How To Punish A Masturbator

By [email protected]

The scene left little to the imagination. Greta, the nurse of Peter’s disabled Grandmother walked into the room without knocking and knew exactly what was going on. Peter was on the bed with his pants down around his knees, a worn and torn copy of Playboy spread out beside him, and a raging hard-on in his hand. “You filthy boy”‘ screamed Greta at the top of her lungs, “You are going to pay dearly for that young man!” Peter’s face turned white as he knew he was really in for it this time.

Greta grabbed the magazine and tossed it in the trash with one hand as she grabbed a handful of Peter’s hair and began to drag him towards her bedroom, where the punishments were administered. In the hallway, they met Peter’s sister who laughed at her sibling as he stumbled down the hall with his pants around his ankles and the remains of his erection pointing straight out. She too knew that Peter was in for quite a punishment.

The door slammed behind Greta and Peter as they entered her room. “Now get ready you filthy pig!” said Greta as she gave Peter a push towards the corner of the room. Peter knew exactly what to do as this part of the scene had been repeated many times before. Peter removed his clothes and neatly folded his garments before placing them on top of the dresser. With only his shorts remaining, he took his position face into the corner of the room.

Behind him, Greta was getting ready for his discipline. “I have just the remedy for boys who like to play with themselves,” said Greta in a very stern voice. As he heard those words, a small tear formed in Peter’s eye full well knowing that she had sometime special in mind for him. Peter heard the chair move and then the voice of Greta rang out, “Get over here young man!” As he turned he saw Greta sitting on a chair by the foot of the bed. Peter soon found himself over her lap when she said, “I think a touch of the strap may help this situation, but not until I warm your backside myself.”

Greta briskly pulled Peter’s shorts down to his knees before she began to hand spank his bare bottom. She wasted no time in hitting his backside hard and fast and after about 40 swats Peter’s legs began to flail in the air as the fire grew in his backside. Tears began to run down his cheeks as the hundredth swat landed on his backside and his pleas for mercy filled the air. But Greta kept the spanking going hard and fast until a full 150 swats had been administered to his bottom and back of his thighs.

She gave him a push off her lap and Peter’s hands went straight to his backside trying to rub the burning pain away. “Now get on that bed!” shouted Greta as she got up and went into the bathroom. This caught Peter by surprise. While the strapping could be given on the bed or bent over the chair, it usually followed the punishment enema that he knew was coming. Peter laid face down on the bed and tucked two pillows under his middle making a nice target for the strap that he was expecting.

But Greta had something else in mind as a punishment for a masturbator. “No, no!” she shouted when she saw him, “Roll over!” Peter did as he was told, but was unsure what was to come. Greta had brought a tray of materials from the bathroom and set it on the nightstand next to the bed.

“Now young man, I have just the thing to keep you from playing with yourself,” she said with a very stern expression on her face. Peter watched as she picked up a soapy washcloth from the tray and approached the side of bed. She immediately began to roughly wash his penis and balls, causing Peter’s face to flush in embarrassment.

With a rough towel she dried his privates and scowled at her patient. “Now perhaps you would like to show me what you were doing back in your room,” she said. Peter just laid there for a few seconds until Greta shouted, “Rub it you filthy pervert!” With his eyes closed, Peter took his right hand and began to stroke his cock. His blue balls were painfully ready to explode and his erection came quickly.

“That is enough for our purposes young man,” said Greta as Peter opened his eyes and saw her standing there with a small needleless syringe.

The small syringe contained some sort of liquid that looked like mineral oil to Peter. Greta grabbed the tip of Peter’s cock and pinched the head opening his pee hole. She then inserted the tip of the syringe into the small opening and injected the liquid into the urethra of his stiffened member. Peter’s hips lifted off the bed as it felt like he was coming in reverse. While not really painful, the injection of lubricant was most certainly uncomfortable.

