to the 16 ounce mark. At last the flow completely stopped and nurse Susan clamped the tube to let her patient rest for a few moments before continuing the more serious part of the cleansing.

Ginney was tired and hardly felt the nurse take the rectal forceps and remove the cotton suppository inserted earlier in the day . After squeezing a copious quantity of lubricating gel on her patients rectal area nurse Alcott let Ginney rest.

Bladder Cleansing : Part II

Nurse Alcott outlined the next procedure in great detail to both Ginney and her stepmother but primarily for Ginney’s benefit. A pint of hot saline solution would be injected into the empty bladder from an enema bag hung on the stand near Ginney’s head. The liquid would fill Ginney’s bladder and begin neutralizing the germs that were present in the last urine sample Ginney had provided. It would be necessary to repeat this process several times while increasing the dosage per injection, possibly up to 1 quart, in order to purge the infection completely. A muscle relaxer was added to the solution to enable Ginney to comfortably accept the repeated injections necessary to combat the invasive bacteria.

The nurse explained that the alternative was a painful operation in a local hospital with a very long recuperation period. Nurse Alcott added that the final decision was up to Ginney, but as far as she was concerned the better and least painful method would be the one she had just suggested. Of course, Ginney would rather the at-home sessions than to go through surgical procedures and agreed to the bladder enemas immediately. Ginney was unaware however, that this whole discussion was a hoax in order to have a compliant patient to allow the experimentation on Ginney’s sexual organs continue unabated.

After allowing Ginney to rest for about ten minutes the pseudo nurses continued.

Nurse Alcott brought the warm 2 gallon solution to the stand and connected the tube to the canister. After releasing the air from the dangling tube she connected the enema tube to the catheter and began the liquid infusion.

Susan monitored the flow carefully as Ginney felt her bladder expand to accept the warm fluid. The graduated delivery bottle was hanging only about a foot and a half above her stomach and produced a pressure that was tolerable at that moment. Susan didn’t want to create any undue pressure until Ginney had accustomed herself to this new procedure.

The reader will remember that Ginney was positioned on the OB examining table with her knees up high in the stirrups spread wide apart and her buttocks resting over the edge of the table so that her rectal area would be easily accessible should that be necessary.

Nurse Susan was monitoring the flow carefully as she noted that 6.5 ounces had entered the bladder, slightly less than the average urination.

The radiating heat from the warm solution brought tingling sensations to her bladder as if she was taking the enema in her rectum. Ginney’s stepmother now assisted by massaging the patient’s stomach gently, knowing full well that the warm liquid would so on fill Ginney to the bursting point. After about 8 ounces, Ginney’s natural body contractions blocked further passage until the container was raised to counteract the back pressure Ginney’s body had created.

At that instant, Ginney began to feel a bloated sensation as her ability to relax and allow her bladder to expand to accommodate the insistent liquid was fading rapidly.

In fact, at 10 ounces she was unable to resist the urge to bear down and push the liquid back up the tube.

This of course was not possible as nurse Alcott again raised the container to continue the pressure and flow as 11,12, then 13 ounces went down the clear tube and into Ginney’s bladder.

The nurse stopped the flow as Ginney pleaded that she had reached her limit. She just couldn’t hold any more water. She felt as though she was about to explode in a sea of urine even though the nurse was sure her capacity was close to a full quart. After all, the normal adult bladder could expand to hold well over 3 pints of fluid without any damaging side effects.

Susan looked over to Ginney’s mother for confirmation before continuing above 13 ounces and was gratified that she nodded her head in silent affirmation. Ginney began to plead for relief as the nurse let 14, 15, and finally 16 ounces into the expanding bladder. Clamping off the flow, the nurse began to massage the young girl’s stomach to relieve some of the intermittent cramping until the muscle relaxer took over.

The delivery tube was removed from the catheter and the clamp effectively blocked any early expulsion. Ginney pulled her legs back and forth in the stirrups trying to find a comfortable position that would ease the pressure in her expanded bladder.

“Now you see what happens when you insist on using the school toilets,” Mrs. Elliott warned. “ I’ve told you dozens of times to wait until you get home to pee, but you just can’t wait. Now you’ve got an infection that if we can’t stop it here you will have to have surgery” she lied.

Ginney began to cry that it wasn’t her fault and that she would always wait till she got home in the future, but it really was hard to hold all that liquid in all day.

“We’ll have to leave the solution in for a few minutes my dear. If you expel too early we won’t get the proper cleansing affect.” Nurse Alcott warned. “You know that your enemas usually stay in for as much as 15 minutes so I know you can hold this for at least 5, don’t you think?”

Ginney remained unconvinced that all this was necessary and tried desperately to rid herself of the burning sensation.

Finally, Susan released the clamp so that the flow of foreign liquid exited into the waiting urine pan. Ginney emptied her bladder rapidly with a sigh of relief and finally relaxed the stretched organ to rest.

Nurse Alcott mused to herself that it wouldn’t be long before the she would be trying a finger or two as larger catheters were planned for future experiments. Now however, the task at hand was to expand the capacity of Ginney’s bladder just as her rear had been filled with larger and larger quantities of liquid to allow her rectum an easy task of taking high volume enemas without a great deal of fuss or pain.

Checking to see that the tube was still properly seated the nurse began to fill her patients bladder with the warm solution again.

Ginney groaned as nurse Alcott opened the valve and the water began to enter her bladder. The stretching continued as the liquid poured into the waiting vessel. Ginney now knew what to expect as her body reluctantly opened for the demanding fluid. A mild glow surrounded her pelvic area as the water continued to fill her insides with a continuous pressure. Nurse Alcott continued the flow, telling Ginney to relax and breathe deeply that she was almost finished.

“You’re doing fine, Ginney, only a little more to go.” The nurse encouraged.

Ginney tried to relax to accommodate the large quantity of liquid that was inflating her bladder but the sensitive organ had it’s limits. The container had been raised to its highest position to allow the entire quantity to enter the supposed infected bladder. The water was rapidly draining but relaxing was practically impossible as 16 ounces of liquid already distended her stomach. “Please, I can’t take any more,” Ginney cried as the flow continued unabated from the enema canister hanging high above her head. “Stop, please mother, stop,” as 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, then 26 ounces entered causing a nausea to rise in the tortured girls stomach. Retching, she turned her head to the side and threw up the remains of her liquid lunch on the tile floor.

Crying, she pleaded with her tormentors to stop but the nurse only stopped the flow momentarily to quickly cleanup the mess Ginney had made and to add an additional ounce of liquid Percocet to the balance of the solution in the hanging can.

“Ginney,” she said, “don’t worry my dear, it’s perfectly normal in cases like yours as the body tries to rid itself of the infection. You’ll feel better with a few minutes rest so you can adjust to this special solution.”

Ginney’s bladder was grossly distended and the pain, though somewhat mitigated by the Percocet, continued to radiate around her belly as Mrs. Elliott now opened the valve again letting 27, 28, 29, 30 ounces of the liquid continue into the pretty victim. “Ohhhhh, myyyy, God” Ginney cried. Completely bloated as 31, and finally 32 ounces of hot liquid churned for release in her stretched bladder. Ginney stomach looked as if she was pregnant by the time the last drop of the final quart emptied into her body.

The slow acting sedative continued to do the job it was designed to do. The pain began to fade into an acceptable pressure which radiated throughout her entire body. She felt the same lightheadedness as she had when she was overflowing with hot water during one of her rectal enema sessions.

Although Ginney felt completely bloated, the sedative eased the urge to force the liquid from her body. Even had she tried, the plug in the end of the catheter would prevent the water from doing anything except churning in her bladder.

“Ohhhhhhhh, mmmm, Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh, pleaseee, God I’m so fullllll.”

Nurse Alcott thought it was about time to check Ginney’s bladder with a manual examination. She lubricated her gloved hand and began spreading the KY lubricant on Ginney’s anus. She gently massaged the brown hole before inserting one, then two, then three fingers, twisting them slowly until the sensitive hole accepted the fingers easily.

As the opening became more pliable she inserted four fingers in a shuttle like motion. Soon the ass opened to the fifth finger and the hand was almost inside.

The nurse continued the pressure, pushing her hand in to the knuckle then withdrawing. This was repeated a dozen times before Ginney relaxed enough to allow Susan’s hand to be buried up to the wrist .

Ginney wriggled as Susan held her hand motionless, letting the warm water in her bladder and the hand in her ass delight her own senses.

After feeling the bloated organ through the thin walls of her rectum, nurse Alcott began to shuttle her hand in and out of Ginney’s ass. The nurse began playing with herself with her free hand. She was squeezing her own enlarged nipples trying to satiate her horny state.

In and out went the nurse’s hand, twisting from side to side in the yielding ass. At each entry and each exit the lubricated asshole clung to her hand like a soft glove. It was like a cunt grasping a prick during a deep fuck. At each insertion the hand went slightly deeper so that after five minutes nurse Alcott had her fingers prying apart the opening to the lower bowels of the wriggling schoolgirl.

Ginney’s ass continued to adapt to this obscene and welcome penetration. She concentrated on relaxing her ass muscles wondering how much further the hand could go in her yielding body. She reveled in the pleasure the stretching the hand in her ass could give to her. She especially was getting hot knowing that the sexy hand inside her ass belonged to Nurse Alcott.

Feeling Ginney push down on her hand as she made the entry stroke spurred the nurse to push harder and deeper into her favorite patient’s rectum. Deeper and deeper her hand slid as the girl pressed down and out at each thrust, opening the passage more and more at each try.

The nurse acknowledged to herself that none of her other female school girl patients would even think of being able to do this.

Ginney reached around with her left hand and gripped the lower wrist of her nurse’s arm pulling it inside her insatiable hot ass. As nurse Alcott’s fingers touched the entrance to Ginney’s lower colon she spread the sphincter muscles allowing her access to this virgin territory.

Ginney pressed back to open herself more to the invading arm but the passage was much tighter and progress was agonizingly slow as the nurse’s hand could only move forward a fraction of an inch at a time. The pain that came with the deep penetration was minimal in comparison to the pleasure Ginney felt as her innards were stretched beyond anything she could have believed possible. Ginney was in heaven. The ass fucking she was getting from her nurse created the most erotic feelings she had ever had. As the hand pushed deeper into her body, all Ginney wanted was to sit on that arm and have it disappear inside of her. She felt the skin around her ass stretch to the fullest it had ever been. She felt the deep penetration in her bowels and the pain in her bladder. All these sensations were present as the big hand fucked her slowly. How could she get more of that hand inside of her?

As her nurse began the next stroke, Ginney took a deep breath and pushed her ass out. The hand went slightly deeper into her hot body. Now she had the rhythm. At each thrust Ginney would take a deep breath and bear down on Susan’s hand. Soon the two were in sync. The nurse withdrew her hand temporarily at the same time as Ginney gasped for breath allowing the arm to engorge itself into the waiting asshole as the nurse pressed back into Ginney’s hot rectum. Time after time this process was repeated. Slowly but very deliberately the friction in her rectum began to build into a blinding orgasm. The hand began to pick up speed.

In, then out, in, then out repeated until Ginney screamed with delight as nurse Alcott crushed her clit at the moment she came.

It finally was time to release the pressure in her bladder by allowing the flow of water to rush into the waiting pan. Ginney was exhausted. As her bladder deflated gradually, her eyes began to close with the relief granted by the exiting water. She wanted to rest for just a few moments.

Nurse Alcott gently removed the long tube from her patients urinary tract and released her legs from the stirrups. She then covered Ginney with a light blanket, dimmed the overhead lights and quietly left the room with Ginney’s stepmother.

A Tub Enema

Ginney spent the next few hours sleeping peacefully on the improvised bed in the darkened room. At about 7:30 nurse Alcott awakened her and gently helped Ginney from the table into the hot scented bath she had prepared for her tired patient.

The warm water worked its magic as Ginney relaxed in the large tub. Soon she was soaping herself with her soft bath cloth and playfully rubbing her own body with suggestive touches as she remembered the glorious climax she had just experienced. Her nipples were especially sensitive to the touch as she thought about the recent session she had undergone that afternoon.

The pain in her asshole was receding slowly as nurse Alcott had taken a special ointment and rubbed it into the stretched opening after the proceedings had ended. Mrs. Elliott had extended the sensitive opening to a limit not heretofore believed possible during the latest session and both tormentors were excited at the prospect of future experiences with their patient.

Actually Ginney didn’t feel as bad as one would think, given the work over she had gotten from the afternoons experiences. Ginney turned around and lifted the ever present red enema bag off the hook on the nearby bathroom wall and filled it to capacity as she lay in the warm water. She knew from experience that her stomach was completely relaxed at this point and that a cleansing enema now would keep her body in shape. Besides, she loved the feeling of taking a warm enema in the bathtub. She could expel all the water while she lay there any number of times without ever moving a single inch. She let the warm water fill her gut while she moved the tube in and out of her ass. “God this is good”, she thought to herself.

Her stepmother always left the red two quart enema bag hanging in the bathroom on the wall nearest the tub. Often in the evening, Ginney would pass the bathroom and notice that her stepmother was bending over the tub with the tube hanging out of her ass as she took an enema. Ginney would stop to quietly watch these proceedings without ever letting her presence be known. Mrs. Elliott was not aware that Ginney had observed her rubbing her own pussy frantically as the water emptied slowly into her body although she deliberately left the door ajar in the hopes that Ginney would observe her ritual.

Now as Ginney lay in the tub with her stomach full, the warm glow spread over her lower body, she began her own self gratifying ritual . Her fingers worked firmly against her clit as the tension grew, feeling the water finally fill her and completely over powering her senses. The pressure was building as her insides began to boil, her nipples hardened and her pussy began spasmodic openings and closings. Faster and faster her hand continued, until the sweet and ultimate finality of the orgasm gave her the relief she craved. Resting in the tub, she dozed in and out of sleep before she released the water in her gut and left the bathroom.

A marvelous full nights sleep, uninterrupted by dreams awaited Ginney as she lay down in the large double bed in her room. With the lights lowered, she quickly drifted off to sleep dreaming of the next exciting day to come.

Ginney’s First Colonic

Martha hummed happily to herself as she got things ready for Ginney’s morning enema. As was the case every morning, she had struggled with the strong temptation to wander the house naked. Even though it was becoming more and more difficult for her each day, somehow she always managed to exercise some serious self-control and make herself presentable for her stepdaughter. After all, she couldn’t just parade around nude in front of Ginney … at least, not yet.

These morning outfits always consisted of the smallest wisp of material possible; just a thin layer of fabric between her bare flesh and Ginney’s wandering eyes. Today she had chosen her classy Victoria’s Secret green satin chemise. The thin fabric clung tightly to every curve of Martha’s luscious body, clearly outlining her ample tits and nipples, and was just barely long enough to cover her ass and pussy. If she bent over even slightly these wonderful charms were completely exposed. Martha had worn this out as a dress before and received many complements.

Martha was especially horny this morning in light of Ginney’s exceptional performance and compliance during yesterday’s breakthrough session. She recalled fondly that watching the tape of Ginney’s exam last night had gotten her and Susan so hot that they had deliberately left Martha’s bedroom door wide open while they licked and fisted each others asses, boldly reveling in their deviant anal pleasure while her stepdaughter slept only a few doors down the hall. Such an exciting and eventful first day had left both Martha and Susan incredibly anxious to continue on with the next phase of Ginney’s training.

Martha smiled as she thought of the day’s plans for her young stepdaughter. Little did Ginney know that yesterday’s catheterization had been just the beginning. Martha and Susan, after working hard for quite some time, had finally put the finishing touches on the plans for an entire new, ambitious and extremely extensive regimen that would take Ginney’s training to new heights in the coming weeks. This would include the introduction of a wide range of exciting and innovative new treatments to supplement and greatly expand Ginney’s current routine, making it even more exhaustive and elaborate than it already was. Starting with this week, Ginney’s delicate female organs were about to face an onslaught of poking, prodding, examining, and stretching that was well above and beyond anything she had experienced thus far…

Ginney woke to the familiar stinging sensation of her stepmother slapping her ass. The slaps were hard enough to sting just a bit, but not hard enough to be mistaken for one of Martha’s painful spankings. Martha had been waking her up this way each morning for about as long as Ginney could remember.

Ginney knew the next step would be for her to assume the position for her morning enema. Every single day of Ginney’s life since she was barely a teenager had started out with an enema. Her stepmother had made it an essential part of Ginney’s morning routine and had made sure not to miss even a single day of this important ritual ever since the enemas started years ago. Martha stressed that taking an enema was the most important thing to do in the morning, even more important than showering or brushing your teeth, and so it was always administered before Ginney did anything else.

Ginney moaned softly to let Martha know she was awake. The slaps stopped abruptly.

“Good morning. Are you ready for your enema, dear?” Martha asked pleasantly.

“Yes, mother,” replied Ginney.

“All right. Stick out your bottom so we can begin.”

Ginney raised her delectable buttocks as high in the air as she could, bending her knees while keeping her face pressed down on the pillow. Ginney then reached up with both hands and spread her asscheeks wide, exposing her pretty anus to her stepmother. Martha sighed as she took in the hot sight of her stepdaughter’s sexy brown hole winking at her. Seeing this first thing in the morning always made her day.

Ginney gasped as she felt her stepmother rub a generous amount of lubricant onto her anus. She was then rewarded with the erotic sensation of first one, then two, then three fingers being jammed in her rear as her stepmother expertly loosened up her asshole. Ginney moaned as Martha began thrusting her fingers in and out of her ass.

“We’re dealing with a fairly big nozzle this morning dear, so it’s important to get you nice and loose,” explained Martha.

Martha stopped the thrusting action of her fingers after a few moments and removed then from her stepdaughter’s ass, leaving Ginney feeling terribly empty. Martha then lifted the large enema nozzle and pointed it directly at Ginney’s glistening rosebud.

“Here it comes, dear. I hope you’re ready,” Martha said as she inserted the nozzle in Ginney’s rear. This required some pushing and a bit of encouragement, but eventually Ginney’s hole expanded to permit the large invader’s entry.

The nozzle felt huge to Ginney as it made it’s way up her hot ass. Martha had decided to use a 7 inch long, 1 1/2 inch wide stainless steel nozzle this morning. It felt absolutely wonderful as it inched it’s way past Ginney’s sensitive anal ring, causing her to moan and pant with pleasure. She was very disappointed that Martha stopped the insertion once her ass had swallowed the nozzle completely. Aching to feel the huge steel rod invade her ass further, Ginney tried to reach back and push it in deeper herself, but Martha stopped her. “Now, now, Ginney. Leave our friend right where he is,” Martha scolded, trying desperately to hide the fact that she was positively delighted by her stepdaughter’s display of wanton desire. The fact that her desire was caused by this early-morning invasion of her rear end was a testament to what a special girl Ginney had become as her training progressed.

As much as she wanted to, Martha couldn’t allow Ginney to insert the nozzle past the 7 inch mark because these morning enemas were intended to stretch Ginney’s lower bowels. Enemas given later in the day focused on the more exciting upper regions.

Martha opened the tap on the enema bag and the warm water began flowing into Ginney’s rear. As it did, Martha made sure to stroke Ginney’s asscheeks as always and pay a good amount of attention to her clit, but not enough to cause an orgasm.

When the small enema bag was empty, Martha sent Ginney off to the bathroom. A mere two quarts of water were used for Ginney’s morning enemas because they weren’t meant to test her limits; their main purpose was to stretch, clean, and prepare her lovely rear end for the rest of the day’s activities.

When Ginney returned from the bathroom she was surprised to see Martha still in her bedroom, waiting impatiently for her.

“Is your rear nice and clean now, Ginney?” asked Martha.

“Yes, mother,” Ginney replied.

“Did you check it carefully the way I showed you?”

“Yes, mother.”

Martha required Ginney to carefully inspect her ass after her morning enema each day to make sure it was perfectly clean inside. This meant Ginney had to stand on the bathroom counter, bend over in front of the mirror, hold her asshole open as wide as she could with both hands, and inspect her rectum by peering between her legs at its reflection in the mirror. If any traces of feces still remained inside the sexy passageway, she was required to tell Martha that another enema would be necessary that morning. Ginney knew better than to lie to Martha about this as she would often double check Ginney’s ass herself or, worse yet, burst into the bathroom unexpectedly to make sure Ginney was examining her rear properly. The few times she had tried to get away with not doing this in the past had resulted in brutal spankings by her stepmother. Ginney knew better than to disobey Martha’s orders anymore, no matter how bizarre they sometimes seemed. Besides, she didn’t really mind doing the inspection anymore. Much to her surprise, the view of her lewdly exposed rectum in the mirror had grown to be quite pleasant and familiar to her, as Ginney now knew every hot nook and cranny of her sexy rear end very intimately.

“Ginney, I’d like you to bend over the bed now. I have a suppository for you,” Martha announced, holding up a large, semi-clear cylinder. This was a new type of suppository that had not been used in any of Ginney’s prior treatments. Its purpose was not to cleanse Ginney’s insides like the soap sticks used thus far, but instead to lubricate her entire bowel. Once inserted, the long solid tube would dissolve into a rather viscous lubricant with a consistency slightly thicker than semen. Martha thought it was important for her stepdaughter to become familiar with the wonderful feeling of having her ass filled to the brim with this cum-like substance; it would serve her well in the future.

Seeing Ginney take Nurse Alcott’s entire hand up her ass yesterday had inspired Martha to select a bigger suppository this morning than she ever had before; she was determined to take advantage of this exciting and unexpected turn of events. Martha had picked one out that was 5 inches long, which was actually shorter than usual, but was a full 2 inches wide. This was a whole 1/2 inch wider than anything that had ever been stuck in Ginney’s bottom prior to yesterday’s breakthrough with the nurse. And it certainly was much larger than any device that had been inserted without the use of an anesthetic. Such a large size would be very beneficial to Ginney, since it would stretch her insides wonderfully while it was still solid, and fill her ass with lubricant to the point of overflowing once it had melted.

Ginney’s eyes grew wide when she saw the size of the suppository. “Another one?” she complained, “but I just had a soap stick yesterday. Besides, that thing is huge. It’s way too big.”

