High School Male Barium Enema and X-ray

I had been instructed to eat basically a liquid diet until meeting the nurse the following morning at the hospital exam dept. I thought nothing about it since I thought all x-rays were simple things like chest x-rays that I had had in the past. I Slept well the night before, not knowing what would be involved the next morning.

I showered and tried to move my bowels in the AM with no results. I Met the nurse at the x- ray dept. and was told to get into what appeared to be a hospital gown. I was laid upon a cold x-ray table and had a picture of my abdomen taken. Then sat in the waiting room until the nurse came in and took me to another exam-type room. He told me that my colon had to be perfectly clean for the special x-ray study and the film had showed some fecal material remaining. He quickly laid me out on the table and told me I would have to have one more cleansing enema. I was not happy and I little nervous. He quickly plugged up my hole and turned me onto my back and gently massage my scrotum as he filled me up. My balls were getting pretty hairy and his touch made it quite easy to take the entire enema without too much discomfort. I was erect but did not ejaculate.

Finally I completely evacuated myself and felt as though there was absolutely nothing left inside me. The nurse ushered me back into the x-ray room and told me to lay on the table. He left and a young x-ray tech (male) came in and told me to roll on my left side. Suddenly I realized another enema was in store for me and I was really nervous at that point. He gently applied some lube to my very uptight hole and inserted a nozzle which felt even bigger than the proctoscope the day before. I then felt something swell up inside me and yelled a little. The tech said it was just a balloon inside to help me hold it in. Hold it in, I thought. Was confused and getting more nervous. He rolled me onto my back and I laid there with that big thing up my butt and saw a huge clear enema bag filled with white liquid.

Some time passed until the doctor and his nurse came into the room with several other people. One was a radiologist and several of his male residents. He frankly told me that I was about to receive an air-contrast barium enema….this solution and his techniques were sort of new and the others were going to be in the room watching and observing and learning. I felt awful. Getting an enema from someone else was bad enough but now to have a group of 6-7 other men standing and watching. I was extremely apprehensive and wanted out of there. Felt tears in my eyes.

A special x-ray thing was pulled over my stomach (a fluoroscopic unit to watch the barium go in). When he stepped on the footpedal I could see my x-rayed insides on the TV screen…but was then horrified when I saw what all of them could see….the shadow of my penis and scrotum between my legs. I just closed my eyes in horror. The enema started and it went in real slow and wasn’t too bad. The x-ray dr. often put his hand on my stomach and massaged which felt good in several ways. I peeked at the TV and it was clear to all that I was getting a hardon. More of the barium flowed into me and I was rolled from side to side getting fuller and fuller.

I started to hurt and I moaned a lot even as his hand worked on my stomach. Thought I was going to explode and saw that my entire colon to the cecum was filled with the white liquid. I was told to relax….sure I could…while they all left and the tech. rolled me around and took several x-rays. I was extremely uncomfortable. Then the dr. came back in and dropped the bag to the floor and told me it was going to drain out so that only a slight coating film would remain inside me. What a relief as I felt the pressure start to go down.

After being rolled around and looked at through his machine, I could see that I was actually quite empty and even my cock had return to only a semi-erect state. He then told me that the enema would be repeated only using air instead to get a better outline of my colon. The audience returned and I once again became apprehensive and a little sweaty.

Then it started. Gushes of air poured up into me making me feel as though I was exploding each time. I was rolled around; the table tilted up and down; I felt the painful air passing throughout my entire colon. I hurt and I really let it be known. At one point I was nearly stood upright for the introduction of even more air and it became quite apparent to all that I had again developed a full erection which was causing quite a wet spot to show on my gown. I was finally completely filled and told to relax again while even more pictures were taken.

After what seemed like hours, the x-ray Doc came back and said the pictures were great and dropped the enema bag on the floor and unclamped it so I began to feel immediate relief. He left. A little while later the tech. and nurse returned to say I was going to be unplugged to go to the bathroom. Thank god, I thought. I think they had made plans about this as they bent my knees and spread them and raised my gown to my chest. The tech reached down between my legs to deflate the balloon (inflatable nozzle). His hand kept rubbing on my scrotum - a lot. As he very very slowly pulled the nozzle out of my weakened hole, he really pushed up on my perineum and scrotum….I exploded with a load of cum all the way up to my chest. They both looked and smiled. I was taken to the toilet where hurricanes of air seemed to pass out of me.

Later when I was dressed, my young doctor and nurse met me to say that there were no findings on the x-rays to show why there was any bleeding. He said that he wanted to do another type of internal exam to look at my entire colon. He gave me three bottles of some liquid and told me to take one each night for the next 3 days. And to remain on liquid/soft diet.

I went home still feeling like a sort of balloon. It seemed that every few hours I returned to the toilet to empty out more….and each time had to masturbate.