Heather & Theresa Discuss Exams

By Anonymous

Yes I would love to discuss this with you. My first exam was a very terrifying experience that I will share with you, in detail, at a later time. Only have a couple minutes now. I have some friends and we love to play doctor with each other and I love to be the patient. I also love to talk with other girls and share what it was like the first time with feet in stirrups and seeing that scary looking speculum approach and go into us. Your profile doesn’t say if you are M or F. It does not matter but I would love to know. Tell me a little about yourself please and I will do the same.


Hi Teresa,

My name is Heather and I am obviously a female. I’m 24 and out of college in the working society, yuk! I’m in sales and marketing. I’m so glad that you are willing to discuss this. I was afraid that your profile was some made up info and that you wouldn’t reply, or would be offended by the message and request. I’m very glad your for real. I have kept my fantasies and burning desires about this topic mostly to myself. I think most people find it a bit strange to find this topic erotic.

At least I’ve gotten some peculiar looks and feedback from people when I have even touched on the topic. And I don’t consider myself to know or be associated with that many “small minded” people. I guess that I haven’t come across the right people. You must be very lucky to have friends that are into playing doctor, with you getting to be the patient. That must create some interesting scenarios. I’d love to hear about your play time with friends. Is it a mixed group of male/females? Do you use any props like a speculum, gown and drape or gloves or have access to table and stirrups? Do you perform “real and complete” exams as part of your sex play? Do you only play gynecologist or do you give genital/rectal/prostate exams to your male friends if they’re involved?

OK, sorry too many questions. I’m just curious because I have never been involved in a situation like that, especially with people willing to play doctor. You mentioned that your first exam was a terrifying experience. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a bad enough experience without it being terrifying. I’ll look forward to your detailed description about it as you mentioned. I don’t have time right now to tell you about my first gyn exam, but promise I will send you a detailed description as well. It wasn’t terrifying, but certainly nerve racking and anxiety filled and an experience that I was totally not prepared for. Such new experiences and sensations. Much more of that later. Thanks again for responding favorably. Looking forward to more chat.


Dear Teresa,

Following is my detailed description of my first gyn exam. Hope you enjoy. I’m anxiously waiting to hear about yours too.

My first gyn exam occurred at age 17 in a doctors office. The doctor was a female and was an internist, not an ob/gyn. She was in her late thirties or early forties. Although this doctor was not my family’s doctor, I had seen her since I was 14 for other medical issues. I had seen her about five or six times before going for my first pelvic exam, so she wasn’t a total stranger to me. Actually she had performed my first breast exam at age 14, so I was familiar with that portion. Not comfortable, but familiar, as I had had a breast exam only that one time.

I had messed around, heavy petting and necking, with a several guys but was a virgin at the time of my first exam. I was considering having intercourse with my boyfriend at the time and I new I wanted to be protected and not take any chances of getting pregnant. So I wanted to get some form of birth control and decided on the pill. I didn’t know that I needed to have an exam to get the pill, just that I had to get a prescription from my doctor. At that time I didn’t even know what a pelvic exam was. I knew that “women” had to go to the gyn when they were older but I didn’t know exactly what that meant, as far as what it included. When I called to schedule my appointment I told the receptionist that I wanted to see the doctor about birth control. She informed me that a complete physical would be done, including a pelvic exam. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure what a pelvic exam was and she told me that the doctor would look at my sexual anatomy. That’s all, nothing more. I was too embarrassed to ask any more questions and got off the phone with an appointment for the following week. I assumed that what the receptionist told me meant that I would have to lower or briefly remove my pants and underwear so the doctor could look at my vulva. I was embarrassed at the thought of having some stranger look at my genitals and having to expose myself and it made me nervous about going to for the appointment. But I figured that if I was going to become sexually active and be responsible, I would have to go through with it.

I was so nervous the day of the appointment that I almost canceled and didn’t go through with it. I got to the doctor’s office and checked in with the receptionist and was told to have a seat. About 15 minutes later the nurse called my name and took me back to an exam room. I was told to sit in the chair and the nurse asked me several questions about why I was there, what type of birth control I wanted, how I was feeling that day, questions about my most recent period and menstrual history, if I was sexually active, had been pregnant, ever had a sexually transmitted disease.

Then she told me to wait and the doctor would be in. A couple minutes later the doctor came in and read the chart and the nurses writing. She reviewed what was written and asked me a couple questions about the type of b.c. I wanted and why I wanted to be on the pill. She talked about the pill and how it worked and answered my questions. She then told me that she would need to do a complete physical and pelvic exam. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a cloth gown and told me to get completely undressed and put on the gown, tying it in back, and that she would be back in a minute. I had never been to the doctor before and had to get naked.

