Helping a Female Friend

By Anonymous

Thank heavens for Penthouse! I was beginning to think that I had the only sexual hang-up of its kind in existence. By which, of course, I mean my favorite immoral pastime…enemas. After recently reading your magazine for the first time, I feel much, much better. It’s comforting to know that others share this erotic compulsion with me!I must admit I’m struck by the number of men who write you on the subject. I would have thought that enemas, for whatever purpose, were more in the female line. I suppose though, all of us have to discover our own anal sensitivities, as well as just how nicely an enema can stimulate this intimate little place. Still, it seems to me that women would be more likely to find out than men would. Playing nurse, after all, is our cup of tea, and most of us - for the kids and the rest of the family, certainly for ourselves, and when the occasion demands, for a girl friend or roommate. Which brings up an interesting point. There’s a subtle difference in the physical relationships shared between women that makes it more natural for us to minister each other, even in the most personal ways, without having our intentions suspected.

This, as it happens, is how I found out about enemas – and I’m not exactly what you’d call naive in affairs of the body.The clown I’m married to had taken the youngsters camping and I was blissfully alone when a friend dropped by. She was about my age; we’d met at a club several weeks before and hit it off. I really liked her! After chatting over a few drinks she embarrassedly asked me if I’d help her. She had an awful tummy ache, she said, and needed an enema real bad but didn’t know quite how to do it. Without another thought, I told her of course I would. The kids had had their share of enemas and I couldn’t see how giving my friend one would be any different. After all, the process is the same, though perhaps you don’t take a grown-up woman across your lap - or use a four-ounce bulb syringe. My friend, I decided, was going to need two whole quarts.

To make a long story short, we finished our drinks and I took her upstairs to my bedroom to undress while I got everything ready. It didn’t take long. I stripped to my bra and panties, and when I came out of the bathroom with the full rubber fountain bag dripping in my hand, she was already lying naked on the bed waiting. She looked kind of flushed, I thought, and I could hear her quick breathing as I hung the bag over the foot of the bed. By the time I was ready for her, I must admit I’d become pretty nervous myself! But she numbly let me turn her over on her tummy and part her legs so I could find what I was looking for. It just didn’t seem possible that the adult nozzle I’d attached would fit into the tender pink hole she presented to me. It did though! With lots of Vaseline and some gentle urging, including a little arching on her part, I managed to get it all the way in. Naturally, this meant spreading her cheeks apart and exposing everything between her legs in a most unladylike way. Well you can imagine my surprise when I saw how excited the enema was making her. She began moaning and wriggling so passionately that I had to hold the rectal tip to keep it from slipping out.I’m not a lesbian, but when I recovered from the shock of seeing her all sexed-up like that, you can hardly blame me for trying my best to help her - and she told me afterwards, I was pretty good for a beginner!

Unfortunately, my friend had to move to the West Coast a few months later, though not before she’d taught me things about enemas I’d never dreamed of. Since then, and that was almost a year ago, I’ve had to play by myself, not the most satisfying way to explore new sexual techniques you yearn to try on someone else. I wonder at the apparent ease with which so many of your letter writers find compatible partners.