“Nonsense,” Martha replied with a stern look. “Now we both know what you were able to do with the nurse’s hand yesterday, don’t we?”

Ginney blushed fiercely.

“Answer me young lady!”

Ginney replied softly in a little girl voice. “YYYesss.”

“That wasn’t very convincing, dear. Now tell me what happened yesterday.”

“I…uh…I…I…Nurse Alcott…stuck her…hand in my ass,” Ginney stammered, embarrassed almost to the point of tears.

“I can’t hear you!” Martha bellowed harshly. She was loving every minute of this interrogation.

“I took Nurse Alcott’s entire hand up my ass!” Ginney blurted out, surprising herself.

“Yes, you certainly did, my dear. Not to mention a good portion of her arm. Why, she was in almost up to her elbow!” Martha said, beaming with pride over her stepdaughter’s achievement. “So I’m sure you’ll be able to handle this harmless little guy. Honestly, something of this size really shouldn’t be a problem for a big girl like you, Ginney. I could see you possibly complaining about this a few years ago, but my God, Ginney, you’re practically eighteen. Please act your age, dear.”

“All right, I’m sorry Mom,” Ginney replied, now feeling guilty for making her stepmother think she couldn’t handle the responsibility of the large suppository.

“You know, you really should know what you’re complaining about before you open your mouth,” Martha scolded. “This is the minimum size necessary in order for the suppository to work. There’s nothing I can do about that. Besides, I think you’ll like this much better than your usual soap sticks. This one won’t burn or sting. In fact, it should actually feel quite soothing as it dissolves in your bottom. Now bend over so I can stick this in you. We don’t want you to be late for school.”

Ginney obediently bent over at the waist, rested her head on the bed, and pointed her perfect ass directly at her stepmother.

“Ok, now open up and say, ‘ahhhh’,” Martha cooed.

Ginney giggled at Martha’s joke as she relaxed her sphincter and tugged hard on her asscheeks, causing her anus to open wide and expose her lovely rectum to her stepmother’s hungry gaze.

“You’re going to have to open up wider than that, dear,” Martha said with a smile. “Here, let me help you.”

Martha plunged two fingers of each hand into her stepdaughter’s open asshole, causing Ginney to whimper a bit at this sudden invasion. Martha loved the feeling of the soft, moist flesh of Ginney’s rectal cavity on her bare fingers - unlike Nurse Alcott, Martha usually did not wear rubber gloves when manipulating her stepdaughter’s anus.

Martha pulled outward as far as she could with both hands until Ginney’s asshole was positively gaping. She held this position for a bit as Ginney groaned from the painful stretching of her tortured hole.

Martha then picked up the suppository to begin the task of inserting it, which she knew would be somewhat of a challenge. Not only was the suppository huge, but in it’s current undissolved form, it was also rather sticky. In fact, it was so sticky that Martha couldn’t slide her hand up or down its length no matter how hard she tried. Obviously, the use of some lubricant was required. However, for today’s insertion Martha had decided to apply only a minimal amount of it to the suppository - just a very thin coating on the end that would go in first - the rest of it would remain completely unlubricated. Martha really wanted Ginney to feel the insertion of this extra large device.

Martha poked the lubricated end of the large rod at Ginney’s anus, still using her free hand to hold open Ginney’s tender hole. She tried very hard to work it into Ginney’s ass, twisting it this way and that, but with no success.

“Come on, Ginney. This is no bigger than the nurse’s hand was,” Martha said.

Ginney concentrated on opening her ass even wider and after a moment, she felt the huge rod finally penetrate her rear.

“Ooooh!” Ginney moaned as the lubricated portion slid in rather easily. Next would be the difficult part: the remaining four inches that were unlubricated. Martha tried to continue the insertion, but the sticky rod wouldn’t budge.

“Ginney,” Martha said, “you’re going to have to push out for me like you did yesterday when Nurse Alcott shoved her whole hand up your bottom.”

Her mother had noticed that? Ginney was always impressed with how closely Martha observed her exams. Ginney knew it was because she loved her so much.

Ginney had no problem complying with Martha’s demands as the extra wide suppository was creating wonderful sensations in her rear similar to those caused by the nurse’s hand the day before. She desperately wanted to get the entire thing buried deep in her ass.

Ginney took a deep breath and then pushed out with all her might. Martha pushed on the rod at the same time and it finally slid forward a bit.

Ginney was totally unprepared for the feeling this would cause in her bottom. The sticky rod only moved forward about a 1/2 inch, but as it did it scraped abrasively against the ring of her asshole.

“Owwww!” Ginney cried in pain. Her sensitive hole felt like it was on fire. Nothing that had ever been done to her anus had felt quite like this.

In spite of this Ginney still felt a strong desire to engulf the whole rod deep in her behind. Fighting back tears, she pushed out again and the rod slid in further, causing her to cry out once again.

As the rod inched its way slowly up her stepdaughter’s bottom, Martha reflected on the progress Ginney had made in the two years since her father had died. She had truly made great strides since then. Only a short time ago such an insertion would have been impossible. Now, despite the difficulty of the procedure, Ginney hadn’t complained once. Martha knew she had picked the perfect time to begin the more advanced portion of Ginney’s training. This training would soon enable Ginney’s ass to accept objects as large as today’s suppository with ease, and eventually, much larger devices.

Ginney was pushing out with all her might at regular intervals now, trying desperately to get the rod to advance further with each successive effort. As the rod continued its journey up Ginney’s ass, the pain in her anus began bothering her less and less. In fact, it seemed to actually intensify the strong erotic sensations the suppository was creating in her rear. These sensations were enhanced even further when her stepmother began expertly rubbing Ginney’s clit with her free hand. Only a few minutes of this lewd treatment were enough to fully awaken Ginney’s hot natural desires as every nerve ending in her sensitive ass came alive. Her cries during each forward thrust were no longer cries of pain, but of pure lust caused by the urgent need she felt to jam the huge rod as deep in her hungry ass as she could.

“Oooohhhh!” Ginney moaned. “Keep … pushing … Mom ….. mmmmm …. further … mmmuch further …. stick it wwwaay iinn me … more …. feels … so … goood …. oohhhhh … deeper … please!”

Ginney was panting and moaning like a bitch in heat. Her lust had reached a fever pitch. She pleaded for more each time her stepmother slammed the rod into her hot ass with screams loud enough to wake the neighbors.


Martha gave the suppository one final hard thrust, impaling her stepdaughter as the rod slid all the way in to the hilt. Just as her ass swallowed the last of the rod, Ginney finally gave into her hot anal lust, erupting in orgasm with a primal scream.

Martha watched with approval as Ginney’s entire body shook violently from her climax. She was absolutely thrilled with Ginney’s reaction to the rough, abrasive insertion of the enormous rod in her rear end.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it dear?” Martha asked with a sly grin on her face.

Ginney just smiled at her, her face flushed from post-orgasmic glow.

“Ginney, you’ve done a wonderful job this morning. I’m very proud of you. Come give your mother a kiss.”

As Ginney hugged Martha and gave her a kiss, Martha caressed Ginney’s cheek tenderly, her hand leaving a glistening trace of Ginney’s rectal juices in its wake.

“Now Ginney, whatever you do, DO NOT REMOVE THE SUPPOSITORY FOR ANY REASON,” Martha commanded. “It must stay in your little behind until later. You’ll understand why eventually.”

“Yes, mother,” Ginney replied as she had been trained to, wondering what her stepmother meant.

As Ginney walked around school all day in her uniform, she was constantly aware of the lubricant suppository and the effect it was having on her rear end. For the first part of the morning her ass felt extremely full and stretched. This was quite pleasant in the beginning but after a while it became rather uncomfortable. In addition to this painful stretching, Ginney felt a very strong urge to move her bowels due to her body’s natural response to the large anal invader.

Martha knew exactly what Ginney was going through this morning and thinking about it was making her very horny. However, she also knew that with enough training, Ginney would no longer have this type of reaction as her ass became accustomed to having very large objects jammed inside it on a regular basis.

The pain in her rear and the strong urge to move her bowels made this morning’s treatment the toughest test of Ginney’s endurance thus far. It didn’t help that the sensitive flesh of her tortured rear had already gone through so much the day before and now only hours later the elastic properties of this lovely organ were being challenged once again. Her body was begging for relief from the constant stretching; Ginney wanted desperately to just remove the suppository and end this ordeal. However, fear can be a powerful motivator - she knew that her domineering stepmother would never forgive her if she let the suppository so much as poke even the tiniest bit out of her puckered asshole. The inevitable punishment she would receive would be far worse than any pain she was experiencing now, so she forced herself to deal with it.

As the suppository dissolved and got smaller, the pain in her bottom faded and was replaced by pleasant, soothing feelings caused by the lubricant. Ginney couldn’t believe how good the lubricant felt on the sore, sensitive flesh of her internal organs after they had been stretched so brutally by the large rod. A wonderful sense of relief and well-being overwhelmed her as the soothing lubricant slowly began to fill her sore bottom, delighting her senses. At this point, Ginney scolded herself for even thinking about removing the suppository earlier. She realized that even though it didn’t always seem so, her stepmother knew what was best for her. After all, Martha was only trying to make sure she stayed healthy.

Eventually, the suppository melted to the point where her ass was filled to capacity with lubricant goo. So much so, that some of it leaked out of her anus and began to collect in the seat of Ginney’s frilly white panties. This turned out to be a godsend as it created the most delightful squishy sensation when she walked. It was even better when she sat down. As Ginney sat through class after class, she couldn’t resist squirming around in her seat to make the goo trapped in her panties deliciously stimulate her delicate anus. Eventually, Ginney became so entirely focused on her hot rear end and the wonderful sensations emanating from it, that she was completely oblivious to the lectures given in class or even what class she was in for that matter.

During her last class before lunch, Ginney was surprised to receive a note from Nurse Alcott indicating that she was to report to her office today at noon sharp. Ginney thought this was strange. After all, she had just had her usual weekly exam yesterday. Also, she had never been ordered to come down during lunch before. Ginney couldn’t imagine why the nurse would need to perform any type of additional procedure on her female organs today; they had already received a great deal of medical attention this week. Perhaps the nurse just needed to tell her something. On the other hand, she could never be quite sure these days - she was constantly amazed at the incredibly wide variety of unusual medical procedures her stepmother and the nurse were able to cook up.

As soon as class ended, Ginney hurried over to the nurse’s office. Ginney entered the room and found Nurse Alcott waiting impatiently for her arrival.

“You’re late again, Ginney,” she said sharply.

Ginney noticed the clock read 12:05.

“I’m sorry,” she replied, “but I don’t understand. I just had my weekly exam yesterday.”

“That’s no excuse for being late, young lady! Now come along, we must get started.”

Ginney followed the nurse back into the examining room. As she entered the room, she was shocked to see her stepmother waiting for her inside.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” Ginney asked quizzically.

“Is that how you greet your mother?” Martha snapped.

“Oh, no. I’m sorry.”

Ginney hugged and kissed Martha on the cheek.

“That’s better,” Martha said. “Now before we get to why I’m here, let’s address your tardiness. Ginney, what time did the nurse tell you to get here?”

“12 o’clock,” Ginney replied.

“12 o’clock what?”


“Exactly. Sharp means 12 o’clock. Not 12:01 and certainly not 12:05, young lady! Now why weren’t you here on time?”

“Uh…I…d.d.d.don’t know,” Ginney stammered.

Martha knew why, however. In fact she knew exactly why: Nurse Alcott had purposely set the clock in her office several minutes fast to make sure that Ginney would be “late” today.

“Obviously, there is no good reason,” Martha replied. “I suspected this might happen today. Nurse Alcott tells me that you’re late quite frequently for your appointments in her office. Well, you won’t be getting away with that anymore, young lady. You know very well that these treatments are extremely important and are NOT to be taken lightly. I’m afraid you leave me no choice but to show Nurse Alcott how to punish you properly. That way she’ll be able to spank your nasty little behind herself whenever she feels you’ve been naughty.”

Ginney was absolutely shocked by her stepmother’s words. It was already embarrassing enough being 17 years old and still getting spanked like a little girl by her stepmother on a regular basis, but now her school nurse was about to witness it. She was positively mortified by the idea of getting spanked in front of Nurse Alcott. No one besides Ginney and her stepmother had ever known about her frequent spankings. Up until now it had been one of their dirty little secrets. Ginney had hoped and prayed no one would ever find out, but now Nurse Alcott of all people was about to witness it first hand. And to make matters worse, Ginney realized that in addition to the numerous spankings her stepmother gave her, she would also be receiving spankings from the nurse in the future. It was almost too much for Ginney to handle all at once.

Martha sat down in a chair and beckoned Ginney to come over for her spanking. The look of shock on Ginney’s face was priceless; she had turned bright crimson with embarrassment.

“Nooo! Oh please no mom not here!” she Ginney pleaded as she began to cry.

“Ginney get over here at once!” Martha barked, “Now young lady!”

Ginney’s whole body visibly trembled as she walked gingerly over to her stepmother.

As she approached Martha, Ginney couldn’t help but notice her stepmother was dressed much more businesslike than usual. She had on a blazer over an extremely low-cut, cleavage- revealing top along with a very short slitted skirt. Her hair was up in a bun. Ginney thought her stepmother looked both sophisticated and pretty at the same time in this outfit.

The walk over to her stepmother seemed like it took forever to Ginney. When she finally reached Martha’s side, Ginney reluctantly assumed the all-too familiar position across her stepmother’s knees and awaited her punishment. Martha promptly flipped up her skirt revealing her panty- covered backside. Martha was quite pleased to discover a large, wet circle in the center of Ginney’s panties caused by the lubricant that had leaked out of her bottom that morning, as well as an ample damp spot in the crotch area that was obviously due to Ginney’s own “natural” causes.

Martha pulled Ginney’s panties down slowly to her knees and was treated to the sight of the lubricant still oozing slowly out of Ginney’s perfect posterior. Martha turned Ginney’s panties inside-out to inspect the blob of goo that had collected in the seat of them.

“Well, nurse,” she said with a grin, “it looks like the lubricant suppository is doing its job. Someone’s made quite a mess in their panties…”

The nurse leaned over to have a closer and look and then agreed wholeheartedly with Martha.

“Nurse, would you please get the paddle out of my bag?” Martha asked.

Nurse Alcott rummaged through the large bag of toys Martha had brought with her and then pulled out a large paddle with the word “Assphalt” printed on the handle in big letters. This was no ordinary paddle. Martha had taken great pleasure in covering both sides with the coarsest sandpaper she could find, creating a delightfully rough surface to rub and strike her stepdaughter’s asscheeks with. This was one of Martha’s favorite devices for punishing Ginney.

Martha took care to apply her usual grip to the wriggling schoolgirl in her lap before beginning today’s spanking. This meant sticking one hand up Ginney’s skirt and lovingly cupping her pussy in order to stabilize her, making sure to rest her middle finger directly on her stepdaughter’s pulsating clit.

With this important step out of the way, Martha was ready to begin Ginney’s spanking.

“Now the first thing you do is stroke her asscheeks with the paddle,” Martha lectured Nurse Alcott. “Most people think you just start whacking away, but that is a big mistake. Thorough rubbing of her rear is a very important part of the punishment. Do one cheek at a time, slowly at first, then pick up the pace.”

Ginney groaned a bit as the rough material of the paddle mildly irritated the delicate skin of her rear. As Martha picked up the pace, the rubbing became increasingly painful. Martha continued the abrasive massage, applying more and more pressure with the increasing pace of each stroke. Soon Ginney’s left asscheek felt like it was on fire causing her to whimper and beg for relief. Martha paid no attention to her stepdaughter’s pleas; she was determined not to stop until she was good and ready. Martha continued for as long as she could, until she realized that if she went any further she would actually begin to cut into the soft flesh of Ginney’s ass with the paddle.

“There, see you want to rub until the cheek turns a nice shade of pink,” Martha said to the nurse as she lifted the paddle to reveal Ginney’s rosy left asscheek. Tears ran down Ginney’s face as Nurse Alcott carefully inspected her quivering buttocks.

“All right. Now the actual spanking can begin,” Martha announced happily. With that, Martha quickly brought the paddle down hard on Ginney’s left cheek, making a loud “thwack!” as it slammed into her sore flesh.

“Owwwww!” Ginney cried out from the sharp pain.

“Now don’t worry about hitting her too hard,” Martha continued as she whacked away at Ginney’s left cheek. “Her cheeks should jiggle quite vigorously if you’re doing it right.”

Ginney was in serious pain now as her stepmother absolutely pummeled her rear. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she began to cry again. This didn’t phase Martha one bit. She showed no mercy whatsoever as she continued drilling the paddle into Ginney’s ass as hard as she could.

Finally, after she was satisfied that Ginney had been in serious pain long enough, Martha’s finger began working its magic on Ginney’s clit. Martha always made sure these spankings were an erotic experience for her stepdaughter. This was a very important part of Ginney’s training. In order for her stepdaughter to become a proper young woman, Martha felt it was essential for her to find great sexual pleasure in being spanked. And she was more than willing to provide Ginney with the training that would make her lovely rear end - both inside and out - become one large, extremely sensitive erogenous zone. Martha knew that this was true for all women; it just took a bit of conditioning to bring it out.

Ginney was thrilled that her stepmother had finally started rubbing her clit. These wonderful caresses slowly began to transform Ginney as her insatiable teenage lust kicked in, causing her nipples to harden and her pussy to cream. Soon the awful pain she had endured for what seemed like an eternity melted into a wonderful heat that started in her pussy and radiated throughout her behind. At this point Ginney started to thoroughly enjoy her spanking. She began to eagerly anticipate each blow with excitement rather than dread, raising her buttocks up to meet the paddle each time it came down, and then thrusting her pussy down hard onto her stepmother’s hand. Ginney moaned wantonly as she continued to thrust her hips and buck her rear in rhythm with the paddle. She writhed like a sex-crazed deviant in Martha’s lap as the paddle continued to slam hard into her ass with a sharp clap of jiggling flesh

The instant Martha sensed Ginney was close to orgasm, she stopped the spanking abruptly.

“You stop once the cheek has turned a deep shape of red,” Martha said to Nurse Alcott.

The nurse examined Ginney’s left asscheek closely, noting with pleasure that it had turned beet red from the hard spanking. Ginney’s other cheek looked ghostly white in comparison.

“I see,” she said.

“Would you like to try it now?” Martha asked.

“I most certainly would,” replied Nurse Alcott with a smile.

“Ginney, the nurse will finish your spanking now,” Martha said.

That was perfectly OK with Ginney at this point. Her earlier embarrassment at being spanked in front of the nurse was a distant memory. She had been aroused to the very edge of sanity and then not allowed to cum. Ginney couldn’t wait for her spanking to continue. She didn’t care who gave it to her anymore. She just needed it now!

Ginney got up and eagerly waddled over to where Nurse Alcott was sitting as quickly as she could, the soiled panties at her knees making it difficult to walk.

Nurse Alcott enjoyed the feeling of the nubile young girl as Ginney positioned herself in her lap. She was very happy to discover that Ginney’s pussy was sopping wet as her left hand explored underneath Ginney’s sexy plaid skirt. Nurse Alcott cupped the wet cunt with her left hand like Martha had taught her, resting her middle finger on Ginney’s engorged clit.

Then she lifted Ginney’s skirt and began rubbing her untouched right asscheek lightly with the rough surface of the Assphalt paddle. This felt OK but Ginney really wished she would just get going and start hitting her hard with it soon.

Martha sensed this and said, “Nurse, maybe you should go a bit quicker on this round. After all, there’s no need to prolong the poor girl’s agony by dragging out the punishment.” Martha winked at Nurse Alcott before addressing her stepdaughter. “Ginney, would you like the nurse to rub your bottom harder and faster with the paddle?”

Ginney nodded her head yes vigorously. Nurse Alcott and Martha exchanged a knowing smile; their young patient was continuing to impress them.

Nurse Alcott needed no further encouragement. She immediately began rubbing Ginney’s ass with the paddle as hard as she could without cutting the poor girl. This felt heavenly to Ginney as the warmth in her left asscheek began to spread across her entire rear. She moaned with pleasure as she ground her pussy into the nurse’s hand, but Nurse Alcott wasn’t ready to let Ginney cum just yet so she moved her finger off of Ginney’s clit, frustrating the young girl.

It didn’t take long for the vigorous rubbing to turn Ginney’s right asscheek a rosy pink.

“Well that looks good, Susan,” Martha remarked. “It may be time to start the spanking. Ginney, would you like the nurse to start spanking your rear end hard with the paddle?”

“Plleassee!” Ginney begged with urgency.

Nurse Alcott’s face lit up when she heard this. She wasted no time and immediately starting giving her sexy young patient exactly what she so desperately needed. She tore into Ginney’s hide with the rough surface of the paddle, pounding as hard as she could. At this point she thankfully placed her finger back on Ginney’s clit, sending the young girl over the edge.

“Owhhhh!” Ginney screamed as each whack of the paddle caused her luscious cheeks to clap and jiggle provocatively. “Nurse! Oh, Nurse!… Oooooooo…Harder!…Plleeassse Haaarderrr!…mmmmm…so GOOD… Oooohhh!…Owwww!”

Martha took a position directly behind her stepdaughter’s upturned rear to get the best view of this incredibly hot spanking. She hiked her skirt up past her waist as she openly masturbated to the erotic scene before her. She was so pleased with Ginney as she watched her bucking her hips wantonly in the nurse’s lap while the tender skin of her ass was abused by the paddle.

Ginney felt like an animal as she reveled in this savage treatment from her school nurse. Her pleas for more had now dissolved into pure primal screams of lust. These continued until the heat in her ass finally caused her to cum violently, shrieking at an even higher pitch as spasms wracked her entire body.

Nurse Alcott was extremely grateful that she had the presence of mind to have her examination room soundproofed at the beginning of the school year. Without the soundproofing, she was sure that Ginney would have been heard throughout the entire school and probably even out in the parking lot; she had never heard anyone scream that loud before in all her years of nursing.