My stomach twisted in knots at the thought. I realized I would be covered but I was still going to be naked underneath. Would the doctor see me naked? Why would I need to be naked? I proceeded to get undressed, removing my clothes and bra and panties and slipping into the gown. The doctor knocked and came in and had me get on the scale to weigh me. I remember trying to hold the gown closed so my butt wasn’t hanging out. After she weighed me, she told me to sit on the table and she began the exam by checking my blood pressure, looking at my ears, eyes, nose, throat and feeling the glands in my neck. She asked me to untie the gown at the top and loosen it. She reached under the front of the gown with her stethoscope to listen to my heart and placed the cold metal against my breast and chest. She then placed it on my back and asked me to breath deeply.

She took the stethoscope out of her ears and told me she would do my breast exam next and told me to lower the top of my gown to my waist. But this time, instead of having me lay on the exam table, she had me remain sitting and asked me to raise my arms over my head, then place my hands on my hips and press down and then finally rest my arms at my side, all while looking at and watching my breasts as they raised and stretched and moved with my arms. As the room was a little chilly my nipples began to harden and stick straight out. I thought I would die of embarrassment from having my nipples get rock hard and being looked at so carefully. Then she told me to lay back on the table and place my hands behind my head as she continued the breast exam, feeling my breast with her finger tips, going around in circles, covering the surface of my breast. She then got to my hard nipple, looking at, touching and gently squeezing it as she examined me. To my surprise and embarrassment, this caused a spark of sexual energy and feelings as she touched me. Then she examined the other breast and nipple, causing the same reaction. Before letting me cover up, she pulled the gown down to the top of my pubic hair and felt my stomach and internal organs with her fingers. She pressed all around my belly and then told me to pull the gown up and slip my arms back into it.

She then announced that she would do my pelvic exam. She asked if I had ever had a pelvic exam and I said no. She said that she was going to examine my vagina, both externally and internally and take a pap smear to check for cervical cancer. She said it would only take a few minutes and “would be over before I knew it”. Of course I had no idea what all of this meant and wasn’t sure what I was in for, but nodded and agreed with her as if I understood. She didn’t bother to explain what she was going to do or exactly what a pelvic exam was, and I was too embarrassed and afraid to ask. During her brief explanation of the exam, I had sat up on the table and she had raised the back of the exam table to a slight angle and placed another sheet or cloth over my legs. The stirrups in this exam room were not extended and were tucked away under the table. She reached down and pulled out the stirrups, extending them to each side. She told me to place my feet in the stirrups and helped me by grabbing each ankle and placing my feet against the cool, plastic covered foot rest. She then told me to lay back and slide my buttocks down to the end of the table. I slid about 2 or 3 inches toward the end and she again said to slide down so my butt was at the end of the table. Again, another 2 or 3 inches from me.

This time she told me that I had to move further down and to keep sliding down until I felt her touch me. I slid down, trying to keep my feet in place and my legs closed together and suddenly I felt the back of her hand touch my buttocks/perineum/vulva area and about jumped off the table and out of the stirrups at the shock of her hand touching me. I settled in, on my back, starring at the ceiling, with my feet out to each side and my knees locked together as close as I could get them. The doctor went over to the counter and grabbed a pair of rubber exam gloves and snapped them on each hand. She approached the end of the table facing me and moved a lamp into place and turned it on and then sat on a low stool. The top of her head was just visible as she pushed the extra drape down slightly between my legs so that her head was a little more visible. She then told me to let my knees fall open to each side so my legs would spread apart. I thought that she must be kidding, as I couldn’t imagine totally spreading my legs apart so a stranger could look at my crotch. I didn’t flinch. She told me to relax and again repeated for me to let my knees relax to each side. Relax? She must be kidding. Before I could let my legs separate, I felt her gloved hands on the inside of each thigh as she directed, or pushed, my legs apart. I could immediately feel the hot, bright lamp against my exposed flesh. The anxiety and embarrassment was overwhelming. Here I was, feet placed out to each side and resting in these strange new things called stirrups, legs spread wide apart with my crotch totally exposed and a stranger looking at and examining me as I never had been before.

