Helping Susan

By [email protected]

1963 was the last year we spent our vacation together as a family, that is my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. We were staying at the family cottage in Friendship, Maine. I was between High School and College, and had a cousin who adored my little car, an Austin Healy bug-eyed Sprite and me. Sue was a pretty girl, just entering puberty, with a great personality. She was accepted by all my friends because she was bright, had a good sense of humor, and often had us laughing out of control at her acidic comments.

The day the rest of the family went off to Arcadia National Park was to be our day to visit my Ham Radio friends and attend the Skowhegan Fair that evening. I had noticed Sue had not been quite herself for a day or so, I suspected she might be having her period, although I didn’t know if she had started menstruating yet.

After everyone had left on Arcadia trip, Sue told me that she was constipated, and didn’t want to spoil anyone else’s fun, so she had kept it to herself. I thought I might have an opportunity I had not had for some time, and suggested that an enema might help. I was joking at first, not thinking she would really take me seriously, but Sue must have been quite uncomfortable, because when I returned from my morning swim she asked me if I thought an enema could really help her.

I told her we didn’t have any laxatives, and that even if we did it would take some time for them to work. She probably wouldn’t feel better until the next day. I explained that there was a douche bag in the bathroom. A newlywed couple who rented the cottage the previous season had left behind the douche bag. It resided in the vanity under the sink. I told Sue that if I were to give her an enema she would feel better immediately, and that we could have the great day we had planned.

Sue wasn’t too keen on the idea, she said that a girlfriend of hers had been given an enema, she said it hurt, and she thought it was awful. I told Sue I had been given several, and that I didn’t think they were all that bad.

Sue was quiet for a while, and then said, “I really was looking forward to today, and I won’t enjoy it the way I feel now.” I took the cue and told her to go to her room and undress, put on a robe and meet me in the bathroom. Sue said nothing for a minute, then kind of mumbled “OK,” and went to her room.

I went into the bathroom, got the syringe out from under the sink. I wanted to make a soap solution, but we didn’t have the right kind of soap. Then I remembered there was a box of Ivory Flakes in the kitchen that we would use when we washed clothes. I went to the kitchen and got a handful of the flakes, I suspect I made a soap solution that was somewhat stronger than it needed to be.

I filled the bag with warm water, and mixed in the soap. At first I was going to change the nozzle to the rectal pipe, but then decided to leave the douche nozzle on. I would change it if Sue said anything about using the wrong nozzle.

The bathroom was very small, just room for a sink, tub and toilet. There was a hook on the door and one above the tub, both probably a little high to use for an enema. I suspect the one above the tub had been placed there for the purpose of hanging up the douche bag… it and the bag had appeared in the same summer.

I was hanging the bag on the nozzle above the tub as Sue appeared, looking as if she was about to be lead to her demise. I placed my arm around her and told her to relax, “everybody gets an enema sooner or later.” Sue said she knew that they always gave you one before childbirth, and couldn’t imagine how you could deal with an enema and contractions at the same time. (I don’t believe it is common practice any longer.)

Sue looked at the bulging red bag hanging above the tub and her eyes became as big saucers. If she noticed the douche nozzle she didn’t say anything. I was waiting for her to ask if she could do it herself, but she didn’t. I know she had a lot of trust in me, and even though I would be sexually aroused by what I was about to do Sue would never know it.

Under her robe she still had on her bra and panties, and I wanted to help her preserve as much of her modesty as I could.

“Kneel in the tub and slip your panties off. Be careful, and let me know when you are ready.” Sue got in the tub and into the knee-chest position, slipped off her panties, handing them to me, but all the time keeping her self as covered with her robe as she could.

“I think I’m ready.”

“Ok, Sue. I’m going to lubricate your anus so the nozzle will go in easily. I have to get the Vaseline inside as well, so relax as I do it.”

Sue said nothing as I placed a globule on the outside, but gave a little moan as my finger slid in. I worked it around just a little, Sue was right, she was constipated, and her rectum was very full.

I withdrew my finger, wiping it on a piece of toilet paper. It was so quiet I could hear Sue’s breathing. The nozzle went in easily, and I’m glad I had decided to use the douche pipe. I wanted to get it high up and somewhat beyond the hard mass in her rectum.

“I’m going to start the water now, if you get cramps I’ll stop and let you rest.” I opened the clamp and Sue almost immediately asked me to stop. “I feel like I can’t hold it.”

“I’ll only give you a little at a time, it will start to work, then go in deeper.”

Sue seemed to relax a little so I opened the clamp again, this time I got a little more in, probably almost a pint before she asked me to shop. Again I waited and again she seemed to relax. “Take deep breaths,” I told her, “I’ll reach around and massage your stomach when I get a little more in.” Sue didn’t complain, and didn’t seem to have any cramps yet.

When I opened the clamp again the water started to flow fairly quickly, her rectum had opened and the water was flowing into her colon pretty easily. I heard a gurgle from inside her and knew the cramps were starting. I stopped the flow and reached around and started to massage her. I could tell by the way that she tensed that she having some pretty strong cramps. “Can I go now. I really have to go pretty bad.”

“Let’s see if we can get it all in, that way it will do the most good.”

Sue said nothing else, but as I massaged I could see the cramps were subsiding. I also could feel that Sue had a very well developed crop of pubic hair. I didn’t comment about it though.

It looked as if she had already taken half the bag as I released the clamp, and again the water flowed fairly easily until Sue had a very severe cramp. I stopped the flow, and I guess there was less than a pint left. I massaged and Sue finally relaxed, but now got up on her knees.

