Hideaway Lodge


The Story of Carol and Diane

by Park

Part 1 - Friday Afternoon

It was late Friday afternoon when Carol heard the sound of a car approaching the secluded housekeeping cottage where she had arrived, at the Hideaway Lodge resort, only a few minutes before. “Oh, good, that must be Diane. I was hoping she wouldn’t be late,” Carol, who had been waiting breathlessly, said to herself. They had planned their getaway weeks before.

The two girls were around 26, and were very attractive, with good figures. Technically inclined, they both had good jobs in the software industry. They worked in the same city, but for different companies. They had met only a few months before, at a software conference.

They had first encountered one another at one of the exhibits. One look, and their panties had been soaking. They both knew! Their friendship had quickly developed into much more, and at last each girl had found exactly what she had been looking for. They had been sex starved and frustrated for years. They had almost given up finding anyone, and had just about resigned themselves to leading very dull, unsatisfying lives. So it was very soon a relationship that was made in heaven!

They didn’t dare live together, though. While the city they lived in wasn’t a hotbed of conservatism, it wasn’t exactly a liberals’ paradise either, so they knew they had to be careful at all times, so their secret wouldn’t be discovered. The best they could do was to pay clandestine visits to each other’s apartment.

They soon had discovered that they had something else in common, too, something that they had both prayed for, and had never expected to find, and that was that they were both into enemas. Carol had taken the chance first, leaving one of her enema bags out in her bathroom when Diane had come to visit. She had attached a rectal tube to the hose, so there would be no mistaking what the equipment was used for. “When she sees it, if she isn’t into enemas and she asks I’ll just tell her that I take them to relieve my constipation,” Carol had thought. That was true, but it was far from the only reason she gave herself an enema!

Diane had almost had an instant orgasm the moment she had seen it. ”Oh, I can’t believe it! Carol does enemas too. I’d wanted to ask her if she did ever since we met, but haven’t dared. I’m so lucky I can’t stand it!”

Having made their joyous discovery, it didn’t take them any time at all before they were putting their equipment to good use, giving each other the treatments they both loved. It intensified their mutual orgasms to the nth degree!

It was sheer coincidence that their histories were so similar. Like many girls, they had both suffered from constipation since their early teens, when they had started getting their periods, and they had both been dosed with laxatives or given suppositories. Carol, though, had finally been given enemas at home by her mother, who believed that enemas were good to help relieve discomfort at that time of the month.

Diane’s mother, on the other hand, had a friend who was a nurse, whom she had called in despair, having had little success in treating her daughter’s constipation. The nurse had recommended an enema, which Diane’s mother had reluctantly agreed to. The friend had all the necessary equipment. Diane had gone to visit her at her home, where she had been given her first enema.

Both girls had been into it from their very first time. But they had never revealed to anyone how they felt about taking enemas, or the effect they had on them, keeping their secret carefully concealed, until they had met. They both knew that their relationship was a very special one!

Over the years they had both secretly, and very discreetly, acquired a good assortment of enema equipment, all the things they needed to obtain the satisfaction they craved. But indulging themselves alone wasn’t what they really wanted. They each needed a partner to completely satisfy their hidden desires, and now they each had one. They thanked their lucky stars that they were no longer alone!

It was Diane, sure enough, and Carol opened the door of the cottage to greet her, giving her a quick hug as soon as she came in. “I’m so glad to see you. I was praying that you wouldn’t have to cancel at the last minute,” Carol said, very relieved to see her partner. “Oh no. You didn’t have to worry. There’s no way I wasn’t going to make it,” Diane replied.

“How is the cottage?” she asked, taking a quick look around. “It’s great, just what we’ve been looking for. It has everything we need. I turned the heat up as soon as I came in, so it’s nice and warm for us,” Carol replied. “Take a look around.” Diane did, pleased to see the living room, the kitchen, with a dining area, two good sized bedrooms, and the ample bath with an adjoining Jacuzzi.

The living room and one bedroom were both equipped with a TV, and DVD and VCR players. Best of all, it was very private, some distance from the other cottages, and the way it was secluded with the evergreens all around it, it could hardly be seen. It was a relief to know they wouldn’t be disturbed the entire weekend.

“Well, we researched it carefully enough,” Diane said. “We did, but sometimes the ads don’t tell you everything. Luckily it seems to be just right,” Carol replied.

They had in fact conducted their research very carefully, knowing exactly what they wanted. They had found it surfing the Internet, discovering that there were resorts that catered to women of their persuasion, and then it was only a matter of selecting the right one.

Carol looked at Diane. “Did you bring everything?” she asked, anxiously. “I think so. I went over my list about ten times,” she laughed. “That’s good. I think I did myself. Let me help you bring your things in,” Carol offered. It took two or three trips to Diane’s car, but they soon had everything inside.

“This calls for a drink and a cigarette, all the things we can’t do at work or in that prude city we live in,” Diane said. “Amen. I’m ready,” Carol agreed. She already had her bottle of Scotch out on the kitchen counter. There was plenty of ice in the refrigerator, and they soon had their drinks prepared, and their cigarettes lit, enjoying the first sip and the first drag. “Here’s to the weekend, and to freedom,” Diane said, toasting Carol with a sigh. “Yes, this sure is the life,” Carol answered, clinking Diane’s glass.

They had been looking at each other hungrily ever since Diane had arrived. They were both wearing the rather tight jeans they liked to dress in, which showed off their well- rounded rear ends, the vee of their mounds, and their thighs to perfection. Their blouses were form fitting, too, clearly revealing their firm, full breasts jutting against the confines of their bras, their nipples already erect.

“What are we waiting for? I’m so hot I can’t stand it,” Carol panted. Diane only had to nod for an answer. ”Oh yes, I’m ready to get it on,” Diane replied, throatily. “Let’s do it!”

They almost ran into the bedroom, yanking the bed covers down, then taking their clothes off as fast as they could, until they were down to their bras and dripping panties. They were both so horny they almost tore their underwear off in their haste to get in the nude. “Ooh, I want you,” they both sighed, tumbling onto the bed.

They were all over each other in about one second, as they rolled around, stroking, kissing, tonguing, sucking, probing, licking, feeling, caressing, everything they could possibly do to each other. They couldn’t get enough of it, having one wild, pounding orgasm after another, satisfying their pent up desires in an incendiary orgy of hedonistic sex.

“You’re earthy today, but I love it,” Carol panted, in between her orgasms, as she stroked the stubble of Diane’s underarms, then sniffing, tonguing, and fingering her asshole. Diane returned the favor. It had been too long since they had last gotten it on, and she had her earthy side as well. It added extra spice to their lovemaking! “Just think. We have all weekend to do this, and other things,” Diane murmured, teasing Carol’s musky anal opening with her finger.

“We’ll have to do other things pretty soon. And you’d better not put your finger in there very far, much as I love it, not yet anyway, if you get what I mean,” Carol said to her lover.

Diane picked up the vibes right away. “Oh, I know what you mean, all right. I know you too well by now. My little sweetheart needs an enema. That’s what you’re telling me,” she said, while stroking Carol’s ass. “You’ve got it. I not only need one, I want one,” Carol answered, with a smile. “Oh, so that’s the way it is. You’re constipated. Little Carol can’t go poopy, so she needs a nice warm soapy enema. She can’t wait for her Mommy to give her one,” Diane teased.

The very thought of doing enemas together was all it took to get them excited again, leading to another round of furious lovemaking!

“How about you, Little Miss Irregular. I bet anything you’re as constipated as I am. Whether you are or not, you’re in for some kind of a workout. You’d better be ready for some soapy quarts, because that’s just what nursie is going to give you,” Carol told her.

“Well, since you asked, I am constipated. Just thinking about our get together made it happen. Everything has just sort of closed up,” Diane sighed. “I think that’s what happened to me as well,” Carol answered. “I guess we both need a good cleaning out. It won’t be that much of a hardship though, will it,” she laughed.

The roles they were going to play were just what they wanted, since Carol had been given her enemas by her mother, and Diane’s by a nurse. Thinking about what was going to happen was enough to make them get wet all over again!

They had timed their weekend getaway very carefully, being sure that their periods were over with. It so happened that their monthly cycles nearly coincided, since they were within a very few days of each other. In another coincidence, they both almost always got constipated at that time, and they had ever since their early teens. So, without a word having to be said, they both would be in need of a good enema.

They had discovered, to their mutual amusement, that they still resorted to laxatives and suppositories, occasionally, to relieve their constipation. Usually, though, it was their enemas that they depended on. Any use of suppositories this weekend would be strictly recreational!

They were alike in so many ways. They had both discovered that, while they kept their legs silky smooth, they liked to let their under arm hair grow for a few days. At this time of year they could get away with it, for in the cool weather that area was never exposed. In addition, they both enjoyed each other’s thick crop of pubic hair. Again, right now they didn’t have to be concerned about their bikini lines the way they did in the summer, and they especially liked the way it grew in the crevice between their buns, and all around their assholes. It was earthy, and it was sexy. They really were made for each other!

“It’s time for me to finish my drink, and have a cigarette,” Diane said. “We can do that while we’re getting everything set up.” “Sounds good. I’m ready for the next stage,” Carol agreed. They both put their bras and panties back on, but that was all, for they loved looking at each other dressed only in their frillies.

They weren’t above stroking each other’s behind, though, fingering their partner’s asshole through the slinky nylon fabric of their panties. “Oh, are you ever going to get it,” Carol whispered. The thought was enough to make Diane shiver all over, as Carol did herself.

“Isn’t it nice that we have the extra bedroom as our enema room. I think we’ve got everything in here already. I’m so glad we bought the stand,” Carol said, as they rolled their new IV stand next to the bed. “It is good, isn’t it. Just what the doctor-or the nurse- ordered,” Diane laughed. “It does give us the flexibility we’re looking for. We can have our enemas anywhere in this cottage we want,” Carol responded.

The proceeded to unpack all the things they had brought with them. Carol had treated them to a new four-quart silicone bag, and they had some other bags besides, as well as an old-fashioned enema can. With ill concealed excitement, they got out all the things they would need or want, including a rubber sheet, different lubricants, a good selection of nozzles, rectal tubes, vibrators, and butt plugs, and all the other necessaries, such as additional towels, extra toilet paper, latex gloves, a rectal thermometer, a jar of suppositories, boxes of Kleenex, and some cleaning supplies.

Diane opened one last suitcase. “These came just a few days ago. I was hoping like anything they would,” she said, opening up a cardboard box that contained the colon tubes and the double inflatable nozzle they had ordered. Just looking at them made Carol get excited again, and she couldn’t resist the temptation to stroke her mound, through her panties, before she ran the colon tubes through her hands. “Oh, they look so good. I’ve been dying to try one of these. I’ve wanted to use something longer than my rectal tube,” she breathed.

“You’ll like it, I know. I sure do. You have to try it, Carol. There’s nothing like having an enema with a colon tube stuck way in,” Diane assured her. Her nurse had introduced her to them, and she had loved it ever since the first time she’d had the long rubber tube inserted way up her bottom.

They spent the next few minutes looking everything over, lovingly, almost panting as they did so. Since their relationship was only a few months’ old, they hadn’t had time to see all the things they each had before. They both knew it was going to be a session for the ages. While they had done enemas together a few times since they had become significant others, this private, special time was what they had been waiting for all their lives, and it was going to be the living end!

As if the equipment weren’t enough, they had brought some enema videos along with them. “I can’t wait to see these,” Carol enthused. “The titles sound so exciting. ‘Karen’s Anal Invasion.’ ‘Roommates’ Rectal Adventures.’ ‘Constipated Housewives.’” “They do sound good, I agree. We can watch them in bed together, if we still have any energy left,” Diane laughed.

“How about this last one. ‘Lauren’s First Enema,’” Carol read, turning the DVD box over to read the description. “’Sexy girl is subjected to her first treatment with the bag, hose, and tube. See her have her first soapy injection at the hands of her mother and her aunt. Does she enjoy it? Watch, and you’ll find out,’” Carol went on.

“I’ve got to say, that sounds very good. I’ll have to see that one. If it’s good, maybe it will remind me of my first enema. I wasn’t a happy camper when Mom told me she was going to give me one,” Carol laughed, pleasantly. She was in such a good mood!

“Well, it was the same with me. I about died when I heard my mother calling her friend the nurse, Mrs. Taylor, and when she said I had to go over to her house to have one. When I walked down the street to her house I thought the whole town knew I was about to get an enema,” Diane recalled, amused at the recollection.

“We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, did we? You never forget the first one. And now we have each other to share it with,” Carol said, emotionally, giving her lover a quick hug. “No, we didn’t. But now I think it’s time,” Diane responded, looking significantly at Carol, who she knew very well was as excited as she was herself.

When Carol excused herself to go and have a pee, Diane hurriedly got some things onto the bed, covering them up with a towel so Carol wouldn’t see them. She was ready, sitting on the edge of the bed with another towel over her lap, with a glove on, when Carol emerged.

