Happy Thanksgiving

By Linda Roberts - [email protected]

Paul had a raging hard on as he drove home, reliving what had transpired during Thanksgiving dinner. Paul was new in town and had only met a few people. He had no family nearby and was grateful that his friend Mike had graciously invited him to his home to share dinner with him and Linda. He was glad he wasn’t all alone this year.

He had arrived on time, bringing a bottle of champagne for his hosts. The meal had been delicious, but there seemed to be some kind of tension between his two hosts. They barely looked at each other, and there were several periods of awkward silence. It was after Mike had made a petty little comment about the mashed potatoes being “a bit lumpy”, that Linda had slammed down her fork, stood and excused herself then disappeared into the kitchen. Mike had smiled sheepishly at him and then also excused himself.

Paul had sat there for a few moments sipping his champagne wondering if maybe he should leave, not wanting to interfere with whatever was going on between these two. His attention was snapped back into focus when he began to hear what seemed to him like flesh being slapped. Paul was a gentleman and just couldn’t stand by while a woman was being abused. He stood and went to the kitchen door. It was open just far enough for him to see exactly what was transpiring inside but not enough for his

presence to be noticed. His groin stirred as he took in the scene before him.

Mike was sitting in one of the kitchen chairs, Linda was draped across his lap, her skirt was flipped up over her back and her panties were pulled down to the back of her knees. Mike was in mid swing. When his hand finally met Linda’s naked bottom Paul could here the distinctive “smack” and also a muffled cry. Paul watched enthralled as Mike peppered each of Linda’s cheeks in turn. Her ass was becoming a nice shade of red. At one point Paul noticed that Linda tried to reach back and

protect her bottom. Mike had easily took hold of her wrist and pinned it down to her side, before continuing to paddle her backside.

Paul had never imagined how erotic it was to watch a woman’s naked bottom being spanked while being held over a man’s lap. Her panties jumbled around her knees, her feet kicking. The cries of pain and humiliation. The firm, hard hand smacking her bare cheeks, the occasional chastisement followed by an extra sharp smack. Her bottom becoming more and more red. He reached down to adjust his growing member.

Paul was a little disappointed when the spanking came to an end. He watched as Mike continued to hold Linda across his lap. He was leaning down, whispering something into her ear that Paul couldn’t hear, all the while rubbing his right hand across her red buttocks, sometimes running his hand down her thighs. Just as Paul was about to go back to the dinner table, Mike pulled the thermometer from his shirt pocket.

Paul froze, his breath becoming ragged. He watched amazed as Mike reached down with his left finger and thumb and spread Linda’s red cheeks apart. Paul was able to view not only Linda’s pink anus but also her pussy which seemed to be almost glistening. Paul’s penis began to drip some precum as he watched Mike slide the glass rod into Linda’s rectum. Mike held onto the thermometer for several minutes. Paul noticed how quietly Linda lay across Mikes lap, accepting as normal being treated in such a childish manner. It was only after Mike had pulled the thermometer from Linda’s rectum and held it up to inspect it that

Paul went back to the dinner table and gulped down some champagne. He was close to coming and had to take some deep breaths to calm down. When Mike and Linda returned to the dining room Paul noticed that Linda’s eyes were red and she was sniffling a little.

“Paul”..Mike said, “Linda hasn’t been feeling too well lately and I need to give her some medicine, do you mind if we leave you alone for a few minutes, this shouldn’t take long”.

“NO, no, of course not” Paul stammered glancing over at Linda who stood by Mike’s side. She was very quiet and wouldn’t look up at him. One of he hands was behind her, no doubt trying to rub some of the sting out of her bottom.

Paul watched Mike and Linda disappear down the hallway. He waited a couple of minutes before silently following. He was pleased to find the door to the master bedroom also open just enough for him to peer in. He gasped as he took in this new scenario. Linda was standing completely naked, her arms wrapped around her breasts. Mike was hanging up a large

enema bag onto an IV stand which was standing next to the end of the bed. Mike sat down on the end of the bed and grasped one of Linda’s wrists and pulled her over and across his lap. He positioned her so that her rear end, still bright red was at the high point, her head lay buried in her arms by his left side, her legs stretched out to his right.

Paul watched in fascination as Mike pulled a rubber glove onto his right hand. He also noticed how Linda jumped a little as Mike let the glove snap into place. Mike dipped his index finger down into the jar of vaseline that was placed next to him on the bed.

Paul unzipped his pants and reached into his shorts. He began to stroke his penis as Linda’s cheeks were spread apart and her pink anus came back into view. His stroking motion increased as he watched Linda’s head snap up in surprise as she felt Mike’s large lubricated finger first touch, then begin to enter her backdoor.

Paul imagined himself giving Linda a rectal exam, his own finger driving deeper and deeper into her tight anus and rectum. He sighed when Mike finally pulled his finger free of Linda’s rectum. He watched as Mike bent down once again and began to whisper into Linda’s ear, he wondered what commands Mike was giving to her.

Paul continued to watch as Mike stripped off the rubber glove, tossing it to the floor. He held still as Mike piled some pillows at the end of the bed and bent Linda over them. Mike grasped Linda about her waist and lifted her a few inches, setting her back down over them so that her feet hung down, not touching the floor, he reached between her knees and spread them apart.

Paul began stroking with renewed vigor as Mike grasped the enema nozzle and brought it close to Linda’s waiting anus. Paul gulped and stroked as Mike once again spread Linda’s cheeks apart and inserted the hard black nozzle. Mike gave Linda a final sharp smack before unclamping the hose. Paul could see the enema hose stiffen and he nearly came again when he saw Linda’s head snap up and her toes curl. He once again began to imagine himself giving Linda her enema, forcing her to take the whole bag, while he stood behind her holding the nozzle in, watching her reactions as the warm soapy water flowed down and into her, tightly grasping and stroking his penis while Linda moaned as the pressure built within her.

Paul increased his stroking to a feverish pace when Mike finally clamped the hose to the enema bag. Paul brought himself to a climax as he watched Mike unleash his penis and quickly slide it into Linda’s pussy. Mike fucked Linda, while forcing her to hold her enema in.

The rest of the dinner had been uneventful. The had finished the dinner and said good-byes.

“Do you think Paul enjoyed the dinner?”, Linda asked Mike as they stood washing the dishes later that night.

“Oh, I’m sure he did”, Mike answered, remembering the look he saw on Paul’s face when he had glanced up and saw him watching him taking Linda’s rectal temperature in the kitchen.

“I’m sure he did!, And by the way, Happy Thanksgiving Baby”..Mike whispered to Linda as they continued to clean up the dishes. Linda smiled to herself, remembering the look on Paul’s face as Mike had finally slid his large, hard penis into her while she lay over the pillows.