As Ginney lay across her knees, her nubile body still twitching occasionally, Nurse Alcott brought her hand up to her face and lapped up every last drop of Ginney’s sweet teenage pussy juice, looking Martha directly in the eyes as she did. This was enough to send Martha over the edge. She came as quietly as possible, hoping Ginney wouldn’t look up suddenly and see her squatting there with three fingers jammed in her pussy.

Once Martha had regained her composure she stood up and addressed her stepdaughter. “There. Now that should teach you not to show up late again, young lady,” she said sternly, finding it hard to keep a straight face.

“Mmmmm…yes, mother,” Ginney replied dreamily from Nurse Alcott’s lap.

“Good. Now I’d like you to get up on the examining table and lay on your stomach.”

Ginney did as she was told.

“After punishing Ginney, I always apply some lotion to her bottom in order to heal and soothe the flesh,” Martha explained to Nurse Alcott.

Martha went over to her bag and retrieved a large tube filled with a special lotion she had lovingly mixed herself.

“Ginney,” Martha said, “please lift up your bottom.”

Ginney raised her rear up off the table a bit. This allowed Martha to hike Ginney’s skirt back up over her waist where it belonged.

Ginney’s ass was quite a sight to behold. Both cheeks were a very deep shade of red, almost purple. Ginney provided an incredibly sexy display as she lay on the table in her hot little schoolgirl uniform with her skirt hiked up and her freshly spanked ass prominently displayed above her knee-high white socks.

“Now you just squirt the lotion all over and then rub it in good,” Martha said as she squirted a very liberal amount directly into the crack of Ginney’s ass and a lot more all over both luscious red cheeks. Ginney then felt both her stepmother and the nurse’s hands roaming all over her bottom as they massaged the lotion into her tortured cheeks. Her stepmother and the nurse also seemed to pay a special amount of attention to her cute, crinkled asshole and cleanly shaven pussy, which was more than fine with Ginney. Her stepmother was always telling her that these were two very important areas to keep moisturized and soft…for medical reasons, of course.

When the massage was finished, Martha and Nurse Alcott stood back and admired their handiwork. Now not only was Ginney’s ass beet red, the lotion made it glisten enticingly as well. It was all both women could do to resist diving in and lapping at it hungrily with their tongues.

“Ok, you can sit up now Ginney,” Martha said.

Ginney sat up and faced them as Martha continued, “All right, now that your punishment is out of the way, I can finally tell you why I’m here today.

“Now Ginney, we all know that you have a bladder infection. Hopefully yesterday’s treatment will put an end to it. However, the nurse and I have discussed it, and we are concerned that since this was most likely contracted while using the dirty school toilets, there’s a very good chance that you may have a bowel or rectal infection as well. As you can see your little bathroom escapades have created a serious potential health risk for you, not to mention a lot of extra work for Nurse Alcott and I. Now do you see what can happen? I hope you realize how irresponsible it was of you to use the school toilets after I clearly forbade you to do so, young lady. Maybe next time you need to move you bowels, you’ll think twice and actually hold it in until you get home like I told you to! Frankly, I find it disgusting that you would even consider placing your bottom on those filthy toilet seats anyway. Nurse Alcott and I just inspected them this morning, and honestly, they’re so dirty that I think it would actually be more sanitary for you to have a little accident in your panties on the way home rather than using those disgusting things.”

“Anyway, just to be safe, the nurse feels it is necessary for us to use a new type of treatment on your bottom today. It’s called a colonic irrigation. I’m here today so that the nurse can demonstrate the procedure in case I need to administer it to you on my own sometime. I’ll let the nurse explain how it works.”

“Ginney,” Nurse Alcott began, “I’m going to be demonstrating a rather elaborate procedure to your mother today. So, for instructional purposes, I’m going to be the doctor and your mother will be assisting me as the nurse during your exam. That means you will refer to me as ‘doctor’ and your mother as ‘nurse’ for the duration of the procedure.”

“Nurse, remove the patients’ panties and then get scrubbed and dressed in appropriate attire for today’s procedure.”

“Yes, doctor,” replied Martha. She then slowly slid Ginney’s panties down from her knees until they were off, being careful not to lose any of the precious lubricant goo covering the seat of them. She placed them carefully on the counter and then headed off to the adjoining bathroom to prepare for today’s procedure.

“Let me tell you about the procedure now, Ginney,” said Nurse Alcott. “I’m sure you know by now that all kinds of various toxins build up inside your bottom everyday. That is one reason why it is so important to take enemas regularly. Now enemas are certainly a good way to flush out the toxins in your rear, but a colonic is much more thorough and effective. Having said that, its important for you to understand that while colonics are very beneficial, they should never be used in PLACE of enemas. Doing so would be a horrendous mistake. No matter how many other kinds of treatments are used to help supplement and expand upon the numerous health benefits of your enemas, taking frequent enemas is still an absolute necessity, especially for a growing young lady like yourself - they are an absolutely essential part of maintaining a healthy rear end. Now that you understand that, let me explain how a colonic works. Administering a colonic involves using a special machine which I’ll show you now.”

Nurse Alcott opened a cupboard and took out the extra large colonic machine she had special- ordered just for Ginney. It was much larger and constructed differently than any normal colonic machine you would find at a clinic. The huge tube that would be inserted in Ginney’s rear was 12 inches long and 2 inches wide, and was made of thick glass instead of the usual rubber.

Nurse Alcott knew that it would be impossible for such a device to be inserted successfully in just about anyone’s bottom, let alone a pretty little one like Ginney’s. However, a few weeks ago Nurse Alcott had made a startling, delightful discovery after while examining x-rays she had taken of Ginney’s bottom. It turned out that incredibly enough, Ginney’s rectum was a full 12 inches long! The typical size is only about 5 inches for most people. This explained a lot, including the reason why Ginney had always had problems with constipation. Never in her entire professional career had Nurse Alcott ever heard of a documented case of someone with such a large rectum.

Susan and Martha realized that they were truly blessed with a special patient. The sky was the limit for Ginney’s unique rear end as far as they were concerned. To the delight of the two anally- obsessed women, they realized that incredibly large objects could be inserted into Ginney’s ass once it was properly trained and stretched. They also theorized that Ginney would eventually be able to take extremely high volume enemas, perhaps 5 or 6 quarts, maybe even more than that.

So Nurse Alcott had gone out and ordered some special devices just for her exceptional young patient, including the extra large colonic machine. She knew from the careful measurements she had taken of Ginney’s bottom that the tube was exactly the right length to just reach the first turn in Ginney’s lower intestine when inserted fully. This would allow for the torrent of water to be fired directly at Ginney’s sensitive intestinal wall while the width of the tube would test Ginney’s ability to keep her asshole distended at a full 2 inches for the rather long duration of the procedure.

Ginney looked scared when she saw the size of the tube.

“Relax Ginney,” Nurse Alcott advised. “Remember, I was able to stick my entire hand way up inside your bottom yesterday. This tube is much smaller than my hand.”

Ginney still looked a bit concerned.

“Well I guess now you understand why your mother gave you that lubricant suppository this morning. Anyhow, here’s how the procedure works. As you can see, the machine consists of a long glass tube, which has two smaller rubber tubes attached to one end. The glass one will be inserted in your bottom. You will notice that the glass tube has this doughnut-shaped, inflatable bulb on the end. This will be inflated so that the tube cannot possibly come out of your bottom until the end of the procedure. As for the rubber tubes, one of them will be connected to the faucet. The other will sit in this large plastic basin. When I open the tap on the tube connected to the faucet, warm water will rush into your behind. When I open the tap on the other tube, the water and whatever else was inside your dirty bottom will flow out and collect in the basin. That’s how the procedure works: water is pumped into your rear and then drained out, then pumped in and then drained out, over and over again with the amount of water increasing each time. And that’s all there is to it, dear. I’m sure you won’t mind it once you get used to it. And the benefits of this treatment are tremendous. For example, removing the toxins from your bottom by colonic irrigation is absolutely wonderful for you skin. It improves your complexion and makes your skin softer and smoother. And I’m not just talking about the skin on your face; these benefits extend to your entire body, even the delicate skin on your bottom. That’s why this procedure is so popular among fashionable, sophisticated young ladies in Europe.”

“It is?” Ginney asked quizzically.

“Oh, absolutely. In fact, Princess Diana herself goes in for colonics regularly.”

Well, if it was good enough for Princess Di, Ginney figured it was good enough for her. She no longer felt scared of the procedure at all. In fact, the nurse had done such a good job of peaking her curiosity that she was anxious to begin.

Of course, what Ginney didn’t realize was that the colonic she was about to receive from the exceptionally large machine was nothing like the ones Princess Di got. No legitimate colon therapist would dream of using a tube even half as big as the one on Nurse Alcott’s special machine.

“Well, as soon as my nurse shows up we can begin,” announced Nurse Alcott. This was Martha’s cue to come back into the examination room.

“Ahh, there she is now,” she said as Martha stepped out of the bathroom door at the end of the adjoining supply room.

As Martha walked towards them, Ginney was surprised to see that she had changed into one of Nurse Alcott’s sexy after-hours nursing outfits. The outfit consisted of a matching white top and shorts. The top was an extremely tight halter made of Lycra that clung to Martha like a second skin. It covered about three quarters of Martha’s breasts on each side but plunged to a deep V in the middle that extended to the bottom of both luscious tits. The stethoscope around Martha’s neck was tucked into this V, pulling it down even further. The top stopped several inches above Martha’s navel, exposing her perfect tan stomach and sexy bellyring. The top was adorned with red crosses centered over each of Martha’s tits, which served to draw even more attention to the bulging mounds of taut flesh. The crosses were accentuated by Martha’s hard nipples protruding at the center of each through the tight material. The matching shorts were made of the same material and were cut high on the sides, exposing just a bit of Martha’s jiggling asscheeks. This also made the shorts dig into every nook and cranny of Martha’s body, exposing her pussy lips and asscrack to wandering eyes. Ginney also noticed that Martha was wearing the usual starched white nurses hat and a pair of white 4 inch heels, and was it her imagination, or did she have a lot more makeup on now than she did before?

Of the many different outfits Ginney had seen Nurse Alcott wear outside of school, this was one of her favorites. She thought her stepmother looked incredibly beautiful in it.

“How do you like my outfit, dear?” Martha asked before spinning around once to give her stepdaughter a complete view.

“Wow mom, you look great!” Ginney gushed.

“Thank you, honey,” Martha replied, flashing Ginney a big smile.

“Yes, it certainly looks as though you’re well prepared for today’s exam, nurse,” Susan chimed in.

“Thank you, doctor.”

“Let’s begin, shall we?” said Nurse Alcott. “Ginney, get up on the other table on your back with your feet in the stirrups. And hike your skirt up as far as you can.”

Ginney obediently did as she was told.

“Nurse, tuck the patient’s skirt under her sweater so it won’t get in the way and then position her properly,” Nurse Alcott ordered.

Martha lifted up Ginney’s sweater and tucked her skirt up underneath it, letting her fingers graze her stepdaughter’s bra in the process. She then moved Ginney down to the usual position with her bottom sticking off the end of the table and her legs up at almost a 90 degree angle in the stirrups. Her most private parts were now lewdly exposed, just waiting to be probed and examined by her stepmother and school nurse.

Nurse Alcott took a moment to enjoy the incredibly erotic scene in front of her before beginning the exam. Ginney looked so hot lying there with her plaid pleated skirt hiked up and her legs suspended in the stirrups half-covered by her knee-high white socks. Her pussy lips were still moist and engorged with the arousal caused by her spanking. And below them, her flesh changed colors dramatically as her ass was a still a very deep shaped of red. Susan noted approvingly that the lubricant was still oozing out of her ass slowly and a little puddle of it was starting to form on the floor.

After a moment, Nurse Alcott decided to begin the exam. The first item of business would be to remove Ginney’s suppository.

“Nurse, bring me an anal retractor,” ordered Nurse Alcott.

“Here you are, doctor.”

Susan felt a shiver of excitement as she took hold of the large stainless steel spreader. The purpose of this device was the same as that of a speculum, but it was much longer and the blades were much thinner. She liked to use a wide variety of instruments on Ginney’s asshole to keep things interesting and to provide different types of stretching to the pliant opening.

Nurse Alcott began to insert the long device slowly into Ginney’s well-lubricated backside. Once Ginney had taken all ten inches of it rather easily, Susan opened the device and locked it in place at a width of 2 inches. Ginney groaned in pain from the sudden stretching of her sensitive hole. The goo filling her rear now began to slide out more copiously through her wide open pooper.

“Nurse, fetch the light for me.”

Martha handed Nurse Alcott an examination light. Susan aimed the beam directly up Ginney’s rear, giving her and Martha an excellent view of the yellowish lubricant sloshing around Ginney’s insides. They could see what was left of the suppository as well: being as thick as it originally was, it was still a good 1/2 inch around.

“Nurse,” Susan said, “the suppository still hasn’t completely dissolved in the patient’s rectum. Take a look.”

Martha leaned over and peered up into her stepdaughter’s open rear end. “You’re right, doctor”

The two women proceeded to chit chat about why it hadn’t dissolved, whether or not there was enough lubricant in Ginney’s bottom, if additional measures show be taken, etc. Susan kept the flashlight pointed directly up Ginney’s ass as she and Martha scrutinized the state of their young patient’s rear in excruciating detail. They continued this discussion for as long as possible as both women were very aware that Ginney was struggling with the painful stretching of her delicate asshole the entire time.

Ginney remained fairly quiet during this part of the exam, only grunting and groaning softly as she squirmed on the table - she was determined to behave for her mother and Nurse Alcott while she underwent this important procedure. But the intense stretching of her sensitive hole eventually took its toll on the poor girl. Just before she was about to cry out that she couldn’t take it anymore, Nurse Alcott finally unlocked the retractor and removed it from her bottom, at last giving Ginney some relief.

Nurse Alcott announced that it was time to remove what was left of the suppository. She donned a pair of rubber gloves and asked Martha to lubricate her hand. Martha got out a tube of K-Y jelly and squirted a liberal amount all over Nurse Alcott’s right hand and up her forearm. She then used both hands to spread the lubricant evenly from Susan’s gloved hand all the way up to her elbow. The lubricant was necessary because Nurse Alcott was going to remove the suppository in a rather unconventional way - by sticking her whole hand up Ginney’s hot ass. Upon discovering Ginney’s ability to accept an entire hand deep in her bottom yesterday, Nurse Alcott had decided then and there that from now on she would remove any and all devices from Ginney’s rear end in this way and ONLY in this way. She was absolutely thrilled that Ginney had achieved this important milestone ahead of schedule.

Nurse Alcott slid two fingers of her lubricated hand easily into Ginney’s backdoor, causing the young schoolgirl to gasp slightly. She proceeded to work three, four, and then all five fingers into the distended hole. After a bit of encouragement from Martha (“Push out for the doctor, dear”), Susan’s knuckles slid past Ginney’s anal ring and she was in up to her wrist in one quick motion.

“Ooooo!” Ginney moaned from the sudden invasion.

Susan slowly began twisting her hand in Ginney’s bottom, probing the inner reaches of her favorite patient. The lubricant filling her hot rear was soft and squishy on Nurse Alcott’s hand; it felt as though someone had poured a container of molasses inside the young girl.

Ginney began moaning and writhing with pleasure as the nurse’s hand felt even better in her ass than it had yesterday. There was an even greater feeling of fullness this time due to the huge amount of lubricant trapped in her rectum. The nurse was sloshing it all around with the motion of her hand, which felt absolutely heavenly as it oozed across her sensitive anal tissue.

Nurse Alcott located the suppository and grabbed the end of it. Ginney felt the nurse’s hand start to move back out of her ass. “No!” she thought, “she can’t be taking it out already!”

But just as Susan’s knuckles reached Ginney’s asshole, she thrusted her hand back in hard. Ginney squealed in delight at this wonderful invasion of her backside.

Susan began shuttling her hand in and out just as she had the day before, bringing it out to the knuckles each time before thrusting forward once again. The two quickly found a rhythm this time as Ginney took advantage of the valuable lesson she had learned the day before and pushed her asshole out with all her might each time the nurse’s hand surged forward. Each stroke elicited a high-pitched scream of girlish pleasure from Ginney.

Both women were breathing heavily as the reaming continued - Susan from the exertion of the thrusting action and Ginney from the strenuous task of manipulating her asshole. Eventually, Nurse Alcott’s hand reached the delicate entrance to Ginney’s lower bowels. She stopped suddenly. The going had been very slow once she had reached this point yesterday. However, this time Susan had the suppository to work with. She brought her hand way back - almost all the way out of Ginney’s ass - and then thrusted in extra hard, burying herself to her mid-forearm in one obscene plunge. Nurse Alcott was gratified to feel the end of the suppository poke through Ginney’s rectal sphincter this time and into her sensitive lower bowels.

“OH….MY….GOD!” Ginney cried. The feeling that shot through her body as the suppository penetrated her lower bowel was pure bliss.

Unsure as to whether this was a cry of pain or pleasure, Nurse Alcott nonetheless continued her thrusts with vigor.

“Oooh….oooo….Oh, nurse….YYYesss…..deeper….deeeeper….further……I can take more….much more…..mmmmm….plleeassseee….deeeeper…” Ginney cried out.

Ginney’s unintelligible screams of pleasure continued until finally her whole body convulsed as she had her third mind-bending orgasm of the day.

Nurse Alcott was very happy for Ginney. Based on what Martha had told her this morning, it looked as though she would have an orgasm each time one of these suppositories was inserted or removed from her bottom - Susan certainly hoped so. She mused that there would undoubtedly be many, many chances to test that theory in the coming weeks as lubricant suppositories would be used extensively throughout the rest of Ginney’s training.

Ginney was disappointed when the nurse finally removed her hand from her hot rear - it just felt so EMPTY back there.

Susan handed Martha the suppository and said, “Nurse, bring me a towel.” A thick coating of the gooey lubricant from Ginney’s ass covered her arm almost all the way up to her elbow. Unfortunately, she needed to clean off the sexy fluid so she wouldn’t soil her school nurse’s uniform.

Susan quickly toweled herself off and then said to Martha, “Now that I have done my best to dissolve as much of the lubricant suppository in our patient’s bottom as possible, we can perform the colonic irrigation.”

Did you hear that, Ginney?” asked Martha. “Are you ready for your first colonic?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’m ready for my first colonic, mother.”

“Doctor, I want to make sure the patient understands how this procedure works before we begin,” Martha said to Susan. “Now Ginney, I want you to tell me what’s about to happen to you.”

“The nurse is going to stick the long tube in my bottom and squirt water up inside me.”

“I’m the nurse and Ms. Alcott is the doctor today, young lady!” Martha corrected her. “And the water doesn’t just squirt out, it shoots into you quite hard. I thought you understood how this procedure worked! Now, are you ready for the doctor to stick the long tube up your bottom and shoot water deep into your bowels, dear?”

“Yes, mother.”

“All right. Then why don’t you ask the nice doctor to do that for you so we can get started.”

Ginney sighed in frustration. She knew her stepmother would make her sit there all day if she didn’t do as she was told. She looked up at Nurse Alcott and said sweetly, “Doctor, would you please stick that big glass tube in my bottom and shoot water deep into my bowels?”

“I’d be delighted to, my dear,” Susan replied. “But first I’m going to need you to open up very wide for me.”

Ginney placed both hands at either side of her rear and pulled, opening her sexy asshole once again.

“You’re going to have to open up wider than that, honey. Try sticking a few fingers in and pulling out.”

Ginney stuck two fingers of each hand in her ass and pulled out with all her might. Her asshole responded and was soon gaping open obscenely wide.

“No, I’m afraid that just won’t do,” said Susan. “Nurse, why don’t you assist the patient with her asshole.”

Martha leaned over and placed two fingers of each hand at the top and bottom of her stepdaughter’s asshole. She pulled hard at the elastic opening, her fingers at the top and bottom augmenting the pressure applied by Ginney’s fingers at the sides.

Ginney groaned as her poor browneye was stretched in every possible direction.

“Ahh, that’s better,” said Nurse Alcott happily.

She then positioned the tube in front of the wide open hole and inserted the end slowly. The two older women watched with glee as Ginney’s asshole was stretched by the enormous 2 inch wide tube as well as the fingers from four different hands. The lubricant in her rear did its job as the long tube began to slowly disappear between the schoolgirl’s bright red bottom cheeks.

The tube felt ridiculously large to Ginney; and it really hurt. In fact, as it made its way up her spicy behind it felt like she was being RIPPED apart. As pain radiated throughout her bottom, Ginney couldn’t help but let out a few moans and whimpers. She tried her best to limit these however - she was determined to take this obscene invasion of her rear end like a lady. After all, she was sure Princess Di never made a fuss during her colonics. Despite her determination, Ginney couldn’t help shedding a few silent tears as the huge tube tore into her sensitive bottom.

At the last, the tube was in all the way and Ginney felt Nurse Alcott inflating the doughnut- shaped bulb near the base. This only served to intensify the painful stretching of her insides.

Nurse Alcott was both surprised and impressed with how well-behaved Ginney had been during the painful insertion of the enormous tube in her bottom. The progress she had made over the past several months was astounding. Susan and Martha exchanged a knowing smile as both women realized their sexy patient was really becoming a fine young woman.

“Nurse, bring me the examining light,” Susan said to Martha, causing Ginney to wonder what was going on. Nurse Alcott detached the plastic cap and rubber tubes from the end of the large glass tube. She wasn’t ready to begin Ginney’s colonic just yet. First, she wanted to check the position of the glass tube in her patient’s bottom.

Nurse Alcott pointed the small light up the tube. She was pleased to see the side of Ginney’s intestinal wall at the other end; her measurements of Ginney’s bottom had been perfect. She let Ginney’s stepmother have a look up the tube and then reassembled the machine.

“All right Ginney, now before we begin I just want to let you know that this quite a lengthy procedure,” Nurse Alcott said. “But don’t worry, you’ve already been excused from your study hall next period.”

A lengthy procedure? Ginney wondered how long she could possibly endure having the gigantic tube jammed in her ass. She feared that she was about to find out.

“Nurse, run the faucet to until the water reaches exactly 100 degrees,” Susan ordered. “Then connect the rubber tube to it. And make sure the faucet is on as high as it will go.”