She said she was going to touch me and suddenly I felt her gloved fingers spreading apart my labia and her fingers feeling there way along each of my outer and inner lips, then briefly touching my clit and quickly feeling around my vaginal entrance. I say quickly, but it still felt like forever at each step. She didn’t really explain what she was doing, she just did it as she went, with me feeling each of these new sensations as they happened. Then she said she was going to do the internal exam using the speculum. I had no idea what a speculum was and she didn’t offer to show it to me before she used it. I saw her reach over to the sink, within arms reach, with this “thing” in her hand and quickly run it under water. I don’t think it was warm water either. I felt her fingers again spread apart my labia and I tensed as I began to feel a cold, metal, firm something slide into and penetrate me. I had fingers, soft, flexible, warm fingers inside me before. But this was very different. Cold and rigid, like nothing before. Suddenly she opened the speculum and I thought I was going to be split open and couldn’t possibly be spread that far. Never had I felt anything that “full” in me before. I tensed and the pain was real. She told me to relax and I tried. Slowly I relaxed or adjusted to the feeling of being spread apart by the speculum and the pain went away and I just felt completely opened up. I thought to myself that if this is what intercourse feels like, no thanks. Little did I know that the speculum spreads you much further than most guys could ever hope to. As she did the pap smear I could feel a slight pinch, but nothing more. Then I felt her begin to slide the speculum out of my vagina, without closing it.

There was a feeling of relief as the speculum slid out past my vaginal opening. She then stood up and announced that she was going to do the last part of the exam. About time I thought. I watched as she grabbed a tube of KY Jelly and smeared some on a couple fingers of one hand. Although this was all new to me, by watching her smear the jelly on her fingers, I had a feeling about what was going to happen. I was right. She said she was going to feel my uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. I felt her reach down and again spread my lips apart as she slipped her slick and cool feeling fingers inside me. Her fingers swept all around my vaginal walls and then I felt her push form the inside with the two fingers as she began to push from the outside on my belly. Another strange sensation. Not painful, except for the slight twinge as she felt my ovary. It felt as if I was being pushed and pulled in separate directions from the inside and the outside. As she began to remove her fingers, I started to breath a sigh of relief that it was over. That was until I was shocked by the feeling of her one finger being put back into my vagina as her other finger penetrated my anus and rectum. I had never had anything in my ass before, and this was a total shock and something I was not expecting at all. Nor had she bothered to mention or warn me that she was going to put her finger back in my vagina and another one in my rectum. The sensation of her finger, probing deeply in my anus and rectum made me tighten up and I was again reminded to relax as her finger continued to move and wiggle in my bottom. She withdrew her fingers and announced it was over.

She moved the light back and pulled off her gloves before telling me to slide back up on the exam table and take my feet from the stirrups and helping me to lift my feet out. I was never so relieved that this experience was over and I could close my legs. The doctor left the room and I got dressed. After she left and as I got dressed I saw the “thing” that had been put inside me. Laying on a tray next to the exam table was the speculum. I got my first look at this intruder and picked it up, studying it and grasping the handle and making the blades open, wondering how it was ever inside of me. She returned and gave me my prescription and discussed the pill with me some more. My first gyn exam was over and I had survived, but not without extreme anxiety and embarrassment.

Although the exam of my nipples had brought on some sexual feelings and stimulation, the remainder of my first exam definitely did not. It wasn’t until about my third or fourth exam, after I knew exactly what was going to take place, that I found myself thinking erotically about being “told” to place my feet in the stirrups and spread my legs. Being “made” to expose myself and show this very personal and intimate side of me. It’s like this stranger, the doctor, telling me and making me get undressed and expose myself and doing things to me that I don’t want done, but I have no choice over them being done to me. I think I also found an erotic link to the pelvic exam after my third exam with a very conscientious and caring young doctor who took the time to make me feel comfortable and a part of my exam. She didn’t use an extra drape to hide what she was doing so I could watch my entire gyn exam, told me exactly what she was doing in the exam as she did it and gave me a mirror to hold by my knee so I could watch more easily. Being able to watch exactly what she was doing during the exam and hearing her describe in detail what she was doing had an incredible erotic effect on me.

Well that’s my first exam in detail. Anything else that you would like to discuss? Please let me know. I am very eager. I still want to hear about your experiences playing doctor with your friends. Talk soon.


Dear Heather,

I just read the letter you sent to me describing your first vaginal exam and I found it enjoyable and interesting. You were very descriptive and went into great detail which I really enjoyed. I could almost imagine seeing you laying there on the table, with you bare little feet in the stirrups, legs spread wide open, and wondering what was going to happen next. Just the thought of seeing you laying there open and vulnerable got me excited.