“I don’t think I can take another drop, I have to go so bad.”

“You’ve almost taken it all, try and take the rest, I want it to do the most good.”

To my surprise she said she would try, but she stayed erect as I opened the clamp and the rest flowed in.

“That’s it, I’ve got to got right now,” Sue said, just as the last of the bag flowed into her.

“It’s OK, Sue, you’ve taken it all,” I said as Sue stood up in the tub. She gathered up her robe as I started to remove the nozzle, and as I did a cramp hit Sue and for a moment she lost control. She let out a pretty good squirt of water with a few chunks in it before she could stop. Sue covered her anus with her fingers as I helped her out of the tub and on to the toilet.

Once sitting down she just exploded into the toilet, leaving no doubt in my mind just how constipated she had become.

I think Sue expected me to leave the bathroom, but instead I cleaned up the tub and cleaned up the bag, but instead of putting it away I refilled the bag with clear, warm water.

“Why are you doing that,” Sue asked.

“I will have to give you another to be sure all the soap is out, so you won’t be crampy all day.” Sue wasn’t sure she wanted another enema, but she was sure she didn’t want cramps all day long.

Sue had stopped expelling, but she said that she felt like there was more inside. “I’m sorry I smell so bad, it must have been the clams we had Saturday.” I told her it was OK, and that what was inside her had started to spoil, that was why she had felt so poorly.

She sat for a few more minutes, straining some, but I was sure she had expelled it all. I suggested I massage her belly some more, and knelt in front of her. I told her that once she had relaxed a little I would give her the next enema. If that if it didn’t come out clean I might have to give her a third. Sue wasn’t happy about the prospect of a third enema.

I let her relax until the urge to expel had stopped then let her clean up. I got a glimpse of what was in the bowl…it was obvious Sue had been in need of the enema.

I told her to get back in the tub, that I would relubricate her and give her the next enema. She seemed resigned to it and complied without further comment.

This enema went in easily, I only had to stop the flow once. Sue took it all with little complaint.

As I helped her out of the tub and on to the toilet I explained that she shouldn’t be embarrassed, a lot of people have trouble holding an enema. I set the bag in the sink and sat with her, this enema came out quickly and with little cramping. She thought she was through and had wiped herself and flushed mostly clear water. Suddenly she had a cramp and had to go again. What came out was probably some of the first enema that had been way up inside. Before I could comment Sue said, “It looks like I need another one, that was a real surprise.” I was very surprised, too, and refilled the bag.

“That enema wasn’t nearly as bad as the first, it hardly hurt at all.” I told Sue the third one would probably be even easier.

“If this one doesn’t come out clean will I need another one?” I was tempted to say yes, or that maybe she should take another one just in case, but I said, “No, three will be enough.”

The third enema went in even easier than the second, although Sue said her “bum” was getting a little sore. I told her after she was finished that she should rub some cold cream on it, that would make it feel better. (No I didn’t volunteer to do it, but I wanted to.)

Sue expelled the third enema in almost one long stream, she said she had no cramping, and the water was nearly clear, with only a few brown flakes. I cleaned up the equipment and put it away. I suggested Sue might like to rest, but she said she felt so much better that she would take a shower, and we could leave to visit our friends, as we were already about half an hour late.

The rest of the day went fine, we visited our friends and went to the fair. We got back to the cottage about midnight. The only other comment Sue made that day was that after we left the cottage she felt like everybody that looked at her was going to know she just had an enema. I laughed and said I doubted it.

Sue and her folks were going to stay at the cottage for the rest of the summer, but I had to return to my summer job as vacation relief transmitter engineer at WKBR in Manchester, NH. As I left on Sunday morning Sue took me aside and thanked me for helping, and giggled as she told me if she ever needed another enema she knew whom to call.

I never got that call, and we have only mentioned it a couple of times in the last 36 years. Sue is married now, with two kids of her own. I always wanted to ask her if she got an enema when she gave birth, but I never have.

My first two years of college went pretty well, and I met the woman, Peg, she would eventually become my wife. I ran out of money after my sophomore year and had to take a semester off to earn enough to stay in school. I lost my student deferment when I did, and was immediately drafted, as this was the time of the beginning of the Vietnam build up.

During the time I dated Peg I never brought up the subject of enemas, in fact they were pretty much on the “back burner” at the time. Peg and I became lovers, and if you don’t count my early experience with Marion, we lost our virginity together.

I finished Basic Training at Fort Dix, NJ, and was sent to the Public Information Office at Fort Bliss, Texas to be a Broadcast Specialist. I wasn’t in Texas very long before I got my orders to Vietnam.

Peg and I married on the 25th of June in 1966, and I was off to ‘Nam on the 22nd of July. It was a great honeymoon and leave…we went to New York City, where I was lucky enough to be picked to be a contestant on the “Password” quiz show with Alan Ludden. I played with Arthur Godfrey and Dorothy Louden, and was the “big winner.” I defeated my opponent Sybil Pollock.

After New York we went to Nova Scotia, then spent we quiet a week at home before I reported to Oakland Army Base. I don’t think I had said the word enema to Peg…yet. My fire for enemas had been banked, and was nearly out.

I vowed I would be faithful while in Vietnam, a vow that lasted about 90 days. I had a couple of girlfriends, Vietnamese women who were pretty good lovers, but in January 1967 I met a young lady named Thom who would rekindle my passion for enemas and turn the embers into an inferno.

You can read about Thom in “Vietnam Mistress.”