She looked at Diane, with a downcast expression. “I don’t feel so good. I have an awful tummy ache, Mommy. I tried to go to the bathroom just now, but nothing happened. I know I need to, but I can’t go,” she sighed, rubbing her belly. Diane looked right back at her. “I thought so. You haven’t seemed like yourself today. My poor baby’s constipated, isn’t she. Since that’s the case, Mommy wants her little girl to get on her lap. We may have to do some things to take care of it,” she said, softly.

“Ooh, what are you going to do?” Carol asked, in a quavering voice, as she submissively got into position as Diane had asked. It was so thrilling, lying there, waiting breathlessy for whatever was going to be done to her! “That depends on what I find. Now, let’s get those panties off, like a good girl, “ Diane instructed. Carol lifted herself up just enough to allow Diane to wiggle her panties down, exposing her delectable, well-rounded derriere, and her furry crevice, to her lustful gaze.

She placed her hand on Carol’s forehead. “Oh dear, I think you may have a little fever. We’d better check, to make sure. I want you to lie still, while I insert the thermometer into your bottom,” she announced. “Oh, do you have to take it that way? It’s so embarrassing,” Carol moaned. Diane nodded in the affirmative. “You know I do. It’s the most accurate way to take a little girl’s temperature,” she informed her squirming companion, as she squeezed some KY onto her gloved finger. “Oh, all right, if you must,” Carol murmured.

Diane applied the KY onto Carol’s quivering anal opening, and she picked up the rectal thermometer. “Lie still, dear, while I put it in,” Diane cooed, spreading her buns apart. She could easily see, with satisfaction, how very wet Carol was!

“In it goes, she whispered, sticking the thermometer up Carol’s rectum, and sliding it in three inches or so. “It has to go in that far to get a good reading. Lie nice and still for me.” Diane didn’t keep the thermometer still, though. Instead, she twirled it around in there, and moved it in and out besides. She had a wonderful view of Carol’s asshole, as it alternatively clenched itself around the inserted thermo, and then relaxing, in rhythm. She knew that Carol was enjoying the sensations!

“There, I think that’s long enough. Let’s see if you have a temperature,” Diane said, as she took the thermometer out, ignoring for a moment what was on it, holding it up near her eyes so she could check the level of mercury. “Well, well. It’s 99.8,” she announced, factoring in the one-degree difference between oral and rectal.

“I think I know what’s causing it. You haven’t been a good girl and gone to the bathroom lately, have you. You told me yourself that you couldn’t go. So you know what we’ll have to do about that, don’t you,” she said to the trembling Carol.

Diane looked more closely at the thermometer she had so recently removed from Carol’s rectum. “This proves it. You have a very dirty bottom, dear. We’ll definitely have to take some corrective measures,” she announced, while wiping the stains off the thermo with a tissue. “Wha-what do you have in mind, Mommy?” Carol stammered, wetter than ever.

“First I’m going to insert two suppositories, and after that I’m going to give you a good, big soapsuds enema. Two quarts will be about right, I think,” Diane said, carelessly. “A nice tummy wash is just what you need, and we’re going to get you all cleaned out,” she observed, seductively, making Carol quiver all over.

“Oh, you’re so mean, Mommy. Do I have to have one?” she moaned. “Yes, I’m afraid that you do. Since you’ve been a bad girl and held it in again, we’ll have to wash it all out, won’t we.” “I haven’t been that bad. And ooh, I don’t want an enema. It’s so awful,” poor Carol murmured, bouncing around on Diane’s lap. “That may be, but that’s your problem, not mine. You’re the one who hasn’t been to the bathroom,” Diane answered, unfeelingly. “Now, let’s get the suppositories in.”

“Not suppositories, too. Couldn’t I have one or the other?” Carol asked, plaintively. “No, it has to be both. Now, are you going to be good, or will I have to give you a spanking?” Diane threatened, giving Carol a couple of taps on the fanny. “Oh, I’ll be good, I promise,” Carlo eagerly responded. “That’s better. See that you do. Now, I want you to get up on your hands and knees, so I can put them in,” Diane ordered.

Carol did so, getting off Diane’s lap and scrambling up into the desired position, in the middle of the bed. Both girls were on the verge of an orgasm, as Diane lasciviously looked at all of Carol’s posterior charms.

Diane unscrewed the cap off the jar of suppositories, taking the first one out and holding it between her fingers. “This is just what you need, to begin with. Since you don’t seem able to have a movement, maybe this will help loosen things up. The suppositories, followed by the enema, should do the job, and cure your constipated behavior.”

So saying, she entered the first suppository into the breathless Carol’s anal opening, pushing it as high up her rectum as she could get it, followed immediately by the second one. “Shame on you, letting yourself get all plugged up,” Diane remonstrated, feeling the huge blob of waste that had stuffed Carol all up.

“It’s a good thing that Mommy cares so much about you, and is willing to give you the treatment you need. Unless your behavior improves, another time I might be inclined to send you to the potty without giving you anything.” “Mommy, oh no, oh please, oh you wouldn’t do that,” the quaking Carol pleaded.

“All right then. We’ll see how you do this time, with your suppositories and your enema. Remember, you have to be very, very good, if you want me to give you remedies to help you have your movement in the future,” Diane told her. “You can start by retaining the suppositories inside you for as long as I think it necessary.” “I’ll do it, Mommy. I’ll be a good girl for you,” Carol assured her.

Carol got up off the bed, and she got a pantiliner out of the things she’d brought, placing it in her undies before she put them back on. “You need to be careful when you’re doing suppositories,” she laughed. “That’s true enough. You don’t want any skid marks,” Diane agreed, as they shifted temporarily out of their role-playing. “Do you use suppositories very often, Carol?” she asked, not yet all that familiar with the remedies that Carol used to treat her constipation.

“No, not too often, but I do use them every now and then. I like them sometimes, in between my enemas, you know, help get things moving. But you must have read my mind, giving me suppositories before my enema. It has to be a good combination,” Carol said.

“I thought you might enjoy it. It’s fun to try different things. But you do need this today,” Diane replied, seriously. “I know you haven’t had a movement for awhile.” She’d known this right away, when she’d put the suppositories in. The truth was that Carol’s rectum was packed solid, with too many days of accumulated waste down in there.

“Let’s refresh our drinks, and have a cigarette, and we can watch the first video while we’re waiting,” Carol suggested. ”I don’t think it’s going to be too much longer, though,” she laughed ”No, I don’t imagine it will,” Diane agreed, as they walked into the kitchen.

Having turned the heat up earlier, the cottage was toasty warm, just right for parading around in their bras and panties, each girl very aware of the other’s sexuality. The weekend was off to a fabulous start, and there was so much more to come!

They sat side by side on the living room couch to watch the video, “Karen’s Anal Invasion.” The story line was about a girl whose boyfriend thought she’d been cheating on him. He decides to punish her with a spanking and an enema, reddening her bottom before he puts the tube in and making her take her quarts.

It excited the girls enough so that they stroked each other’s mound through their panties while they watched, a welcome diversion. They were in such a state of perpetual arousal that their panties would be wet all weekend!

They only got part way through the video when Carol looked anxiously at Diane. “Ooh, I think I’m ready. The suppositories are starting to work,” she declared. Diane stood up. “Come along with me, dear. It’s time for your enema. You need a good colon washing, to get everything out that’s stuck up in there. It’s going to be a nice soapy one, and it will make you feel so much better,” Diane told her, in her most seductive voice, leading her into the bedroom by the arm.

“Ooh, do I have to have an enema, Mommy?” Carol moaned, already feeling the effect of the suppositories. “Yes, you know you do. It’s been too long since you last went to the bathroom. There’s no doubt in my mind that you need a good enema,” Diane replied, in no uncertain terms.

‘How-how are you going to give it to me?” Carol asked, in a quavering voice. “We’re going to use the Rexall Victoria bag today. That’s a good big bag, just the one I want to use. I’m going to make it nice and soapy for you, and I think I’ll use the rectal tube, so I can put it way up in your bottom. And I’m going to put you over my lap, with a pillow. Yes, that will be a very nice enema, and I expect you to take every drop,” Diane explained, satisfied with her plans.

“You always make me take so much, Mommy. I know you’ll give me too big an enema,” Carol complained. “Oh now, don’t be such a baby. A big girl like you should be able to take the whole bag. You need it, to get washed out properly. If you don’t take it all, and it doesn’t work well enough, then I’ll have to give you another one,” Diane told her.

“Another one? Oh, I know the first one will work. You know how I hate enemas. I’m only doing this because you’re making me,” Carol fussed. “Is that so. Well, it’s up to you whether I have to give you a second one or not. I’m going to inspect the results, and if they’re not good, you know what I’ll have to do. Now, you stay right here, and you can watch me get it ready,” Diane decreed.

Carol did so, sitting on the edge of the bed, watching everything Diane did as she got the enema ready. The bulging Victoria bag was soon hanging on the stand, so full that the Castile soapsuds frothed over the sides, the hose and the glistening, well lubricated rectal tube looped over the arm of the stand.

Diane put a pillow with a towel over it onto her lap, getting up just long enough to lift the hose and tube from the stand, along with the jar of Vaseline, placing them within easy reach. She patted her lap. “Now, dear, I want you to take your underpants off and lie down on my lap. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t keep me waiting,” she said, in a firm tone of voice.

Carol did as she had been told, pulling her panties down and off, getting herself over Diane’s lap, her bottom elevated perfectly by the pillow. “I wonder how you’d like it if you were getting an enema, with the tube going up your bum,” Carol grumbled. “Your freshness isn’t going to get you anywhere, Carol. It shows me how constipated you are, to talk back to me like that. It makes me think I had better check on you and get you ready inside for the enema!”

“Oh no, oh you’re not going to put your finger in again,” poor Carol moaned. “The tube will go in without your doing that, I know it will!” “Trying to get out of it, are you? Well, that won’t work. I need to see if the suppositories have done anything, before I give you the enema. Maybe another time you won’t hold it in so long, and I wouldn’t have to do this.’ Diane responded.

“But you’re going to feel what-what’s in there again,” Carol stammered. “Yes, I certainly am. You should have thought of that, when you weren’t going to the bathroom,” Diane retorted. She couldn’t help but notice how wet Carol was, with goose bumps all over her buns. They were both very close to having an orgasm. Trying to hold it back if they could, it wouldn’t take much to push them over the edge!

“Now relax for Mommy, dear,” Diane whispered, spreading Carol’s bottom cheeks apart, taking a good look at her pouting rear entrance, surrounded so nicely with dark curly hair. “Ooh-ooo,” Carol went, as Diane stuck her gloved finger in, with a twisting motion, right up her partner’s rectum. “Just as I thought. You’re still all full in there, aren’t you,” Diane observed, disapprovingly, feeling all around in Carol’s shit.” I can see that the suppositories haven’t worked much. I’ll be very surprised if you’ll get by with only one enema today.” Carol was almost beside herself by this time!

Diane took her finger out, taking another good look at Carol’s glistening asshole, an area of her body that she loved working over. “It’s enema time. I’m going to put the tube in,” she whispered.

So saying, she picked the rectal tube up, and she gently slid it into Carol’s waiting anal entrance, advancing it up into her rectum. “Here it comes.” “Snap,” went the clamp. “Hooh-aah,” Carol sighed, the moment she felt the warm soapy solution begin to flow into her excited body.

“I’m going to slide the tube in deeper for you. This will be such a good high enema,” Diane cooed, working the well-greased rectal tube higher up in Carol’s colonic channel, sliding it in and out. “Now, be a good girl and take it all for Mommy.”

Carol was bouncing around on Diane’s lap, struggling to take and hold her enema, which wasn’t easy at all for her to do, having held two suppositories in there. “Ooh, that’s hard to take!” she panted. “You can do it. I don’t want any fussing. Let’s see what a big girl you are. You know you need to take it way up high so it will really work,” Diane encouraged her.

“Oh, I know, I’m trying, ooh that’s a big enema, I don’t know if I can take it all,” Carol moaned, panting and sighing as she struggled to take it up in her churning intestinal tract. “Of course you can. You know you need to take every drop,” Diane told her, firmly.

To divert her attention, and because she couldn’t resist, Diane stroked her buns, ran her fingers down the valley in between, around her asshole, and finally, after ripping the glove off, she reached under her and stroked her clit.

The effect on Carol was immediate, and on Diane too! They couldn’t wait any longer. The erotic enema Carol was taking was driving her wild, and the whole scene had been an incredible turn on for Diane. “Ooh yes, ooh that’s so beautiful, oh the things you do to me,” they both panted, as they came, together, each girl having searing orgasms that were out of this world.

Carol’s were intensified even more by the enema she was taking, and her need to hold all the soapy water inside, trying to control her quivering asshole as she came. She wasn’t even aware that the bag was hanging flat and empty. ”I can’t come any better than that, but oh, the enema and the suppositories have worked. You’ll have to take it out. Do I ever have to go!” she cried.