It sounded like you had a pretty routine exam and nothing terrible or out of the ordinary happened to you. Unfortunately for me I was not so lucky. I was just fifteen years old when I had mine and I was very scared about what was going to happen. I had heard some of the girls talking about what it was like, but a lot of it I thought that they were making up. As it turned out a lot of what they said was true.

My mom was suppose to go in with me but while we were in the waiting room, she got an emergency beep on her beeper and had to leave. She promised that she would be back as soon as she could but I ended up going through the whole thing without her, and that made it so much more scary.

The reason I went in the first place was because of a bladder infection or at least what they thought was an infection. I was having a very hard time peeing and when I did it really burned when it came out. The day of my exam it had been over 24 hours since I went last and I had to go real bad but couldn’t. I wasn’t hurting, just felt uncomfortable because my bladder was full and I couldn’t do anything about it. I remember trying hard several times, even sitting on the john and pulling my vulva open to try and help but nothing worked. I didn’t know what I was going to do about it.

About 10 minutes after my mom left, the nurse called my name and told me to follow her into one of the exam rooms. I asked her if I could wait until my mom returned but she said NO because the doctor was real busy today. Of course she said I could make another appointment but because I had to pee so bad and needed some help, I said that I would go with her and just hope that my mom got back soon.

When I got into the room I sat down on the edge of the table as the nurse asked me some questions. I watched as she wrote everything down in the chart. While I was sitting there I was nervous and remember continually crossing and re-crossing my ankles. What was really strange is that I remember my shoe falling off and how embarrassed I felt. The nurse said not to worry and just relax. I then kicked off my other shoe and sat there with just the knee socks covering my feet. I can still remember looking down at my feet and the white socks covering them and watching my toes move around. I don’t know why I remember that when so much more happened, but I just do.

When she was done asking me questions she told me that I would have to remove my jeans and panties so that the doctor could examine me. I got nervous about that and didn’t move for a minute. The nurse smiled at me and said it was OK and not to worry. She handed me a gown and said that I could cover up with it. She also told me that I could leave my blouse and socks on. I felt good about that because I didn’t want anybody seeing my boobs which were just starting to grow a little. (even today my boobs are small and I get a little embarrassed when I am with other girls who have larger ones. I only weigh 108 pounds so I guess they are sort of in proportion.)

Anyway I unbuttoned my jeans and hopped down to the floor as I slid them off my legs. When I took them off, I handed them to the nurse who put them on the chair. I put my fingers into the waistband of my panties but then hesitated for a moment for I was still embarrassed about taking them off in front of a stranger. The nurse noticed this and turned around to get the gown as I quickly pulled them off and handed them to her. I put the gown on and covered myself up right away.

I stood next to the table and watched her as she got some things called stirrups out and fastened them to the end of the table. When I asked her what they were for she told me they were to hold my feet when the doctor looked inside of me. I just said that “you have got to be kidding” and she just smiled at me. Next she covered the table with some wax paper or something and told me to get up and lay down on it. I remember how it felt kind of strange when my bare butt touched it because the gown opened up in the back

The nurse went to the foot of the table and told me to scoot towards her as she pulled on my legs. She took hold of my feet and helped place them in each of the stirrups which caused my legs to spread apart. I tried to close them but she told me just to relax and leave them like that and that the doctor would be in a minute. I watched as she adjusted a light and aimed it between my legs. I felt so embarrassed because I knew that I was completely open and no one had ever seen me like this.

I laid there for a couple minutes wondering what was going to happen, when I heard the door open and this deep male voice asked how I was doing. I almost jumped off the table because I at least expected the doctor to be a women. The nurse came in with him and stood beside me. She told me not to worry because Doctor Samuels was the best and he would take care of me. She said that she would stay in the room the whole time. I felt a little better when she told me that, but I still felt embarrassed with a man looking at me. My father had not even seen me naked since I was a little girl.

The first thing the doctor did after looking at my chart was feel my stomach. It hurt when he pushed on it and I jumped. He asked me how long it had been since I went to the bathroom and when I told him, he said that something would have to be done about it. I didn’t know what he meant but was afraid to ask.

