Hospital Stay

By [email protected]

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I awoke in the hospital and found myself unable to move. A throbbing pain in my head and a general ache all over my body made my coming of consciousness a relatively miserable experience. The truck I had been driving had hit a mine and I had been thrown from the vehicle. I guess I was lucky to be alive, but I sure felt closer to death the more I came out of it.

I started to gingerly explore my surroundings and found the nurses call button, which had been placed near my hand, and pushed the signal. As I continued to look around my surroundings I could see several I.V. bags hanging over my head as I lay flat on my back. I had a strange feeling in my penis that was really uncomfortable that was rapidly focusing my attention when the nurse walked in.

She was an young, beautiful woman, about the age of 24, who stood about 5’5” and had a very well proportioned body. As she entered the room she welcomed back to the world of the living and went on to explain that the reason I couldn’t move was that I had suffered a back injury and was in traction. I learned that her name was Sue and she would be one of the nurses caring for me during my recovery. She quickly reassured me that I would get better and that after a brief period of rehab, I would be up and walking around in no time. I had also received a nasty knock to the head, which was responsible for my loss

of consciousness, but that too would quickly heal.

I squirmed a bit when she asked if I was uncomfortable. Before I had a chance to fully answer she had pulled down the sheets and pulled up the hospital bed gown I was wearing to over my waist. She explained that they had inserted a catheter into me and she without hesitation took hold of penis and rearranged it so the tube was pulling so much. I blushed as she did this, but she only went about her business and gave me a silly little smile.

Over the days I was feeling better and soon eating three meals a day although I was still locked into traction. I felt like I was a prisoner at times shackled to the bed and unable to move very far one way or the other. As the days passed, I began to have other disturbing feelings. While my appetite had returned, my bowels hadn’t moved since I regained consciousness. After five

days, I was feeling bloated and very uncomfortable. My lack of bowel movement was also noted by the nursing and medical staff.

Normally, I saw Sue during the day. But on the evening of the fifth day, she came into my room about 7:30 pm. I was surprised to see her, but she explained that one of the other staff members had reported to sick call and that she would working the evening shift. As she glanced at my chart, she asked me if I had any luck at producing a bowel movement, to which I had to make a negative reply. She smiled at me and brushed her hand against my cheek saying that she would have me feeling better shortly. I had expected that I would be given a laxative or something, but I was not prepared for what followed.

In a few minutes, Sue returned with a utility cart that was covered with a towel. She explained that in a very short period of time, she would have me “moving again” as she put it. While her demeanor was professional, I could tell that she was enjoying this as a small smile graced her lips.

Her first step was to close the door of the room and place a “treatment in progress” sign on the door. As she walked back to the bed, she explained that this would keep anyone from wandering into the room and would keep me from being embarrassed. With that, she took the blankets and sheets and turned them down to the bottom of the bed. She unhooked my hospital gown and removed it from me, leaving me naked on the bed. Sue then picked up a bath towel and placed it over my chest, but left me exposed from the waist down. She then took an absorbent pad and slid it under my bottom. She explained that this would keep the bed the clean and that I didn’t have to worry about making a mess.

I felt like a prisoner, still tied in traction and basically unable to move, and I was embarrassed by my nakedness to this beautify female nurse. She sensed my embarrassment and caressed my head and reassuringly told me to relax and that everything would be all right.

I began to worry though, when she started to put on a pair of latex gloves. She moved the towel back off of the corner of the cart and opened a tube of K-Y Jelly and put a large glob of goo on her right index finger. As she approached the bed, she explained that I should relax and that she was going give me a rectal examination. The thought of that made my stomach turn, and I closed my eyes. I felt her left hand lift my balls as she asked me to part my legs as much as I could. With the traction restraints, I could barely move, but I tried to comply with her directions. Then I felt her finger against my asshole and she swirled the K-Y Jelly against it’s entrance. I began to squirm a bit, but stopped when told me to lay still. Slowly, her finger began to enter my ass as she worked the jelly inside of me. I was uncomfortable from the start, but tried to lay as still as possible. I felt her finger probing up into me, deeper and deeper. As I opened my eyes, I saw a small smile across her face and felt her grip of my balls tighten a bit. She then began to remove her finger a bit and then I felt her insert her middle finger

into me as well. I wiggled a bit at the two finger invasion, but she told me to lay still as she was going to try to manually break up an fecal impaction that she felt. On and on I felt her fingers probing inside of me and then seemingly curling inside of ass, digging at my asshole.