Diane knew that she couldn’t hold it any longer, and she took the tube out quickly for her. “I’ve got to run for it!” Carol exclaimed, scampering off to the bathroom, squeezing her buns together as best she could.

Another second and she wouldn’t have made it, for the bathroom was filled, immediately, with the sounds of plopping turds and jetting water. Carol had an explosive evacuation of her bowels, the soapy solution flushing everything out of her, having a truly outstanding enema movement for herself.

“That’s so good, the way the suppositories and the enema made me go,” she panted. “What a combination!” “Well, you really needed that today, Carol. You were ready for a good enema,” Diane said, understandingly, as she inspected the results, as she’d said she’d have to.

“Oh, I sure was. I don’t know how I’d have ever gone, without one.” ”Well, the way you needed an enema, there isn’t any question in my mind about my giving you another one later on,” Diane told her, Carol shivering at the very thought.

After making sure she was finished, she daintily wiped her bottom, finishing the task with a towelette, having a naughtily good idea of what was going to happen next. She wasn’t mistaken, or disappointed, for Diane was right next to her, stroking her. ”Ooh, I want your asshole,” her lover panted.

They almost ran into the bedroom, Carol getting on her hands and knees. Diane was right behind her, burying her face in Carol’s crevice, tonguing her enema clean anal opening for all she was worth, titillating her, reaming her out, pushing her tongue as far up in there as she could get it. The result was inevitable, another series of searing, flaming orgasms!

“Let’s watch the rest of the video,” Carol suggested at last, satiated for at least a few minutes. “Yes, I want to see how it comes out,” Diane agreed, both girls laughing happily at the idea. The weekend was already progressing beyond their fondest dreams!

Diane brought the video in from the living room. On the bed together, having a cigarette, they turned the video back on. Karen had been struggling to take her enema, her boyfriend holding the tube in, when they had turned it off.

“I bet he makes her take all of it,” Diane said. She was right. Karen squirms around, but it is no use, and she gets a few spanks for complaining. She has to take it all, every drop, the girls seeing the very visible distention of her belly. “This one sure isn’t faked,” Carol said.

It wasn’t. Finally the boyfriend relents, and says she can go to the toilet, rather than having to clean up after an accident. But he leeringly goes right in with her! ”The SOB won’t even let her have any privacy,” Diane observed. The model complains, in vain, and tries to hold it.

She is laughed at when she has to give in to her urge at last and let it out, the viewers hearing everything. But the boyfriend isn’t satisfied with the results, saying she has to have another one. And afterwards, to make sure she is true to him, and as part of her punishment, he demands to be serviced. “Men are such beasts. All they think about is getting your panties off,” Carol sighed. “Oh, I know. I’m so glad I have you,” Diane replied, revealingly.

“Still, that was a good video. Maybe we should be upset about exploitation of women and all that, but the model didn’t have to do it. It was well acted and photographed. Some of it was funny, actually. Let’s hope the others are as good.”

Carol looked right at her. “I’m glad your mother has sent you over today, Diane. She must know you’re in need. I haven’t seen you for a while, too long, in fact. I’m sure you are more than ready for a treatment,” she said, in a professional sounding voice. “Oh, I know, but I’ve been very busy,” Diane replied, evasively. “Too busy to go to the bathroom, I’m sure. Have you been taking the psyllium husk I gave you?” she demanded to know.

Diane looked the other way. “Well, I-I did try it. But it’s so yucky, the way you have to mix it and try to drink it,” she said, evasively. “Huh. In other words you’ve taken hardly any of it at all, that’s the truth of it,” Carol said in disgust. “You’re in need of a nurse today then, I have no doubt,” Carol answered.

“Now, I want you to come into the treatment room, and get undressed for me, please. Take your brassiere and your underpants off as well, so you will be completely comfortable for the procedure. I’ll be getting myself ready while you do that.”

Diane, getting aroused all over again, complied with Carol’s instructions, sitting demurely in the nude on the bed, her hands folded on her lap, happily contemplating her forthcoming treatment. At least that’s where her hands were supposed to be! It didn’t take very much to get her juices flowing all over again.

Yet another thrill ran all through her when she saw Carol return, dressed in a tight fitting, crispy white mini skirted nurse’s uniform. It was a size too small, which revealed every curve of her figure, and the skirt was so short it barely covered her panties. Carol didn’t have to be told the effect the uniform had on her SO!

“What do you want me to do, Mrs. Taylor?” she asked, breathlessly. Carol knew in advance what she wanted to do. “I’ll have you lie on your back for a massage and a little examination. The massage will get you relaxed for what we may have to do. So if you will get into position, we can get started,” Carol said, acting very professional.

Diane did so, lying down with her hands under her head, a position that displayed the growth in her under arms, which Carol noticed. She noticed, too, Diane’s nice, well- developed breasts, which were so firm that they stood almost straight up. Certainly her nipples did!

Carol commenced the massage, taking her time, beginning by stroking Diane’s thighs, running her hands through her pubic hair, and fondling her breasts, any one of which was enough to get Diane excited. She wasn’t above teasing her, though, only brushing her roving hands against her lover’s labia and vaginal area. That would have to wait until later.

“Now, I’m going to examine your belly, to see what that feels like today,” Carol announced. She knew enough anatomy to expertly trace the outline of Diane’s colon, pressing her supple hands down on the area in a few well-chosen places.

“You haven’t been to the bathroom recently, have you?” Carol said, with an air of resignation. “I can feel all the waste material that’s in there, in your lower tract,” the experienced “nurse” commented. “That’s what happens, when you don’t take the remedies you should have, that I gave you. You’d better tell me just how long it has been since you last had a movement.”

She looked directly at Diane, who did her best to avoid her penetrating gaze. “It’s-it’s been a few days,” she finally admitted. “Yes, I’m sure it has. A week is more like it, I’d say. That means I’ll have to examine your rectum, and if I find what I expect to in there, I’ll have to give you an enema,” Carol announced.

“Oh, will I have to have one, Mrs. Taylor? I’m sure I’ll be able to go, without one. Maybe I could have suppositories instead,” Diane pleaded. They both knew, though, what she wanted, without a word having to be said.

“Oh, so that’s what you do. Using suppositories. I wonder if your mother knows that. In any event, it’s too late for suppositories, I’m afraid. You might get some results with them, but what you need today, I’m sure, is a good cleanout to relieve your constipation. The only way to accomplish that is for you to take a good soapsuds enema, which is just what I expect to give you. I’ll know for sure after you have your examination,” Carol informed her.

In real life Diane’s mother hadn’t known that she used suppositories, and she had started to back when she was a teenager, keeping them well hidden from her mother’s prying eyes. She’d found that she enjoyed putting them in, and that they were an effective way to help her have a movement.

Their eyes met, and they looked at each other with their lips slightly parted. The whole scene was such a turn on for them! But it was time for Carol to take further action. “I mentioned your examination. It’s time for that now. No putting it off. Get up on your hands and knees, please,” Carol ordered.

Diane got herself into the desired position. It was her turn to be submissive, so very exposed, for her nurse! “Do you have to do me inside?” she sighed. “Yes, I certainly do. It’s necessary for me, as your nurse, to determine the extent of your constipation,” Diane was told. “I know, but it’s so personal,” Diane complained. “It is, I agree. Maybe you should have thought of that, when you weren’t taking your remedies, and getting constipated. But since you didn’t, you have to face the consequences,” Carol replied, unsympathetically.

Carol had, of course, been looking at every exposed part of Diane’s up thrust backside, enjoying the view. She did have a luscious ass, just made for a good working over. Carol couldn’t resist taking advantage of the opportunity presented, stroking Diane’s buns, the inside of her thighs, and her inviting, pretty, puckered asshole. “You have such a cute behind, dear, one that’s going to attract a lot of attention,” she predicted, Diane trembling all over from her feathery touch.

Attention was about to be given, and her heart began to pound as soon as she heard the crackling sound of Carol wiggling her hand into a smooth fitting latex glove. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Diane plunging her finger into the jar of Vaseline, their eyes meeting briefly. “It’s time now for me to determine the condition of your rectum,” Carol announced.

Commencing the exam by lubricating Diane’s anal ring, Carol entered her well greased digit into the center of the pouting rear portal that was right before her eyes, and then she slowly slid it on up into her breathless partner’s most intimate area. “Hooh,” Diane went, as she willingly experienced the invasion of her rectal channel.

As Carol had expected, its condition wasn’t good, for Diane’s rectum was loaded with a huge accumulation of dense, hard packed shit. “You haven’t been for awhile, have you. There’s no question that you need an enema, a good big soapy one, as a matter of fact,” she said, reporting on the results of her examination, as she felt all around in there as best she could.

“I was afraid I’d have to have one today, Mrs. Taylor,” Diane sighed, resigned to her fate. “I’ve tried to go for days, and I can’t do anything. I knew I’d have to come and see you.” “It’s a good thing that you did, seeing how constipated you are. It’s been too long since you last had a movement,” Carol said, in a disapproving tone. “Oh, I know, but I didn’t get the urge I need to have one,” Diane tried to explain.

“So that’s it. You didn’t feel any need to go. In that case we need to do something about that, don’t we. On second thought, I think I will give you suppositories first. Yes, they’d be good for you. Suppositories and an enema. That should get things moving,” Carol decided.

“You like suppositories, don’t you. You must, since you began by asking me if you could have them. I want you to tell me, Diane,” Carol said, waiting expectantly for the answer. “I-I do like them. They do feel kind of nice,” Diane finally admitted. “I’m sure they do. You like pushing them up into that hot little tushy of yours, that’s the truth of it. So that’s just what we’re going to do. But remember, there won’t be any getting out of the enema,” Carol reminded her. Now that her nurse had discovered her secret suppository habit, Diane knew that she was in for it.

“I’m going to insert them now, right up your rectum,” Carol announced, and without further ado she stuck two of the glycerine cylinders as far up Diane as she could get them. “You’re so full in there that they may not do very much, but it’s worth a try, to see if they give you any urge. I want you to be a good patient and hold them in for a good half hour before I give you the enema.”

Diane got up, off the bed, getting a pantiliner out just as Carol had done. “It might not happen, but it’s a good precaution, just in case,” she thought, stepping back into her panties. She put her bra back on, too, ready for whatever was going to happen next. Whatever it was, it would be sure to be exciting!

They went back to the bedroom, to wait and see if Diane’s suppositories were going to work. “I see you like to use them too, Diane,” Carol said.” Oh yes, there’s definitely a place for them in this world,” Diane laughed. “Sometimes if I don’t need an enema, but could use a little help, I’ll put them in. I’ve found that they work very well at a time like that.”

“So you started using them back when you were a teenager,” Carol inquired. Diane nodded. “I did. I knew I had to use something, so I looked at all the remedies in the drug store. My mother had given me suppositories, so I knew that was what I wanted. I was praying that no one I knew would see me picking them out, or in the checkout line,” she laughed again. “Well, that is a problem, I agree. Now I always buy my things, you know, personal items, out of town or over the Internet,” Carol responded.

“Let’s watch the next video while we’re waiting,” she suggested. “Fine by me. I sure enjoyed the first one. Which one have you got?” Diane asked. “Oh, I thought we’d try ‘Roommates’ Rectal Adventures.’ Want me to read the description?” “Yes, why don’t you. It won’t give too much away. It sounds good, from the title,” Diane answered.

“Ok, here it is. ‘See two coeds strip down to indulge their enema fetish, getting it on, taking their quarts in different positions. Not satisfied, watch them insert their sex toys into their eager assholes,’” Carol read. “That will be a little different. It is fun to watch them, see how other girls do it,” Diane said.

“This is going to be good,” Carol enthused, snuggling up to Diane on the bed. Sitting propped up on the bed, the short skirt of her nurse’s uniform rode way up her thighs, and it wasn’t nearly long enough to cover her panties, which Diane, dressed only in her lingerie, was very aware of. They were caressing each other all over in no time at all. How they loved stroking each other’s mound through the sheer slinky fabric of their under things!

The video was about two roommates, Ruth and Betty, who were college freshmen. Ruth suspects that Betty, who is a little on the submissive side, has an anal orientation, which she has herself. To find out, she invites Betty to go home with her for a weekend, when her parents were away. Betty agrees, suspecting that something might happen.

To break the ice, Ruth says that the college food has made her get constipated, and that she needs an enema, and she suggests that Betty have one herself. Betty readily agrees, since she had experimented with enemas when she was in high school. They are both into the scene, giving each other nice enemas in different positions. They watch each other expel, something they hadn’t done with a partner before. The video has excellent close up shots of their assholes, all the details of the girls taking their enemas, and the girls sitting on the toilet letting their enemas out.

The video wasn’t half over, though, before Diane began to feel the effect of her suppositories. “Oh, it’s starting to happen. We’d better go do it, Carol,” she suggested. Carol picked up on it right away, standing up and turning the video off.

“I want you to come along with me now, Diane, to the treatment room. As your nurse, I’m sure you know what we have to do next. In case you have any ideas, there’s no getting out of it. You know you need an enema, a good soapy one, to get yourself cleaned out properly.” “Oh, I know I have to go through with it,” Diane mumbled, as she got off the bed, all too aware of what was about to be done to her.