As I laid there on the table I heard him tell the nurse that he would have to straight cath me, I didn’t know what he was talking about so I didn’t worry. the nurse brought out a little box and laid it on a table next to my feet. I watched as the doctor opened it up and put on a pair of gloves. He said it had to be done sterile because he didn’t want any infection. After that he took the contents out and placed them on the table on a cloth that was inside the box. He told the nurse that she would have to hold my vagina open as he cleaned off the urethra. When I felt her fingers touch me, I jumped a little but didn’t say anything. I felt the doctor take something and rub around my pee hole. He did it 3 times and then said that I was ready. I was beginning to get nervous a little and then when I saw him pick up the orange tube and put something on it I knew what was going to happen. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I felt him start to push it into me. God did it burn as he ran it through my urinary canal. I cried and begged him to stop because it was hurting me. He said it would be over in a minute and asked the nurse to hold my hips still because I was shaking all over. He pushed it in farther and farther as I cried in pain, the nurse tried to ease the pain by rubbing my legs as the tube went into me but it didn’t help much.

Once he reached my bladder I immediately started feeling relief from the pressure as the pee started coming out of the end of the hose. When he was done the doctor said that he had gotten over 1200 cc of urine and that was a lot. He then pulled the hose out and that hurt almost as much as going in. ((That first time I had a catheter was terrible but now I sort of like the feel of the hose going into me. Even though it does hurt, some how the pain starts to turn into pleasure for me, but it is like that with a lot of things. But that is another story and I will tell you about it another time.))

When he had emptied my bladder he said it was time to look inside and showed me what he was going to use. I had never seen a speculum before and it looked scary. There was no way that would fit into me, I was sure. I told him that but he just smiled and said that was what a lot of young girls say but he knew it would. He then put it into some warm water so it wouldn’t be so cold on me. While it was warming up he used his fingers to examine my lips, pulling them open. He said I looked a little inflamed and I asked him what that meant. He didn’t answer or didn’t hear me.

When the speculum was warm, he told me to relax and that it wouldn’t hurt. It felt strange as that hard thing went into me but he was right, it didn’t hurt. But when he began to open the blades that is when the pain started. I thought I was going to die. Fortunately my hymen was gone even though I was still a virgin so I didn’t have that worry. I was still tight down there and as he spread it open further it really hurt. I don’t know what he did down there once I was open but it didn’t hurt much and only took a couple minutes. When he was finished he said I had a bladder infection but not to worry for he could give me some penicillin and it would be fine in a few days. He told the nurse to give me the medicine in two separate doses and then left the room.

I laid there wondering what was going to happen next when the nurse came back in and was holding two hypodermic needles. At that time I was scared to death of needles especially in my butt and begged to give me a pill instead. She told me it was not possible and that they would not hurt all that much. But first she said she had to get me out of the stirrups and roll over onto my side. It sure felt good not to be spread open like that but I was still scared of the needles she had.

I rolled over onto my left side and just waited. I felt her put the cotton alcohol on my butt and rub it around. I gritted my teeth and clenched my butt as I waited for the needle. Then I felt it, the sharp pain as it went into me, followed by an ache as she pushed the medicine into me. Then the burning started. When she pulled the needle out, I rolled over onto my back and begged her not to give me another one. She told me in a firm voice that she had to and for me to roll over onto my tummy this time. I slowly did as she said. Once again the cold cotton was rubbed on the other cheek and then in anticipation of the pain I clenched my butt again. The nurse told me that only made it worse and for me to relax but I couldn’t. She said try anyway and then there was the pain as the needle went deep into my muscle. This time it even hurt worse and when she started injecting the medicine I thought I was going to die. I began squirming around but she put her hand hard on my back and held me in place until she was done. When she was done I reached back and tried to rub the spot but she told me not to and pushed my hand away. God did that second shot burn.

I laid there for about 5 minutes and then she told me I was done and that I could get up and get dressed. And that was it.

As I think about that first time, I get wet and horny but at the time it was a terrible experience. My brother was the one who really got me turned onto the pain scene but that is another story if you are interested in it.

What do you think about needles and shots, Tell me about the last time you had one and what it was like for you. I would be curious in hearing all about it since it is one of my favorite subjects.

In response to your question about other girls and there first time experiences, I like to hear if any of them had as bad of a time as if did. It excites me thinking about it. There was this one girl who wrote me about hers and it was really something which I will tell you about. Also I have this story, fiction I think, that someone sent me about a girl and her visit to the doctor, very sadistic but I loved reading it. Well I better bring this to a close for now, sorry it took so long to get this to you. Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to hearing from you again and sharing more stories together.