Once Martha finished these tasks, it was time to begin the colonic. Susan let the water pressure build in the rubber tube a bit before unleashing it on Ginney’s unsuspecting bottom.

“I hope your ready for the water, dear. Here it comes!”

Ginney couldn’t have possibly prepared herself for what happened next.

The water shot out of the machine with incredible force, slamming directly into Ginney’s intestinal wall. Ginney was stunned by the power of the machine - this was nothing like taking a simple enema. It felt like someone was spraying a fire hose up her rear.

The blast, though powerful, was a short one. Nurse Alcott closed the tap on the faucet tube after she had fired only about a pint of water into her patient’s bottom. Quickly, she opened the tap on the drain tube and Ginney felt the water rush back out of her and into the basin. Nurse Alcott opened the tap on the faucet tube and another powerful blast rocked Ginney’s insides. She continued this pattern, injecting a slightly larger amount of water each time and gradually forcing Ginney to retain it longer and longer before expelling it.

As her colonic continued, Ginney was surprised to discover that she was actually beginning to enjoy it. The action of the water produced intensely erotic sensations in her bottom as it drilled hard into her sensitive bowels. And she especially enjoyed the sensual massage she was receiving from her stepmother. Martha did this under the guise of massaging Ginney’s belly, but her real purpose was to rub her stepdaughter’s clit, which she did enthusiastically, expertly making it appear to be incidental contact. Soon Ginney was moaning and sighing with pleasure. She barely even noticed the pain from the huge glass tube anymore. She decided that she absolutely loved this new treatment.

The colonic continued for what seemed like an eternity to Ginney, with her stepmother and Nurse Alcott taking turns operating the machine while the other massaged her belly. Although she really enjoyed it at first, as the procedure wore on, it became increasingly difficult for Ginney to endure. After about a half hour, her anus really began to have a tough time maintaining the two inch opening required for the glass tube. The colonic still felt wonderful whenever the water was fired into her, but the time between filling and draining had become quite long. It was during these times that the painful stretching of her asshole was most apparent. Retaining the water had also become a bit of a chore as she was now being filled each time to the point where her stomach bulged out and she appeared to be a few month’s pregnant.

To help herself make it through these tough times, Ginney imagined that she was Princess Di, receiving her colonic somewhere in Buckingham Palace from her own Royal Nurse. Ginney felt truly honored to be receiving the same treatment as such a classy lady. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she was a very lucky girl: her stepmother and Nurse Alcott were treating her like a princess! She had never felt this sophisticated in her entire life! Ginney smiled slyly as she mused that Princess Di was also probably naughty at times and required a good spanking. A feeling of great pride overwhelmed her as she lay prone on the examining table, forced to take her colonic like a proper young lady.

At last, Nurse Alcott decided it was time to end the procedure. She wanted to fill Ginney up to her known limit of 2.75 quarts to close things out, but it was hard to tell exactly how much she was injecting with this machine. She decided it was better for Ginney to be too full than not full enough so she really let her have it. Ginney groaned as her insides were stretched to their limit. Ginney was forced to retain this final load for a full ten minutes. Martha rubbed her clit intensely the entire time, bringing Ginney agonizingly close to another orgasm. She stopped abruptly when Nurse Alcott opened the tap and let the water drain out of Ginney’s bowels, leaving her stepdaughter aching for release.

Nurse Alcott made a note on Ginney’s chart that her colonic had lasted almost exactly one hour. She planned on making each successive one a bit longer in the coming weeks as Ginney’s training progressed and she got used to the procedure.

Once the last of the water had finally gurgled out of Ginney’s bowels, Susan took hold of the glass tube and began to remove the machine from her patient’s overworked rear end. She did this at an agonizingly slow pace, prolonging the stretching of Ginney’s helpless anus for as long as possible. The water had rinsed away most of the lubricant, so as the tube passed through Ginney’s sensitive anal ring it created an absolutely wonderful friction. Every nerve ending in Ginney’s asshole sent shock waves of pleasure through her as the enormous tube passed roughly through her sensitive hole. Even the slightest movement of the tube produced moans of pleasure from Ginney.

At last the end of the tube slid out of Ginney’s ass with a pronounced popping sound. Ginney was grateful to finally be able to rest her sore anus. It seemed as though it had been open more often today than it had been closed. In fact, now it seemed like it didn’t WANT to close. Ginney could feel the cool air form the room rushing in through her partially open hole, tickling her insides.

Nurse Alcott noticed this as well and was quite pleased. She made a note on Ginney’s chart that her asshole had remained open about 1/2 an inch after the tube was removed. This was another important stage of Ginney’s development that they would be improving upon with further treatments and monitoring closely during future exams.

Ginney was certainly happy to get a break from the painful stretching of her asshole. However, now her bottom felt terribly empty, like something was missing; something big and important that BELONGED back there. Having been brought agonizingly close to orgasm, but then not allowed to climax had left her overcome with lust. Anal lust. So much so that she was unable to remain still on the table. Her whole body twitched with desire…she wanted more.

Martha and Nurse Alcott watched with amusement as Ginney struggled with her horny state. Of course that matter would be taken care of eventually. Being the excellent medical professionals they were, Susan and Martha weren’t about to let their patient go unsatisfied. In Nurse Alcott’s mind, that was equivalent to malpractice.

“Well Ginney, you handled your colonic quite well,” Susan said. “In fact, I think you might even be able to give Princess Di a run for her money.”

Ginney broke out into a huge smile. “Wow, really? Thank you, doctor!” she said, getting into the game now. She was absolutely thrilled by Nurse Alcott’s complement. It was the nicest thing she had ever said to her.

“Now don’t move Ginney,” said Nurse Alcott. “We’re not done yet.”

“THANK GOD” thought Ginney.

“Nurse, bring me the proctoscope,” ordered Susan.

Martha returned with another glass tube that was of the same exact dimensions as the one that had just been in Ginney’s ass. It was another extra large instrument Nurse Alcott had obtained just for Ginney.

Ginney got excited as soon as she saw it.

“Doctor, are you going to stick that in my bottom?” she asked eagerly.

“Why yes I am dear,” Nurse Alcott replied happily, unable to stop herself from smiling wickedly. “I’m going to stick this way up inside your little rear end. But hold your horses, young lady. I know you’re very eager to get healthy my dear, which is wonderful, but you must learn to have some patience. In order to further your medical education, Ginney, first I’m going to explain to you how this ingenious device works.

“You know, you really should feel lucky that not only are you receiving an incredible amount of private medical attention, you are also acquiring a great deal of valuable medical knowledge along the way. I guarantee you that most girls your age aren’t getting this type of education from their mothers. God knows, I wish my mother took the time to teach me these things when I was your age. I think you will find that this all ends up being even more useful than the formal education you are receiving at school. Especially if you want to follow in your mother’s footsteps and major in nursing.”

Ginney wasn’t so sure about that, but she was so horny, she really didn’t care at this point. All she could think about was getting something, anything, back up inside her tight, young ass.

“Ok, Doctor Alcott,” Ginney replied breathily. “I guess it’s just that I REALLY, REALLY want you to continue examining my bottom…I don’t want to get sick.”

“Well Ginney, I’m glad to see that you’re finally taking this as seriously as your mother and I. After all, it’s not like I go around sticking anything I can get my hands on up your bum, you know. This isn’t a game, my dear.” Martha and Nurse Alcott exchanged looks of amusement. Both women knew this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“Now,” she continued, “this device is called a proctoscope. Doctor’s use this to do detailed examinations of patient’s behinds. As you can see there is a thin fluorescent light strip running down the length of the inside of the tube. Once the tube is inside you, the light will illuminate your entire bottom. This will allow me to examine your bottom thoroughly for signs of infection. So, are you ready begin, Ginney?”

“Yes, doctor. Please stick that big tube up my rear. I’d really like to know if I have an infection.” Ginney threw that last part in about the infection just so her stepmother and the nurse wouldn’t think she was taking this important medical procedure lightly. The truth was, her ass was practically begging for further attention.

“Very well then,” Nurse Alcott said, noting Ginney’s eagerness. “Nurse, lubricate the patient’s asshole while I work on the proctoscope.”

Ginney then felt the familiar sensation of her stepmother massaging lubricant into her anus.

Nurse Alcott meanwhile was spreading lubricant onto the “proctoscope”, stroking it as if she was jerking off an enormous cock.

Nurse Alcott ordered Ginney to open up wide once again for the insertion. Ginney knew what to do this time. She stuck her fingers in her ass and pulled out with all her might. Right away, she felt her stepmother’s long fingers join her own, aiding in the stretching of her asshole.

Nurse Alcott inserted the end of the proctoscope and switched on the light, giving her a beautiful view of the delights normally hidden inside Ginney’s puckered anus. She could see the glistening tissue of Ginney’s most private and intimate place expand to accept the large invader as she pushed it forward slowly, driving it deeper into the hot recesses of her patient’s sexy bottom.

As the enormous tube made its slow journey into her sensitive rectum, Ginney couldn’t help moaning sensually. It felt soooo good. She wanted it as far up her ass as possible. She really wished it was longer.

Regretfully, Ginney felt the end of the tube bump into her intestinal wall much too soon. All 12 inches of it were now buried in her ass.

Nurse Alcott took her sweet time enjoying the view afforded by the tube protruding from Ginney’s stuffed bottom. She pretended to make notes on Ginney’s chart as she peered through the tube lustfully, muttering things like “hmm, that’s curious” along with various phony medical terms as the fake exam proceeded almost comically.

After quite a bit of this, Susan decided to give Martha a turn. “Nurse, why don’t you have a look up you daughter’s ass?” she said to Ginney’s stepmother.

Martha gladly took a turn peering up into the tube sticking out obscenely from her stepdaughter’s behind. The two women exchanged phony medical talk as Martha enjoyed the erotic view of her stepdaughter’s most intimate organs.

After a few minutes, Nurse Alcott reached over and spread Ginney’s pussy lips. She discovered that Ginney was sopping wet. In fact she was so wet that her pussy juice was dripping onto the floor, mixing with the puddle of lubricant goo that had oozed out of her ass earlier. Susan also noticed pleasantly that Ginney’s peehole was still a bit swollen and distended from last night’s manipulations. Above that, she noticed Ginney’s clit, engorged and pulsating harder than she had ever seen it before.

“Nurse, this is quite remarkable,” said Susan as she peered into Ginney’s open pussy. “You can see the proctoscope through the patient’s pussy. Have a look.”

Martha leered directly into her stepdaughter’s pussy and saw that Susan was right. She could clearly see the light from the proctoscope through the narrow wall separating her stepdaughter’s pussy from her rectum.

“Why doctor, you’re right. I can see it clearly,” said Martha, trying to sound as clinical as possible.

“Nurse, take my position here,” said Susan. “I want to try something.”

Martha took over for Susan, keeping her stepdaughter’s pussy lips spread.

As Martha bent over to get at her pussy, Ginney noticed that the stethoscope dangling between her stepmother’s breasts swung forward, pushing the thin fabric of Martha’s revealing, low-cut top a good six inches away from her sexy body. Ginney gasped as her stepmother’s gorgeous tits came into full view, hanging out fully exposed, the turgid nipples sticking straight out at attention. Martha continued to keep Ginney’s pussy open with both hands and acted as if nothing had happened. “How could she not notice?” thought Ginney.

Martha noticed all right. In fact she had purposely weighed down the end of the fake stethoscope so that this would happen. She had tested it in the mirror this morning. She new that any time she leaned over far enough her tits would be completely exposed to Ginney. “Nothing’s too good for my daughter,” she thought with a grin.

“Ok, Nurse. I want to see what happens when I move the proctoscope,” said Susan. She reached between Martha’s legs to get at Ginney’s ass and began pumping the huge rod back and forth, causing Ginney to pant and moan uncontrollably. As she did this, her arm conveniently rubbed against Martha’s wet crotch.

“Can you see the scope moving through the patient’s pussy?”

“I certainly can, doctor,” replied Martha.

“Good. That will serve us well,” replied Susan cryptically. “Ginney, I’m going to have to move the proctoscope back and forth in your bottom. This is the most important part of the procedure because the thrusting action of the tube will dislodge any bacteria clinging to the walls of your bowels.”

“Ok,” replied Ginney. She didn’t care what this procedure did. She just wanted Nurse Alcott to start fucking her ass with the big tube.

“Nurse, I’d like you to observe the proctoscope through the patient’s cunt while I look up her ass. In order to do this, you’re going to have to assume the Klinefelter Position,” said Susan.

“Yes, doctor,” replied Martha. She and Susan had come up with the phony name for the position after Ginney’s exam last night.

Martha got up on the exam table and straddled her stepdaughter’s stomach facing Nurse Alcott. She then laid down with her face just inches just inches away from Ginney’s pussy. Ginney could feel her stepmother’s hot breath on her clit.

Martha’s gorgeous ass was now right in Ginney’s face. Ginney didn’t mind this at all; she thought it was very pretty. Little did she know that Martha was considering taking this position in the future wearing a short skirt and no panties.

Ginney stared straight at the large red cross in the middle of Martha’s shorts as her stepmother’s rear end covered her entire field of vision. Below that, Ginney was surprised to see that the white material of the shorts appeared to be quite wet in the crotch area.

“All set, doctor,” said Martha as she reached down and spread her stepdaughter’s pussy lips.

“Ok, here we go,” said Susan as she began thrusting the tube back and forth. As the tube moved in and out through Ginney’s rear, she could clearly see the delicate tissues of the young girl’s bowels expanding and contracting in rhythm. Susan really loved this device.

Martha was also enjoying her view; she could clearly she the light from the tubing moving through Ginney’s pussy. As she stared into her stepdaughter’s open cunt, Martha used her free hand to rub Ginney’s clit.

Ginney was once again on cloud nine as the tube and Martha’s finger’s both felt absolutely incredible. She cried for Nurse Alcott to go harder and faster in between her moans of pleasure. Again, she found herself wishing that the tube was longer.

Nurse Alcott fucked Ginney’s ass hard with the tube until she thought Ginney was at the peak of her arousal. At this point, she stopped abruptly, causing Ginney to groan in frustration.

“Well, so far Ginney I’d have to say the results of this exam are inconclusive,” said Nurse Alcott. “But an infection is a definite possibility. There certainly seems to be a lot of bacteria in there, which we hopefully were able to dislodge with the proctoscope. In order to be certain whether an infection exists or not, I need to examine much more of your bottom. This will involve the use of a much longer device called a sigmoidoscope. However, I have to warn you that if we proceed with the exam, there is the risk of the sigmoidoscope puncturing your intestinal wall, so I will only perform the rest of the exam with your permission. Bear in mind that it is extremely important that we identify any possible infection as early as possible.”

This was music to Ginney’s ears. She loved the proctoscope exam and now she was about to get something even longer stuck up her bottom! Much longer, according to Nurse Alcott. At this point, she didn’t care that it might puncture her bowels. All she could think of in her horny state of mind was how wonderful it would be to have something else forced up her ass.

“Well Ginney, would you like to continue with the exam?”

“Oh yes, doctor. Please do,” replied Ginney around her stepmother’s ass.

Nurse Alcott and Martha were both delighted by Ginney’s response. “Excellent,” said Nurse Alcott. “You’ve definitely made the right choice, Ginney. I just need to go get sigmoidoscope and then we can begin. Nurse, you might as well remain in the Kleinfelter Position so you can massage the patient’s bowel area during the procedure.”

Nurse Alcott walked back to the supply room, purposely leaving the proctoscope in Ginney’s ass.

Ginney was shocked when she saw Nurse Alcott return from the supply room carrying a 50-inch long rubber tube. This tube was a full 20-inches longer than the colon tube Ginney had grown accustomed to having up her ass during her enemas, and a lot wider. It was only about 1/2 inch wide at one end, but gradually expanded to a full 2 inches at the other end. Nurse Alcott had put this beauty together herself. The idea had come to her in a stroke of brilliance. She special- ordered the rubber tube and then simply placed an ordinary sigmoidoscope inside it. Based on her own painstaking measurements of Ginney’s bottom, she had modeled the tube to fit her young patient’s insides perfectly. The varying width of the tube coincided exactly with the varying width of Ginney’s bowels, leaving only a tiny fraction of space for the tube’s passage. This perfectly snug fit along with the ribbed surface of the tube (another special feature) would provide Ginney’s bottom with maximum stimulation. Susan envied her lucky young patient.

Just to add a bit of excitement to the proceedings, Susan had decided to go with a very thick black rubber when she ordered the tubing. So thick that it would just barely be bendable enough to make it through the turns in Ginney’s bowels. At least, Susan thought it might be…either way, they were about to find out.

“Don’t look so surprised Ginney,” said Susan when she saw the look on Ginney’s face. “Your bowels are over 4 feet long and I need to examine every square inch of them. This is a normal procedure that’s performed in hospitals every day. Now, I just need to lubricate this and we can begin.”

“Are you done yet?” Ginney asked after a few minutes had passed.

“My, my. Someone’s quite eager to begin, aren’t they?” Nurse Alcott replied with a big smile and a wink as she rubbed lubricant onto the last section of the tube. The entire length of the black tube glistened menacingly in the harsh fluorescent light of the examining room. “Well I can’t stress enough how glad I am to see that you’re becoming as passionate about anal health as your mother and I are.”

Martha and Nurse Alcott exchanged glances. Both women were ecstatic; Ginney was responding better to this treatment than either one of them could have dreamed.

“Well, you’re in luck, dear. We’re about to begin,” said Nurse Alcott. “Now you’re probably wondering how in the world I’m going to see way up into your bottom using this thing. Well, unlike a proctoscope, a sigmoidoscope has a tiny little TV camera inside it. As I slide the tube into you, a picture of your insides will be displayed on this nice big TV monitor.”

Susan wheeled a large 35 inch TV over to the side of the examining table so Ginney could see what she was talking about.

“Wow, you can see it on the TV?” asked Ginney.

“That’s right. Your bottom’s gonna be on TV, Ginney!” answered Nurse Alcott. “Now obviously, you won’t be able to see this TV during the exam, Ginney, but if you’d like I can put it up on the screen above you, too. If you know what’s good for you, you should check it out. After all, you can never know your own bottom too well.”

For the first time Ginney noticed the large, flat TV screen built into the ceiling above her.

“Nurse Alcott’s right, Ginney,” Martha chimed in. “Up until now, you’ve only been able to study a small part of your bottom in the mirror. But there’s much, much more to explore back there. A lot of people never get this opportunity.”

“Well Ginney, would you like to see the inside of your bottom?” asked Nurse Alcott.

“Ginney, what do you say to the nice doctor?” Martha interjected as if she were directing a young child to say thank you to someone.

Ginney didn’t think this was really a choice for her to make. She suspected that if she said no, a punishment of some sort would be forthcoming. She also wanted to get the exam started as soon as possible, so she said exactly what she knew her stepmother wanted to hear. “Yes, doctor. Would you please turn on the big TV above me so I can see up inside my bottom during the exam?”

“That’s a good girl,” cooed Nurse Alcott. “Nurse, please slide forward a bit so Ginney can see the TV. She’s been staring at your bottom throughout this procedure, now it’s time for her to study her own.”

Martha slid forward a bit, placing her nose right in her stepdaughter’s fragrant cunt. Nurse Alcott switched on the TV and Ginney could see that the camera was currently pointed right, giving her an excellent view of her upturned legs and exposed crotch. She could see the end of the enormous proctoscope sticking out of her distended asshole and her mother’s face covering her pussy. Ginney got even wetter seeing herself like this and couldn’t believe how strange the tube looked in her ass. She felt a strange surge of pride well up as she noted her ability to accommodate such a large object in her bottom.

Ginney watched on the TV as Nurse Alcott began removing the proctoscope from her rear end. She did this at an agonizingly slow pace, making Ginney feel every inch of the huge glass rod.

Once the last of the rod finally passed through Ginney’s sensitive anal ring, Nurse Alcott said to Martha, “Nurse, please verify that the patient’s anus is ready for this procedure before we begin.”

Martha wiggled even further forward from her position on top of her stepdaughter’s nubile young body. As she did this, Ginney felt Martha’s bare tits rubbing against her upper pussy area. She could see on the TV that Martha’s tits had popped out of her top again. Once again, much to her surprise, Ginney found this strangely exciting. Partly because they felt so good as they rubbed against her clit, the turgid buds of her stepmother’s ample tits meeting the throbbing bud between her legs. Her stepmother seemed to be giving each tit several turns down there as she squirmed around. Ginney assumed that she was trying to get into the proper position to view her asshole.

Martha rested her chin at the bottom of Ginney’s pussy. Her eyes and nose were now practically touching her stepdaughter’s puckered rosebud. Martha inhaled deeply, enjoying the musky scent of Ginney’s ass. She was happy to see that Ginney’s asshole was still distended a full 1 1/2 inches. The sexy opening throbbed enticingly as Ginney’s sphincter muscles tried to return the stretched hole to its normal closed state.

“I’d say the patient is definitely ready, doctor,” Martha said from her position between Ginney’s upturned legs. “Her asshole is wide open. In fact, it’s positively gaping.”

“You’re right, nurse. It is open rather wide indeed,” replied Nurse Alcott. “Although given my extensive personal and professional experience, I wouldn’t exactly call it gaping. In fact, this is actually the MINIMUM amount that Ginney’s asshole should be dilated before performing this procedure. If you ever feel the need to open her asshole wider than this, by all means do so. It is much, much better to open it too wide - if there is such a thing - than not wide enough. You can’t be too safe, you know. Also, feel free to use whatever means necessary to distend the patient’s anus the desired amount: dilators, a speculum, your fist, whatever strikes your fancy. Of course the most effective solution is a combination of many different anal stretching techniques, so that is usually the most desirable approach.”

“Don’t worry, doctor. I’m sure I won’t have any trouble remembering to do THAT,” Martha replied. It was so much fun talking about stretching Ginney’s sexy little asshole right in front of her like this. Martha wondered what unsettling thoughts were running through Ginney’s head during this rather embarrassing discussion. She hoped that Ginney was at least getting the hint that this was not the last time she would have to endure this procedure. Soon this lewd invasion of her bowels would become as familiar to her as her enemas.

