Head Nurse

I describe myself as a healthy male age 44 with little or no medical problems. However it has been some time since I had a good thorough checkup. As one gets older he or she see others around them having medical troubles and become concerned with their own lives. Looking through the yellow pages of the phone book, I found a doctor who seemed to perhaps fit my needs. Upon calling for an appointment, I was told that the doctor was out of town on vacation but his head nurse was seeing his patients for him. The receptionist informed me, they would be able to see me this Friday morning at 9:00 AM.

I was excited about getting a check up and making sure I was just as healthy as I could be.

Nervous but excited, I drove across town Friday morning dreading the agony of having to go through an exam and wondering just what this nurse was going to do. Upon arrival, I was told to have a seat and someone would be with me shortly. Seemed like the regular doctor office routine. After waiting there for what seemed like an hour, a door swung open as my name was called. “Mr. Collins,” the voice came from a very nice looking blonde. “Yes, right here,” I said as standing. As I followed her down a hall, I could not help but notice her shapely young legs and somewhat mature looking rear end. She appeared to be around thirty and very sexy.

I was escorted into one of the exam rooms where another nurse sat at a small desk. Without little as looking up she introduced herself as Head Nurse Gloria and I was told to remove my clothes. During my undressing the assistant began preparing the table with new tissue as I could not help but stare at nurse Gloria’s sexy crossed legs. Gloria appeared to be around 51 years of age, dark auburn hair, and a full figured woman. This head nurse was conducting herself in a very professional manner while wearing a very sexy short nurse uniform, exposing her legs with high heels. The young blonde assistant is told to be preparing for my exam. As I remove my clothes, the head nurse occasionally glances up, telling me to hurry up, she doesn’t have all day, she has more patients that need her professional help. I had stripped from the waist up and my pants were coming off. Her eyes looked toward my crotch as she rose from her seated position, I could not help or stop that funny feeling in my genitals.

Nurse Gloria walks over standing right in front of me. She looks deep into my eyes as I have a hard time looking back at her and tells me “lower your shorts.” She tells her sexy assistant to bring the tray of utensils she has prepared closer. Nurse Gloria reaches onto the tray and retrieves a pair of latex gloves and snaps them onto her large sexy hands. Still looking me in the eyes, her experienced hands begin to examine my cock and balls. I notice a slight grin in her expression as her eyes fall to her work on my genitals. She presses to the sides of my balls and has me to cough for her, then she does the other side the same while asking me if I have been having any noticeable problems.

I am told to go ahead and step out of my shorts. As I do so, Gloria tells me to lean over the exam table. Her assistant hand her a large rectal thermometer. Larger that I had ever seen before, perhaps used on animals or something. She takes some KY from the nearby tray and rubs al glob up and down the shaft of the thermometer, while telling me she prefers this type thermometer for it will get a much deeper and accurate reading. Her assistant donned with latex gloves also, reaches and pulls my ass cheeks apart as I feel the cold, large tip of the rectal thermometer touch my anal orifice. I immediately begin to squirm and she tells me in a sort of stern voice to hold still while placing her free hand down in the small of my back. Nurse Gloria begins the insertion into my rectal canal as she pushes the instrument deeper into my backside. Gloria tells me that she must push it up to the entrance to my colon in order to get the reading she needs. I hold still as I possibly can as I feel her expert hand guide the rectal thermometer to its destination.. “We are almost there now,” she says. “Just a little deeper now.” With one final push, she has it buried completely inside of me. As her assistant releases my cheeks, Gloria pats me on the ass cheeks and says, “You will be fine, just try to relax.” Her assistant sees to it that I don’t move as Nurse Gloria has a seat on her stool directly behind me. Gloria, reaches her right hand up and fondles my balls and takes notice to my swelling cock. I almost think I hear her say under her breath, “We are going to have to take care of this.” Five minutes passed before she nods to her assistant who spreads my ass cheeks again and Gloria grabs the protruding end of the rectal thermometer, pulling it from deep within my anal canal.

I stand up from being bent over the exam table. She tells her assistant that she is going to have to examine me further and nods. Nurse Gloria tells me, “Mr. Collins, you need to move up on the table now,” as her assistant pulls the stirrups into place. As I am helped up on the table, I am told to slide more toward the end. My feet are placed into the stirrups and fastened with leather straps. My wrists are quickly strapped to the sides of the exam table and another strap is places across and over my chest. “What is this I say in protest?” “Some patients want to protest and I can’t have you moving during what I’m about to do to you Mr. Collins,” Nurse Gloria says.