Soon the discomfort began to disappear and I began to focus my attention to other areas of my body. My cock was beginning to stir for the first time since my accident, but the presence of the catheter made even its slightest movement very distressing. Fortunately, Sue, soon stopped her actions and removed her fingers from my bottom. She explained that I had quite a solid

fecal mass in my colon, and that was somewhat to be expected since I was non-ambulatory and receiving pain killers which could product the side effect of constipation. I was further told that she tried to break up the mass in my bottom and make it easier for me to go. Taking several small pillows, she gently place one under the top of my hips and put another one just below my butt. This lifted me slightly off the bed and allowed her to slide a bed pan under me. The movement tugged on my catheter and added to my discomfort, but Sue took my cock in her hand and rearranged it and the tubing. I cringed as she did this as I was now certain that she could notice the slight erection that had formed.

After trying to shit for several minutes, Sue announced that this had not worked and that she was going to try something else. She slide the bed pan out from under me and put on another pair of gloves. I thought she was going to finger me some more, but soon saw her open a small white jar and approach the bed. I couldn’t she what she removed from the jar, but she repositioned herself at the side of the bed and lifted my balls with her left hand again. She then explained that she was going to insert a suppository into me and see if that would loosen things up a bit. While I may feel uncomfortable, she instructed me to try to hold it in as long as I could. I then felt the tip of something cold press against my asshole as I felt the suppository and finger push into me. She was really pushing deep trying to get the suppository up high in my colon and I squirmed as she went about completing her actions. She withdrew her fingers, removed her gloves and then placed me back on the bedpan. I felt embarrassed and strange as she took another small towel and covered up cock and balls.

Sue then moved a chair next to the head of the bed and began to make small talk. After about 10 minutes, she asked if I felt the need to go to which I replied, “No”. She then put on another pair of gloves and announce that she would try one more suppository. I saw her reach into the white jar as lifted my balls and placed the suppository against my asshole. She warned me that she was going to try to place this one deep and that I should try to relax. I felt the cool suppository enter my bottom followed by her middle finger which pressed as deep as it could until her hand rested against the outside of my asshole. I jumped slightly at this onslaught, but she admonished me to lay still. Once again I felt my cock beginning to stir only to feel the burning sensation of the dry catheter being drawn deeper as my pecker increased. Sue repositioned the towel over my groin and resumed her spot at the top of my head.

In a few minutes, I felt the pressure begin to grow in my bowels, and slight cramping started to develop. Sue read my feelings and began to stroke my head encouraging me to try to hold it in as long as I could. When I felt I could hold on no longer, she slide the bed pan under me and began to massage by stomach. After much pushing and straining, I was able to move one small turd into the pan. Sue took a handful of toilet paper and reached between my legs and cleaned me off.

She then announced that there was only one final thing to do, but that would guarantee my relief, an enema. I cringed at the thought, and asked if she could try another suppository, but she turned down the thought instantly.

I saw on the cart that she removed a stainless steel large enema can to which she attached a clear plastic hose from a sealed container. She then attached a clamp to the hose and clipped it shut with a snap. I then saw her retrieve two small packages of liquid from the drawer which she snipped open with a scissors and poured into the container. She then carried the container into the bathroom and heard the water running for quite a period of time before I could hear her filling the can. When she returned, I saw that the can was full and that I could see wisps of bubbles from the top. Sue then took the two empty soap packets and swished them in the water to relieve them of any remaining traces of soap.

Seeing and hearing this preparation had made me very uncomfortable and more than a little nervous. Sue quickly senses this and took my hand a gave it a squeeze as she reassured me that everything would be all right. With that, she place the enema can on a stand over the bed, at an elevation of about 3 feet. She then put on a pair of latex gloves again and opened up a long package which contained what appeared to be a very large and thick catheter. Seeing this I began to squirm a bit, but Sue again reassured me that everything would be O.K. She removed the cloth from my groin and left me exposed from the waste down. Picking up the tube of K-Y Jelly again, she put a large glob of goo onto the middle finger of her right hand and approached the bed. Lifting my balls with her left hand, she thrust her finger into my asshole moving it around and lubricating it up. She then removed her finger and replaced the glove on her right hand with a clean one. I saw her connect the catheter like

tube to the enema tubing and run a little water out into the waiting bed pan. She the took the tube of K-Y and place a glob of jelly on the tip tube, which she held with her right hand.