“How-how are you going to give it to me, Mrs. Taylor?” she asked, in a quavering little voice, as they walked together into their enema bedroom. “I think we’ll use the can today, and the black douche nozzle. Yes, I think that will be good. We nurses like to use the enema can, and the tube I’ve chosen will be just right. It fits into the rectum so nicely,” Carol told her.

Diane had used that tube before, and thinking about having it inserted up into her again was enough to give her the shivers!

“Oh no, oh not the can,” Diane moaned. “I can’t see what’s left to go in!” “Isn’t that a pity,” Carol retorted, heedless to Diane’s concern. “Maybe it’s better not to know. Anyway, there’s no point in fussing about it, since that’s what we’re going to use. It’s the enema nurse who makes the decisions, not the patient. Sit down on the bed, please, while I get everything ready.”

Carol had noticed that the bedroom had a high bureau quite close to the bed, just the right height, so it would be the perfect place to put the old white enamel enema can, the hose being long enough to easily reach the bed, when the time came. Diane, increasingly aware of the suppositories melting in her rectum, watched everything Carol did, and very soon she had the can, full to the brim with the soap-laced water, in position on the bureau right where she wanted it.

The amber hose was more than long enough to reach where Diane was going to be, so that wasn’t a problem. Carol always enjoyed giving an enema the old fashioned way, with antique equipment. “It really is more fun this way,” she thought.

“Now, Diane, it’s time for you to get your underpants off and kneel down on the bed. I want you to be a good girl for your nurse, and do just as I say.” “Oh, all right,” Diane muttered, doing as she was told, taking her undies off and getting into the desired position.

She saw Carol slipping her hand into another glove. “Ooh, are you going to do me again back there?” she almost whispered. Her heart was racing now, in anticipation of her enema! “I am indeed. You didn’t think you were going to get out of another exam, I hope. I need to see how well the suppositories have worked, and get you all prepared for the insertion of the nozzle.”

“I bet anything you like giving rectal exams,” Diane grumbled. “Now don’t be fresh, dear. That won’t get you anywhere. But since you asked, I do like doing it, as any good nurse should when she gives an enema,” Carol responded.

Greasing her finger all up, she thrust it up through Diane’s pouting asshole and right up her rectum, twisting and probing deeply around in there, checking to see if the melting suppositories had accomplished anything. “They have started to melt, but not enough to soften it up. It’s just as I thought. You’re too full for them to have done much of anything. You definitely need an enema to relieve your constipation,” Carol announced.

“Ooh, suppositories and an enema, oh that’s too much,” Diane panted. “It is the old one- two, isn’t it,” Carol replied, smoothly. “I think a big girl like you is up to it. Think what a good movement you’re going to have. Now, get on my lap, please. It’s all ready for you. It’s time for me to put the tube up your bottom and give you the nice soapy enema you’ve got to have today,” she said, in her usual persuasive manner.

Diane crawled her way onto Carol’s lap, draping herself over Carol’s bare thighs with her legs apart. Although her rear entrance was exposed in the position she was in, Carol opened her up even more for the insertion that was very soon to come.

She had the hose, the nozzle, and the clamp right where she wanted them, and she picked the well-greased tube up, placing it right up against the quivering Diane’s excited anal opening. ‘In it goes,” she whispered, sticking the thick black douche tube in, inserting it high up into Diane’s overloaded rectum, and opening the clamp as soon as she had done so. “It’s going to feel soo good,” she purred, enjoying the view of the tube stuck up Diane’s ass.

“Ooo-hooo,” Diane went, feeling the soapy solution going in right away, wiggling her butt around right in front of Carol, who was holding the tube firmly implanted in her rectal channel. But she didn’t hold it still for long, sliding it in and out, sensuously, to heighten the sensations for Diane, stroking her buns and her thighs with her free hand. That got her almost as excited as Diane was.

“Ooh, that’s a good enema, and ooh, nurse, the things you do to me!” Diane panted, very aware of the sudsy mixture flowing inexorably up her colon, and aware, too, of her impending orgasm. “Sometimes extra measures are called for by the nurse, to help her patient take her enema,” Carol answered, in a soft, seductive voice.

It was a scenario that Diane loved, and had visualized only in her fondest dreams, lying on her nurse’s lap, being given a big soapy enema with the tube stuck way in. The anticipation, the effect of the suppositories, her constipation, her need for an enema, her impregnated, expanding belly, were getting her closer and closer to the brink.

She was already stimulated by the melting suppositories she’d held in her rectum, which actually had begun softening and loosening everything up. As if that weren’t enough, the soapsuds enema was adding, big time, to her urge for expulsion. “Hooh-ooo,” she moaned, wiggling her butt in desperation, feeling the pressure in her distended, waste clogged colonic channel. Her need for elimination was getting very insistent!

“Ooh, is it ever working. I don’t know if I can make it. You would use the can. I don’t know what’s left,” she panted, bouncing around more than ever. “You can do it. You know you need to, and you know you want to. Now, be a good girl, and take it all for nursie,” Carol whispered.

Being filled to capacity, having an acute need to have her movement, struggling to hold it in, and being excited by what Carol was doing to her with the douche tube, all combined to push Diane over the edge. “Ooh yes,” she moaned, as her shuddering climax overcame her, in a soaring flight to the zenith of ecstasy. Carol, slipping her hand inside her own panties, was having the same experience, both girls crying out in sheer delight. They had never experienced orgasms so intense before they had gotten together.

But Diane’s powerful peristalsis had only been deterred momentarily by her orgasm, returning with a vengeance. “Carol, I’ve got to run for it, ooh, have I ever got to go!” she exclaimed, trying desperately to maintain her grip over her quivering asshole. Carol, well aware of Diane’s situation, removed the tube, and Diane was on her way!

It took every last ounce of willpower she possessed to make the dash to the toilet without having a bad accident, and she wasted no time in plunking her buns down on the toilet seat for blessed relief. She was blasting the bowl with an uncontrollable fecal explosion in about one second, the enema solution flushing chunk after chunk of soapy shit out of her convulsing colon.

The plops and splats were unbelievable, as she abandoned her body to the power of her forceful expulsion, ridding her system of a week’s worth of constipated waste, having herself the mother of all BM’s. The sensations were enough to get her off with yet another orgasm!

Carol came into the bathroom just as Diane was finishing up.“Well, you certainly needed that,” Carol said, sympathetically, watching Diane wiping her bottom, and seeing her looking ruefully into the toilet. “Oh, I guess. I don’t think I ever had to go so bad in my life. What a blowout. That was some enema, just what I needed,” she sighed, flushing the results away, praying that the toilet she’d been sitting on was a good one.

“I’d never tried that before, having the suppositories first. That would make me go if I hadn’t been for a month,” Diane said. “It is a good way to get all cleaned out. We won’t need to worry about having a BM for awhile,” Carol agreed. “No, but the way we were constipated, we’ll need another enema, just to make sure we got everything out. This is when a high enema is so good for you,” Diane responded.

“You mean one with the colon tube inserted way in. I can’t wait to try that. I always like to have a second one too. I’m always surprised at how much is left in me when I haven’t done enemas for awhile,” Carol replied. “You’ve got something to look forward to, believe me. I may not have wanted to visit Mrs. Taylor, but I’d never have known about high enemas unless she’d given them to me,” Diane said, gratefully.

Diane stood up at last, without a stitch of clothing on, inviting another hungry stare from Carol. “Did you ever see or hear about those Ex-Lax ads, about how they work, how they give you ‘the happy medium’ instead of ‘embarrassing urgency’? Diane asked, chuckling at the thought. “Talk about embarrassing urgency. That’s what I had in spades,” she sighed.

“I do remember that. Have you ever tried Ex-Lax, Diane? I have, to my regret,” Carol admitted. “Yes, I did use it a few times. I got constipated when I first started working. You know, a new job, new apartment, being on my own and so on. So I did try it. I had some close calls, I’ll tell you. It wasn’t exactly the happy medium,” Diane laughed.

“That was my experience with it too,” Carol recalled. “Talk about needing pantiliners. It wasn’t long at all before I knew I’d better go back to my suppositories and my enemas.” “It was the same with me, actually. I’d much rather have an enema anyway. Sunday morning. That’s when I get the bag out,” Diane told her. “Great minds have been thinking alike,” Carol replied, with a smile. “There’s nothing like a Sunday morning enema.” “Except having a partner to give you one,” Diane revealed, the girls giving each other a quick hug in agreement.

Part 2 - Friday Evening

“All this excitement has made me get hungry. Let’s put our robes on, and we can heat up some supper,” Carol suggested. “That’s a good idea. I’m ready for that,” Diane agreed. She put her under things back on while Carol got out of her nurse’s uniform, and they soon were wearing their attractive bathrobes and slippers.

“Thanks for wearing the uniform, Carol. It’s sexy as hell, in case you don’t know it.” “I’m glad you liked it. I hoped you would,” Carol answered, happy that Diane had been excited by it. They really did want to please each other. “You can wear it any time you’re going to be my enema nurse,” Diane replied, brightly.

They had brought several gourmet dinners with them, and it only took a few minutes to get them heated up in the microwave. Opening a special bottle of wine they had brought, they ate in the dining area, chatting about the latest goings on in the software industry. “We should forget about enemas and constipation and all that while we’re eating,” Carol said, laughing, a thought that Diane agreed with.

They enjoyed each other’s company in a number of ways, so their dinner together was a very pleasant one, completed by having dessert, decaf, and a cigarette. They didn’t have to say a word about how good it was to be spending the weekend together, and they both knew there was lots more enjoyment to come.

“I’m getting all relaxed, now that I’ve had my enema and had supper. But I could be talked into trying the Jacuzzi,” Diane said.”What a good idea. I’m ready for that myself. Let’s do it,” Carol agreed, eagerly.

They soon had the Jacuzzi filled with the very warm water they both liked, to which they had added the special soap they had remembered to bring. Stripping down to the nude, they stepped in, luxuriating under the mountain of billowing, foamy, frothing suds, which covered them completely. “This is the life,” Carol sighed, sliding around in the tub, a sentiment with which Diane completely agreed. They couldn’t be happier!

The sensuous stimulation of the water jets was exciting, too. They loved pressing their bodies up against the jets, which gave them the nicest sensations. “You could have an enema right in here,” Carol panted, feeling the pressure of the pulsating water jetting right onto her tender anal entrance.

“Oh, I know. That does feel so nice. All we’d have to do is open ourselves up a little and the water would go right in. It may be naughty, but we’ll have to try that sometime this weekend,” Diane agreed, with a sigh of pleasure. “You’ve got it. I’ll be in the mood to be naughty, with you,” Carol answered, revealingly, giving her lover a little squeeze.

The whole Jacuzzi scene was so erotic that they couldn’t resist the temptation to work each other over, delightfully fondling or probing their partner’s body, beginning with their earthy underarms, and their bellies, calves and thighs.

That wasn’t enough, though, and soon, getting more and more aroused, their roaming hands were caressing and stroking their tits, cunts, and assholes, driving each other wild! Especially their assholes, the most private, secret, intimate area of their bodies. The insertion of slippery, soapy fingers, penetrating their erotically sensitive bottom openings, followed by a delicious rectal massage, was the living end, both girls squealing with delight at what was being done to her!

Back when they had first met, dreading the thought of rejection after such a promising beginning, they had been hesitant to reveal, at first, their most hidden, secret desires to each other, and they had only become more uninhibited about it after they had discovered their mutual interest in taking enemas. This had been followed, as a natural consequence, by some tentative rectal exploration. But they hadn’t revealed the true depth of their anal eroticism until after they had become lovers, when they had felt comfortable with making complete disclosure of their likes and dislikes to each other.

“When I was growing up I called it ‘my movement hole, where my BM’s come out,’” Diane had confessed. “Now, it’s more likely to happen with a laxative, a suppository, or an enema, but ooh, it’s such a turn on to have things done to me back there,” Diane had divulged.

Carol had been in complete agreement. “All the nerves are inter connected in that area, at least mine are. It is exciting. My sexy little butt hole. I want you to play with my bottom, do whatever you’d like. I love it,” she had confessed. They had hugged each other in sheer relief that their partner shared the same passion, someone they could trust completely!

And so they had satiated their anal desires, right from the very beginning. The anus might be a forbidden area of their bodies, fraught with taboos, but for them it was the ultimate source of lustful, hedonistic delights!

Wiggling around in the Jacuzzi together, they felt their ecstasy building, slowly and deliciously, toward the zenith. Panting, moaning and sighing in sheer delight, their deep gooses took them over the peak, inciting the shuddering climaxes they craved, in yet another series of flaming orgasms, intense beyond comprehension. “God, that was so beautiful,” Diane panted at last, Carol giving her a quick hug and squeeze for answer.