As I lay there naked and exposed to the eyes of two very sexy ladies, my blood pressure is checked, my heart rate is checked. Nurse Gloria holds her stethoscope to my chest and listens to my smoker’s lungs. She presses her experienced fingers into my abdomen feeling around which causes a little pain deep within.

Nurse Gloria positions her stool at the end of the exam table and has a seat. Snapping on a fresh pair of latex gloves over her hands she well lubricates her right hand with KY and tells me to just relax, she wants to feel up inside of me. I feel her expert fingers begin to part my anal rose bud and begin to invade my anal canal. Pushing deep inside saying that she feels some blockage, asking if I have had a movement recently. She takes her other hand and presses my abdomen almost allowing her fingers inside and outside to meet. I try to squirm with the sudden pain but the bonds have me held tight. “Yes we must do something about this, you have some impaction,” she says.

She advises her assistant to prepare a large volume enema with hot water and attach the double inflatable nozzle nozzle as this patient is going to need it. I hadn’t the slightest idea of what the head nurse was speaking of but it scared me and I begun to protest. Nurse Gloria pays my protests no attention as the assistant rolls the IV stand carrying a large enema to the end of the table. The head nurse quickly picks up the inflatable nozzle nozzle and begins lubricating it with KY. I had never seen anything like this before in my life. I’m told in a stern voice to hold still and she begins to push the nozzle inside my very exposed anal orifice. She tells her assistant to hold my head. “Now we are going to inflate the nozzle,” she says. What, what is she saying here, Inflate? The inflation bulb is squeezed very quickly and I feel the nozzle grow around my anal opening. She explains, “This will ensure no leaking and make holding the liquid volume much easier on you.”

She opens the valve and I feel the hot water hit my insides. When the cramps begin and I complain, she stops for a rest and then begins once again. “You will have to take the entire 4 quarts in order to make sure the bowel is clean,” she says sternly. The nurse massages my abdomen to ensure I take all the water and it reaches all the much needed places deep within. But the pain and cramps are terrible. “I need to go to the bathroom really bad,” I say. My stomach had distended to looking as though I were pregnant. After letting the enema soak and do its work for a few minutes, she opens another valve and allows the waste and water to escape my full bowels. She again pushes hard on my abdomen making sure I pass all out. She deflates the inflatable nozzle nozzle and slowly removes it from my enema raped ass. What I didn’t know, she had inserted another tube in order for the waste to pass back out and be removed. I feel weak and empty now.

The head nurse says that she must have a good look now to make sure I’m clean and have no problems up inside. She picks up a metal speculum (like she would use to examine a woman’s vagina) and after lubricating it begins to insert the instrument into me. Once inserted, she cocks the handle and my pour sore anal orifice begins to open and stretch. Once she has opened me as much as she possibly can without tearing me, she pokes and prods up inside with her expert fingers. She notices that my prostate may be just a little swollen, just as my tight and swollen cum filled balls.

She gently pats my cum filled balls and says, “We are going to have to empty these now.” I notice her give a nod to her assistant and the sexy young girl removes her skirt and panties. She moves to the head of the table as the nurse picks up the KY and applies lubricant to her entire right hand. I’m thinking OH NO! She begins working her fingers up inside my once tight opening as she tells her assistant to sit on my face and queen me. The sexy young assistant climbs up on the head of the table and lowers herself right down over my waiting face and mouth. The head nurse begins working her fingers harder in and out of my anal canal, with each time inserting them deeper and deeper, more and more of her hand was being buried inside. She is hitting direct contact on my swollen prostate as I lick and suck the sweet cunt juices from the blonde sitting on my face. “I’m going to force you to cum,” she screams to me. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, It…it feels soooo good. “Yes I know, and you will not be able to withstand much more now,” she yells. She informs her assistant to collect the semen sample as she picks up a glass vial to catch the large load that is building quicker than I can control. My breathing is almost cut completely off but I continue to lick and suck her delicious pussy and ass hole. “That’s it, suck that cunt and give me your cum, empty those swollen balls, I said NOW, YOU CUM RIGHT NOW,” she yells. And cum I did, the semen began spurting into the vial and filling it just as if it belonged there. It seemed as though my balls were being shot and pulled up through my cock. The head nurse then grabs my throbbing cock and strokes it saying “empty every last drop into the vial.” She stroked my cock until there was not one drop left and it was still heaving for more cum from deep down inside.

I was released from my bonds and cleaned by the blonde assistant with a warm, wet cloth. I was ordered by the Head Nurse to get dressed and report back to her in two weeks for a follow up exam.