Heather Explains about Examinations

By Anonymous


You asked for some info on my personal gyn experiences and what got me started on the sexual excitement about medical exams. I have thought hard about what got me turned on and sexually aroused about gyn and medical exams and I can’t really say it was a specific incident, although one of the most memorable gyn exams, besides my first, was with a doctor who suggested I watch my gyn exam, to learn about my body and the exam. This certainly had an effect on me and was a factor in my finding sexual excitement about exams. But there was always a little “something” about going to the doctor as an older child and adolescent that I can’t describe. The “something” feeling wasn’t being just scared, but was a strange mixture of being nervous, excitement that something different was happening, not knowing exactly what was happening or what they would do to you, the cool, sterile rooms and formality of the whole process and procedures. I know this is all kind of jumbled together, but the feelings are all mixed up. Maybe the feelings were a sort of sexual tension that I was feeling, but didn’t recognize as such due to my age. Like I said, I’m not really sure what it was that got me started thinking erotically about medical exams, but I think it was a combination of many things.

As a woman I know that I have to go for my exam, which isn’t sexual, really isn’t a “great time” and is still something that I dislike having to do. Yet there is this erotic and sexual side to the exam for me. It’s like two completely separate feelings constantly battling each other. On the one hand I have the typical feelings that most women feel about the exam and going to the gyn. And on the other hand there are these intense, incredibly erotic feelings which I have about gyn exams and medical exams.

There are several things about gyn exams that turn me on. There is the positioning, the equipment, the language and phrasing and the being touched. I get highly turned on by being in that position, with my legs spread wide. That is probably the thing that is the most erotic for me. Being in that position makes me feel vulnerable, open and humiliatingly exposed. Sometimes the position makes me feel receptive to touch.

Then there is the equipment. The stirrups and exam table, along with that disposable paper covering on it, gets me going. Sitting on the table and feeling that paper against my bare butt will make me start to drip with sexual excitement, if I let it. Don’t forget the stirrups. Just the mention of this word can cause a twinge of excitement in me, let alone having to place my feet in them. Then there are all the other things like the gown, the rubber exam gloves and the snapping noises they make as they are being slipped onto the Dr.’s. hands, the speculum and even the tube of K-Y or Surgi-Lube(another brand). All these things play a part in my excitement. When I walk into the gyn’s exam room and see all this, I have to control my thoughts. Thinking about them or reading about them in a story makes me hot.

Then throw in the fact that my sexual anatomy is being so thoroughly looked at and touched causes all sorts of feelings. The feelings range from embarrassment and humiliation to pure sexual lust. During an actual exam I feel pretty much the same way most women do, embarrassed and shy about being completely inspected like that. But at the same time I also worry that I may get turned on, especially if I think about it from the sexual perspective. So I don’t let myself think about that, or I would surely get aroused.

Then there is also the words and phrases that they use. Things like “get completely undressed, removing all of your clothes including your undergarments.”, “place your feet in the stirrups”, “your going to feel me examining your labia”, “the speculum may feel a little cool as I insert it” , “your going to feel me put my fingers into your vagina” and “here’s a tissue to wipe yourself with before you get dressed.” These are some examples, but hearing these sort of things has an erotic effect on me too. This, along with the fact that I am being “made” or “told” what to do. After having been to the gyn the first few times and now knowing exactly what was going to take place, that is when I found myself thinking erotically about being “told” to place my feet in the stirrups and spread my legs. Being “made” to expose myself and show this very personal and intimate side of me. It’s like this stranger, the doctor, telling me to and making me get undressed and expose myself. Then the dr. doing things to me that I don’t want done, but I have no choice over them being done to me.

I think I also found an erotic link to the pelvic exam after my third exam with a very conscientious and caring, young, female doctor who took the time to make me feel comfortable and a part of my exam. For the exam I wore only the paper gown and she didn’t use an extra drape to hide what she was doing so I could watch my entire gyn exam. She also raised the back of the table to an angle, making it easier for me to see. She told me exactly what she was doing during the exam as she did it and gave me a mirror to hold by my knee so I could watch more easily. Being able to watch exactly what she was doing during the exam while hearing her describe in detail what she was doing had an incredible erotic effect on me. I had a very hard time not thinking about that and getting turned on during the exam. I feared that I would get turned on and the dr. would think I was odd. After she told me to get dressed and she left the room, I quickly put my feet back in the stirrups, slid down, let my knees fall out to each side and began masturbating. I came in less than a minute. I then frantically jumped up and started to get dressed, fearing that the dr. or nurse would come back in and catch me. I have only masturbated on the exam table one other time. But both were extremely erotic experiences for me and probably some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

Once I had scheduled my exam during a lunch hour from work and took a cab over to the Dr.’s office. During the 15 minute cab ride I found myself thinking about my exam and all those erotic feelings came leaping into my mind. Well, by the time I got there I was so turned on that my labia were fully engorged and I was dripping wet. I knew I couldn’t go into the exam like that, so I told the receptionist when I got there that I had unexpectedly just started my period and would have to reschedule the appointment.

I find that playing doctor/patient games to be a big turn on. I have always been afraid to bring up the subject of my sexual excitement during exams with partners, for fear that they will think I’m weird. I have been fortunate to have one lover who got into playing doctor with me. This partner, Dave, and I were talking about future plans and I mentioned that I couldn’t meet with him one afternoon because I had a gyn appointment. A little later in the conversation he wanted to know if he could ask me a question about gyn exams. After a few typical questions, he asked me if he could go with me and be in the exam room during my exam. After the initial shock wore off, I asked him why he wanted to. After only saying that he was curious about what happened during the exam and what the experience was like for me, he admitted that he got turned on by the idea and would love to see me with my feet in the stirrups and legs spread wide. I couldn’t believe he said that and then I proceeded to tell him how I felt. Needless to say, we had some hot, passionate sex following that conversation. I never did let him come with me. Although, I often thought about how much I would really love for him to be there. I also explained to him that if he was there, me becoming aroused would be inevitable. That would be just too embarrassing for me and I didn’t want to take the chance. I knew if I became aroused during my exam with him there, the dr. would surely think I was strange.

I explained it to him from his perspective. If I were to accompany him during his physical exam, imagine how he would feel if he got an erection during the entire exam while the dr. was examining him. He completely understood. So we limited ourselves to occasionally acting out our fantasies playing doctor. He also liked for me to play doctor and give him a “male pelvic”, examining his genitals, rectum and prostate. Although I enjoyed being the doctor, I always enjoyed being the patient much more. I still love to play doctor, although I have not found any one since Dave that I am able to bring up the subject with and explore this side of my sexuality with in person.

I have found that the only way I can get through my exam without getting aroused is to masturbate before I go for the exam and then to absolutely not think about what is going on during the exam. But it is so hard to keep all of those erotic thoughts from flooding my mind while I’m laying there with my feet out in the stirrups and my legs spread wide. I started a routine for myself since my last two exams. I schedule my appointment on Friday morning and take the day off from work. After waking up I masturbate to relieve myself of sexual tension that the exam is creating, take a shower and go for my exam. After my exam I have a nice lunch. Then I go home and spend the rest of the day (and usually part of the weekend) with a thin rubber glove on my left “examining” hand and play with myself with my right, imagining all those erotic things I wouldn’t let myself think about during my complete and thorough gynecological examination.