Hospital Emergency Room Enema

About two years ago I had to be taken to the hospital emergency room because of an excruciating pain in my lower right side. It was sometime after midnight when I arrived and the emergency room was deserted so I was taken to an examination area almost immediately. A pretty Filipino nurse who appeared to be in her early thirties instructed me to undress and put on the hospital gown. She was about five feet three to four inches tall, long black hair, olive skin, slim, with small hips, and small perky breasts.

After a few minutes she came in and began questioning me about my symptoms. She took my blood pressure and then instructed me to lie on my stomach so she could take my temperature rectally. This is the policy at this particular hospital. I rolled over in anticipation. I felt her spread by butt cheeks apart and slowly insert a small cold thermometer in my butthole. She then held the thermometer in place for the next few minutes. I had a raging hard-on in spite of the pain in my side. After a couple of minutes or so, she removed the thermometer and told me to roll over onto my back so she could use her stethoscope to listen to my heart, lungs, stomach and intestines. This was quite embarrassing since my throbbing boner was immediately obvious to her, but she said nothing about it.

Sometime later after a few tests, the doctor told me that they suspected kidney stones and would run an x-ray series. After he left, the nurse came back and informed me that my bowels had to be cleaned out for the best results, and that I would be getting a suppository and several cleansing enemas before the test. She said that I had to take enemas until the solution was clear. It did not have to be colorless, it just couldn’t have any solid material in it that could interfere with the x-rays.

She had me lie on my stomach again as she spread my cheeks apart. She commented that the insertion of the suppository would not be unpleasant. I didn’t know if that was her standard line, or if she was commenting about my earlier erection. Then I felt the cold greasy suppository enter my butt and slide up inside a short distance followed by a couple of inches of her finger as she pushed it deep inside my rectum. She moved her finger around inside me as she positioned it high inside me. Well I had another hard-on as you might expect. She told me to just relax and hold the suppository for as long as I could and that I could expect a very large bowel movement in the next half hour or so.

I rolled onto my side away from her to hid my erection and relaxed as I waited. Sure enough some time later I felt my bowels tighten as the first cramps hit. I grabbed the bedpan just in time as the shit began to spew from my asshole. First it was solid, then slightly loose and then it seemed to be mostly liquid. This went on for quite a while as wave after wave of cramps moved along my colon. When I was finally done, I wiped and then rang for the nurse to take the bedpan. Whew, what a smell was coming from it.

To my surprise a pretty young nurse’s aide came to remove the bedpan. Her name was Vanessa. She had green eyes, light brown almost blond medium length hair which she wore pulled back. She had very delicate features and a cute upturned nose. She looked like she was about five feet six to seven inches tall. She had substantial breasts that were not overly large or saggy. Her hips were slim and she had a nice sized butt that complemented her figure perfectly. She told me that it was her job to give me the enemas and that she would try to make it as comfortable as possible. I also found out that she was quite new to nursing and that she had only given a few practice enemas in nursing school, mostly to special nursing dummies used for that purpose.

A short time later Vanessa came in carrying a large clear plastic disposable enema bag filled with soapy enema solution. She assured me that it had been warmed to body temperature to reduce cramps. I had to roll out of the way as she put a special pad on the mattress. Then she had me lie on my left side facing away from her and pull my left leg up about halfway to my chest. I had to bend my right leg slightly. I heard her snapping on the surgical gloves in preparation for what was to come next. She lifted my right butt cheek with one hand and quickly inserted a lubricated finger into my asshole. She moved it around inside me very quickly as she thoroughly lubricated my rectum. I thought I was going to ejaculate right then.

She quickly removed her finger and immediately inserted the end of the enema tube about four to five inches into my rectum. She told me to get ready for the water and released the snap clip on the hose. I immediately felt the rush of the warm soapy water in my rectum. It did not flow too rapidly as it filled my rectum. When my rectum was full, I thought that I was going to lose the water and asked her to stop the flow for a few seconds. I relaxed and the water flowed around the bend at the top of my rectum and began to flow into my colon. I told her she could start the water again. The first half to third of the bag was not too uncomfortable even though I felt extremely full.

