Home Nurse

There are times when I am frequently called away from home to remain out of town for an extended stay. In order to be comfortable and not stranded in a motel room for weeks on end, I made the acquaintance of one of my out of town co-workers and I “rent” a spare room in his house. He is an older gentleman, semi-retired, and retained by the company to be called in when needed. His house is very nice and I am more than comfortable in the room that I “rent”.

For quite a while, he had been mentioning to me that a “girl” down the street comes by and looks after the place, does the cleaning and laundry, and runs errands for him. This “girl” is actually about my age, mid-30’s, and is a single parent doing the best that she can to recover from an abusive marriage. He commented to me that she works at the local hospital after having recently completed a nursing program at the local community college. You can bet that made my ears perk up! Yet, I had never met her, so all I had to go on was what my mind would create. At least until recently.

I met her one day and she was about what I expected, although I tend to fantasize about blonde nurses. About 5’6” with shoulder length dark hair, she was wearing jeans and a sweater so I estimated about 125 pounds but I didn’t fail to notice that her ass was pretty firm for having dropped two kids and her breasts seemed not to sag under the sweater. She was also very pleasant, although our encounter was brief. I did get the chance to thank her for looking after the place; she even went into my room and made the bed when I was staying there. Now that I had seen her, I could further develop my fantasies, lying in bed at night and stroking my penis while I pictured her in her nurse’s uniform…

The seasons had been changing and I had been caught without the proper warm clothing. Somewhere out there I had caught cold and it had been dragging me down for several days. I decided to stay at “home” today since it had finally gotten the better of me. It was mid-morning and I had drifted off to sleep after taking some heavy duty cold medicine. The next thing I know, I hear my name being called and I open my eyes to see her standing over me. She told me that my “roommate” had mentioned to her that I wasn’t feeling too well and asked her to check on me since I was out of town and had nobody else to do it.

As I slowly returned to full consciousness, I rolled over on my back and sure enough she was standing next to my bedside dressed in her nurse’s uniform! Although I was truly not feeling well, I was still able to become aroused at the sight as it met my fantasies to a tee, not to mention that the sunlight coming in from the window behind her shone through her uniform so I could see the outline of her legs through the material of the dress.

She leaned over the bed and placed her hands on either side of my face and my neck, then under the covers on my chest.

“You feel warm…like you have a fever”, she said. She reached into a bag that she had placed on the chair next to my bed and I saw her pull out a few things and lay them on the nightstand but I didn’t pay attention to exactly what she had. She pulled the covers down to below my knees, exposing my underwear-clad body and said, “Over on your tummy for me.” What? But, I was just a bit groggy from the cold medicine and rolled over without questioning.

I began to figure things out as I felt my underwear being pulled down to below my knees and she pushed against the inside of my thighs for me to spread my legs wider. I looked to the side to see her putting on latex exam gloves and I saw her squeezing a tube of clear jelly on her index finger. Of course, with her standing next to the bed, I can still see through her uniform as I feel my buttocks parted and her finger pressing against my anus. She moved her finger around a bit before steadily inserting it the full length into my rectum. She twisted her finger and pushed a bit deeper until I felt the tip of her finger touch my prostate (that felt excellent even in my drugged condition). She slowly removed her finger, twisting it and occasionally pushing it back in a little bit, until it was all the way out. I felt a stirring in my groin, except the cold medicine kept my penis from becoming erect. I felt her spreading my buttocks again and I got a glimpse of a thermometer as I felt her insert it into my rectum. Not the same feeling as her finger, but sensational nonetheless.

She sat down on the bed next to me and I felt the warmth of her thigh as she rested her hand on my buttocks, the thermometer between her fingers. “You’ve not been eating well, I’m told”, she said. And, before I had a chance to answer she said, “So, you’ve also not been moving your bowels?”

“Un-uh”, was my response. Her hand on my buttocks felt so good and her other hand was running up and down the back of my thigh. This must have gone on for several minutes because I had drifted back into a drugged state until I felt the tension of the thermometer being removed. She stood up and wiped it off. As she held the thermometer up to read it she had assumed a slightly different position so the sunlight shining through her uniform allowed me to verify two things (I think): 1) her ass was still firm because I could see the taught curve of it as it joined her thighs; 2) she must have been wearing individual stockings because I could clearly see the outline of bikini panties. Again, a stirring in my groin, but the drugs had killed my ability to develop an erection.