‘We could heat the water up, but it’s probably time to get on to the next thrill,” Carol said. “Yes, ok, we can always do this again,” Diane answered. “Oh you know we will,” Carol giggled. “We’re going to need a shower to rinse all the soap off.”

That was pleasurable in itself, as they got under the shower together, their bodies completely covered in a layer of still frothy suds, which invited additional caresses, which continued when they helped dry each other off.

“Let’s get our nighties on and watch the rest of the video, see them do their butt plugs and vibrators. After that, it will be time for beddy bye, at least it will for me,” Diane suggested. “Yes, ok. I’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep myself. After all, we’ll have tomorrow to look forward to,” Carol laughed.

Back in the bedroom, they paraded around for a moment in the nude, each girl receiving an admiring stare from the other. Carol put a filmy nightie on, along with a pair of satin panties, while Diane adorned herself in her favorite baby dolls. Their sleepwear did virtually nothing to conceal their luscious figures, much to their delight.

They were soon cuddled together under the covers, content for now with only a little stroking action as they watched. “Let’s hope the second half is as good as the first,” Diane said. “I’m sure they’re meant for the male audience, but it is exciting to watch them,” Carol responded.

Carol pressed the remote, and the second half of the video began. Ruth has some special equipment, and she gives Betty her second enema with a rectal tube, the video showing it going nicely up her bottom. The sounds of her expelling it clearly indicated that she had needed the second one.

Then it’s Ruth’s turn, and she wants the inflatable nozzle. Betty is not familiar with it, but she manages to get it into Ruth, the video showing graphically every detail of the insertion. ”We’ve got to try that tomorrow,” Diane said, excitedly. Carol couldn’t agree more. “I’m so glad we got it. I can’t wait to see what it feels like when it’s inflated,” she said, excited at the idea herself.

After Ruth takes and expels her enema, she sees that Betty is aroused, suggests some anal play, and she gets her secret supply of sex toys out, including vibrators, butt plugs, and dildos, items she had bought as soon as she had turned eighteen. Betty agrees to try them, the video showing close-ups of the insertion of the devices being forced into her eager bottom entrance, which opens up very wide to accept them.

Ruth is surprised at how well Betty takes them in, and says so, suspecting her of playing with herself by using them before. Betty, embarrassed, has to tell her roommate that she suffers from constipation. She says that what comes out sometimes is as big as the butt plug going in, so she’s had plenty of practice stretching her puckered bottom entrance. Ruth is satisfied with her explanation, and of course she has to try the butt plug herself, after which both girls get themselves off with Ruth’s vibrators.

“Oh, I liked that!” Diane enthused. “Anyone who likes seeing girls’ assholes will love this one.” “And to think they get paid for doing that. Well, there’s more than one way to make a living, I guess,” Carol laughed. “The inflatable nozzle may feel good when it’s blown up, but I know I want to see what it feels like when a butt plug goes in,” Diane said. “Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance tomorrow. But now, it is time for bed. I’m so worn out I don’t even want another enema tonight, if you can believe it,” Carol laughed.

“It’s hard to, but I feel the same way. But we have tomorrow to look forward to. I think I’d fall asleep taking one. We’ve had enough excitement for one night. All good things have to come to an end,” Diane said.

They performed the necessary in the bathroom, and soon they were ready to drop off to sleep, cuddling up in the bed with their arms around each other. “We’re just like an old married couple,” Diane murmured, the last words that were said that night. Spent, but delightfully satisfied by the events of the evening, they were both sound asleep in no time at all.

Part 3 - Saturday Morning

They had separated from their embrace sometime during the night, so it was easy for Diane, who woke up first, to get up, leaving Carol still fast asleep. She stretched a few times, and she couldn’t resist running her hands over her body before she went off to the bathroom for a pee. “God I’m hot this morning,” she sighed to herself, aroused already at the thought of whatever the day might bring.

Finished in the bathroom, she went into the kitchen, parading around in her baby dolls, where she had a sip of orange juice, made the coffee and pouring herself a cup, and lighting a cigarette. “There’s no way I’m going to let Carol sleep much longer,” she thought, happily.

Deciding it was time, she went back into the bedroom, where Carol was still asleep, looking fondly at her. Then she carefully pulled the covers down. Carol was lying on her stomach, her nightie up around her thighs. It was so sheer that Diane could clearly see her panties. Unable to resist the temptation, she got down on the bed next to her, running her hand over the sheer satin fabric, in between her thighs, down the crevice in between her buns, and then she lightly pressed her finger onto her anal opening which was just inside. That got the desired results!

“Wha-what’s going on?” Carol murmured, starting to wake up. “Oh, it’s you, Diane. Good morning. What a nice way to be awakened,” she sighed, but she was smiling, aware now that Diane’s finger was still around her asshole. “Time to get up, sweetie. That’s where I’m going to put the tube in,” she whispered. “As soon as you’re ready I’m going to give you a nice high enema, and the colon tube is going to go all the way in,” Diane told her, in a husky voice.

Carol was waking up very fast. “Well, who am I to refuse an offer like that,” she laughed. “Let a girl get up first, though, have a pee, and have some coffee. I can smell it. Good for you, having it made. I’ll be ready for a cup,” she said, making her way to the bathroom. She was getting excited too, just as Diane was.

She was a vision in her see through nightie as she made her way into the kitchen, having some juice first, as Diane had done, and then pouring her coffee and having a cigarette. “I love a morning enema. It is the best time,” she said. “And I don’t think you’re going to keep me waiting very long,” she laughed.

“Not if I can help it. I can’t wait to get it on,” Diane breathed, the panties of her baby dolls already getting wet. ”I’m not the only one who’s going to get an enema this morning. You’d better be ready to have a big tube stuck up your ass,” Carol pretended to threaten, making Diane shiver all over.

They decided to heat up the Danish they had brought with them, prolonging their smoldering excitement. “We should have a little something to eat before we get started, on whatever it is we’re going to do,” Carol suggested. Diane agreed, and they ate their Danish, along with a second cup of coffee, sitting in their dining area in their revealing nighttime lingerie. They hadn’t bothered to put their robes on, so they were very aware of each other’s latent sexuality.

Carol excused herself to go to the bathroom for a quick pee, and when she came out she was holding her panties in her hand. “They’re getting a little uncomfortable. I don’t need to keep them on any longer,” she said, carelessly, seeing Diane staring at her pubic hair, clearly visible through the filmy cloth.

Then she turned around, her back to Diane, and she lifted her nightie up and bent way over, with her legs apart, brazenly reaching behind herself and spreading her bottom cheeks as far apart as she could get them. “I hope you enjoy the view,” she observed, saucily, suggestively wiggling her fleshy butt, her asshole obscenely exposed.

As she had hoped and expected, the effect on Diane was immediate. “I’ll enjoy it more if you get out of your nightie, honey, and come with me to the bedroom,” Diane said, throatily. “You’d better get out of those baby dolls if you know what’s good for you,” Carol panted. “Are you ever going to get it, you hot little bitch!”

Stripped to the nude, they collapsed onto the bed, completely working each other over, plunging their faces into their lover’s hairy ass crack, forcing their tongues into their pulsating anal craters, licking, sniffing, further excited by the musky female aroma they both had after spending the night together. They almost dissolved in sheer ecstasy, oblivious to everything but the intensity of their shuddering, passionate releases, as they came, again and again, beginning the day by satisfying their forbidden desires.

At last they rolled off one another, spent from the fury of their lovemaking. “I don’t know how many times I can keep getting it on, but I hope this lasts forever,” Diane sighed, as the two of them enjoyed a last few fleeting caresses of their intimate areas. “Don’t forget, we have a lifetime to catch up on,” Carol murmured, snuggling cozily up against her partner’s backside.

For answer, Diane rolled over, and once again she pressed her finger up against Carol’s bottom opening. “It won’t be long before I give you your morning enema,” she whispered, making Carol quiver all over at the very thought. “Ooh, yes. And your nurse will be ready for you too,” Carol breathed, giving Diane the shivers as well.

Carol excused herself for a moment, to “freshen up,” as she put it, stopping just long enough to get a different set of daytime lingerie out. In contrast with their earthy side, they both liked to wear fresh, clean undies. But it wasn’t long before she re emerged from the bathroom, all decked out in her intimate apparel, finding Diane waiting expectantly for her.

“I didn’t do anything, Diane. I didn’t expect to, but I know there’s more in there that should come out. I need another enema this morning,” she said, in a low voice, attempting to justify her desires.

“I thought you’d be ready for one. I know I am,” she laughed. “We only had one enema yesterday, and that isn’t enough for a good cleanout. Not with our constipation, the way we were all clogged up. We’ve waited long enough, I’d say. It’s time for your treatment, Carol. I’m going to give you a high enema, with the colon tube, and you’re going to love it,” she replied, significantly.

“The nurse my mother made me go to, Mrs. Taylor, called it a ‘high colonic irrigation.’ That sounds so drastic, so intimidating, doesn’t it? I was so scared when I saw the tube, and when she gave me the first one. Little did I know,” Diane laughed.

“Ooh, whatever it’s called, I want it. I can’t wait to have the colon tube go way up in. It looks so exciting,” Carol panted, getting aroused as they walked, arms around each other, to the enema bedroom. “How do you plan to give it to me?” she asked. “I thought we’d use the silicone bag. It’s time to christen it. It holds four quarts. That ought to do it. And I’m going to make it nice and warm and soapy for you. Vaseline for you, and mineral oil for the tube. How does that sound? You haven’t lived until you’ve tried it,” Diane said, with a big smile.

Carol was quivering with delightful anticipation. “Ooh, that sounds so good. I’ve always wanted to try the colon tube, see if it will go in. I’ll try, but I don’t know about four quarts,” she said, doubtfully. “That is a lot, I know. We’ll have to see how you do. But you know you need a big enema, to get yourself cleaned out properly,” Diane told her, in a quiet tone of voice. The thought of inserting the colon tube up Carol, and giving her a big enema, was getting her as aroused as her love partner was!

Carol sat on the edge of the bed, waiting intently, while Diane got her enema ready in the bathroom, filling the big silicone bag up to the top with another rich soapy mixture, and attaching the long colon tube to the hose. Carol could feel her wetness when Diane came bustling in, hanging the ominously bulging bag on the stand, and looping the hose and the tube over the arm of the stand.

“I can see the solution right through the bag. It looks so soapy, “ Carol sighed, well aware how her heart was pounding. “It is nice and soapy,” Diane agreed. “You know you need a good soapsuds enema this morning to get complete relief from your constipation,” she told her. Carol couldn’t keep her eyes off the bag, knowing what very soon was going to happen. The truth was that she loved soapy enemas!

Diane did the colon tube next, running the length of it through her hands, making a production of it in front of Carol, after which she coated it completely with lots of mineral oil. “You know how mineral oil is an internal lubricant, sort of like a laxative, so it’s very good for using on colon tubes,” Diane explained. “I soaked the tube in it for a couple of days to help break it in, so it wouldn’t be too stiff. I think it’s just right,” she added.

Carol had been lying on her tummy, with her legs spread slightly apart, propping her chin up with her hand, her elbow on the pillow while she watched the preparations being made, giving Diane a splendid view of her panty covered ass, and her smooth, curvaceous thighs. It was enough to distract her from what she was doing for a minute.

Seeing that everything was ready, Carol got up to take her panties off, attracting Diane’s attention as she made a show of their removal. “What’s the best position for me to be in for a colon tube enema?” she asked. “You can take it several ways, on your back, in the Sims-you know, on your left side-or on your hands and knees. I think that’s the best,” Diane informed her. “Oh, good. I was hoping you’d say that. It’s my favorite position to be in for an enema,” Carol said breathlessly.

While Diane was putting a glove on she assumed the desired position, kneeling with her legs apart, exposing her anal opening to the forthcoming delights. “Ooh, what are you going to do to me?” she panted, seeing Diane plunge her gloved finger into the Vaseline jar. “I’ve got to get you ready for the tube, and that means you’re going to get an anal and rectal exam,” Diane told her, carelessly.

She prolonged Carol’s breathless anticipation by stroking her buns and her thighs with her other ungloved hand, seeing her sphincter pouting with desire for penetration. “You want it, don’t you,” Diane whispered. “Ooh yes. I can’t wait for you to do me inside,” Carol moaned, gyrating her delectable twin globes.

“Ok, I won’t keep you waiting,” Diane whispered in return, pressing her well greased finger right into Carol’s sensitive bottom entrance, and plunging it right on up into her rectum with a twisting motion, probing as deeply as her finger would reach. “I’ve been waiting all morning for this,” Carol panted.

She hadn’t even had the tube put in yet, but she wasn’t far from having an orgasm! She never could make up her mind about what part of the enema experience she loved most, but having her partner probing her rectum, getting her ready for her enema, was delicious. It was so totally intimate, so utterly sensual for Carol, an overt anal erotic!