As she lifted my balls with her left hand, she explained that I needed to relax and not to worry. I told her that I doubted that I could hold the entire contents of the can and worried about making a mess. Sue just smiled and explained that when I started to feel pressure, just to let her know and she would take care of the rest. With that, I felt the lubricated tube enter my asshole and press what felt to be deep into my butt.

I saw her move her left hand up and open the clamp as her right hand was nestled between my legs tight up against my butt holding onto the tube that now was up my bottom. Instantly, I felt a rush of very warm water that made me jump a bit, but Sue quickly took her left hand and began to massage by stomach as the water flowed in. Quickly I began to feel cramps and started to squirm. Sue stopped the flow and continued to massage my stomach and told me to breath through my mouth and try to relax. My squirming from the cramps, her hand against my butt and between my legs and her massaging my stomach all

combined to cause me to start and develop an erection again. I could have almost died from embarrassment but Sue who quickly notice my predicament only looked at me and smiled.

Even though I had only taken a little water, I was rapidly feeling the pressure within my gut and told Sue of my need to go. She was disappointed by this information and informed me that I had only taken a small fraction of the enema. With that, she told that she had a solution to the problem and not to worry. She moved back to the cart and took out a small bulb like device

similar to pump bulb used on a blood pressure cuff.

I watched as she attached this to the tube coming out of my bottom and told me to relax as best I could. I saw and heard her squeeze the bulb as I felt something rapidly expand within me. I squirmed and grimaced at first, but as she pumped the bulb once more, The pressure inside me caused my cock to jump a bit. Sue told me that the bulb inflated inside of me would help me retain the enema’s needed solution. She then opened the tubing clamp once more and I jumped a bit as the water began to fill me up. I felt the very warm flow through my bowels as the cramps began to intensify again.

But I also felt my cock coming to life and soon I was half-erect and in great discomfort as the dry catheter was now riding deeper into my expanding manhood. Soon tears began to form in my eyes, which were quickly notice by Sue. She asked if the cramps were that bad, to which I nodded my head negatively. Then she smiled and said, “That’s O.K., I know what is wrong. You needn’t be embarrassed, it happens all the time and I know how to fix it.”

With those words, she stopped the flow again and changed her gloves. I watched in anticipation as she picked up a scissors and approached the bed. She pulled the tape from my leg that secured the catheter and snipped off one portion of the top of the catheter tube where it spilt before joining the tube that lead to the urine collection bag. I felt a strange feeling in my bladder

as it seemed like something was collapsing inside of me. She then took my half-erect cock in her hands and held it slightly outward and downward. Sue went on to explain that this for a short period of time may be uncomfortable, but that I would soon be free of the catheter and its restrictions. With those words, she held the tip of my penis with her left hand as she began to withdraw the catheter with her right.

I at once began to feel a burning sensation in my cock and felt a strange feeling in the back of my throat. Sue looked at me and smiled and said that the worst would soon be over. Then as she continued to withdraw the catheter from me, I was overtaken by this incredible feeling in my groin, a feeling like I was about to cum with the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. Sue only smiled as she looked at the perplexed look upon my face and said, “Relax, that’s normal. We’re almost done.”

As quick as the feeling of an impending orgasm came, it went. The final inches of the catheter were removed from my penis, which now had a strong burning sensation. When the catheter was removed, Sue took a moistened towelette and cleaned off the tip of my cock and rested it on stomach. As she took her hand away from it, she looked deep into my eyes and said, “You can let this do what it wants to do, without anymore discomfort from that nasty tube. Don’t be embarrassed, this happens to a lot of men and it doesn’t bother me a bit.”

With that, she opened the clip on the enema tube for the last time and the remains of the solution bubbled within my bowels as she massaged by stomach. Free from its intruder, my cock now sprang to life and within seconds I had a ranging hard-on in full view of my caring nurse.

When the can was empty, Sue closed the clip and took a seat next to the head of my bed. She gently stroked my head and told me that I should hold the solution for at least a few more minutes, so that she wouldn’t have to repeat the treatment. The cramps built within my bowels and soon I was squirming and sweating in discomfort. Sue began to massage my stomach in large arcs, which only added to my embarrassment as my cock was in plain view and hard as rock. Then, without warning, as she sensed my discomfort, she grabbed my cock with her hand, gave it a gentle squeeze, and whispered into my ear that she could cure this problem too.

