Gynecologist Visit

Kate arrived at the doctor’s office clad in a black leather mini-skirt, loose-fitting T-shirt with no bra, and black high-heeled shoes. Her breasts swung free beneath the cotton material, and the way it rubbed against her nipples made them poke out all the more. She was hot and in the mood. Kate’s new gynecologist was a major hunk, and she wanted to put up her best front just to see if she could spark something other than professional interest. She wasn’t expecting to be greeted by his nurse, working late that day. Luckily, the nurse didn’t seem put off by her appearance, and they chatted about this and that until Kate was feeling comfortable.

Nurse Julie ushered her into the examining room, and they continued talking until Julie had to remind Kate to get undressed for the exam. Kate looked surprised that she wasn’t being left alone, but the nurse explained that she had to take her vital signs. The woman watched as Kate disrobed, pulling the T-shirt over her head and off her arms in one smooth motion. Julie’s eyes flared as she saw the fullness of Kate’s globes and the way her swollen nipples revealed her state of arousal. Kate turned her back on her companion and lifted her left foot, placing it on a chair so she could remove her shoes. With the shortness of the miniskirt, she was aware that the nurse was getting an eyeful, but after all, this was a professional.

“What’s your name?” Kate asked as she started to wriggle her skirt down her legs.

“Julie,” was the reply.

“Have you been with Doctor Marcus long?”

Nurse Julie was distracted by the way Kate’s thin panties were pulled all the way up between the globes of her ass, defining and separating the cheeks. Her mouth watered as she replied offhandedly, “Oh, about five months now. I moved here from Minneapolis.” She watched entranced as Kate finished getting undressed, jerking the panties down and making her asscheeks jiggle delightfully, then tugging first one side then the other down her legs, giving the nurse quick glimpses of the light brown fuzz between her thighs. Finally Kate turned around and faced the nurse. Julie let her eyes travel quickly over Kate’s luscious features as she held out the paper robe. Kate put her arms in the sleeves, then turned around to let the nurse tie it in back.

Julie was taller than Kate, and had gorgeous red hair and smoky green eyes. Kate wondered what was hiding under the starched uniform when the nurse interrupted her thoughts, saying “Why don’t you climb up here on the table and I’ll get you all ready for the Doctor.” Kate took the nurse’s hand and soon was sitting on the table, her knees drawn up, the cool air of the office sending chills across her skin where it slipped through the open robe. Julie came around to her side and slid a thermometer into her mouth, then took her arm and placed her fingers on Kate’s wrist as she looked at a watch. After a bit, she released Kate’s wrist and wrapped a pressure cuff higher on her arm, pumping it up until Kate’s arm tingled, then bleeding the pressure off slowly. “The doctor will be just a few minutes,” the nurse said, “so why don’t I help you get ready for the exam ?”

The exam table was cold, the single sheet covering it threadbare, and Kate wiggled her ass from side to side trying to find a spot that wasn’t uncomfortable. The nurse slid a pillow under her head, and gave her a pair of socks for her feet. “Slide down the table and put your feet in the stirrups,” she said, and took Kate’s right leg in her hands to help. The nurse’s hands felt hot against Kate’s skin, and she could feel herself getting damp as thoughts of what the nurse’s hands could do ran through her head. She split her attention between cooperating with the way the nurse was putting her feet into the stirrups and trying to figure out what kind of figure was straining against the white uniform. “Now, I’m going to spread your legs to the right and to the left. Are you sure you are comfortable?” Julie asked in a sultry tone. Kate responded in a whisper, “Yes, very,” thinking she could feel the heat of the nurse’s eyes between her splayed thighs.

Kate wasn’t wrong about the nurse; Julie was licking her lips at having this delectable body spread out in front of her. “I am going to try to relax your muscles before the Doctor comes into to visit you, okay?” she asked. Kate nodded, and the nurse turned on the lamp by the table and aimed it between her patient’s legs. She reached out with her hand and pressed it against Kate’s belly, moving it around in wide strokes. As she rubbed, her circles became larger and larger, until she was brushing the undersides of Kate’s breasts at the highest point, and pressing the heel of her hand over Kate’s mons at the lowest. Her patient’s eyes were closed but she was humming, or maybe purring. Julie looked between the woman’s legs - her pussy was a deep red and flared open, the labia widening each time Julie pressed the heel of her hand down.

“Well, you certainly seem relaxed, but that speculum is rather large. Let me make sure you can dilate properly,” the nurse murmured, and slid two long fingers down the wet crease between Kate’s labia and into the snug hole waiting there. Kate drew a long, shuddering breath; the nurse’s fingers felt alive inside her, and the nurse was using her other hand to pluck at Kate’s sensitive nipples, first one then the other. Kate closed her eyes as moaned, “Ohhh, please… please…” Nurse Julie know what her patient was asking for, and she leaned down to rasp her tongue against Kate’s clit. She stroked it slowly, deliberately, while her fingers continued to move in and out of the girl’s cunt.

Kate couldn’t take the stimulation any more. Everything seemed hot. Her body was hot, the lights in the office were radiating heat at her, Julie’s fingers teased and burned and her tongue, oh her tongue on her clit… She started crying softly, “oh! oh! ohhhh!” and hunched up against the invading fingers, trying to drive them deeper as her body started tingling all over. Julie stroked her breasts as her body jerked from side to side, and continued stroking more softly when Kate went limp in a sensual fog.

“I think you’re ready for the doctor now,” the nurse said as she stood up.