“You’ve got more in there, Carol,” Diane announced, interrupting her partner’s reverie. “Not as much as yesterday, but enough,” she observed, as she digitally felt Carol’s rectal contents. “I was sure I did. I could feel it in there when I was in the bathroom, when I didn’t have a movement. I know I need another enema. I was too constipated for the one I had yesterday to get it all out,” Carol replied, with a sigh. It was so personal, having Diane feeling what was in her rectum!

“Another enema is just what you’re going to get, like right now,” Diane told her, taking her somewhat stained finger out. “You’re well lubed, so the tube should slide right in,” she said, as she lifted the glistening colon tube and the hose off the arm of the stand. “I’m going to insert it now. You’re going to love it,” she said, in a low, confidential voice.

“Uh,” Carol went, catching her breath the moment she felt the end of the colon tube sliding through her bottom entrance and up her rectum as Diane pushed it in. “I’m going to start it now. Relax as much as you can, because the tube will go in easier if you do.”

Diane proceeded to open the clamp, starting Carol’s high enema on its way, and beginning to advance the tube through the loops and flexures up above her rectum. “Isn’t that good? There’s no other enema like it,” Diane whispered, sliding the tube in an inch at a time. “Oh god, that’s so fantastic. It’s unbelievable,” Carol moaned.

She was experiencing incredibly pleasant, rippling sensations deep inside her body as the slippery colon tube wormed its way up through the built up residue and into the innermost depths of her colon. The advancing enema solution was helping draw the tube in, filling her, distending her, as it flowed inexorably up her intestinal tract. She had a deep inner need to take a huge enema, and she was getting so incredibly full!

She knew she was going to come. She’d felt herself building toward her climax, which wouldn’t be denied, and now the time had arrived. It was all so beautiful, and how she wanted to! Stimulated by her hand on her front, the enema tube in back, and all the hot soapy solution she was taking, filling her to her ultimate capacity, she was nearing the absolute zenith. Attaining the peak of delight, she climaxed, waves of orgasmic bliss sweeping over her like a tsunami, drowning her in raging waves of ecstasy, pounding and throbbing with their intensity, as she soared to the pinnacle of nirvana!

Unbeknownst to her, Diane was having a similar experience. Inserting the colon tube up Carol, and watching it slowly disappear into her bottom, had been a complete turn on for her, and with her hand inside her panties, she came, again and again as well.

“Oh god, that was the end of the world,” Carol gasped, at last, still savoring all the delicious sensations. “You drive me off the wall. How did I ever get along without you,” she sighed, revealing her innermost thoughts. Diane gave her a few affectionate love taps on the behind for answer. “Oh yes, we need each other-and our enemas. Now you know what an enema with the colon tube can do to you. I read on a web site that some girls call what’s happening to us ‘e-cummies,’” Diane revealed.

“Huh. That’s good. I haven’t found that one yet. So that’s the kind of site you look at,” Carol teased. “You had better give me some site addresses,” she laughed. “I will. I’ll tell you, there are some good ones out there. Another time we can bring a laptop, look at some together. I saw that the cottage has a jack for Internet connection.” “That would be fun. We could download enema videos. Porn in the modern age,” Carol laughed.

It had taken a minute, but then the more she calmed down, the more the cramps and the urgency started to hit her. “Ooh, Diane, you’ll have to take the tube out. I feel like I’m going to burst. This may be the modern age, but some things have to be taken care of the old fashioned way, on the toilet,” she panted.” “Oh, I understand. You did so well. You took it all, four quarts,” Diane praised her, as she pulled the long tube out. That felt nice to Carol too, the way it came down and out of her colon. Gotta run!” she cried, scampering off to the bathroom.

Diane came right along, since she wanted to be with Carol when she had her big enema movement. They had no inhibitions at all about expelling in front of each other. “We see it go in, so we might as well see it come out,” Carol had said once.

And did it ever come out! Carol had the best BM, the big enema she had taken washing everything out of her in burst after burst, as she filled the toilet bowl with all the shit that had still been stuck up inside her. Diane had to be impressed, hearing one plop after another as Carol relieved herself from the last vestiges of her constipation. It was some time before she was finished, reaching under herself and neatly wiping the residue off her bottom.

“Ooh, that was a good enema,” she sighed. “I really needed that. I knew there was more in there left over from yesterday, but I didn’t realize there was that much,” she added, ruefully, flushing the toilet. “I guess it takes a high enema to get it all out.” “They are very effective. You do get better results, taking it with the tube way in. I’m sure you did need it, with your constipation. You must be squeaky clean in there now,” Diane laughed.

“Oh, I am. I can’t believe I took four quarts. I’ve wanted to, and I’ve tried to work up to it, but I’ve never done much more than three. I needed your help so I could do it,” Carol revealed. She was still sitting on the toilet, “just in case,” arching her back, which thrust her bra covered breasts out, and with some of her dark curly pubic hair showing, all of which Diane was aware of, enough so that she couldn’t resist putting her hand on her mound.

“Oh, so you’ve tried to do that too, so I’m not the only one. I’ve tried to myself, but I haven’t been able to do it either. I call it ‘building capacity.’ Like you, Carol, I want to. I know it would be so good if I could only do it,” Diane revealed, with a sigh. “You’ll like it if you can. The sensations are so good, when you’re really, really full,” Carol told her. “Well, maybe today will be the day. Maybe with you helping, I can do it. Making myself pregnant with an enema,” Diane laughed. “Yeah, like nine months,” Carol replied, with a smile. With their preference, this was as close to pregnancy at they were going to get.

They took a few minutes off, to have another cup of coffee and a cigarette, and then Diane looked at Carol. “It’s my turn now. I’m ready for an enema. I’ve been waiting for one all morning,” she laughed. “Oh, I can imagine. I sure was. How do you want to do it?” Carol asked. “I want to try the inflatable one. I’m dying to see what it feels like. With that in, I should be able to take a really big enema, and flush what’s left in there out of my insides,” Diane said. Her parted lips showed very clearly how much she wanted it.

“I’d like to try it later on myself. I’ve never had a retention enema. It should be really good, you know, with the nozzle blown up in there. You go to the enema room, and I’ll be right with you,” Carol decreed.

Keeping her partner waiting for just a minute, Carol soon came waltzing in, wearing her nurse’s uniform again, but this time she had nothing on underneath. It outlined every luscious curve of her figure. “Ooh, you would wear that,” Diane panted. “Yes indeed. The situation calls for the talents of an enema nurse,” Carol declared.

It was Diane’s turn to watch. Carol took the colon tube off the hose of the big silicone bag, and put the double inflatable nozzle on, playfully giving the inflator bulbs a few squeezes. “That will hold it in while you get filled up,” Carol said. “Oh, I guess. There’s a first time for everything,” Diane answered. She was starting to get excited, thinking about what the blown up nozzle would feel like in her rectum.

“Be back in a min, hon,” Carol said, playfully, as she carried the bag with her to the bathroom. Diane, listening to all the telltale sounds, knew that she was in for quite an experience, as she waited, breathlessly, for Carol to return. The delicious anticipation always made her get hot just before having an enema.

Carol, a vision herself in her sexy uniform, with no panties on, soon came back in, and she hung the bag on the stand. “Ooh, I see what you mean. You do see the soapsuds right through the bag,” Diane panted. “That’s the nice thing about this bag. A good dose of suds is just what the nurse ordered,” Carol laughed, fondling the twin bulbs of the inflatable set.

“How do you think I should do it?” Diane asked. “Well, as a suggestion, why don’t you get on your hands and knees while I get you ready, and I’ll put it in while you’re that way, and then you can roll over on your back. That’s what your nurse suggests. You’d better get your panties off, and your bra too, while you’re at it,” Carol advised, suggestively.

“Get me ready?” Diane asked, innocently, after she had taken her undies off, and had gotten into the desired position. “Oh yes. You didn’t think you were going to miss out on a rectal exam now, did you. This calls for plenty of KY, oodles of it,” Carol announced, while putting a glove on and coating her finger with the slippery lubricant. “Now, let’s find out what shape you’re in today.” She knew exactly how much Diane wanted to be penetrated, and how she loved obliging her!

After carefully applying the KY onto Diane’s anxious anus, which was quivering with excitement, she eased her finger into her most secret area, her rectal channel, commencing her exploration down low, and then probing up higher. It only took a moment before she felt what she had expected.

“You have quite an accumulation in your rectum, my dear,” Carol announced, professionally, moving her finger around all the fecal material that was down in there. “Your enema yesterday didn’t obtain enough results, did it, and it’s obvious that you haven’t had a movement this morning,” she noted, with a tone of disapproval.

“No-no, I haven’t, nurse. I thought I needed to this morning, but nothing happened. I-I know there’s more in me, and I’m afraid the enema you gave me yesterday didn’t get everything out. I think I’m still constipated,” Diane said, in a stammering confession.

“Oh, I see. Well, in that case you know what we have to do, don’t you,” Carol told her. ”Oh, I guess so,” Diane murmured. ”Huh. You guess so. I know so. You need another cleansing enema, that’s the truth of it. Your nurse will see to it that you have one. I’ve prepared a retention enema for you. That should get more results,” Carol declared.”Oh, I suppose if you must, I can go through with it. I do need to get all cleaned out,” Diane sighed.

Carol took the hose and the inflatable nozzle down from the stand, proceeding to thoroughly coat it with lots of KY, doing every fold. Having never done this before, she was glad that she’d seen how to do it in the video, so she knew that it was a good idea to give the bulb one squeeze before inserting it.

“I’m glad that you’ve agreed to have another treatment. Your nurse doesn’t want a difficult patient, who requires corrective measures. Now, I want you to push out for me, the way you do when you’re starting a bowel movement,” Carol ordered.

“Unh,” Diane went, doing her best, and succeeding, to open her asshole. That was quite a sight for Carol, who was right behind her, watching the crinkled circle of her lover’s anal ring opening up so nicely. To say that both girls were excited was the understatement of the morning!

“There, that’s good. Good girl. I’ll insert it now,” Carol said, huskily. Entering the finger sized tip of the bulb into Diane first, she proceeded to stuff the rest of it in, watching with satisfaction as it went up into Diane, disappearing into her rectum, seated perfectly in there. “Oh yes, that’s a good insertion,” she declared, seeing Diane’s rear pucker closing nicely around the tubing.

“Now you’re going to feel it,” Carol announced. “Pfft, pfft, pfft,” went the inflator, as Carol squeezed it, expanding the nozzle inside Diane. Her reaction was immediate. “Woow, woow, woow!” Oh, can I ever feel it. It’s hard to describe, but it feels like I’ve got a huge turd in there. Ooh, what a sensation!” Diane panted, experiencing the inflated bulb in her distended rectum for the first time.

“I’ll do the outside bulb now,” Carol told her, blowing that one up, so it pressed securely right up against Diane’s anal entrance. “You won’t leak a drop. You’re all ready for a big enema. Roll over onto your back, with your legs up a bit,” she advised. “I’ve lowered the bag, so it will go in nice and slow. Relax and enjoy,” she said, softly and seductively, watching Diane get into position, without a stitch of clothing on.

Carol released the catch on the clamp, sending Diane’s enema on its way. She soon found that she was able to relax, completely, without worrying about holding it in. It was a totally different experience for her, and she loved it, lying there, taking it without having to keep her sphincter squeezed tight. “Ooh, that is so nice,” she panted. “I’m glad if you think so, for you’d better be ready for a few distractions,” Carol breathed.

Leaning over her lover, Carol licked and tweaked her engorged nipples, and she ran her hand down onto Diane’s mound, stroking all the sensitive places as she took her enema, feeling her belly slowly distending. Both girls were getting more and more aroused. “Nursie needs to be serviced too,” Carol murmured, getting on the bed in the opposite direction, mounting Diane, hiking her skirt up, and lowering her bare butt right down onto her face.

Diane didn’t have to be told what to do. Carol was opening herself up, wantonly daring Diane to tongue her, which she did in about two seconds, plunging her darting tongue right into the ring while Carol fondled Diane’s clit and thrust her fingers into her dripping vagina.

It was all too much. Both girls were moaning in sheer delight, Diane wiggling and bouncing around, and Carol rotating her ass, driven over the precipice by what Diane was doing to her back there. They both came, together, in yet another series of shuddering, flaming orgasms. Diane’s was intensified by her enema, and Carol’s by the erotically delicious sensations from Diane’s reaming of her back passage. “Ooh, you’re too much,” Diane gasped, at last. “No, you are. You drive me wild when you do that to me,” Carol sighed, feeling one last lick around her asshole. What unbelievable sex they were enjoying!

Carol got up off the bed at last, smoothing her skirt, not that it did much good, and gently rubbing Diane’s enema impregnated belly. They both looked over at the bag. There wasn’t a drop left in it. “Good for you. See, you were able to do it,” Carol said, in praise. “Oh, I did. It took the retention enema to do it. But ooh, am I ever full!” Diane cried. “I feel like I’m going to blow the bulb right out of my ass.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want you to do that. If you’re ready, I’ll deflate them for you,” Carol offered. “Yes, oh it’s time,” Diane replied. Carol adjusted the thumbscrews on the bulbs, releasing the air. They both heard the “ssssh” sound as the bulbs deflated. Diane wasn’t relaxing now. It was all that she could do to hold it in. “Ooh, take it out, Carol. I’ve got to run for it,” she told her partner.