Peter’s breathing rate increased as he watched Greta turn to the tray and pick up a long tube. “Now you dirty little man, I wish I had a large size catheter in the house, but this will have to do. I am sure this will keep your from playing with yourself for a while,” said Greta in a very stern voice. She again pinched the tip of Peter’s cock, which was still hard and began to insert the catheter. Peter let out a little cry as the first few inches really burned as she rolled the device between her fingers as she slowly pushed the tube into his penis. “I only wish I had a bottle of ice water to flush you out good,” said Greta as she continued to insert the catheter. Peter knew that his sister had received an ice water douche for masturbating once and was glad that Greta didn’t have a bottle of ice water for him.

Just before Greta inserted the final couple of inches of the red rubber tube, she placed a small dish on Peter’s stomach and with a steady pressure, inserted the final inches of the catheter. Peter felt a strange pinch within him and then watched as his pee began to fill the dish resting on his stomach. Greta used a silver forceps to stop the flow of urine and then reached over to the table and picked up a second syringe. Peter watched as she inserted the syringe into another opening in the catheter and injected the liquid, expanding the balloon in his bladder. The strange feeling made Peter cry out, but Greta just went on about her business ignoring his distress.

“Now how does that feel?” inquired Greta as a grimace crossed Peter’s face.

“It feels like I have to pee,” replied Peter in a very soft voice.

“I am afraid that will be part of your punishment, but I bet you don’t want to play with yourself anymore either,” she said as she pumped his cock several times. Peter let out a cry as the movement of his cock filled with the catheter caused him considerable distress.

“No ma’am !” Peter cried out, “I will be good !”

“I am sure you will!” replied Greta with a smirk. “Now get into the bathroom for your water young man!” she said as she slapped his thigh with a crack. As Peter walked towards the bathroom it seemed that every movement he made tugged on the catheter in his now drooping penis.

A standard part of every punishment given by Greta was an enema, and this case was no exception. As Peter entered the bathroom, he saw the pitcher of hot water with the bar ivory soap floating in it on the counter, the red enema bag waiting for filling and the towel spread on the floor near the tub. Peter got down on his hands and knees with his backside towards the tub and watched as Greta filled the enema bag with the hot soapy solution. She hung the bag high from the shower curtain before she picked up the jar of Vaseline from the counter.

“Get that head down and bottom up!” shouted Greta as Peter moved into the new position. He could see the shiny metal forceps waiving in the air from the catheter that hung from his cock. Then with one, then two fingers he felt Greta’s fingers in his backside spreading the Vaseline around. Except this time she seemed to take longer at lubricating his backside and Peter felt a horrible discomfort in his cock as it began to swell again, drawing the catheter deeper into his pee hole.

In one quick motion, Greta pushed the large douche nozzle in his backside and a loud click echoed off the tile walls of the bathroom. Peter immediately felt the hot water rush up his backside and soon the pressure became quite intense. He groaned and wiggled his bottom until Greta closed the clamp. The pressure slowly subsided but soon she started the flow again and the process was repeated. Four or five times Greta stopped and started the flow of hot soapy water up Peter’s backside until the bag ran dry. She wasted no time in removing he tube from his backside and grabbing a handful of hair she jerked Peter to his feet.

Cramps roared through his stomach as he stood with his hands behind his head while Greta set a timer for 10 minutes. Greta sat on the toilet seat and lectured Peter as he danced from foot to foot trying and clenched his butt cheeks together trying to hold his water as wave after wave of cramps overtook his bowels. To make matters worse, every move he made seemed to wiggle the catheter causing him additional discomfort.

Finally, the timer rang, but Greta made Peter stand at the side of the toilet as she removed the forceps from the catheter and directed the stream of pee into the bowl. While the relief was welcomed, even with his bladder drained, Peter felt the continual urge to piss. Greta replaced the forceps on the end of the catheter and held it up as Peter was allowed to finally sit on the toilet. Greta made Peter hold his penis and catheter out of the toilet bowl as he released the fluid that filled his bowels. She set the timer for another 10 minutes and slammed it to the counter when she heard a low voice coming from her patient.