Martha couldn’t resist taking some deep breaths and blowing a couple of times directly into her stepdaughter’s open ass. She was gratified to hear Ginney moan audibly from the delicious tickling sensation this created in her sensitive bottom. Martha smiled as she wriggled her way backwards a bit, giving Nurse Alcott access to Ginney’s yawning anus.

“Here we go, Ginney!” Nurse Alcott announced as she pushed the small end of the rubber tube easily through Ginney’s wide open hole, beginning its long, slow journey into the deepest reaches of Ginney’s exquisite behind.

“Are you watching your bottom on the TV?” Nurse Alcott asked Ginney.

Ginney could clearly see the pink, glistening flesh of her rectum and colon magnified considerably on the big screen TV above her. “Wow, that’s what my bottom looks like inside?” Ginney thought. It didn’t look anything like she had expected. “You know, it’s actually kind of pretty,” she mused, which caused a warm pleasant feeling to spread through her body.

“Yeah doctor. I can see everything very clearly,” Ginney replied with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Excellent, Ginney. Now keep watching. You should give your bottom your full, undivided attention throughout this procedure. It will be wonderfully educational for you. The more you know about your bottom, the better, so study it carefully. I know I certainly will be.”

“Sure, doctor.”

Ginney shifted her gaze from the monitor to her stepmother’s tight rear end. Martha’s daisy duke style shorts had worked their way even farther into her asscrack. About half of Martha’s bottom was completely exposed, revealing the lovely dimples on the side of each asscheek. “I wonder what MOM’S bottom looks like inside?” Ginney thought devilishly. For some reason she didn’t understand, Ginney’s mouth began to water.

Nurse Alcott felt some resistance as the tube reached the first twist in Ginney’s intestines. Now it was time to find out if the thick rubber tube was bendable enough to make the turns in Ginney’s bowels. If not, Nurse Alcott would MAKE it work somehow.

She tried twisting the sigmoidoscope as she normally did with Ginney’s enema tubes, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Oww!” Ginney yelled as the hard rubber tube tried to force its way up her sensitive bottom.

“Now Ginney, I need you to cooperate with me here,” Nurse Alcott said. “You just need to relax like you do for your enemas. Nurse, assist the patient by rubbing her bowel area.”

The brief pain Ginney had experienced when Nurse Alcott tried twisting the tube was also accompanied by intensely pleasurable sensations. These feelings were enhanced as her stepmother began to rub Ginney’s clit with her well-trained fingers. Ginney decided that a bit of pain was well worth the incredible amount of pleasure the tube was producing in her young bottom. She was determined to take the entire 50-inch length up her ass.

Ginney concentrated all of her energy on allowing the tube to get beyond the blockage and deeper into her hungry ass. After several long minutes of straining, grunting, and groaning from Ginney, and some really hard thrusting of the tube, it finally broke through the blockage. Ginney gasped with pleasure as the sigmoidoscope invaded her bottom further, advancing forward into the next portion of her rear. She was very proud of her accomplishment.

Nurse Alcott realized that inserting all 50 inches of the tube was not going to be easy. Both she and Ginney had to use every once of determination they possessed just to get it past the first major turn. Nurse Alcott knew that the same monumental effort would be required for every single turn in Ginney’s bowels.

However, Ginney was more than equal to the task. She couldn’t believe how heavenly the tube felt in her bottom. It was even better than the 30-inch colon tube that was often used for her enemas. The thicker rubber and ribbed surface of the special sigmoidoscope created much more intense sensations in her bottom than the colon tube ever had. Being much wider, the sigmoidoscope also filled her intestinal tract completely, rubbing deliciously against the sensitive walls.

The sensations became even more intense once the tube invaded the virgin territory beyond the 30-inch mark. This combined with the erotic view of her own bottom on the TV sent Ginney into a sexual frenzy.

“Yes, nurse!” Ginney exclaimed. “MORE, I can take MORE!…further…mmm…ooooh!…push harder!…God this is good!….NEEEED…I NEED M…M…OOOOH…SO FULL…MMMMM….NEEED MOOORE…”

Periodically, Nurse Alcott stopped jamming the tube up Ginney’s rear and paused to make phony notes on Ginney’s chart. This was simply to maintain the charade that this was a real medical exam.

Ginney found these pauses agonizing - her body ached for more of the tube. She squirmed in frustration on the table, while Susan pretended not to notice and continued scribbling gibberish on Ginney’s chart.

It was a good half hour before the tube finally reached the 50-inch mark.

“That’s it, dear. It’s in all the way,” Nurse Alcott announced.

Ginney was a bit disappointed to hear this, but also extremely proud of her accomplishment. She had never felt so incredibly full in her entire life. She had also never felt so incredibly good in her entire life. Her training was constantly bringing her new levels of sexual pleasure. Prior to the onset of her training, she never would have dreamed that such enjoyment could be derived from sticking objects up one’s bottom. Of course she had played with her anus a bit out of curiosity prior to her training. What young girl didn’t from time to time? But it was nothing like this. Her stepmother and school nurse had introduced her to a whole new world of sensual delights. A world most people never get to experience. As she lay there with 50 inches of thick rubber buried deep in her ass, Ginney felt like the luckiest girl on earth.

“Ok Ginney, now comes the most important part,” said Nurse Alcott. “In order to dislodge any harmful bacteria, I’m going to have to move the sigmoidoscope back and forth in your bottom like I did before.”

“OK, doctor!” squealed Ginney with unconcealed delight.

“Nurse,” said Susan, “make absolutely sure you massage the patient’s bowels during this part of the procedure.”

Susan grabbed the end of the tube protruding from Ginney’s bottom and pulled out hard. She paused once about a foot of the black rubber was exposed, the copious lubricant causing it to glisten menacingly in the light. Susan admired it for a moment, then quickly slammed the tube back into Ginney’s ass, getting her whole body into the motion in order to generate as much force as possible.

“OOOOOOHHHH…MY…GAWWWD!” Ginney bellowed at the top of her lungs. Her entire body was rocked by the impact of Nurse Alcott’s incredible hard thrust. The feeling as all 50 inches of the hard rubber tube slammed hard into her bottom was indescribable.

Beads of sweat formed on Nurse Alcott’s brow as she continued to slam the tube into Ginney’s hot ass with all her might, her shoulders running into Ginney’s upturned legs at the end of each thrust.

“OOOHH … OOOOHHH …. YES … NURSE! … MOM! … THANK YOU! …. MMMMM … HARDER! … PLEEEASSE … STICK IT IN DEEP!” screamed Ginney as her entire body trembled with pleasure. Finally she had found something big enough to fill her hungry ass. And the harder Nurse Alcott slammed it into her spicy behind, the better it felt. “Now if I could just do this with the nurse’s sexy hand…” Ginney thought. She was determined to take Nurse Alcott’s hand farther up her bottom at the next opportunity.

Ginney hoped this hard reaming of her bottom would never end, but eventually she lost control. She orgasmed violently, screaming so loud that Martha and Susan were forced to plug their ears. Ginney’s body spasmed forcefully, almost knocking Martha off of her. But her stepmother managed to stay on top of Ginney despite the wild ride, never letting her hand stray from the young schoolgirl’s clit. Ginney passed out after several minutes, her body overcome with pleasure.

The room was completely silent in the wake of this highly successful procedure as the three women tried to recover from the experience. They were all drenched in sweat and breathing heavily as if they had just run a marathon. It was several minutes before any of them were able to regain their composure.

Martha made the first move, getting off of Ginney and walking over to stand next to Nurse Alcott. For the first time in several hours Ginney was able to see something other than either her stepmother’s rear end or the inside of her own.

Now that her arousal had faded, the huge sigmoidoscope jammed in her bottom actually began to feel very uncomfortable to Ginney. She felt a growing pain throughout her bowels. Her anus hurt especially bad, as the poor hole had been forced to remain open a full 2 inches for several hours. As she lay there, Ginney wondered why Nurse Alcott still hadn’t removed the sigmoidoscope from her sore bottom.

Ginney could hear Nurse Alcott and her stepmother discussing something in hushed tones. Both of them sounded very concerned about something.

“Mom! Nurse!” Ginney called out, “this is really starting to hurt.”

Neither her stepmother nor Nurse Alcott responded to her plea. They continued on with their discussion for what seemed like an eternity to Ginney. She felt completely helpless as she lay there with her feet still locked in the stirrups. All she could do was wait.

Finally, Nurse Alcott’s head appeared between Ginney’s upturned legs.

“I’m afraid I have some bad news, Ginney,” Nurse Alcott said. “Due to your continued use of the filthy school toilets despite your mother’s warnings, you have contracted a bowel infection.”

Nurse Alcott paused for a moment to let this sink in before continuing. “This should be treatable without hospitalization, but I still need to determine which type of treatment would be best to cure your particular case. At any rate, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to cancel any plans you might have for tonight; your bottom may require further medical attention at home this evening.”

“My God!” Ginney thought, “This is getting ridiculous. There’s no way I can take any more of this today. My bottom needs to rest at some point!”

Nurse Alcott was pleased to see from the expression on Ginney’s face that she has succeeded in scaring her a bit. This would keep Ginney on her toes tonight and most importantly, keep her thoughts focused on her rear end.

At this point Nurse Alcott decided to give Ginney some relief and finally started to remove the sigmoidoscope from Ginney’s ass. But just to frustrate Ginney a bit further, she did this at an agonizingly slow pace.

Ginney gave an enormous sigh of relief once the last of the huge rubber tube finally exited her body.

Nurse Alcott then unlocked Ginney’s legs from the stirrups and told her to sit up. Ginney was shocked to see that the clock on the wall said it was almost 4pm. She had been in the nurse’s office for almost 4 hours! The time had absolutely flown by. That almost always seemed to be the case with her exams, but they had never run THIS long before.

“Don’t worry, dear,” Martha said. “The nurse will write you an excuse for the classes you missed today. What we were doing in here was much more important anyway. What classes did you end up missing?”

“Math and Chemistry,” Ginney replied, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

“Yuck!” replied Martha. “Well a pretty girl like you doesn’t have to worry about that stuff anyway, Ginney.”

Ginney beamed at her stepmother’s compliment.

“I have your panties, dear,” Martha said, holding up the frilly white garment. “Why don’t you get down from there and I’ll help you put them on. But watch your step; you made quite a mess on the floor.”

Ginney blushed deeply when she saw the large puddle of lubricant and pussy juice that had collected on the floor in front of the exam table.

Ginney’s legs had fallen asleep after being nearly vertical in the stirrups for 4 hours. Nurse Alcott took her hand and helped her climb down gingerly from the exam table.

Martha got behind Ginney and told her to lift first one leg and then the other so she could slide the panties on. Martha took her time with this, inching the panties up Ginney’s long legs slowly so she could enjoy the silkiness of her stepdaughter’s perfect skin. She paused when she reached Ginney’s ass.

Martha lifted up the young schoolgirl’s plaid skirt and stuck her head right up there, bringing her face within inches of Ginney’s lovely bottom. Ginney could feel her stepmother’s hot breath on her sensitive anus and pussy. After a long moment, Martha pulled Ginney’s panties up the rest of the way.

Ginney was pleasantly surprised to discover that the large blob of lubricant goo from this morning was still in the seat of the panties. It felt absolutely delicious when, as a final touch, Martha wedged the gooey panties into Ginney’s pussy and asscrack with her fingers.

“There we go, nice and snug,” Martha said, grinning in Nurse Alcott’s direction.

“All right, now run along, dear. We wouldn’t want you to miss your last class today, too,” Martha said, giving Ginney a wink and a final pat on the bottom.

Ginney kissed her stepmother and said goodbye to the nurse, and then hurried off to class, enjoying the squishy sensation of the goo in her panties as she walked with an extra spring in her step and sway of her ass.

Rectal Therapy

Wednesday, after missing most of the school day due to her thorough colonic and sigmoidoscopy, Ginney had rushed home half expecting to receive her usual Wednesday night exam despite the rigorous medical proceedings that had already consumed most of her day. However, she had arrived home to find only her stepmother waiting for her. Martha told her to be ready, however, because Nurse Alcott might show up at any time that night to treat her bowel infection. So poor Ginney had spent the entire evening wondering if her sore, tortured bottom could possibly take any more abuse from yet another grueling physical exam.

Ginney sat on the couch anxiously after dinner and tried to watch TV, but couldn’t get her mind off of her sore bottom and the ordeal it had already gone through that day. She hoped the nurse wouldn’t suddenly appear at the door, but fully expected it to happen.

Around 9 o’clock, Martha marched Ginney up to her bedroom and ordered her to strip completely.

“Oh God, please not more,” thought Ginney as her stepmother helped her disrobe.

Martha explained that Nurse Alcott might not be coming over tonight, so they were going to take some preliminary measures to help treat her bottom. She made Ginney get into the knee-chest position on the bed, with her fanny high in the air. She then inserted a soothing aloe-vera lotion suppository that she said would help make Ginney’s sore bottom feel better. She ordered Ginney to spread her asscheeks wide apart with her hands and then turned on a large fan that was pointed straight at Ginney’s bottom. Ginney moaned as the cool stream of air tickled her sensitive anal opening.

Martha explained that this “aeration” treatment would help prevent her infection from spreading and told Ginney to hold her current position until she returned to the room.

Martha returned an hour later to find Ginney still obediently holding her position: face down on the bed, bottom high in the air, and asscheeks spread wide apart. She contemplated forcing Ginney to remain this way for another hour, but decided to let her stepdaughter get some much- needed rest: she had another big day ahead of her tomorrow.

Martha informed Ginney that unfortunately Nurse Alcott had other affairs to attend to and thus would be unable to treat her infection that night. She told Ginney to get some sleep before she turned off the lights and left the room, leaving the naked teenager to her own devices.

Ginney was relieved when she found out that the nurse wasn’t coming over and that she could get some well-deserved rest. However, as she drifted off to sleep, her relief began to fade. Much to her surprise, Ginney became aware of an entirely different and unexpected feeling. Back in a dark corner of her mind, a part of her was actually DISAPPOINTED that her school nurse hadn’t shown up at the door, ready and willing to poke, prod, and stretch her sexy backdoor, continuing the obscene invasion of her body that had already gone on for countless hours that day. Ginney realized that she was really starting to take a liking to Nurse Alcott, but even so, these dark hidden desires to have her body violated both startled and confused the young teenager. As much as she tried to ignore them they were always there in the back of her mind, and certainly in her developing young body, which seemed to have a mind of its own these days.

Thursday afternoon, Ginney found herself rushing home from school for the third day in a row. Tonight promised to be much more eventful than last night - she was sure of that. Martha had given her a big soap stick before she left the house that morning, so right away Ginney knew something was up. Sure enough, she was summoned to Nurse Alcott’s office during school for the third day straight. She was forced to skip lunch again so that she would not be absent from any of her classes.

During her exam Nurse Alcott gave her a thorough high volume enema as usual to clean her out. She then inserted a lubricant suppository in Ginney’s bottom, which prompted Ginney to wonder if she would be receiving another colonic today. The prospect of that excited her very much. Nurse Alcott’s sensual touch had given her multiple orgasms during the administration of her enema and the insertion of the suppository, and she looked forward to the possibility of more.

Nurse Alcott informed Ginney that she would be excused early from school again this afternoon. She stressed that Ginney absolutely had to be home by 4 o’clock sharp - it was of extremely high importance.

Thus, Ginney found herself practically running home this afternoon to receive her rectal exam - she didn’t want to disappoint her stepmother and the nurse by being late.

When she reached her house, Ginney threw open the door and ran inside, panting feverishly from the vigorous walk/run home from school. She found her stepmother and Nurse Alcott waiting for her inside as expected. She was somewhat surprised to see Nurse Alcott wearing the same sexy nursing outfit Martha had worn yesterday during her in-school exam. This was no accident - Susan was enjoying wearing the sexy costume that had been clinging to Martha’s gorgeous body only a day ago, and she had an excellent reason: she purposely hadn’t washed it. The skintight outfit got quite soiled during yesterday’s proceedings, as Martha hadn’t been wearing any type of underwear. In fact, when Susan pulled the white spandex shorts on this afternoon, she was delighted to find that the crotch was still a bit wet from Martha’s sexy pussy juice.

Martha, on the other hand, was wearing a low-cut, shiny black latex halter and a matching micro- mini skirt along with a sexy pair of shiny black thi-high boots. This didn’t sit well with Ginney; although she thought her stepmother looked very pretty, she knew that whenever she wore black, it usually meant she was in a particularly foul mood.

Poor Ginney was quite nervous now and hoped desperately that she had made it home on time. She walked gingerly over to her stepmother to give her a kiss hello.

Just as Ginney leaned in with her sexy red lips pursed to kiss Martha on the cheek, she was rocked by a vicious slap right across the face.

“OW!” screamed Ginney, and immediately began to cry.


“N…N…Nooo..” Ginney whimpered through her sobs.

“It’s ten after four! I can’t believe you! First you were late for your exam at school yesterday and now you have the audacity to be late for today’s treatment! We are trying to rid you of a serious bowel infection. I’d think you’d be a lot more grateful than this! What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?”

“W..W..W..Well…maybe if you would actually let me wear a watch…” Ginney began.

“WHAT!” Martha interrupted Ginney with another wicked slap across the face. “That does it! You know that it’s not ladylike to wear a watch and that I forbid it! You are expected to be on time anyway! Across the couch, young lady! NOW!”

Ginney’s heart sank - Martha’s orders meant that she was about to receive an especially severe punishment. She shuffled over to the large couch in the family room reluctantly, crying the whole way. She took the dreaded required position obediently, standing facing the back side of the couch before bending over at the waist as far as her flexible young body allowed across the top of the couch. In this position, she was practically suspended: her toes just barely reached the ground behind her. Ginney reached back and hiked her plaid skirt up above her waist, exposing the lacy white panties covering her curvaceous rear end.

Martha and Susan enjoyed the enticing sight of Ginney in this compromising position, noting that her shapely legs in the white knee-high socks appeared to be even longer and sexier than normal. Above them, her pantied bottom was prominently displayed, just waiting to be probed and violated in any way the two older women saw fit.

Breaking her reverie, Martha approached Ginney and roughly yanked her panties down to her mid-thigh with one hard tug, bringing Ginney’s lovely naked bottom into full view. Ginney’s current position automatically caused the firm globes of her buttocks to spread wide apart, exposing her puckered, winking anus to Martha’s hungry gaze.

“My, my, what have we here, young lady?” Martha asked playfully as she inspected the inside of Ginney’s panties. “Skid marks!” she proclaimed triumphantly as if she had just found gold. “Someone’s dirty little bottom has made quite a mess in her frilly little panties. No wonder you have a bowel infection, walking around in filth like this all day!”

“Oh, no!” thought Ginney. That was just what she needed. Her stepmother, being as fanatical as she was about anal health, could not stand skid marks. She had warned Ginney about them numerous times, but invariably, she always seemed to end up finding them in Ginney’s panties. “But how could this have happened today?” Ginney wondered. Her behind had been practically spotless all day. She hadn’t used the toilet even once (she rarely did these days). Somehow, she just couldn’t seem to solve her problem with skid marks no matter what she did. The only conclusion she could draw was that she must just have an especially dirty bottom.

“Nurse, take a look at this filthy mess,” Martha said to Susan as she turned Ginney’s panties inside-out. Sure enough, brown shitty streaks covered the delicate, lacy material that formed the seat of Ginney’s panties. But what Ginney didn’t know was that the stains had absolutely nothing to do with her anal hygiene. This morning, Martha had taken a pair of Ginney’s panties and rubbed them all over her own dirty rear end. She had dropped the dirty panties off at Nurse Alcott’s office and the nurse secretly switched the dirty pair with Ginney’s clean pair during her exam at school. It excited both Martha and Susan very much to know that Ginney had been walking around school all afternoon unknowingly wearing panties that were smeared with her own stepmother’s shit.

“My goodness!” exclaimed Nurse Alcott in mock surprise. “That’s deplorable! Why, everyone would have bowel infections if they walked around in filthy, disgusting panties like that!”

“You hear that, Ginney?” said Martha sharply, “You have no one but yourself to blame for this. I have warned you about this time and again, but obviously you just don’t want to listen to me. You just can’t seem to wear a pair of panties without making a nasty brown mess of them, can you?”

Suddenly, Martha reached down and yanked back on Ginney’s panties as hard as she could, ripping them in two. The remains of the flimsy garment fell unceremoniously to the ground at Ginney’s feet. The small cuts she had made along the side of the panties with a pair of scissors this morning made this task easier, but no less dramatic.

“That takes care of that pair…we’ll see about the rest later,” Martha said mysteriously. “As for you, young lady, you’re in deep trouble! Between your tardiness and your dirty panties, you have shown a blatant disregard for my authority and for your own health. Obviously, you are in need of stronger discipline. I’m afraid I have no choice but to resort to the riding crop. You deserve it.”

Ginney was terrified now, Martha could tell. Her whole body trembled visibly as she cried in anticipation of the pain she was about to experience.

“Nurse Alcott will be assisting me with you punishment, Ginney,” Martha said. “She is just as appalled by your behavior as I am.”

Martha returned in a moment with two riding crops: one for Susan and one for herself.

“All right, nurse. I think this is self-explanatory. Just whack away from top to bottom. Watch and learn.”

Martha wasted no time in delivering the first devastating blow to Ginney’s helpless bare backside with the riding crop.


“Owww!” Ginney howled from the sharp, stinging pain. She began to cry in earnest now.


This first blow was followed quickly by a second blow from Nurse Alcott, which intensified the stinging and the tears streaming down Ginney’s face.

Martha and Susan proceeded to pepper Ginney’s bottom with a constant barrage of stinging blows, and they did a very thorough job, covering every square inch of flesh from Ginney’s ass all the way down her legs to the tops of her tall white socks. Ginney balled like a baby the entire time; the pain was almost unbearable. Although she loved her stepmother and appreciated what she was trying to do for her, the whippings and other severe punishments she sometimes received just didn’t seem necessary to Ginney. Over time, they had become slightly easier to endure, but they were still quite an ordeal.