After the allotted time, Sue slide a bed pan under me and bleed the air from the tube in my bottom. As she withdrew the enema tube, I felt the urgent need to go. Laying flat, in traction, with a bed pan under my ass, I felt the water explode from my asshole. Sue replace the now full bed pan with another as she went into the bathroom to dispose of its contents. This was repeated numerous times over the next 15 or so minutes. In between my expulsions of the enema water, Sue continued to massage my stomach urging the solution out of me. When I was emptied, she took a large handful of white toilet paper,

reached between my legs, and cleaned me off. She then went to the bathroom, got a warm wash cloth and clean towel, and cleaned my entire bottom with soap and water. She also cleaned and sponged off my now semi-limp dick. After removing the pillows and absorbent pad from under she, Sue straightened the bed, and asked me how I felt. While I was clearly worn out from the treatment, I did feel much better.

Sue then came up to the top of the bed and sat down next to me. She said that I didn’t need the catheter anymore, which came as quite a relief. Sue then whispered into my ear to be quiet, and she would finish my treatment. She stood up and took a small bottle of baby oil from the cart. She squeezed a tablespoon or so of oil into her hand and warmed it by rubbing it between her hands. Then, with a smile crossing her lips, she took one hand and began to massage my cock with her other oily hand caressed by balls. I was shocked, but quickly overcome by the feelings in my dick. While her actions felt good, I still had a gravel like feeling inside of my dick from the catheter that distracted me from cumming, even though I was hard and enjoying it.

Sue gathered that something was amiss, when she stopped and cleaned her hands on a towel. She then whispered in my ear that perhaps I needed a little additional encouragement and she opened the front of her dress, released the clasp of her bra, and let her beautiful tits swing loose. Her small nipples were hard and sticking straight out as she cradled her tit her hand and

offered it to my mouth. As I sucked on her nipple, I felt her hand grab my dick and begin to furiously jack me off. I had an explosive orgasm and shot cum all the way up to the top of my chest. Sue just smiled, and began to lick the cum from the chest and stomach as she slowly massaged by dick and balls back to normal. After she had lapped up all the cum, she quickly straightened her clothes, replaced my hospital gown, and covered me up.

On two other occasions during my convalescence, I required an enema, which was administered by Sue in a similar fashion. The war in the gulf is over, and I have recovered and returned to civilian life. I know that Sue’s reserve unit was also demobilized. I have met Sue on several occasions when I travel on business and thanked her for her special care. She explained that she felt so sorry for the men and women who were wounded that she tried to be extra good nurse to them.

Sue and I kept in touch over the years. She left the service and took a position with a hospital about two hours away from where I lived. I had a business trip scheduled near her home and gave her a call to see if she was available for dinner. Finally, after letting the phone ring for about 8 times I was about to hang up when she finally answered a little out of breath. She said that she would glad to see me, but she had undergone knee surgery four days ago and was struggling with the cast they had put on her leg. I suggested that I pick up some Chinese and stop by and we could have dinner at her place. She said that would be great and gave me the address.

I met my client and picked up a big bag of Chinese and headed over to Sue’s. I rang the bell at her apartment and after a while she buzzed me through the door. When she answered the door, I found her on crutches wearing a bath robe that barely covered her features. On her leg was huge cast that disappeared under her robe and it was clear that she was uncomfortable from the way she walked.

She wobbled her way to the table and I found the dishes and silverware while she unpacked the feast. I wasn’t really sure what she like to eat, so I bought enough food for 10 people thinking that I would have to hit something she liked. I was pleased to see that helped herself to many of the dishes filling her plate quite full.

But as time went on, she only picked at her food nibbling a little bit here and there. Finally, looking her straight in the eye I put down my knife and fork and asked her directly what was troubling her. Her face turned bright red and she averted all eye contact while she started at her plate. I noticed a tear roll down one of her cheeks as she went on to explain that she had been

taking several medications for post surgical pain in her knee. That, combined with her overall lack of movement had “plugged her up” and that she was uncomfortable and bloated. She went on to explain that she had been unable to get to the drugstore for a laxative and had been really suffering the past 48 hours.

I moved over and held her hand as I rubbed the back of her neck with my other. I told that there was nothing to be ashamed of and as a nurse she should be a better patient that this. I reminded her of the care she gave me in service and told her that I was prepared to return the favor now. Sue trembled a bit and gasped if I really meant to give her an enema to which I replied that this was exactly what I meant.