“What did you say ?” she demanded.

“I sorry Nurse Greta!” Peter said in a panicked voice, “It just slipped out-I didn’t mean it!”

“I will not have any four letter words in house!” roared Greta as she turned and picked up the gooey bar of soap from the pitcher and began to rub it over a washcloth. When the washcloth was full of bubbles, she walked toward Peter who was crying in anticipation of what was to come. She pinched his nipple with her thumb and forefinger and when Peter opened his mouth to cry out Greta pushed the soapy washcloth deep between his lips. When she was done, most of the cloth was in his mouth as a low pained groan rolled from deep within his throat. Soapsuds dribbled down his chin as the horrible taste made him drool.

Greta continued to scold Peter until the timer rang and she pulled the soapy washcloth from his mouth. Peter gagged slightly as the soapy taste made him nauseated. Greta handed him a wad of toilet paper and watched as he cleaned himself off before flushing the toilet. “Now I think you have an appointment with the strap young man!” she said as she pushed him out of the bathroom. “Over the chair!” she snapped as Peter walked slowly holding his penis to keep the movement of the catheter to an absolute minimum.

Peter bent over the back of the chair and watched as Greta went to the closed and took out the brown leather strap. “Get those legs in the proper position!” she barked as she slapped his outer thigh with the belt. Peter spread his legs and turned his toes inward as he looked down through the slats of the chair back at the shiny forceps and catheter that dangled from his shriveled cock.

The strap hit is bottom with a loud splat and by the sixth stroke, Peter howled with each stroke. By the 12th stroke, he was crying like a baby and it took every bit of strength he had not to jump up and rub his sore bottom. After the 20th stroke, Greta told Peter to spread his cheeks. This was the worst part and Peter slowly moved his hands back to his sore bottom and pulled his cheeks open for the last four strokes of the strap. The last four stokes on his tender flesh between his butt cheeks was the worst and he was sure that if it wasn’t for the catheter in his cock he would have surely pissed on the spot.

With the last stroke, Greta handed Peter his clothes and pushed him, still naked out into the hallway. By no surprise, his sister was there and was surprised to see the red tube hanging from his penis. But before she could ask what it was, Greta told her to get into her room or she would be next.

Greta pushed Peter into his bedroom and then locked the door behind him. Peter dropped his clothes on a nearby chair and began to rub his backside with one hand as he cradled his penis with the catheter with the other. Normally after being punished, Peter would sleep on his stomach, but the catheter prevented that. So finally Peter lay down with the pillows under the small of his back keeping his sore backside off the mattress while protecting his pecker and catheter.

It was hard falling asleep that night, but he finally did. He woke up at 5:30 the next morning with a burning sensation in his cock. He really needed to pee and was getting a piss hard on. As his cock grew, the catheter was drawn into his pee hole causing a very uncomfortable burning sensation. Then the door flew open and Greta walked in with a washcloth in her hand. “I bet you didn’t play with yourself to get that did you?” she inquired.

“No Ma’am!” Peter replied as Greta laid the cloth on his stomach. Peter watched as she took a scissors and cut the end of the small side leg of the catheter off. He felt the balloon deflate in his bladder as a little stream of water flowed onto the washcloth. Then Greta grabbed the end of the catheter and began to pull it upward. Peter raised his hips as the tube was pulled from his cock. To Peter, it felt like Greta was pulling his innards out through his pee hole and he cried as she removed the catheter.

With the device removed from his cock, Greta slapped Peter’s thigh hard and told him to get ready for school. The urge to pee was unbearable and Peter rushed to the bathroom. But as he tried to relieve himself, a burning sensation overtook his cock. For the next day or so, every time Peter pissed, it felt like he was peeing gravel as a result of the catheter that was in him overnight. His bottom was still red and several broad strap marks were still visible. At the juncture of his bottom and thighs, each leg had a deep purple bruise that made if almost impossible to sit. While this didn’t fully stop Peter from playing with himself, it sure made him more careful where and how he did it in the future!