The whipping went on for what seemed like hours to Ginney until the last crack of the riding crop finally snapped across her bare bottom. Martha and Susan stood back and admired the results: the whipping had turned every once of nubile flesh from Ginney’s bottom down to her knee-high socks a very deep shade of red, almost purple.

“Ok, Ginney, now answer me. Are you going to disobey me anymore?” Martha asked in a condescending tone.

Ginney felt totally defeated both physically and mentally. “No, mother,” she answered meekly.

“That’s what you think, dear,” thought Martha. She planned on punishing Ginney at least twice a week from now on. This was another very important part of her stepdaughter’s training and development into a proper young woman.

“Very well then,” said Martha. “You can turn around now, Ginney.”

Ginney slowly rose from her position over the couch and turned to face them. She was still crying a bit and her entire face was flushed a deep crimson.

“Oh you poor thing,” said Martha in a sympathetic tone. “Your mascara’s running. We certainly can’t have that. We’ll get that fixed later. Right now, I’m sure that sore bottom of yours could use some lotion. Come dear, up on the table.”

Ginney hurriedly laid down on her stomach on the kitchen table, anxious to get some relief for her burning, stinging flesh. This was the usual place for the sensual lotion massages that always followed her frequent punishments. The strategically placed table was situated directly in front of an enormous bay window that overlooked the backyard, giving anyone behind the house a perfect view of the erotic proceedings taking place within. Martha was pretty sure that the boy next door, Brandon Watson, could even catch a glimpse from his bedroom window as it had grown quite dark outside. She certainly hoped so for his sake!

Martha hiked up Ginney’s skirt and spread her legs wide apart on the table. She was very pleased to see that despite Ginney’s dramatic crying and carrying on, her pussy had actually gotten quite wet during her punishment. She was progressing very nicely. The first time she had been whipped, she had shown no signs of arousal at all. Martha was very well versed in the sexual response of young ladies, and she knew just what her young stepdaughter needed. As these whippings became more frequent and as Ginney’s training progressed, she was sure Ginney’s arousal would grow to the point where she would actually begin to thoroughly enjoy these types of “punishments”.

Ginney was very grateful to feel her stepmother and Nurse Alcott begin massaging lotion into her sore bottom and legs. The soothing lotion caused the pain to gradually fade from her tortured flesh. Eventually, the pain disappeared almost completely and was replaced by a gradual warmth that started in her bottom and spread all the way down her legs.

It felt so good to be rid of the pain and just be warm and tingly all over. But that was just the beginning. As her stepmother and Nurse Alcott lovingly massaged the lotion all over Ginney’s teenage cunt and sensitive asshole, the warmth she felt eventually became a blazing heat that lit a fire deep within her creaming pussy and winking rear entrance. Every nerve ending on her entire hind quarter from her ass to her thighs was ablaze with sensation. The whipping she had just received made the entire area extremely sensitive. Deliciously so.

“Oooh….Oh, Yes!….Mmmm….Gawd….my ass…mmmm….my aaasssss…” Ginney moaned.

With her stepmother rubbing her pussy and the nurse working on her hot backdoor, it wasn’t long before Ginney was overtaken by a spectacular orgasm, causing her to flop around on the kitchen table like a fish out of water while screaming at the top of her lungs. She was so loud that Martha wondered if Brandon could hear it from next door.

After giving Ginney a few moments to recover, Martha decided it was time to keep the evening’s proceedings moving along.

“All right. Now that that’s out of the way, we do have some very important medical business to attend to this evening,” she announced. “Ginney, why don’t you run upstairs and fix your makeup. You know how important makeup is, so make sure you do a good job, but as soon as you’re finished come straight down to the exam room so we can get started.”

“Sure…Mom,” Ginney replied with a little smile in between breaths. She was still panting from her orgasm.

“There. Now that’s a good girl, Ginney,” Martha answered while patting Ginney on the head. “It’s amazing what a little discipline can do.”

Martha flashed Ginney a mischievous little smile that Ginney returned before she ran upstairs to take care of her makeup.

Ginney meticulously applied her makeup in front of the mirror in her room. Once she felt it was absolutely perfect, she made her way down to the exam room in the basement.

“Wonderful job on the makeup,” Martha said upon seeing Ginney enter the room. “You look very pretty.”

“I agree,” Nurse Alcott chimed in. “You should really think about doing some modeling sometime.”

Ginney smiled and blushed at their compliments. She realized that she really did enjoy looking pretty for them.

“Ginney,” said Nurse Alcott, “we really didn’t expect to be delayed today, but your outrageous behavior gave us no choice other than to punish you. So, for the sake of time, I’m going to have to ask you to forgo your usual exam gown and just remove your clothes so that we can begin tonight’s exam.”

“All of them?” asked Ginney.

“Why yes, of course, dear.”

“Ok, I guess,” thought Ginney as she began to strip.

Compliments rained down from Martha and Susan as more and more of Ginney’s sexy young body was exposed to their lusting eyes. Ginney had to admit that although it was a bit embarrassing to be totally nude in front of her stepmother and school nurse, she really loved the attention she was receiving.

At last, Ginney stood before them in all her naked glory, her perky 36C tits seemingly defying gravity as they jutted out proudly from her chest.

“All right Ginney, up on the table with your feet in the stirrups,” ordered the nurse. “We must get started.”

Ginney did as she was told, assuming her usual position on the OB/GYN table with her feet up in the stirrups, legs splayed out wide and tilted up at an almost 90 degree angle, and her bottom hanging in midair a good foot off the front end of the table.

Nurse Alcott and Martha both noticed with amusement that although Ginney was completely nude, it still looked like she was wearing her knee-high socks. The flesh from Ginney’s bottom all the way down to her knees was still a nice dark shade of red from the severe whipping she had received earlier, but below the knees Ginney’s tanned legs were the usual golden color. The boundary between these two regions outlined the top of where her socks had been perfectly, thus creating the illusion.

Ginney peered down between her wide open legs to see her stepmother applying a liberal amount of lubricant to Nurse Alcott’s gloved hand. She continued working all the way down the nurse’s arm to her elbow. Ginney realized that Nurse Alcott was about to stick her entire hand up her bottom.

“Yes!” thought Ginney as a shiver of excitement shot through her nude body. Ever since the first time the nurse had accomplished this feat two days ago, it had felt better and better to Ginney each successive time. Her stepmother had already performed this wonderfully lewd act once this morning and Nurse Alcott did it twice during her in-school exam, but Ginney’s eager rear end was ready for more.

“Ok, Ginney. The first item of business will be to remove the lubricant suppository from your behind,” Nurse Alcott announced.

The nurse then proceeded with the now-familiar procedure that Ginney had quickly grown to love. She buried her arm in Ginney’s ass all the way up to the elbow and then proceeded to dissolve the remainder of the suppository by giving Ginney a good assfucking with it, which as usual was quite well-received by her young patient. It was amazing how accustomed Ginney had become to having the nurse’s entire fist and forearm shoved up her ass in just three days.

Nurse Alcott brought Ginney agonizingly close to orgasm, but removed her hand before Ginney could get off.

“Fetch me a hypodermic needle,” Susan said to Martha.

“Uh, oh,” Ginney thought. “Am I going to get a shot?”

“Now, Ginney,” began Nurse Alcott, “as you know, we are going to treat your bowel infection tonight. And in order to do so, it turns out that I have to stick a very large device way up inside your bottom. So, to help you with this, I’m going to inject a bit of Novocain around your asshole to numb the area. This may hurt a bit, but trust me, you’ll need it later.”

Inject Novocain around her asshole with a needle? Ginney definitely didn’t like the sound of that. Besides, how big could this device possibly be? Her stepmother and school nurse had been sticking their entire hands up her bottom on a regular basis lately. Could it be even bigger than that?

“Ok, let’s try to make this quick and painless,” said Nurse Alcott, knowing full well that it would certainly not be. She then injected the first shot of Novocain about 1cm out from Ginney’s lovely brown hole, right at the point where the crinkled flesh of her rosebud met the smooth flesh of her bottom.

“OWWW!” squealed Ginney as a sharp pain shot through her most sensitive and private area. The tenderness and soreness from her earlier punishment made it even worse than it would have been otherwise.

Nurse Alcott held the needle in and waited. She only wanted to inject enough Novocain to numb Ginney’s asshole - she wanted the rest of the nerve endings in Ginney’s ass to retain their sense of feel during tonight’s procedure. But she also wanted to make sure she used enough to numb Ginney’s browneye for the entire lengthy duration of the treatment. It was a delicate balance, but Nurse Alcott was a professional and happened to be very good at her job, a job she took great pride and pleasure in doing.

Nurse Alcott removed the needle from Ginney’s bottom after several seconds. It seemed a lot longer than that to Ginney. She was relieved to get a break from the stinging pain. But it returned only a moment later as the nurse injected the needle again in a different spot, maintaining a distance of 1cm from Ginney’s anal opening.

“OUCH!” Ginney yelled. She continued to groan until the needle was finally removed again.

“Nurse, please no more,” she begged. “This really hurts and I’m already very sore back there from my punishment.”

“Ginney, there are several more of these to go,” replied Nurse Alcott. “If I don’t give you the rest of them you’re going be a in a lot more pain later, believe me. You’re going to have to just bear down and deal with it.”

In all truthfulness, the nurse knew that she could easily numb Ginney’s asshole with just one larger shot of Novacain. But it was so much more fun this way.

“Remember, Ginney,” added Martha, “that this is all your fault. If you hadn’t insisted on using the dirty public toilets and cavorting around school all day in filthy, shit-stained panties, then none of this would be necessary.”

Ginney wasn’t totally convinced that this actually was all necessary, but she also realized that her stepmother had a point: she had no one to blame for it but herself.

Ginney began to cry during her third shot of Novocain. She really wished now that she hadn’t been so naughty. Why couldn’t she have just listened to her stepmother? Ginney felt terrible, and by the time Nurse Alcott pierced her delicate flesh with the tenth and final shot, the waterworks were in full gear.

“All done!” Nurse Alcott announced cheerily after she completed the final shot of Novocain.

“Thank God!” exclaimed Ginney.

Martha frowned at Ginney’s comment. “Really Ginney, that couldn’t have been nearly as bad as the punishment you received earlier.”

“Well…I guess not,” replied Ginney, choking back tears. “I mean, I lived through it, right? And it was a lot shorter than my punishment was. And I’ve definitely been in worse pain than that. I mean, all Nurse Alcott really did was just stick a tiny little needle in my butt a few times, right? I guess it wasn’t really all THAT bad.”

“It certainly appears that way,” Martha replied wryly as she noticed the juices glistening in the folds of Ginney’s cunt.

“That’s the right attitude to have about these things, Ginney,” said Nurse Alcott. “Always try to remember that this is all for your own good, and believe me, once I explain the next part of the exam to you, you’ll understand why you need the Novocain. Martha, bring over the dilators.”

Martha wheeled a cart over the right side of the OB/GYN table. Ginney saw that the cart contained a whole set of strange looking black cylindrical devices made of hard rubber. Each one of them had a bulb at one end and was flared at the base. Ginney had never seen anything like them before.

“Now Ginney, you’ll recall that earlier I told you that in order to treat your bowel infection, I need to stick a very large device in your rear end,” Nurse Alcott said. “Now in order to help prepare your bottom to be able to accommodate such a large device, we’re going to use these.”

Nurse Alcott pointed to the objects on the cart. She picked up the smallest one and continued with enthusiasm.

“This, Ginney, is an anal dilator. It is used to stretch your asshole to a particular diameter; in the case of this small one here, only one inch. We will begin by inserting this dilator in your bottom, and gradually increase the size from there. Each dilator will be inserted for a specified period of time, which will increase as the size of the dilator increases. The idea is that after each dilator is removed, your asshole will remain open - or in medical terms, distended - at that diameter. In this way, by inserting dilators of gradually increasing size, your asshole can be stretched to a very large diameter. For our purposes today it will be very large indeed: we need to stretch your asshole until it reaches 3 inches in diameter. This is actually the maximum diameter the bone structure allows for; at least, for penetration it is. The asshole is an incredibly elastic organ and actually can be stretched even further than that for therapeutic purposes. But at least for tonight, we won’t be going quite that far. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here is the last dilator that will be stuck in your rear today.”

Nurse Alcott placed the 3 inch dilator in Ginney’s hands.

“OH MY GOD!” Ginney gasped. It was enormous! It looked so big and scary in her trembling little hands. This gigantic black thing was supposed to fit in her ass?

Martha and Nurse Alcott were thoroughly enjoying watching Ginney struggle with the idea that the enormous thing she was holding in her little hands could somehow fit in her bottom.

“Now you see why I gave you the Novocain,” said Nurse Alcott.

“Oh, Nurse!” Ginney cried, her eyes wide with fear and disbelief. “This couldn’t possibly fit in my little bum!”

“It can and it will, Ginney. I performed this procedure on countless patients when I used to work at the hospital. It’s very common,” Nurse Alcott lied. “Besides, it’s the only way to get rid of your bowel infection other than undergoing a painful and dangerous operation that would keep you in the hospital for a long time. You don’t want that do you?”

Ginney shook her head solemnly.

“All right then. I’d like to have your full cooperation with this,” replied Susan.

“Do what the nurse says, Ginney,” barked Martha. “It’s for your own good.”

Ginney took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Ok.”

“Excellent,” replied Nurse Alcott. “We’ll begin with this little one-incher here. This should be a piece of cake for you by now.”

Susan and Martha were both very excited and anxious to begin the dilation. They had measured each other’s hands and found that they were only about 2 1/4 inches wide, so tonight’s 3 inch dilation would be by far the widest Ginney’s anus had ever been stretched.

Martha helped Nurse Alcott lubricate the dilator a bit and then the nurse wasted no time inserting it in Ginney’s rear, making sure the correct portion of the dilator was even with her patient’s asshole.

With the Novocain working on Ginney’s backdoor, she could barely even feel the small dilator.

“Ok Ginney,” said Martha. “Nurse Alcott or I will be back periodically to change your dilator. To keep you entertained in the meantime, I’m going to put on an educational video. You will watch two programs tonight, and they’re both excellent. The first deals with a very appropriate topic for tonight: the health risks associated with wearing dirty panties. Hopefully, something will finally sink in after you watch this program. God knows I’ve tried to get through to you. The second one is a documentary on the widespread popularity of colonics with many of the aristocratic young ladies in Europe. Based on the strong interest you showed when Nurse Alcott mentioned Princess Di yesterday, I think you will enjoy it.”

Martha pressed some buttons on the control panel on the wall and a panel in the ceiling directly above Ginney’s head slid back revealing a special built-in TV. Ginney had no idea that the room was equipped with this at all. She wondered what else might be hiding in the custom-built exam room.

Martha and Nurse Alcott left the room, leaving Ginney alone to watch the video with the dilator protruding from her shapely bottom.

The video began with the host, a very attractive young woman in a nursing uniform, stating that startling new, cutting edge medical research had uncovered many serious potential health risks associated with female undergarments.

The show transitioned to an interview with a doctor. The doctor explained how women’s panties are a natural breeding ground for all types of bacteria. With the help of pictures and computer graphics, he described how bacteria from feces and vaginal secretions thrive and fester in the warm, moist environment provided by panties, multiplying at an average rate of 1 million per second. He added that encasing the three sensitive female holes - the peehole, the pussy, and especially the asshole - in this cesspool of germs all day posed numerous serious health risks, including a great number of different infections and diseases.

Ginney found all of this to be very eye-opening and also very disturbing. It all seemed perfectly logical to her. In fact, she was actually surprised that none of this had occurred to her before. It seemed so obvious now. Of course panties were dirty, disease-ridden things. How could they not be?

“How’s the video so far?” asked Martha as she entered the room, startling Ginney.

“Oh Mom, you were so right!” replied Ginney. “It’s only been about 10 minutes so far and I’ve already learned so much! I can’t believe I never realized how foul and nasty panties are. I’m so sorry for disobeying you, Mother. I really deserved my punishment tonight.”

“Well it certainly took you long enough to figure it out,” replied Martha as she removed the dilator from Ginney’s ass. “I’ve been trying to get through to you for quite a while now. Maybe from now on, you’ll actually listen to me.”

“Oh, I will. I promise.”

Martha was pleased to note that Ginney’s asshole remained open the desired one inch after the dilator was removed. The dilation was working perfectly so far.

“Ok Ginney, now I’m going to insert the next dilator. This one is 1 1/2 inches,” said Martha.

This dilator went in just about as easily as the last, and again Ginney could barely feel it.

“I’ll be back later, dear. Enjoy,” said Martha as she switched the video back on before leaving the room.

The next part of the video was an interview with a solemn but very pretty young girl who looked to be about the same age as Ginney. The girl spoke very seriously about the problem she’d had for years with soiling her panties. She even held up a pair of her dirty panties in front of the camera to demonstrate. The camera zoomed in very closely and Ginney could see that the satiny material of the panties was riddled obscenely with long, brown shit stains.

“They look just like mine!” thought Ginney.

The girl then went on to tell the horrifying story of how she had gotten hepatitis B as well as a nasty urinary tract infection. She described in great detail all of the painful, debilitating symptoms as well as the horrible ordeal she went through to get treatment. The poor girl was on the verge of tears by the time she finished the story.

Only after years of extensive treatment and several remissions were they finally able to cure all of her health problems. She has subsequently stopped wearing panties altogether and follows a strict regimen of regular, frequent enemas. Much to her delight, she has experienced no further medical problems in the two years since she started going around pantyless. In fact, she’s become an incredible specimen of perfect health: she hasn’t even gotten a common cold. She has vowed to never wear panties again for as long as she lives.

To close out the interview, the girl offered a final piece of advice: if you really want to be safe, NEVER wear panties, and ALWAYS be sure to shave your bush. To prove her point, the girl uncrossed and opened her legs, revealing her pantyless, cleanly shaven teenage pussy.

“Hmmm…well, I think that just about covers it - or in this case, uncovers it,” said the host warmly. “Thanks for the wonderful and very informative interview.”

“Whoa!” thought Ginney. That interview had scared her to death. She realized that she was actually very lucky to have only contracted two minor infections so far. Ginney knew that this girl’s haunting interview, and especially her final words of advice, would stick with her long after she finished watching the video.

“Ok Ginney, time for your next dilator,” Nurse Alcott called out cheerfully as she entered the room and paused the video. “What’s the matter, dear? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“It was the video, Nurse,” Ginney replied. “They interviewed this girl who suffered from all these terrible health problems. And it was all caused just from wearing panties!”

“Well maybe now you understand why your mother and I have been so concerned about your health lately, and why you were punished so severely for coming home with dirty panties.”

“Oh, I understand now. You were right: I deserved it. But I swear I’m going to be a good girl from now on. Really, I will.”

“Well you’d better, young lady,” replied Nurse Alcott firmly. She then proceeded to remove the dilator from Ginney’s rear.

Ginney’s asshole was now distended 1 1/2 inches. Nurse Alcott thought her young charge looked quite appealing in her current state: buck naked with her feet up in the stirrups and her wide-open asshole prominently displayed. She tried to insert the 2 inch dilator into the pulsating brown hole, but encountered some resistance for the first time this evening. However, a few stern looks and several twists of the dilator were all it took to get it inserted in the proper position between the young girl’s bright red bottom cheeks.

Ginney realized for the first time that the Novocain hadn’t numbed her asshole completely; she could feel a definite stretching sensation once the larger dilator was in place.

“All right, I’ll let you get back to your video,” Nurse Alcott said as she turned it back on and then left the room.

The video continued, alternating between interviews with concerned doctors and solemn young girls. Each doctor further explained the potential medical problems caused by the bacteria found in women’s panties. These included, but were not limited to: hepatitis, E. coli, ringworm, hemorrhoids, genital warts, yeast infections, bladder infections, bowel infections, and even rectal cancer. Each girl told a very emotional story about the horrific health problems they had experienced before they stopped wearing panties. Many of them openly wept during the interview. The stories shocked and unnerved Ginney: some of the girls had almost died in the hospital!

“Wow, this is really serious!” Ginney thought. While the video really frightened her, Ginney also found it incredibly fascinating. She was beginning to understand why her stepmother had been a nursing major in college before she dropped out to marry her father.

Martha came in after a while and successfully inserted the 2 1/4 inch dilator. This took a bit of effort on Ginney’s part, but eventually her anus expanded enough to accept the hand-size device. With this dilator, Ginney actually felt a bit of mild pain from the stretching for the first time.

Ginney continued watching the video, which concluded surprisingly with a feature on bras. “There couldn’t possibly be any health problems caused by bras, could there?” Ginney wondered.

This segment consisted of an interview with a good-looking young doctor and featured what seemed to Ginney like an inordinate amount of footage of him groping and fondling this woman’s gorgeous D-cup tits, presumably for medical examination purposes.

The doctor explained that bras restrict the flow of blood to the breasts and that good blood circulation is essential for healthy breast tissue, especially the nipple area.

“Wearing a bra is really like suffocating your breasts,” lectured the doctor. “This is especially true for women with large breasts because blood must flow further from the center of the body to reach all of the breast tissue.”

“Well that makes sense,” thought Ginney.

The doctor went on to explain that recent medical research indicated that a host of health problems were linked to poor blood circulation in women’s breasts. These included rashes, painful swelling of the breasts, hardening of the breast tissue, loss of sensation in the breasts, inability to produce breast milk, breast deformities, nasty breast infections, and even upper respiratory problems like bronchitis. The most frightening thing, however, was when the doctor revealed that preliminary research indicated it might also be a strong contributing factor to the development of breast cancer.

“To summarize,” the doctor concluded, “if you want to have healthy, firm, supple breasts and also avoid some serious health problems, my advice is to simply STOP WEARING BRAS. This is particularly important if you wear a C-cup or higher. Remember the larger your breasts are, the more the blood circulation is restricted, and therefore the more prone you are to suffer from many if not all of the serious health problems that we just discussed. Now, if you do feel the need to wear a bra on certain rare occasions, I highly recommend that you wear one of those nice shelf bras. They provide a good amount of support to enhance your cleavage, but leave a good 3/4 of your breasts completely exposed, including your nipples.”