Before she had time to speak, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where I gently set her down on the bed. She whispered that what I needed was in the hall cabinet as she hid her face in her hands but otherwise didn’t resist. I went into the hallway and opened the cabinet and found a box that contained a 2 quart enema set.

Picking the box up I went to the kitchen and got a large pitcher before returning to the bathroom off the bedroom. I heard Sue sigh as I started to run the hot water in the sink. Under the sink I found a bar of Ivory soap which I opened and dropped into the pitcher before I filled it with hot water. As milky wisps of soap floated through the water, I picked up several towels and returned to the bedroom

I could see Sue tremble as I positioned the towels on the bed and moved her into position having her lay on her side. Returning to the bathroom, I filled the enema bag with the hot soapy solution, attached the tubing, and fixed the large douche nozzle to the assembly. When I entered the bedroom, I found that Sue had pulled her robe up exposing her perfect backside. As I hung the bag from one of the bed posts, she told me that I would find a tube of KY in the drawer next to the bed. I opened the drawer and found a box of condoms and as she stated, a large tube of KY jelly.

I could see that she was nervous and told that I was just going to return the favor she did me years ago. I put a large glob of KY on my finger and spread the cheeks of her bottom with my other hand. I couldn’t help but notice the pouting lips of her hairless pussy which was already dotted with drops of moisture. As I inserted my finger up her tight backside, Sue groaned and took a deep breath. For at least a minute, I moved my finger in and out of her backside spreading the KY all over and in her anus.

She looked over her shoulder and watched as I picked up the douche nozzle and moved it towards her backside. She pulled her robe up even higher and gathered it around her waist as I moved into position. She shivered slightly as I parted her cheeks and slowly inserted the nozzle deep into her backside. As I started the flow by opening the clamp with a loud “CLICK” Sue let out a groan and thrust her hips forward as the hot soapy solution rushed into her.

She started to pant and I could see her begin to sweat as the hot solution flowed up her backside. Sue moaned slightly as the first cramps hit her and I moved my one hand over her stomach and began to rub her belly in a large circular motion. My rubbing movements disturbed her robe and soon I had a clear view of her tits and firm hard nipples. Sue moaned and groaned and when the bag was half empty she began to wiggle her hips in a rhythmic motion. I leaned over and whispered in her ear and in response her hand moved to her crotch and began to finger her clit.

The bag continued to drain rapidly into her bowels and soon it gurgled dry. I closed the clamp and removed the nozzle from her backside as she looked at me with a panicked expression. “Oh, God, I have to get to the bathroom!” she whined as I patted her ass. “Not yet my dear. You have to hold it for at least 10 minutes,” I said. “But I CAN’T!” she cried as I leaned over and kissed her cheek while I watched her tits heave up and down as her breathing picked up.

I quickly returned to the hallway cabinet and took out a metal bed pan that I noticed. As I entered the bedroom I could see that Sue had rolled over on her back and was sitting up gripping her bulging stomach. She looked at the bed pan and cried, “Oh no….not that!” to which I replied, “Yes Sue, it is better than having you wobble to the pot.” As she protested I put the cold metal pan under her bottom and she gave a little shriek as her backside came in contact with the cold metal surface.

“It must be time,” she said as I could see her abdomen ripple as the cramps swelled through her bowels. “Here, let me help,” I said as I reached way back into drawer by the side of her bed and pulled out a large vibrator. She winced in embarrassment as I pulled it out and turned it on. It buzzed loudly as I moved it towards her crotch and positioned it right over her clit.

Sue’s entire body tensed as I moved the buzzing devil around and around her clit. “This will be your reward for holding your solution,” I said with a smile covering my face. In seconds, Sue was moaning as her scent filled room. Her hands went into her robe and began to squeeze her tits until finally her robe fell off her shoulders and sat on the bed as a useless decoration. I

watched as her eyes closed and her toes curled when a moan of delight passed by her lips as she came for what seemed to be a timeless orgasm. Finally, her head slumped onto her shoulders and I pulled the vibrator away from her throbbing clit. She whispered to me in a plaintive voice, “Please?”

“Yes, you can relieve yourself now,” I said as she filled the bed pan. While she drained her bowels, I suckled and played with her tits as her hands rubbed through my hair. Finally drained of her orgasm and enema, I cleaned her up and finally tucked her in between the sheets. I cleaned everything up and put it all away before I returned to her room to kiss her goodnight. She asked me to stay that night and we found many ways to please each other despite the cast on her leg. Now we were even.