I had to ask her to stop the flow again as I began to cramp. She had me take slow deep breaths until the cramps subsided. I asked if we could stop and she told me that I had to take the whole bag for the enema to be effective. She said that if I stopped now, I might need more enemas than the usual three to four required to clean out the colon. “Three to four enemas from this pretty nursing assistant?” This was going to be a fun night indeed. She started the flow again and the cramps got really bad. At last, I heard the sucking sound from the bag as it emptied the last of its contents into me. Vanessa told me that I had to hold the enema for at least five minutes and that ten would be better. She put a bedpan under me just in case I lost control. Well I did. As soon as she removed the tube I began to spew enema into and on the bedpan.

The first burst came out in one long stream with chunks of shit and plenty of gas. Then it stopped for a minute or so as more soapy enema worked its way down my colon, giving me cramps and nausea. It continued like this for at least twenty minutes, spurt, cramps and nausea for a while, followed by the water working its way down my colon to start the whole cycle again. This was a very unpleasant enema, not like most of the ones I have had before. If all the enemas were like this, this was not going to be as enjoyable as I thought in the first place. Vanessa admonished me that I had released the enema too soon and that it probably had not done its job thoroughly. She said that it was probably wasted and that I was going to have to take another soapy enema to make up for it. I told her that I did my best, but I just lost control of my bowels.

After a while Vanessa came back with another enema just like the first. Only this time, the tube had an inflatable catheter on the end of it, like the ones used to give barium enemas. The nozzle was made of hard plastic, with a lip near the end which held the inflatable balloon from slipping off. It was light pink in color and had a long thin inflation tube with a clamp on it. Vanessa told me that she had talked to the head nurse about what happened and that the nurse said that she should use a retention device to hold the enema in.

I rolled onto my left again and this time Vanessa lubricated my rectum for a much longer time, reaching in much deeper and moving her finger around until I was thoroughly greased up. Even the thought of the unpleasant soapy enema did not keep me from getting a huge erection. Then she removed her finger and quickly pushed the tip of the nozzle into my butt hole. As she inserted the balloon I could feel my hole stretching wide to accept its large size. As soon as it was in, she began to inflate it. It stretched my rectum and asshole to the limit. I felt like I had a huge turd stuck halfway out of me. In fact my bowels began to try to push the nozzle out. It felt like I was taking a huge shit without the turd coming out.

This time the water flowed into me much faster through the large bore nozzle. I thought that the first rush was going to explode out of me, but the nozzle held fast and only a few drops leaked out and down my butt cheek. The cramps started again and Vanessa stopped the water for a while so that I could relax. Then she stated the flow again and the cramps became even worse. I felt like my colon was going to explode from the pressure. Thankfully, the flow finally stopped and I heard the clamp snap shut. Vanessa told me that she was going to leave the catheter in for ten minutes and that I should try to relax. Easy for her to say, she’s not the one with the full bowels cramping, and the nausea from the pressure of a huge soapy enema churning inside. After a miserable ten minutes that felt more like an hour, Vanessa put the bed pan under me and deflated the catheter balloon. She did not even have to pull the nozzle out as the enema gushing from my butt forced it out. This expulsion was like the last with the cramps and nausea.

When the time came for my third enema, Vanessa informed me that it was going to be plain warm water and should not be so uncomfortable. As she lubricated my butt this time, I’m sure she had to see my hard-on, since the gown slipped completely open exposing me. I thought I heard a little giggle from her, but I wasn’t sure. As she slipped the nozzle in and inflated it, the pressure made my erection even more intense. She released the water and I could relax and enjoy the feeling as the warm water flowed into me. Caressing the inside of my rectum, then working its way around into my colon giving me a warm glow all over. Sexy Vanessa giving me the enema, coupled with the pressure of the nozzle against my prostate and the massaging action of the water flowing from the nozzle, caused me ejaculate uncontrollably all over myself. I couldn’t do anything about it. It was one of the most intense ejaculations I have ever had. I could hear Vanessa gasp and give out a nervous little giggle when she realized what was happening. When the enema was finished, Vanessa made me hold the water for ten minutes and then she released the nozzle and removed it. The water came out more controlled and in a steady stream as I felt my bowels deflate with each spurt of water.

Vanessa inspected the results and told me that I was out of luck, I wouldn’t be getting another enema tonight. Then she giggled again and left. I never saw her again, but I still remember Vanessa and that last enema like it was yesterday.