“Thank you, doctor,” the host said. “Hopefully many women out there will heed your warning, especially our big-breasted viewers.”

Ginney was certainly convinced: with her large 36C tits and propensity for soiling her panties, she knew she was at an especially high risk to end up like one of the victims she had seen on the video, maybe even worse. But she was a bit concerned that she would feel too exposed without a bra and certainly without panties. Most importantly, she didn’t know how her stepmother felt about all of this. Like most things in her life, this really wasn’t her decision to make, so she decided not to worry about it for now.

Just as the program ended, Martha appeared once again to change Ginney’s dilator. Ginney thought it was odd that her stepmother and Nurse Alcott always just happened to show up right when there was some type of break in the video.

“Well Ginney, I certainly hope you enjoyed the first educational program of the evening,” Martha began. “I’m sure you have many concerns after viewing that tape. Don’t worry, we will address those later tonight. But first, we have other business to attend to…”

Martha picked up the next dilator, which was 2 1/2 inches in diameter, and held it up so Ginney could see it.

“Ginney, this next dilator is wider than anything that has ever been stuck in your bottom before, even my hand. That means that from here on out, the dilation procedure will require special effort on your part. I expect nothing but your complete cooperation, young lady. This is medically necessary and the only way we can treat your infection.”

She then asked Ginney to assist her by placing her fingers in her ass and pulling out to stretch the already gaping hole even wider.

Ginney was extremely cooperative as she was still strongly affected by the video she had just watched. However, it still took quite a bit of maneuvering and elbow grease to get the huge dilator in place.

“Owww, Mom. This one hurts even with the Novocain,” Ginney complained.

“Well you’d better get used to it, dear, because it’s going to be in your bottom for quite a while and they’re only going to get bigger after this.”

Not waiting for a reply from Ginney, Martha started the video and then promptly left the room.

Ginney decided the best thing would be to try and ignore the painful stretching of her asshole and give the video her undivided attention. Since it was supposed to be about colonics, Ginney was sure that wouldn’t be very difficult to do.

The second program began with a lovely young lady bent over an enormous four-poster bed in what Ginney assumed was a large castle somewhere in Europe. The girl was completely naked with the exception of a pair of black, very high spiked heels.

“Nurse, shall we begin?” the girl asked over her shoulder with a strong British accent.

An older, but equally sexy woman in a nursing outfit walked into the picture, kneeled down behind the girl, and began applying lubricant to her puckered browneye.

“Oooh….Oooh…” the girl moaned as the nurse inserted a finger in her bottom.

“Please hurry, dear nurse. I beg of you,” the girl pleaded anxiously.

“Right then. All set,” announced the nurse after a moment.

The nurse brought over a colonic machine and began inserting the plastic tube into the patient’s cute little bottom. Ginney noticed that the tube in the video was much shorter and not nearly as big around as the tube that had been used for her colonic yesterday.

“Ooh…Yes…that’s the stuff!” the patient said breathily as the tube began to disappear between the firm round globes of her ass.

Once she had inserted a good 10 inches of the tube, the nurse opened the tap and began the flow of water. At this point, the camera angle changed to a view of the patient’s face.

The patient’s eyes were closed and she had a big smile on her face. She was also panting and moaning with reckless abandon. Obviously, she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“That must be what I look like,” Ginney thought. This mental image shot a chill of excitement through her whole body, all the way down to her creaming pussy.

The title of the program suddenly appeared on the screen superimposed on top of the moaning girl: “Royal Colonics: Behind Closed Doors”. Ginney had a feeling she was really going to like this program!

As a matter of fact, once she got a few minutes into it, Ginney realized that she absolutely LOVED it.

The program basically consisted of intimate and detailed looks at the colonic irrigations of several young aristocratic European women. Ginney was surprised that they even showed the contents of the girls’ royal rear ends draining out through the plastic tube each time they expelled the water. Despite the air of feminine daintiness the sophisticated young ladies carried themselves with, their cute little fannies were anything BUT clean. Each one expelled a healthy stream of brown water along with copious chunks of shit that were much larger than anything Ginney would have thought their little bottoms were capable of producing.

“I guess they don’t actually shit gold bricks after all,” Ginney giggled.

Each girl’s colonic was followed by an interview during which the girl gave a glowing testimonial on the numerous health benefits of colonics and discussed why she enjoyed receiving them so much. Ginney was impressed by how many different countries the girls were from: England, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, you name it. “Colonics really must be the hottest thing going throughout all of Europe,” Ginney thought. She was very grateful that her stepmother and Nurse Alcott had allowed her to be one of the lucky girls that got to experience them here in the States. She secretly hoped she would begin receiving them on a more regular basis.

Much to her surprise, Ginney found herself becoming quite aroused as the show continued. It was so different seeing a colonic performed from an observer’s point of view rather than being the patient. Not that being the patient hadn’t aroused her: it certainly HAD. But after seeing these beautiful young girls receive their colonics, Ginney realized that all of the various medical procedures she had endured under her stepmother and Nurse Alcott’s care thus far were actually very sexy. “Wow, Nurse Alcott must really love her job,” Ginney thought. It did seem like the nurse had taken a more personal interest in her exams lately, but Ginney dismissed this idea for the time being as it seemed a bit far-fetched to the naive young teenager. “No, actually she’s probably very professional…But I know I definitely wouldn’t be!”

Ginney grinned wickedly as all sorts of naughty thoughts ran through her head. At this point, she couldn’t resist: she just had to touch herself. She began rubbing her sopping pussy wantonly with both hands and moaning softly as she continued to enjoy the video.

Martha and Nurse Alcott watched Ginney approvingly as she masturbated to the sexy video. As usual, the hidden camera in the exam room was recording Ginney’s every move and broadcasting it onto the huge 59 inch TV in Martha’s bedroom; the two women had been secretly watching their horny young patient the entire time. They were absolutely delighted that she was playing with herself.

“It’s amazing how fast she’s progressing,” Martha remarked proudly. “She couldn’t have responded any better to the video than this.”

“You’re right, Martha,” agreed Susan. “She’s such a wanton little girl. I can’t imagine anyone responding better to the training than she has so far. Before we know it, she’ll be a world-class submissive, bisexual anal whore.”

“Well you know what they say: like mother, like daughter,” replied Martha with a smile.

The two women then exchanged a hot french kiss and started playing with each other’s pussies. They both really got off on the erotic, life-size image presented to them on the huge screen: Ginney completely nude laying on the table with her legs spread wide by the stirrups, affording them a completely unobstructed view of the huge black dilator stretching her anus while she openly masturbated to a video depicting girls her own age receiving colonics. It was truly a beautiful thing. So beautiful in fact, that Nurse Alcott almost forgot to go down and change Ginney’s dilator. Almost, but not quite.

Nurse Alcott threw open the door and breezed into the exam room merrily, startling poor Ginney who obviously had become very engrossed in the video, not to mention her other “activities”. The young teenager quickly pulled her hands from between her legs and tried to look innocent. But her flushed complexion and the copious pussy juice covering her fingers and perfectly manicured nails left no question as to what she had just been doing: something that she just hadn’t been able to resist even though she knew she might get caught, and something that her stepmother and Nurse Alcott were secretly very proud of.

The nurse pretended not to notice and got on with the business of changing Ginney’s dilator.

Nurse Alcott was able to insert the 2 3/4” dilator with little or no fuss from Ginney. In her horny state, Ginney was actually really enjoying the sensation of the huge, cock-like stretcher. Of course quite a bit of effort was required to accommodate the incredibly large device, but Ginney was more than happy to comply.

“Only one more to go, Ginney,” the nurse informed her as she left the room.

Ginney immediately resumed playing with herself as soon as Nurse Alcott shut the door and the video came back on.

Ginney was right on the verge of cumming when her stepmother entered the room twenty minutes later.

“Ginney, I hope you’re ready for the Big Guy now,” Martha announced with a note of anticipation in her voice.

This time, Ginney didn’t get her hands away from her dripping cunt until Martha was well into the room.

“Oh, God! She probably saw that!” Ginney thought. But her stepmother remained just as businesslike as Ms. Alcott had been, seemingly oblivious to Ginney’s lewd display of self- gratification.

“Ginney, you’ve been very cooperative so far,” Martha said, “but this next part is really going to be challenging: it’s time to insert the 3 inch dilator. According to Nurse Alcott, many patients struggle with this at first, so you should feel very proud of yourself once we get this thing stuck in your bottom. You’re a big girl now, Ginney, so I’m sure you can do it. And trust me, you WILL do it…one way or another. This will only be as difficult as YOU make it.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Without even having to be told, Ginney stuck all ten of her fingers into her obscenely gaping asshole and pulled out with all her might. “Oww!” she winced from the dull pain. She couldn’t even imagine what this would be like without Novocain.

“That’s a good start, dear,” Martha cooed. “Here, let me help you.”

Martha’s fingers joined her stepdaughter’s as both of them concentrated all of their energy on stretching Ginney’s asshole to its physical limit.

“OH GOD! OH GOD!” Ginney exclaimed as her hole was stretched impossibly open.

Martha pressed on, tugging even harder on Ginney’s asshole. The elastic opening to Ginney’s rear expanded wider and wider still.

Finally, Martha hit a wall as the she felt the pliant flesh of Ginney’s anal ring bump against the bone surrounding her anal canal.

“Ok, Ginney. Now make sure to stay open nice and wide while I insert the dilator. Oh, and I want to warn you: because of its size, as the dilator is inserted, your entire sphincter will actually be forced up inside your pretty little rear. So instead of your asshole being on the outside of your bottom like you’re used to, it will be on the inside where it’s all nice and warm. Now this is perfectly normal and completely natural - not to mention extremely therapeutic - so don’t be alarmed.”

Ginney could barely pay attention to Martha as she struggled to maintain the 3 inch opening her stepmother demanded. Even with the Novocain, Ginney was still in a bit of pain.

Martha tried to begin the much-anticipated insertion, but it was very tough going.

“Push!” she barked.

“OOOH!” Ginney moaned as she pushed out with all her might, allowing the end of the enormous dilator to enter her straining bottom.

As the insertion continued at an agonizingly slow pace, Ginney experienced the indescribably odd sensation of her entire anal complex being forced up into her hot rectum. It was something that would be burned into her memory forever; a vivid and permanent record of an experience that regrettably was very rare amongst girls her age, an experience that she unknowingly shared with her stepmother.

It wasn’t easy, but after much pushing, twisting, and scolding, Martha was able to get the enormous dilator fully inserted in Ginney’s hot rear end. She stood back and noted approvingly how the obscene inversion of Ginney’s asshole had pulled the red, scarred flesh of her bottom cheeks inward, stretching the soft skin and making them even more taut and appealing than usual.

Ginney was happy to finally be able to relax. Taking the enormous device up her ass had been such hard work, she was actually sweating. “You know, this stuff is actually pretty good exercise,” Ginney mused to herself.

“Ginney,” Martha said, “this dilator needs to be kept in for a long time, so Nurse Alcott and I won’t be coming back in here for quite a while. I guarantee you we won’t be back before the video is over, so you will definitely be able to enjoy the rest of it in complete privacy…as I’m sure you would…” she paused and cleared her throat for dramatic effect, “prefer.”

“‘Complete privacy’,” Martha snickered at her own lie, “if she only knew the truth.”

Ginney blushed deeply. She wasn’t totally sure, but it seemed like her stepmother was being intentionally suggestive. She was embarrassed, but also very relieved - at last she could be completely uninhibited and give in to her body’s strong deviant urges.

As soon as Martha left the room, Ginney wasted no time: she immediately began working on her sopping teenage cunt. The sexy video was bringing her to new heights of sexual arousal. There was just something so exciting about watching these gorgeous teenage girls bending over and squealing as water was injected up into the sexy brown opening between the quivering mounds of their hot little bottoms. It was the most erotic thing Ginney had ever seen.

Mesmerized by the sexy images above, Ginney moaned with pure wanton desire as she rubbed her insatiable pussy furiously and bucked her hips wildly on the OB/GYN table, causing the metal stirrups to rattle as her tight rear end thrusted up and down rapidly in midair. Ginney paused frequently to suck on her lovely round tits, biting down hard on her engorged nipples as she slurped away like a sex-crazed slut. She even reached down occasionally to thrust the huge dilator back and forth in her ass, imagining it was an enormous cock fucking her hard and deep. The sensation this created as her inverted sphincter moved back and forth inside her ass was unlike anything she had ever felt before - her entire rear tingled with pleasure.

Ginney continued in this fashion, teetering on the edge of cumming for over a half hour. By the time the video reached its final scene, her entire body was drenched in sweat and she was close to losing her voice from moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs. Needless to say, her carefully applied make-up job was completely ruined.

The video’s grand finale was a group colonic featuring ten girls - all of them from different countries and apparently all of royal descent. Ginney was entranced as ten gorgeous young behinds filled the screen, all in a row. The girls started out lying side-by-side on their stomachs on a large cot - fully nude of course. Then, simultaneously they all rose up to a doggystyle position, pointing their sexy rear ends right at the camera and exposing their lovely winking assholes.

The girls received their colonics one-by-one from the pretty nurse while the others waited patiently in their sexy exposed positions, occasionally patting and rubbing each other’s bottoms.

Once all of the girls had received a good cleanout and expelled a lot of nasty brown waste through the clear tubing, the nurse slowly removed the colonic tubes from their lovely bottoms. The video ended beautifully as the camera zoomed in tight for an extreme close-up shot and panned slowly down the row of ten open, quivering assholes. This final image sent Ginney over the edge - she shrieked as her body was rocked by her fourth orgasm of the day.

Martha and Susan watched Ginney via the hidden camera with a wicked sense of glee - they were witnessing a wonderfully deviant display of pure animal lust. Ginney’s lewd conduct made them both feel incredibly proud of her - and incredibly horny.

As Ginney’s wild moans and screams filled Martha’s bedroom, they were matched by Martha and Susan’s equally loud moans of lust. Both women lapped eagerly at each other’s pussies and assholes as the moaning, writhing teenager on the huge 59 inch screen sparked some of the hottest sex they’d ever had. Martha was sure that she and Susan would be watching the tape of tonight’s episode again and again in the coming weeks.

Ginney lay motionless on the OB/GYN couch. It had been several minutes since the end of her exhausting marathon of self-gratification and she was still trying to catch her breath.

The door opened suddenly, snapping Ginney out of her reverie as her stepmother and Nurse Alcott entered the room.

“My, Ginney, you look rather flushed,” said Martha. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, Mother. I’m fine,” Ginney blurted out quickly, praying that her stepmother would not suspect what she had just been up to. She cursed herself for getting into this situation but realized that she couldn’t help herself - sometimes she was just too horny to have any self- control.

Thankfully, Martha did not pry any further.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed the video,” she said with a mischievous smile.

“Oh, yes. It was very…educational.”

“Good, dear. I’m sure now you really understand the medical value of colonics and why we decided to give you one yesterday. And as a nice little bonus, you got to see some very pretty European girls in the process.”

“Indeed,” Nurse Alcott chimed in. “But now its time to get on with the business of treating your bowel infection, Ginney. We still have a lot left to do, so let’s get started. Martha, please bring me the rectal tube.”

Martha retrieved the device from a cabinet and brought it over to Nurse Alcott. The 30-inch long rubber tube was similar to the one used during yesterday’s “colonoscopy”. It was only 1/2 inch in diameter at one end but gradually expanded to 2 inches at the other. The twist was that this tube had round, inflatable sacs spaced at regular intervals. Each sac was progressively larger as you moved from the small end of the tube to the larger end. The largest one, at the 2-inch end of the tube, was a huge cylinder that measured 7 inches long and a full 3 inches wide.

“What!” exclaimed Ginney with alarm when she saw the menacing device. “Oh my God! That thing is never going to fit in my rear! Are you kidding?”

“Oh will you stop it with the nonsense, Ginney!” scolded Nurse Alcott. “This device most certainly IS going to fit in your rear - it has to. Now there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about, you silly girl. This is actually a rather routine procedure in hospitals. Doctors use it all the time to treat bowel infections,” she lied. “And remember, this is the only way to treat your infection without an operation.”

“But,’s so BIG, Nurse.”

“Ginney, I don’t think you realize how ‘BIG’ your asshole has become tonight. Once we remove the dilator I think you’ll be quite impressed.”

“Well, I’m still be pretty nervous about this, Nurse.”

“Ginney,” began Martha, “listen to Nurse Alcott - she’s an outstanding nurse and her area of expertise just happens to be none other than the female bottom. And I don’t blame her since it’s by far the most important part of the anatomy, not to mention the most interesting - in this context I mean that in a medical sense of course.” She shot Nurse Alcott a conspiratorial smile. “Nurse Alcott has been gracious enough to put her unique expertise to work for your personal benefit, Ginney, and she’s not even getting paid to do it! If anything, you should be grateful. Besides, you don’t want to get rectal cancer like your father, now do you?” Ginney shook her head no solemnly. “Then I’m afraid you’re going to have to cooperate, young lady.”

“Well…OK, Mom.” Ginney didn’t sound very convinced.

“Good,” said Nurse Alcott. “Now let me explain how this treatment works while your mother lubricates the device.”

“Tonight we will cure your bowel infection by way of intense rectal therapy. As you can see, this rectal tube is a lot like the sigmoidoscope I stuck in your bottom yesterday. But you’re probably wondering what all the balloon-like sacs are for. The sacs actually contain the medicine that will be used to treat your infection.” This was another lie. The truth was that the sacs were just inflated with air and could easily be deflated by opening a valve on the tube. But Nurse Alcott wanted to insert the tube with the sacs fully inflated so as to maximize the stretching of Ginney’s bottom, particularly her pliant asshole. Besides, this way would be a lot more fun.

“Once the tube is inserted, you will receive a thorough enema, which I’m sure you are very used to by now. The sacs are water-permeable, so the enema fluid will mix with the medicine and distribute it throughout your bottom. This is the only way to fully medicate all the way into the depths of your rear end and completely wipe out your infection. Any questions?”


Ginney had a worried look on her face as she contemplated the daunting task ahead of her.

“OK, then let’s go ahead and get this dilator out.”

“Oh please do, Nurse. It’s really starting to hurt.”

Nurse Alcott slowly began pulling the enormous 3-inch dilator out of Ginney’s ass. Ginney moaned and groaned as her inverted asshole gradually moved out of her ass and back toward its normal position outside of her body.

Ginney sighed with relief as the nurse removed the last of the dilator from her ass and ended the painful stretching. Suddenly, she could feel the cool air from the room rushing in through her open hole. “Wow, my asshole must really be wide open,” Ginney thought.

Martha and Nurse Alcott paused for a moment to enjoy the incredibly hot sight in front of them. Ginney’s asshole was stretched obscenely open. The word “gaping” didn’t even begin to describe it. It looked like you could drive a Mac truck through it.

The glistening flesh of Ginney’s insides was clearly visible all the way up to the start of her lower intestine. Inside this passageway, the gooey lubricant from the suppository she had been given earlier was slurping its way out of the cavernous hole like a big load of cum and was beginning to puddle on the floor.

“Ginney, your mother is going to take some pictures now for your medical file.”

Martha got down on her knees only a few inches in front of Ginney’s gaping asshole and began snapping pictures with her polaroid camera from all different angles. Ginney was pretty sure she even heard her use the zoom lens a few times.

When she was done, Martha handed Ginney one of the pictures. “Take a look at your asshole, dear,” she said with a big smile.

Ginney’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when she saw the picture. Her asshole was stretched far beyond anything she had thought was physically possible.


“It certainly is, honey,” replied Martha happily. “It’s a full 3 inches across right now. You should be very proud of yourself, Ginney.”

Ginney was shocked, but in some strange way, she actually did feel a bit proud of herself.

“All right, I hate to break up all the fun, but we need to get this tube in your bottom,” Nurse Alcott interjected. “Martha, assume the Kleinfelter Position and then we’ll begin.”

Martha assumed the position, lying on top of her stepdaughter with her face inches away from the young girl’s pussy and her ass right in Ginney’s face.

Ginney could see directly up her stepmother’s leather micro-mini skirt where a surprise awaited her tender young eyes: she was shocked to discover that her stepmother wasn’t wearing panties - her gorgeous ass and pussy were right in Ginney’s face! Ginney couldn’t believe her eyes, but there they were - her stepmother’s most private parts were on display right in front of her! In fact, they were all she could see as they dominated her entire field of vision.

“She must already be following the doctor’s advice from the video,” Ginney thought. That made sense - her stepmother was a health fanatic after all. She realized that she probably should have been expecting this.

Ginney certainly didn’t mind anyway. This was even better than the video - now she actually had a hot ass and pussy right in her face. She found this view very arousing. In fact, she felt an incredibly strong urge to lean forward and plant a kiss right on her stepmother’s crinkled browneye. This disturbed her at first since it was her stepmother after all. “But at least technically we aren’t related,” she thought, “So I guess it’s OK.” Besides, she had been taught from an early age that she should never deny or repress her body’s natural desires. But unfortunately at this stage of her training and development, she was still much too timid to act on those desires.

“Are you comfortable, Ginney?” Martha asked, moving her ass even closer to Ginney’s face. “I hope I’m not smooshing your titties too much.”

“No, Mom. Not at all,” Ginney replied with more than a hint of excitement in her voice. “I feel great.”

Martha and Susan exchanged a devilish smile - they both knew Ginney was really enjoying the view.

“Ok, Ginney. Let’s get started,” said Nurse Alcott.

Ginney barely even felt it as the nurse slid the small end of the tube through her wide open hole.

Through Ginney’s gaping asshole, Nurse Alcott could clearly see the thick rubber tube slither ahead all the way to the first turn in Ginney’s bowels, where it made the turn with ease and continued snaking its way up the young girl’s spicy behind. The deviant nurse found this procedure to be an absolute joy.

“Uhh…” Ginney moaned as the tube rubbed against her sensitive internal organs.

Nurse Alcott performed this lewd invasion of Ginney’s rear end with an expert touch, twisting the tube when it got caught at the turns in Ginney’s bowels, all the while pressing ahead forcefully, burying the tube and the inflated sacs deeper and deeper into Ginney’s most private and delicate areas.