Dear Teresa,

I got your story about your first exam. Thanks for the story and the details, it got me very excited and made me all sticky. Your right, your first exam was a terrible experience, especially being sick and all. I found it very exciting to hear about the disposable paper that covers the exam table and how it felt on your butt. I forgot to mention that in my letter to you. Sitting on an exam table and the sound it makes as you sit down and the feel of it against my bare ass was a memorable experience the first time I felt it and still makes me tingle when I have to get up on the table and hear it and feel it against my bare skin. I say it makes me tingle when I hear and feel it, but it is more on the verge of getting wet. I have to control myself and not think about it when I go to the gyn or I would be all wet and sticky before the doctor gives me the exam. It also got me excited to hear about how the nurse made you lay there with your feet in the stirrups, legs spread wide with the light shining on you for minutes before the doctor even came in. I can imagine you lying there totally exposed and being embarrassed realizing that for the first time some stranger would be peering between your legs. More excitement came from hearing how the nurse had to hold your hips still as the doctor cathed you and how she rubbed your leg too. Also, while you were lying on your tummy getting the shots how she put her hand hard on your back to hold you. Actually the whole thing excited me.

I find it interesting that you also experienced pain when the doctor opened the speculum for the first time. That was my same experience, not painful going in (although certainly a strange feeling as that hard thing penetrated me) but the pain as I was spread open from the speculum. At least the doctor showed it to you and explained what he was going to do with it before he used it on you so you at least knew what it was when it went in. My doctor didn’t bother to show it to me or explain what she was doing before she used it on me.

I have been cathed once, for a surgery, so I know what the pain is like and can remember the burning and pain as it went in. Although the pain of it didn’t excite me, having to expose myself and having this done to me, against my will, gave me pleasure. Unlike you, I don’t think being cathed and that kind of pain would do anything for me. I’m not putting you down, I’m just not sure that I could find it enjoyable. But then again I’ve never tried and I’m the type of person to try anything at least once. So I am assuming that when you play doctor with your friends they sometimes cath you? How do you keep everything sterile so you don’t get further infections? Although I don’t think I could find it enjoyable, it does make me hot(I’m fantasizing) thinking about laying there with my legs apart and you and your friends examining me and telling me that you will have to perform this procedure on me, and then making me endure the procedure. Who knows, maybe I would enjoy it.

I’ve never been into that type of pain/pleasure thing before but I do enjoy some types of giving and receiving pain, just not severe pain. I can certainly understand how you can enjoy this, and believe me, I’m not putting you down for it. It’s strange how experiences like your first sexual experiences as a child or teen can shape your desires and fantasies as an adult. Although going to the doctor and having a pelvic isn’t a sexual experience in itself, it still has sexual overtones since it involves the sex organs. I can understand how you have come to enjoy this type of pain and the whole thing with the shots too.

It’s been several years since I had to have a shot. My last shot was for a sore throat infection and was penicillin, which always burns and stings as it is injected deep into the muscle tissue. After the doctor examined me and gave the orders to the nurse for my treatment, the nurse went over to the counter and prepared both needles. She informed me I was to receive two shots and then told me “to get off the table, stand on the floor facing the side of the exam table, lower your jeans and panties to your knees and lean over the table.” I did as told, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them over my hips to my knees then just lowering my panties slightly past my butt. The nurse told me to pull my panties down with my jeans, so I did, slightly embarrassed. I put my hands out in front of me on the table to brace myself as the nurse walked up behind me, needles in her hand. She told me to put my arms out in front of me and to bend over, leaning against the table. This position, although slightly embarrassing, also made me a little excited to be fully exposed like that with my butt sticking out behind me. She put the extra needle on the table and began to wipe the area with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. The evaporation felt cool on my cheek. Then the sharp pain of the needle pricking me and the medicine going into me.

Then she repeated the procedure on the other cheek, first wiping with the cotton ball and then the sting as the needle broke my skin and sunk deep into me. After she gave the shots she also applied a Band Aid to each cheek over the puncture. I had never gotten a shot in that position before, mostly on the table on my stomach with my pants and panties pulled down over my cheeks, but I hope to get future shots in that position again.

As for some of the things you mentioned in your last letter, YES I would be interested in hearing about how your brother introduced you or got you interested in the pain thing, other stories about pain and you being cathed (or any other pain related stories from you playing doctor), hearing about the girl who wrote you and her terrible and painful first exam and the fiction story about the girl and her exam. I would also love to hear much more about you and your friends playing doctor and what that involves and what you do to each other. I would love to hear anything from you, as you seem to get off on many of the same things I do. I also have a couple fiction stories about girls getting exams that I have “collected” over the years. I will have to transcribe them into a document so I can e-mail them to you. Give me a few days to get it done. Hope to hear more from you soon. I’m really enjoying what you are sharing.