Helping a Friend

Last Saturday I was cleaning out my garage when Mike came over and ask if I could help him move a sofa out of his living room and into the den. I said sure as this was a good excuse for me to get out of cleaning the garage.

After we got the sofa moved mike ask if I would like a beer, the offer sounded good so I took him up on it. His wife Betty made sandwiches but Mike didn’t eat anything saying he wasn’t hungry. Betty told mike that she and my wife were going shopping allowing us time to watch the football game.

When the game started we both got pretty hyped up and placed a bet on our favorite team of who was going to win. During a commercial break Mike had to use the bathroom and was gone quite a while. About 15 minutes later Mike came out of the bathroom holding his stomach , his face was flushed, I ask what was wrong.

He told me that he was constipated and had been so for the past two days. I asked him why he didn’t take a laxative. He was quick to tell me that he hated laxatives ever since he was a child when his mother would make him take castor oil when he was sick.

I asked mike had he ever had an enema. He gave me a strange look and asked if an enema was one of those things where water was squirted up your butt I told him yes. I told Mike that he should have his wife give him an enema tonight that he would feel better afterward.

By now the game was over and I needed to get back home to finish the garage so I left telling Mike if I could be of any assistance to give me a call.

About an hour later my wife Lori returned from shopping so while she was getting settled in and starting dinner I took the kids into the den to watch a movie that I had rented for them.

As soon as I had sat down to watch the movie, the telephone rang. My wife called into the den saying that Mike was on the phone. After a little small talk, mike asked me if I had ever given one of those enema things before, because his wife had never had or given one before.

“So I told her that you were aware of my problem and felt I needed an enema,” he said. “So I was wondering if you could come over and help me out ?”

I agreed and told my wife where I was going and what I had to do. She just laughed and said, “I bet he’s going to hate getting that.”

Mike told me that he didn’t have an enema bag so I went to the drugstore and purchased one and went back over to his house.

When I got there his wife Betty told him she was going over to visit with Lori my wife.

While I gave mike the enema, I read the instructions on the box which indicated that the enema could be given on the toilet or in the bathtub.

I chose neither one but had mike to lie down on the floor instead. I explained the procedure to Mike and asked him to strip from the waist down while I got the enema ready.

Mike pulled off his Levi jeans and undershorts and laid down on his back on the floor and pulled his knees up letting his feet rest flat on the floor exposing his puckered brown anus. I hung the syringe bag on a near by towel bar and opened the clamp to expel the air and inserted the lubricated enema nozzle into his rectum and opened the clamp allowing the warm water to flow into him.

Soon after the enema started Mike started to cramp so I stopped the flow and told him to breathe through his mouth, that this would ease the cramping and let the water get up into his colon.

He did as I instructed and took the rest of the water without any difficulty.

When the syringe was empty I slipped the nozzle out of mikes rectum and helped him to the toilet where he sat down hard and let go with a an explosive gush of water, shit, and gas into the toilet.

I left out to give him some privacy and told him not to flush the toilet until checked to see how he did.

About 15 min. later he called from the bathroom saying he was finished. When I looked into the bowl it was full of the shit that had Mike constipated. I flushed the toilet and left out so he could shower. When he came out of the bathroom he thanked me for giving him the much needed enema and that I was a real friend to have agreed to do this to him.

I just laughed and told him that all I did was helped out a friend in a time of need.