As usual, Martha rubbed Ginney’s belly and clit (mostly her clit) throughout the proceedings. Her manipulations had their desired effect - once again, Ginney found herself in an uncontrollably horny state. The hot clit massage combined with the feeling of the enormous tube snaking its way up her sensitive bottom was driving her wild. As she stared at her stepmother’s creaming hairless pussy and winking brown asshole, both resting tantalizingly close to her face, Ginney got a good strong whiff of her stepmother’s delectable private parts. “Mmmm…that smells wonderful!” she thought. “Especially her bottom!” Ginney felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.

“OOOH….GOD…OOH..” Ginney moaned sexily. “YES…..soooo….goood….mmmm….Nurse….go ahead, twist it harder…please….I was wrong….I can take it….I want it….GIVE IT TO ME, NURSE…GIVE IT TO ME…HAAARDER.”

Ginney was no longer afraid of the final enormous inflated sac. In fact, she couldn’t wait for it - she wanted to be RIPPED apart!

Nurse Alcott gave Ginney exactly what she was begging for, thrusting and twisting the sac-laden tube harder and harder into her lovely young patient’s behind. She paused when she finally reached the beginning of the huge 7 inch x 3 inch sac at the end of the rectal tube.

“All right, Ginney,” said Nurse Alcott. “You’ve done an excellent job so far. But now you’re really going to have to cooperate and concentrate for this final portion. As you will recall, your asshole was turned inside-out and then shoved up into your bottom when the 3-inch dilator was inserted. That is going to happen again this time, but even more so, my dear. Now this will be challenging, but trust me, you can do it. And believe me you WILL do it one way or another. If you don’t cooperate, I will have no choice but to force it up inside your bottom anyway. But if you want to avoid a nasty punishment, I suggest you do.”

Ginney wished the nurse would stop talking and start shoving the huge balloon up her ass.

Nurse Alcott tried, but the sac wouldn’t budge once it reached Ginney’s asshole.

“Martha, please provide some assistance,” Nurse Alcott said.

Martha wriggled forward a bit until her face landed directly on top of her stepdaughter’s engorged cunt lips. “Aaaaah…” Ginney sighed at this welcome contact. Martha sighed in turn as she felt her stepdaughter’s pussy juice coat her chin and sexy red lips. She inhaled deeply and enjoyed the musky smell of Ginney’s sex.

Martha reached down with both hands and pulled outward on Ginney’s already-gaping asshole.

“Come on, Ginney, push for me.”

Ginney pushed with all her might, determined to make the sexy opening wider still.

The sac moved forward and penetrated about 1/2 inch into Ginney’s hungry ass.

“OH MY GOD YES!” Ginney cried as her delicate anal muscles were flipped up into her rear.

She grunted and strained and continued to push as the sac thrusted its way up her bottom little by little. She accepted each new section of it eagerly, wishing that she would never reach the end of the enormous cock-like device.

Nurse Alcott thought the insertion was going splendidly. As the tube moved further and further into Ginney’s bottom, the sac pushed Ginney’s asshole further and further inside her bottom as well, just as Susan had hoped for. These experiments were so exciting! She could see the nubile flesh of Ginney’s rear become even more taught as it was pulled further and further inward with each thrust of the sac. The round globes of Ginney’s fanny were becoming tighter and sexier by the minute.

It was quite some time before they finally reached the end of the sac. Almost regretfully, the nurse gave one final push and the end of the sac disappeared into Ginney’s pretty bottom, leaving about 3 inches of rubber tubing protruding from her posterior.

Ginney was very proud of herself for taking the huge rectal tube and sac up her ass. But she was also very frustrated when she reached the end of it - she had been terribly close to cumming. She was equally disappointed when Martha got up off of her. She no longer had the wonderful view of her stepmother’s hot ass and pussy.

“There, now that that’s done, we can proceed with your enema, Ginney,” announced Nurse Alcott.

Enema. The word sent chills of excitement throughout Ginney’s body. It seemed like forever since she had received her last one, even though it had only been since lunchtime. Maybe she would finally get off!

Martha wheeled the familiar IV stand with the red 4-quart enema bag over to Ginney’s side. Nurse Alcott attached the end of the enema tube to the section of tubing protruding from Ginney’s rear end with a tubing adapter. She was about to receive yet another high enema.

“Here we go, Ginney!” Nurse Alcott opened the clamp and began the flow of water.

Ginney moaned as the warm water delighted her senses.

Nurse Alcott monitored the amount of water she was injecting into her patient’s rear carefully. She watched Ginney’s belly slowly expand as she took 1 quart of water with little or no fuss. However, when Ginney got close to the 2 quart mark, Nurse Alcott encountered some resistance.

“Please, Nurse, stop,” Ginney pleaded. “I’m full. I really can’t take anymore.”

Susan expected this as Ginney’s bottom was already very full from the rectal tube and the inflated sacs. Ginney already looked several months pregnant, which usually didn’t happen until the peak of a high volume enema. But despite these unusual circumstances, or perhaps even because of them, Susan was determined to reach Ginney’s normal current capacity limit of 2.75 quarts anyway.

Susan stopped the flow of water momentarily. “Young lady, you’re going to have to cooperate. This treatment won’t work if I don’t use enough water.”

“Besides,” Martha said mockingly, “who rubbed her naked little bottom all over the dirty school toilets? And who came home today wearing FILTHY, SHITTY PANTIES?”

“Your mother’s right,” added Nurse Alcott with a sneer. “You deserve this.”

Without warning, Nurse Alcott unleashed the flow of water again.

“OH, NO!….OH!…..GAWD!” Ginney groaned as the unrelenting flow of water expanded her already-bursting gut obscenely further. This was way beyond any enema she had ever received before.

After what seemed like an eternity to Ginney, Nurse Alcott stopped the flow of water at the 2.75 quart mark. She then closed the valve on the rectal tube to prevent any leakage of the water and disconnected the enema tube from the end.

“Ooooh…” Ginney groaned as she continued to struggle with her nearly impossible task. She felt more full than she had ever thought possible. Her huge stomach rumbled frequently as severe cramps set in.

“Ginney,” said Nurse Alcott, “the enema must be kept in for quite a while for this to work properly. Why don’t we get your feet out of those stirrups so you can sit up?”

Martha and Susan enjoyed the look of alarm on Ginney’s face as she realized that she was going to have to retain the uncomfortable amount of water for an indefinite period of time. Once they got her legs out of the stirrups, Martha and Susan had to help Ginney sit up - her grossly distended belly made it impossible for her to do it on her own.

“Let’s get you down from there Ginney,” Martha said.

Susan and Martha helped Ginney step gingerly down off the OB/GYN table. In addition to her belly, Ginney also had to contend with her legs, which had fallen asleep after being up in the stirrups for so long.

“We’re going upstairs now, Ginney,” said Martha. “Nurse Alcott will help you and I’ll follow right behind.”

Martha enjoyed the hot view as she followed Ginney and Nurse Alcott up two flights of stairs. Ginney’s bottom swayed back and forth suggestively as she slowly climbed the steps. In her current state, the soft skin of her asscheeks - still red from the whipping she had received earlier - was pulled together tightly towards her asshole, creating a behind that was even more deliciously firm and round than usual. The 2-inch wide tubing protruded out between the luscious mounds obscenely, looking like a huge black cock.

“Now the first thing we need to do while we’re up here,” Martha announced, “is take care of your makeup, Ginney. I don’t know how it got so messed up during your exam, but right now it’s unacceptable.”

“You want me to do it RIGHT NOW?” Ginney asked quizzically.

“Yes, young lady! Fix it RIGHT NOW!”

Ginney thought this was a very strange time to be fixing her makeup, but she knew better than to disobey her stepmother.

Martha and Susan followed Ginney into her bedroom where an extensive set of makeup filled the entire space in front of her dresser mirror. The two women watched with amusement as Ginney spent a good 20 minutes painstakingly removing and re-applying her makeup. She looked ridiculous doing this totally nude with her belly bulging out and the rectal tube sticking out of her ass.

“How’s that?” Ginney asked when she was done.

“Much better,” replied Martha. “Now, I want you to go through your underwear drawers and get out as many bras and panties as you can carry. Nurse Alcott and I will help you.”

Ginney gave her stepmother a confused look, but did as she was told even though she didn’t really understand what was going on. Perhaps Martha was going to go through each pair of her panties one-by-one and check them for skid marks. But why did she have to do this now?

After a few minutes, Ginney’s underwear drawers were empty and the three women each had a big heap of silky unmentionables in their arms. To top things off, Martha placed the remnants of the badly soiled panties Ginney had been wearing earlier on top of her stepdaughter’s pile, directly under the young girl’s nose. Ginney was overwhelmed by the scent of her stepmother’s shit each time she took a breath.

“All right, follow me, Ginney,” Martha ordered.

The three women descended the stairs carrying the piles of underwear. Ginney did this very slowly as she was still struggling with her enema.

At the bottom of the stairs, Martha led Ginney over to the large french doors that led to the patio outside.

Martha switched on the outdoor floodlights, illuminating the entire backyard. She told Ginney to put on the shoes that were waiting in front of the door. They were the sexiest pair of shoes Ginney currently owned: 4-inch white, strappy high heels.

“Wait a second,” Ginney said nervously. “Are we going outside?”

“We most certainly are, dear,” Martha replied with a smile. “Oh, don’t be such a prude - I’m pretty sure the neighbors can’t see into our yard all THAT well. And I don’t think any of them will even notice the big black tube sticking out of your bottom. Now march, young lady!”

Ginney was speechless: not only was her stepmother ordering her to parade around the backyard nude, she would have to do it with her belly sticking out obscenely from her enema and with a big black tube sticking lewdly out of her bright red rear end!

Ginney could think of nothing more humiliating, but she knew there was no point in arguing with Martha. She nervously slipped on her sexy shoes and followed Martha out the door.

Ginney had never felt so incredibly exposed as she followed her stepmother across the patio and into the backyard, teetering on her sexy heels. The industrial-strength floodlights illuminated the entire backyard in a harsh white glow that was only scarcely less bright than daylight. It was like being on stage. Ginney felt as if there were a million eyes focused on her nude body, boring lustfully into every pore of her nubile young skin. Incredibly embarrassed and humiliated, she quickly turned a deep shade of red from her face all the way down to her jiggling tits.

Martha stopped when they reached the middle of the yard.

“Set your pile down here,” she said to Ginney, pointing to the large, circular, built-in firepit in front of them.

“You want me to put this stuff in the FIREPIT?” Ginney asked with a look of disbelief.

“Yes, Ginney, IN THE FIREPIT. NOW!” Ginney set her load of bras and panties down in the ashes, followed by Martha and Nurse Alcott.

“Now Ginney,” Martha began, “I’m sure as you watched the video earlier that you were both shocked and frightened when you learned of the grave health risks associated with wearing panties. After seeing all of that disturbing footage, you must realize that this is certainly not something that should be taken lightly. I, for one, have already started following the doctors’ excellent advice as I’m sure you discovered earlier during your exam. In fact, being as health- conscious as I am, my pussy hasn’t touched the inside of a single pair of panties in years. I stopped wearing them back when I was only 18 years old after I learned about how bacteria and disease are spread in my first college nursing class.

“Now there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t start doing the same, Ginney. So tonight we’re going to burn all of your panties to make sure you are rid of the horrible disease-ridden things forever. But that’s not all, my dear. In light of the comments made by the last doctor on the tape, I’ve decided to play it safe and burn all of your bras as well.”

Ginney was certainly scared by the video tape, but the thought of never wearing underwear again was very disconcerting. After tonight, that extra layer of protection between prying eyes and her voluptuous tits, silky pussy, and shapely bottom would be gone, ripped away forever by her stepmother.

But, Mom,” Ginney complained, “that’s every single pair I own!”

“Exactly, my dear,” replied Martha. “That way there’s no chance you will ever wear them again. You might as well just forget about them completely - you have no need for those silly things now Ginney, none whatsoever. That should be crystal clear. In fact, if I ever catch you wearing a bra or panties again, I’ll spank your bare little bottom so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a month! Is that clear, young lady?”

“Yes, mother,” Ginney replied reluctantly, realizing her stepmother was not about to change her mind on the subject. “I promise I’ll never wear a single bra or pair of panties again.”

“Wonderful!” Martha replied with a big smile.

Now that she had been forced to accept her fate, Ginney nervously pondered what it would be like going through life without the protective undergarments she had worn for as long as she could remember. With great trepidation, Ginney pictured how exposed and naughty she would feel parading around school with only a thin layer of fabric between her most private parts and the outside world. Much to her surprise, her pussy instantly began to tingle with arousal! As much as she tried to deny it, a part of her actually found all of this very exciting.

Ginney’s stepmother handed her a big bottle of lighter fluid and told her to dump it all over her bras and panties. Ginney paused a moment, staring at the bottle and then back at the big heap of silky ladies underwear in the firepit. She still felt a bit scared about burning them - it seemed like such a drastic solution to her problem.

“Come now, Ginney, chop chop,” Martha prodded. “We don’t have all night.”

“Here we go,” Ginney thought to herself as she took a deep breath and began squirting lighter fluid all over every piece of underwear she owned.

Her stepmother made her continue until about half of the bottle was gone and the entire pile was literally drenched in the flammable liquid. Next she handed Ginney a box of extra long matches and told her to light a bunch of them and throw them onto the pile.

Martha and Susan watched with delight as Ginney prepared to ritualistically burn her entire collection of bras and panties in her own backyard right in front of the neighbors.

Ginney lit about ten matches and threw them onto the pile in all different spots. The copious amount of lighter fluid did its job and in a few seconds, she was standing in front of a roaring fire. A strange thrill went through her as she watched the big pile of bras and panties go up in flames - it was scary knowing her stepmother would make sure they were the last ones she ever owned, but it was also kind of a rush. Chills ran throughout her body as Ginney came to accept the fact that she would be braless and pantyless for the rest of her life.

“All right Ginney, that’s a good girl!” Martha cooed, causing Ginney to blush uncontrollably. “Now I want you to stay here until every last bit of that disgusting pile is completely burned beyond recognition. That might take quite a while, but I’m afraid that with that big belly of yours, if you sit you down, you won’t be able to get back up, so you’ll just have to remain standing the entire time. Nurse Alcott and I will come back out for you later. I’ll leave the bottle of lighter fluid out here so you can make sure the fire keeps burning.”

“But that fire is going to attract a lot of attention!” Ginney said with alarm. “If I’m out here that whole time, the neighbors will see me for sure!”

“Yes, they just might,” Martha replied hopefully. “And if we’re lucky, they’ll figure out exactly what you’re doing out here. That way, the entire neighborhood will know that you’ll be running around town braless and pantyless from now on. You’ll be setting an excellent example for the rest of the young women in the neighborhood, especially the ones with nice big tits like yourself. So, as I said before, we’ll come back out in a while to get you. DO NOT TRY TO COME IN BEFORE THAT AND DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE TUBE FROM YOUR BOTTOM.”

Martha and Nurse Alcott turned their backs and walked away towards the house without another word, leaving poor Ginney by the fire alone and speechless.

Ginney felt more humiliated than at any other moment in her life as she stood alone in the middle of the brightly lit yard stark naked with the exception of her high heels. It horrified her to think that any one of the neighbors might be watching her right now as she stood there on display with her belly obscenely distended from her enema and the big black tube protruding lewdly from between the red, scarred cheeks of her bottom, all the while tending to the fire whose sole purpose was to completely destroy all of her bras and panties. To make matters worse, she was in some serious pain as the unnatural inversion and stretching of her asshole was beginning to take its toll on her tortured body despite the Novacain she had been given earlier. On top of that, her large enema was becoming increasingly difficult to retain. The water boiled and churned in her gut, begging for release. Rubbing her tummy helped a bit, but she was still plagued by frequent cramps in her bowels. Add to all of this her sore feet from standing up the whole time in the 4” heels along with the chilly bite of the autumn air and Ginney was absolutely miserable. This was just too much for the poor young girl to take - her whole body shook as she broke down and began to sob uncontrollably.

Ginney was still crying her eyes out when her stepmother and Nurse Alcott finally returned to the firepit. It seemed to Ginney like they had been gone for hours. The fire had died out a while ago, making the night even colder and tougher on Ginney as she waited obediently for them in the nude.

Martha and Susan inspected the firepit closely. To their delight, every last piece of Ginney’s underwear had burned to a crisp - somehow Ginney had managed to keep the fire burning brightly despite her discomfort. A black heap of ashes was all that remained of the restrictive and unhealthy garments. Upon seeing this, Martha and Nurse Alcott congratulated Ginney and each gave her a big hug.

“Thanks,” Ginney said. “But can we PLEASE go inside now? It’s freezing out here and I REALLY REALLY need to release this enema.”

As soon as she was back inside, Ginney tried to make a break for the bathroom, but Nurse Alcott grabbed her by the arm roughly and stopped her. “Where do you think you’re going, young lady?” she asked sternly.

“The bathroom, nurse. I can’t hold this any longer!”

“Not so fast, my dear. You’ve done an excellent job of retaining your enema for almost an hour now, and I know this had been a real challenge for your pretty little bottom, but you can’t run off to the potty just yet. I’m afraid we still have more business to attend to in the examining room.”

“Oh nurse, do we have to?” Ginney whined.

“Ginney, you know we wouldn’t be doing any of this unless it was absolutely necessary,” the nurse replied, flashing Martha a conspiratorial smile.

Ginney squirmed as she was forced to get up on the OB couch once again with her legs locked firmly into the stirrups. She tried to ignore the pain in her bowels and listen as her stepmother addressed her.

“Ginney,” she began, “I just want to tell you that you should be very proud of yourself. You did a wonderful thing tonight when you burned your underwear and I expect your health to improve dramatically because of it. And once you get used to it I think you’ll find going braless and pantyless to be very comfortable and liberating - I certainly do. Now of course, you’re still going to have to wear clothes and to a lesser degree they do still pose the same risks as underwear - namely bacteria collection around your pussy and asshole and poor blood circulation in your tits. So, if you really want to be safe, when just you’re hanging around the house I recommend that you forgo clothes altogether and just walk around naked. This is entirely up to you of course, but it would show a strong commitment to your personal health and hygiene.”

Ginney could barely even think about what Martha was saying right now - the pain in her bowels was just too intense.

“Martha,” said Nurse Alcott, “please assume the Kleinfelter position.”

Ginney groaned as a bit of her stepmother’s weight fell on her distended belly. But she couldn’t help but smile as she was once again presented with a great view of her stepmother’s pretty asshole and pussy.

“Now that the medicine-filled balloons have had about an hour to soak in the water, we can continue with the next part of the procedure,” said Nurse Alcott. “Just like yesterday, I’m going to be thrusting the big black tube back and forth in your rear, sweetie. This will allow the medicine to mix with the water and be distributed throughout your entire bottom. You should feel the balloons gradually getting smaller as the medicine flows out of them.”

Nurse Alcott partially opened the valve on the end of the tube to release the air from the balloons. At the current setting, the balloons would deflate very gradually, affording the nurse plenty of time for a thorough reaming of Ginney’s ass.

Susan took a hold of the end of the tube with both hands.

“Here we go, Ginney!”

Ginney groaned loudly as the nurse shoved the tube forward a bit, sloshing the water around painfully in her busting gut. The nurse pulled back and the tube inched out a bit from Ginney’s tortured ass. She continued this rhythm, finding it possible to only move the tube an inch or so in either direction as the balloons were still almost fully inflated. Ginney felt as if her asshole was going to explode as it was pulled painfully back and forth inside her rectum.

As the balloons gradually became smaller, Nurse Alcott was able to thrust the big tube more and more vigorously in and out of her patient’s rear. Ginney moaned and groaned as her whole body shook from the hard assfucking. She tried to just concentrate on her stepmother’s pussy and asshole instead of the painful reaming, but it didn’t do much good in the beginning. Fortunately, Martha was massaging her stomach to try to alleviate her cramps - and paying a lot of attention to her pulsating clit. As these ministrations continued, Ginney could feel her pussy beginning to respond. She relaxed a bit more as the balloons continued to shrink, finally allowing her to expel some of her enema, most of which went all over Nurse Alcott, giving the sexy nurse her own special anal shower.

“Don’t worry about that, Ginney,” the nurse cooed. “It’s perfectly normal during this procedure. Don’t hold back, dear, just let it out. I don’t mind at all.”

The friction and stretching of the tube began to feel better and better to Ginney as the phony exam continued. Soon she was moaning with pleasure rather than pain and begging the nurse for more.

The best feeling of all was that of her asshole slowly moving back down out of her ass. It had hurt like hell going in, but it was exquisite coming out. Every nerve ending in the sensitive brown hole screamed with pleasure as it made its slow descent. Once the balloons deflated entirely it finally flipped back around with a delicious twist and returned to its usual position outside of her body. This incredible sensation sent Ginney over the edge and she screamed and wailed in orgasm as her stepmother rubbed her clit.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Nurse!” Ginney said with a blush once she recovered and her stepmother got down off the table.

Nurse Alcott was soaked from head to toe in Ginney’s wonderful enema fluid and loving her every minute of it. Her sexy outfit was now practically see-through. Her face was drenched and some of it had even gotten in her hair. “Don’t worry about it, dear,” she said with a big smile. “Like I said before, it’s OK. It’s perfectly normal for that to happen during this procedure. I was doused by my patients’ enemas countless times when I used to work in the hospital. It’s a regular part of being a nurse. Now let’s get you to the potty.”

The nurse led Ginney by the hand to the adjoining bathroom. She told Ginney to squat over the toilet, but not sit down. She then reached around behind the young girl and released the clamp on the tube protruding from her bottom. A torrent of water exploded out of Ginney’s ass and into the waiting the toilet. Ginney’s eyes grew wide as it felt like a volcano was erupting in her rear. Nurse Alcott left the embarrassed girl alone to finish her business.

When Ginney was all done in the bathroom, Nurse Alcott slowly removed the tube from her bottom. She then applied a lot of her special ointment to Ginney’s overworked hole and told her it would probably be very sore tomorrow.

With the day’s proceedings finally complete, the two older women sent their exhausted patient off to bed for a sound night’s sleep.