Carol knew it was time, so she pulled it out, watching it plop out of Diane’s anal ring. Diane scurried off to the bathroom as fast as she could get there. “Ooh, am I ever full of enema,” she murmured, getting her buns on the seat in the nick of time, Carol right behind her.

Diane’s expulsion was immediate. She couldn’t have held it in another second! She’d needed another enema, and the results showed it. She had herself a huge, explosive release, the four quarts she had taken gushing out of her open anal exit, along with the accumulation of impacted waste that her enema yesterday hadn’t gotten out.

“It’s so good to be all clean in there,” she sighed, at last. “No more constipation, not for a few days anyway,” she laughed happily. She felt so good, now that she had a nice clean colon. “You’ll have to try a retention enema yourself later, Carol. It’s an experience you won’t forget!”

Part 4 - Saturday Afternoon

It was just after noontime by the time they had finished their morning activities. “Let’s get cleaned up-now that we’re cleaned out-and go out for the afternoon. We’ll have time to indulge ourselves when we get back,” Diane suggested. “That would be good. I’m ready to go out and see the world, take a little break,” Carol agreed.

Taking turns, after deciding they both needed some private bathroom time, they had their showers, paying particular attention to their intimate places, carefully washing and soaping their anal areas, washing their hair, and shaving their legs and the several days’ growth from their underarms. They both decided the time had come to be silky smooth.

Then they dressed in attractive outfits, leaving their jeans behind, and they were ready to leave. “Luckily this is a housekeeping cottage. I wouldn’t want anyone to come in and see all the things we brought with us,” Carol laughed.

The Hideaway Lodge complex was located near a resort town, with a number of good restaurants, shops, boutiques, and galleries in the area. Taking Diane’s car, they drove the few miles to downtown. They stopped to have lunch first, accompanied by a glass of wine, after which they toured the various retail establishments.

To their pleasant surprise, they found a very good lingerie shop, and they couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a few new frillies. They spent a very pleasant afternoon together, two demure girls, nicely dressed, looking like ‘the girls next door,’ the picture of innocence, enjoying what the pretty resort town had to offer.

But their smoldering sexuality was just below the surface, and they couldn’t help thinking, from time to time, about what was going to happen when they returned to their very own private cottage. It had the usual effect on their panties!

Back ‘home’ by late afternoon, they decided it was time for a cocktail. They sat chatting on the couch in the living room, with their legs crossed, one over the other at the knees, which caused their skirts to ride up, displaying their creamy white thighs. And when they crossed and uncrossed their legs, occasionally but suggestively, they each got a quick glimpse of the lacy fringe of their love partner’s slinky underwear. That was all it took to get them turned on!

Diane went over to Carol. Their lips met, followed by French kisses, so sexy they shuddered all over. She took Carol by the hand, leading her to the bedroom. “I want you like crazy, I’m so hot,” she panted.

Prolonging their steamy desires, they each undressed the other, their outer clothing first, unzipping skirts and unbuttoning their blouses, followed by their under things, which they practically ripped off in their haste. They were on the bed in no time, doing the delicious things to each other that they loved and craved, climaxing one more time with the pounding orgasms that excited every fiber of their beings.

They especially loved seeing their partner’s quivering, sexually sensitive rear entrance opening up, beautifully, in acceptance of a probing, darting, educated tongue. It was so intimate, so personal! “This is the living end,” Diane sighed in satisfaction “Just think, we hadn’t done that for six whole hours,” Carol murmured, contented for the moment as she could be. They were still enjoying their bodies, even after their orgasms.

“Let’s watch ‘Constipated Housewives.’ That might put us in the mood for another enema,” Diane suggested, with a pleasant little laugh. “I’d like to. I’ve wanted to watch that one ever since we got it,” Carol agreed. “Don’t bother to read the description. Let’s see how it plays out, keep us in suspense.”

Still completely in the nude, they got their drinks, some snacks, and their cigarettes, settling in to watch the video. As the title read, it was about two housewives in their early thirties, Doris and Sandra, who live quite close to one another in the same apartment building, and have become friends. They are both married, but their husbands are on the road for days at a time, leaving them alone to their own devices.

It is mid evening when Doris goes to visit Sandra. She is dressed in her robe and nightie, as Sandra is herself. Embarrassed, she asks Sandra if she has any laxatives. She hadn’t realized she had run out. She admits that she has been stopped up for days, and she needs one so she’ll feel better in the morning.

Since it’s so late, she’d rather not go to the store unless she absolutely has to. Sandra suggests an enema, telling Doris that it will work right away for her, so she won’t spend an uncomfortable night. Sandra says that with her husband away, she hasn’t eaten as well as she should, so she has the same problem, and that she was about to have an enema when Doris came over.

Doris says she couldn’t do that, remembering the enemas her mother had given her. But Sandra finally talks her into it, telling her that she should try it, that it’s very different, and very nice, when you are a grownup, and how much better she’ll feel after it’s over. Since Doris isn’t sure how to do it, Sandra offers to give her an enema!

Doris likes it so much, and the results she got, that she tells Sandra that she’ll give her an enema if she’d like her to. Sandra takes her up on it. They both decide it was so good that they should have another one. It turns out that they both are bi. Excited by their enemas, and hungry for sex with their husbands away, they can’t resist getting it on afterwards. The video has great closeups of the girls in action, before, during, and after their enemas.

“Wasn’t that good!” Diane enthused. “Desperate Housewives, I’d say,” she laughed. “I love the conversation, as well as all the action.” “It was realistic. They were almost like us,” was Carol’s comment. “It sure did what we wanted, at least it did for me. I sure am ready for an enema. Watching them put the tubes up their asses made me hot,” she sighed.

“Ooh yes, let’s do it. It’s your turn to try the inflatable nozzle, and I know I want one with the colon tube. Shall we?” Diane asked, invitingly.

Carol loved her enema with the retention nozzle, wondering how she’d ever lived without it, and Diane was just as enthusiastic about having her high enema, with the colon tube inserted up her as far as it would go. The other ‘results’ they both got were outstanding! “We’ll both turn into an enema by the time the weekend is over,” Carol sighed. “Well, all I can say is ‘what a way to go.’ And let’s be sure those e-cummies keep happening!’” Diane laughed

“We need to take a few minutes off. Let’s watch the 6 o’clock news, and see what’s going on in the world,” Diane suggested. They did so, watching the weather as well. “At least the forecast is good, for our drive home. Otherwise there sure isn’t much happening, except the usual rapes and murders’” Carol laughed. “Shall I turn it off?” she asked, suggestively. “Yes, I think you’d better. I’ve got another sex urge,” Diane panted. It was so good, being able to admit that straight out.

“I know you must have something in mind, since you are so eager to get it on,” Carol said, feeling herself getting wet one more time, wondering what excitement Diane had planned. “Don’t keep me in suspense, “ she added, with an excited little laugh.

“Oh, I have plans, all right. Since we’ve had our enemas, we’re-how should I say it-you know, pretty well dilated back there. If there’s ever a time for a session with our butt plugs and vibrators, this is it,” Diane suggested. One look, and Carol could see how much Diane wanted it, just as she did herself.

“Oh yes, I’ve wanted to try them all weekend,” she eagerly replied. The thoughts of having butt plugs going up their asses, and being titillated by their vibrators, was almost enough to make them come before they even got started! “Well, what are we waiting for,” Diane responded, her husky voice betraying her intimate anal desires. Completely nude, they walked hand and hand to the enema room.

They began by placing their sex toys on the bed, right where they could easily get at them. They had several sizes of butt plugs, small to medium, and several types of vibrators as well. It was exciting, just looking at them. “Since this was my idea, I’ll do you first,” Diane offered. ”Get on the bed, on your hands and knees. That’s one of the best ways. We can try it on our backs too, with our legs up, but let’s start the other way.”

Carol got herself into position, offering her anal area up to what Diane was going to do to her. “I’ve never done this before, but I’m sure this calls for lots of Vaseline,” she said, slipping her hand into another glove. “I’ve got to get you ready first, get you all lubed up first, before I put the plug in.”

So saying, she went to work on Carol, coating her anus and rectum thoroughly with so much Vaseline that her butthole glistened with the lubricant. “I’ll use the medium sized one, since I think you’re ready,” she said, selecting the conical, flesh colored plug she intended to use, and greasing it all up for her.

“Ok, we’re all set. I think you need to push out, while I put it in,” Diane suggested, putting the end of the plug up against Carol’s waiting asshole. She was glad she’d seen the video, when Ruth had inserted the butt plug into Betty. “Uuh,” Carol grunted, the way she did when she was having a BM, opening herself up beautifully. “Here it goes,” Diane whispered, pushing the plug in, watching it slide up into Carol, opening her up even more.

“Hoo-aaah-ooo,” Carol panted, as the thickest part of the plug went in, her butt hole closing gratefully around the shaft. Diane pressed the circular base of the plug right up against Carol’s behind. “How is it? Is it good?” Diane asked, anxiously, for she wanted this to be a good experience for Carol. “Ooh yes, oh that feels nice. It’s just the right size. I wouldn’t want one any bigger,” Carol sighed, loving having the big object in her rectum. She really was extra sensitive back there!

“I can’t wait to try it. It has to make you feel full,” Diane said. Watching the insertion of the plug into Carol had made her get excited. “Oh, it sure does. It makes me feel like I need an enema, you know, the way you feel when you’ve got a really big one in there that won’t come out,” Carol answered, while savoring all the sensations emanating from her plug filled rectum.

“Well, I know what that feels like. I guess we both do, the way we get so constipated,” Diane replied, with a guilty expression.

They did indeed. They both liked the feeling of a full rectum, the fuller the better, and they had found having a big BM to be a pleasurable experience, one they had enjoyed for years, one of the few enjoyments they’d had in their previous humdrum existence. It was an experience that had been intensified when they needed an enema, heightened when they indulged their pleasure by giving in to the temptation and having one.

But, unfortunately, there had also been a few times when they had been constipated and for whatever reason couldn’t have an enema, when they‘d just had to go, enduring the discomfort of forcing it out through their aching, over stretched assholes, like the girl Ruth admitted happened to her in the video. So they knew where she had been coming from. Like Ruth, what came out of Carol sometimes was as big as the butt plug Diane had used on her.

‘I want to try sliding it in and out,” Carol breathed. “Ok, you push and I’ll pull,” Diane advised. Carol did so, as if she were pushing a big turd out, feeling the sensations when the plug popped out. “Again. We’ll do it in rhythm,” Diane whispered. In and out, in and out went the plug, stretching and dilating Carol’s asshole with the rhythmic motion.

She loved it! “It’s like having an instant BM,” she panted. “You’ll love it when it’s your turn. I love having a big enema tube in there, but ooh, this is something else,” she sighed, very close to the orgasm that she was valiantly trying to postpone.

“I’m going to get on my back. Ooh quick, let me have a vibrator,” she moaned. Diane did so. Carol turned it on, plunging it into her front, while Diane worked the plug in and out of her pulsating bottom entrance.

The effect was almost immediate. Close to the edge anyway, excited by all the delicious sensations originating in her two openings, that completely pervaded her body, Carol disintegrated in a fiery, shuddering climax, getting off once again, satisfying her naughtiest inner desires. “Ooh, that was unbelievable,” she panted. “Just pure, unadulterated sex. That’s what I needed,” she revealed. “Let me calm down a minute, Diane, and then I’ll do you.” “I’ll be ready. I’m all turned on, watching you come,” Diane breathed.

Carol got her ready for the insertion, sensuously lubricating her rectal portal, and rotating her finger around that cute, nicely relaxed back passage of hers. Diane was already panting in excitement when her lover shoved the plug up and in. It gave her the same incredibly erotic sensations that Carol had experienced, and when she put the vibrator into her other opening it was all over, Diane climaxing in wave after wave of orgasmic delight. “It can’t get any better than this,” she sighed, expressing her sheer pleasure. “Oh, I know. We just have very sensitive assholes, that’s all,” Carol laughed, happily.

art 5. Saturday Evening and Sunday.

“I suppose, now that we’ve gotten our rocks off, that we should think about having something to eat,” Diane said. “Yes, I’m ready myself. But I’m glad to be having dinner in. It was nice to go out to lunch, but I’d rather stay in tonight. It’s so comfortable,” Carol replied. “It is, but I’m not sure we want to eat being completely comfortable,” Diane laughed. “Let’s get cleaned up. After we put our robes and nighties on, we can put our takeout in the microwave.”

They took turns in the bathroom, carefully wiping the excess Vaseline from their anal areas, which had had such a lovely workout. Then they had another of the gourmet dinners that they thoughtfully brought with them, along with the remaining half bottle of wine left over from Friday night.