“About what I thought”, she said as she put the thermometer into its case. I was still staring at the silhouette of asscheek and pantyline through her uniform when she turned to get something else on the table. I noticed that she picked up a long box and removed a bottle that had some sort of tip on it. She had turned quickly and was again sitting next to me on the bed her hand spreading my buttocks apart. Surprised, I tensed up a bit and attempted to roll over, but she pressed down on my buttocks and said, “We’re not through yet - this is just something to keep you moving.”

As she said that, I felt a pressing against my anus, not as small as the thermometer and not as big as her finger but just about as deep. It was inserted steadily and as soon as it was fully inserted I felt a liquid being injected inside of me. My rectal muscles contracted involuntarily and she rubbed my buttocks saying, “It’s just a Fleet enema to stimulate your bowels - no problem.” An enema! Even in my drugged condition, I knew what that meant. She quickly finished with the contents of the bottle and I felt the nozzle being removed from my anus.

There was a bit of cramping and she had me turn over on my back. Again, my drugged condition hampered my inhibitions, so I rolled right over and then realized that I was exposed in front of her! She grabbed my underwear and had it off my legs in no time, then she started rubbing my stomach down into my pelvic area above my penis. While this did make the cramping subside, the stirring in my groin returned and I noticed that I was sprouting a bit of an erection, although now the drugs were saving me from complete embarrassment. “Sometimes guys get erections when we do this treatment. You’ve probably had too much cold medicine”, she said as she continued stroking. But, still, my penis only got about half-erect. After a few minutes, there was cramping that would not go away. I told her and she helped me up and off the bed and into the bathroom.

“Sit on the toilet until you don’t have to go anymore”, she instructed me. I sat there about 15 minutes, but I can tell you I felt much better after I had expelled all of what was in me. Now what do I do? Completely naked, having been exposed to the nurse both front and back. I didn’t have to think about that too long. She must have heard me flush the toilet because she came into the bathroom as I was preparing to leave. Standing in front of her, I placed my hands in front of my genitals, realizing that it was kind of like closing the barn’s door after the horse had left.

“Before I leave, I want to give you some medicine that will work more quickly than that over-the-counter cold remedy you’ve been taking”, she advised. She indicated that I should leave the bathroom, so I led, with her following my naked behind back to the bedroom.

As I was getting into bed and trying to cover my nakedness, she said, “Get on your hands and knees for me…” I pretended not to notice and crawled under the covers. That didn’t make any difference. She pulled the covers all the way back and repeated her instructions, so I complied…not before noticing that the latex exam gloves were on and one finger was shining with lubricant. I’d done this drill before - my buttocks were spread and in went her finger, but a bit more quickly this time.

She turned back to the table and I saw her unwrap a bullet-shaped object from a foil wrapper. “An antibiotic suppository that will go to work right away…you’ll be good as new by morning”, she said, and then I felt it against my anus being pushed deep into my rectum by her finger. It must have disappeared way into my body because she pushed her finger all the way inside and again touched my prostate, but this time she applied pressure to it. While she had her finger pressed against my prostate, her other hand reached under me to feel my stomach. This caused those familiar stirrings in my groin to return and my penis raised to a partially erect state.

As her hand moved lower, she noticed my arousal as her wrist brushed against my penis. “You’ll do better than that by the morning”, she said, and let her hand stroke across my penis and up to rest on my buttock. Without the cold medicine, I would have had a raging hard-on; in fact I probably would have ejaculated. She lightly smacked my left buttock and removed her finger. She took a tissue and wiped the lubricant from between my buttocks. Off came the latex exam gloves and she cleaned up her supplies and put them back in the bag. I lay on my stomach, my buttocks still exposed, as she pulled the covers over me. “You rest all day, and I’ll check back on you this evening…” I drifted back off into drug-induced sleep as she left.