“The weekend’s going by too fast,” Carol sighed. “I know, but it isn’t over yet, thank goodness. We still have one video to watch. Are you in the mood for it?” Diane asked. “Oh, I am. I mean, how can I resist watching ‘Lauren’s First Enema,’” she chuckled. “I want to see it too, see what her mother and her aunt do to her. I hope it’s as good as the others. Let’s have a cup of decaf and a cigarette first and then we can get into bed, nice and cozy.” That was fine with Carol!

Comfy under the bedcovers, and snuggling up against each other in their nighties, they started the video. Lauren has just turned eighteen. She is pretty and she knows it. She also thinks she knows it all. Although she is still living at home, she thinks she should have complete freedom at her age, since she has just graduated from high school and is getting ready for college. She sasses her mother, Marion, any time any parental restraint is attempted.

She expects to have sexual freedom as well, and her mother suspects she is sleeping around, which she is. Her mother confronts her about it, but all she gets are snippy answers. Tired of Lauren’s rebellious behavior, she decides the time has come to take corrective measures.

Her mother also knows that Lauren doesn’t eat as well as she should, and with her carousing and the late hours she is keeping, she has a problem with irregularity. Lauren, of course, says she’ll eat whatever she pleases.

Sick and tired of Lauren’s bad attitude, her mother, in a moment of inspiration, comes up with a suitable punishment. Her older sister, Lauren’s Aunt Jane, a no nonsense nurse, is coming for a visit. Lauren’s mother calls her ahead of time, telling her what she has in mind, and asking her to bring some things with her. Aunt Jane thinks this is a great idea, and she is more than willing to help with some behavior modification. Aunt Jane arrives by mid evening, and they go over their strategy.

They wait until Lauren gets up the next morning, late, after a night of partying. They interrupt her by barging unannounced into her bathroom, finding her on the toilet, where they suspect she has been pleasuring herself. They see all the laxatives that Lauren takes, which she has left right out on the vanity. Despite her protests, they march her into the guest bedroom, which Aunt Jane has all set up, with a full enema bag ready and waiting, hanging on the stand that Aunt Jane brought.

“Now we’re getting to the good part. I can’t wait to see what happens to her,” Diane said, enthusiastically. “Oh, you know it. Let’s see if the little bitch gets what she deserves,” Carol answered.

Looking at the bag in horror, Lauren can’t believe this is going to happen to her. She tries to get away, but the women are too strong for her, and she gets a few hard spanks for her resistance. She is made to kneel down on the bed, with her asshole lewdly exposed. It is mortifying, but she is subjected to a very thorough rectal exam, which Aunt Jane gives her, discovering that, as she expected, Lauren needs an enema.

Displeased with what she finds in there, Aunt Jane lectures her about the evils of constipation and taking laxatives, especially for a girl her age. Suffering the indignity, she fusses, freshly using bad language. Then, afraid that she can’t get out of it, she changes her tune, pretending to be the sweet little girl she isn’t, begging to be let off, saying she’ll try to be good.

But the two women, doubting her sincerity, aren’t convinced at all, telling her that maybe some enema discipline will get her to clean up her act. Aunt Jane puts the big, fat tube in, one that she had intentionally selected as just the right one to stick up Lauren’s ass, and Lauren, squirming and sobbing, has to take every soapy drop.

As if that weren’t enough, the two women accompany her back to the bathroom, making Lauren endure the embarrassment of letting it out right in front of them. It’s a contest of wills, Lauren struggling to hold it in while the women stand there, patiently waiting for the inevitable. Lauren, of course, has to give in, and in tears she has her enema induced BM, knowing they can hear every last sound and detail of her expulsion. They even make her wipe herself while they watch.

Knowing how degrading it is, they insist on looking in the toilet to inspect the results. To her utter dismay, Lauren is told that they aren’t good enough. They’re not through with her yet, and she is told that one enema wasn’t enough to cure her constipation or improve her attitude.

Back on the bed, she has to endure the humiliation of another hot soapsuds enema, given with a rubber rectal tube inserted in all the way. Only then are her mother and her aunt satisfied with her performance. She is told in no uncertain terms that, unless she walks the straight and narrow from now on, she can count on another visit from Aunt Jane. The choice is up to her!

But the video isn’t quite over. After Lauren goes off to her room to think about her behavior, Jane looks at her sister. “Since you’re partly responsible for the way she acts, you need a little discipline yourself, Marion. So I’m going to give you an enema!”

Marion is made to take her quarts, with a big nozzle stuck up her fleshy bottom. Aunt Jane, as her nurse, insists on being present for the expulsion. Then Aunt Jane declares she could use a little nursing herself. Marion is happy to fulfill her sister’s needs. Using the rectal tube, she makes sure Aunt Jane takes a good big enema. She watches her expel it. Judging by the very substantial results, Lauren wasn’t the only one who needed an enema!

“That was so good. It’s fun to contemplate whether or not she was a good girl after that,” Carol commented. “She might not have been. If she secretly enjoyed her enemas, she could have the best of both worlds,” Diane laughed. ”She might have, if she knew what her mother and her aunt did afterwards,” Carol observed.

The video over, they exchanged glances. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the Jacuzzi. Think you’re interested?” Diane asked, invitingly. For answer, Carol got out of bed, shedding her nightie. Diane followed her, and they couldn’t resist giving each other a few little gooses while they waited for the Jacuzzi to fill. Soon they were luxuriating once again, under the billowing suds, doing delightful things to each other. “This is the life,” they both purred, excited by their mutual under water stroking.

“I bet you’re thinking what I am,” Diane said, looking at her love partner. “I am, I imagine. Having an enema right in here. I do want to try it. Let’s do it. Since you brought it up, you go first. We’d better not both do it at the same time,” Carol laughed.

Diane scrunched her butt up as close to the jet as she could, pushing out just enough to take the pulsating water into her body. She felt it right away, as the water went right up into her. How is it?” Carol asked. “Ooh, that’s nice. It’s very different, but it feels so good. You can adjust the jet, so it goes in just the way you want it to,” she panted, taking so much her belly got distended again. It didn’t take long at all before her colon was completely filled!

“I think that’s enough,” Diane said. “I’ve got to get out now, and go let it out.” She was so full it wasn’t easy for her to get out of the Jacuzzi, but she made it, covered with suds from head to toe, having herself a good elimination.

Then it was Carol’s turn. She got on her back, pressing her asshole right up against the jet, feeling the pressure as the warm water was forced up her insides. “Talk about an instant enema,” she gasped, as her belly rapidly expanded. Then she had to get out of the tub too, shooing Diane off the toilet before she was completely finished. They had to take turns on the potty!

They both liked it so much that they each got back in for another fill up, once again distending their willing tummies with as much water pulsating into their empty intestines as they could get up in there. “So naughty, but so nice,” Diane observed, and Carol couldn’t agree more.

Then it was time to hop in the shower, rinsing all the soap off, while planning the next delight. “Another time we should bring a shower attachment with us that we can use, you know, the kind you can have an enema with,” Carol suggested. “I’ve seen them advertised. ‘Shur-shot,’ I think they’re called. Oh, I’d like that. From the bedroom to the Jacuzzi to the shower. There won’t be any escape, will there,” Diane laughed, happy with the idea.

They toweled each other off, along with a few tweaks and caresses. “All good things must come to an end, I suppose,” Diane sighed, knowing that their time together was getting short. “I know, but it isn’t quite over yet,” Carol responded. “Come with me, dear,” she added, leading Diane to their bedroom. “You lie down on your tummy, and I’ll be right back,” she whispered, in a tone that hinted of even more intimacies to come.

She was in the other bedroom just long enough to get their tube of KY. Getting on the bed, in between Diane’s spread apart legs, she put a huge amount of the KY onto her index finger, and then she proceeded to swirl it around Diane’s palpitating asshole. “Oh yes, oh I want it,” Diane moaned, wiggling about.

Carol didn’t even bother to use a glove, sliding her bare finger right up Diane, giving her the anal and rectal massage she loved, pushing her finger way in, pressing and probing her secret area, and rotating it around inside her rectum. It wasn’t long before Diane was panting, moaning, and sighing, the delicious erotic sensations bringing her off in yet another series of shattering orgasms. ”Oh god, I’ve always dreamed of coming like this,” she murmured, carried away in waves of bliss.

Then, of course, it was her turn to do Carol, who was only too willing. “Vaseline is good, mineral oil is good, but the KY is out of this world,” she breathed, succumbing to Diane’s intimate ministrations, her deep gooses bringing on the same ecstatic results!

Satiated for the evening, they only got up long enough to use the bathroom, once again settling in for the sleep of the satisfied, their arms around each other, still completely nude, each girl thinking about the day’s delights before dropping off for the night. If they only could have, they would have gone to sleep with a finger still up each other’s sexy bottom entrance!

They slept in a little late on Sunday morning. Diane again was the first one up, but Carol soon joined her in the kitchen for some juice and coffee. “We haven’t got much time left, so we’d better make the most of it. Let’s get our bras and panties on,” Carol suggested. “I know you’ve got something in mind,” Diane remarked, as the two girls took their nighties off and got into their undies. “Oh, I sure do,” Carol laughed. Hot as soon as they woke up, they were both getting aroused!

“What do you want me to do?” Diane asked, in a quavering voice. “Kneel on the end of the bed, with your butt down near your heels, and you’ll see what I’m going to do,” Carol told her, her voice as unsteady as Diane’s.

Diane, her heart racing, got into the desired position, kneeling with her legs apart, getting down on her haunches, a position that lewdly displayed her pantied ass, her dark crevice visible in between her buns, as was her pubic hair covered labia just below them, through the sheerness of the cloth. “Ooh, are you going to get it,” Carol panted, sensuously stroking Diane’s twin mounds, over her panties, from her back to her bare upper thighs, with a light feathery touch.

She wasn’t about to stop there. Taking her time, her hand moved closer and closer to the waiting crevice, until at last she ran her hand down the crease of Diane’s panties, pressing, probing, exploring, teasing her bottom entrance while Diane shivered in delight. “Oh god, I love it!” Diane breathed.

“I’m going to go inside your panties now,” Carol whispered, leaning forward until her breasts brushed against Diane’s back. Putting her hand inside the waistband of Diane’s underpants, she slid it down over the bare flesh, down into her deliciously intimate area, way down, over her mound, then bringing it back up the crack, feeling for the area she wanted to find.

She found it, Diane’s most intimate body opening, the entrance to her rectum, rotating her finger lightly into the secret sphincter. Diane was beside herself by this time! “Let’s get those panties off now,” Carol said in a husky voice, pulling them down and off. Burying her face in there, she serviced Diane with her thrusting, insistent tongue, Diane opening herself up to take the tip inside, until they climaxed with orgasms that were out of this world!

Taking a little time off, they enjoyed a second cup of coffee and a cigarette, dressed only in their under things, after which they started packing up. Checkout time was noontime, so they didn’t have much time left. “We’ll only have time for one quick enema, one for the road, and a shower before we have to leave,” Carol said, sad that their fabulous weekend together was almost at an end. “Yes, but we’re not doing that until I work you over,” Diane said, breathlessy. The sight of Carol in her lingerie turned her on again!

Back to the bedroom they went. It was Carol’s turn to get it, and get it she did. It was so erotic, feeling Diane’s hand outside her panties, then inside, and then with them off, and after that her titillating tongue. They soon got off in one more series of exquisite orgasms! “How am I going to get along without you,” Diane sighed, nuzzling her lover all over. “Oh, I know. We’ll just have to manage as best we can, until we can get together again,” Carol replied, with a sigh of her own. “Let’s forget our having to be apart by having one last enema,” she suggested.

Thinking it would be fun to play nurse, they used the can, and the rubber rectal tube, inserting it well up in each other’s colon, to make sure their last enema together for a while was a pleasurable one. It was indeed!

Completing their late morning activities, it was then time for a little butt plug action, since their assholes were so nicely dilated. That was an activity they couldn’t get enough of. They liked seeing the conical shaped object disappearing into each other’s stretched open anal entrance, while the girl taking it loved the sensations it so nicely provided.

Then it was off for a quick group shower, and they dressed back into the clothes they had arrived in. They tidied the cottage up, and soon they had all their belongings in their cars, including some of their trash. They weren’t about to leave that behind, so that what they had done could be found out! At last it was time to leave.

They bid each other a tearful goodbye, ending with a last soulful French kiss and a little fanny patting. But it was too late for anything more than that. “That was the best weekend I ever had,” Carol revealed, emotionally. The squeeze she got from Diane confirmed that she felt the same way. ‘Don’t worry. We’ll get together again real soon, and we’ll come back to the Hideaway Lodge too. Promise?” Diane said, smiling through her tears. “Promise,” Carol sighed.

They decided to wait several minutes between their departures so they wouldn’t see each other on the road. That would have been too much temptation. So they each drove back to the city, once again alone, but satisfied in every way, their fantasies fulfilled, with enough memories to last them a lifetime. And they both had the solace of knowing that it wouldn’t be long at all before they paid another visit to their secret rendezvous. They’d already made their reservation!

The End