I Get An Enema From My Uncle

When I was in high school I got the surprise of my life when my uncle suggested giving me an enema while I was staying with him during the spring-break.

It all began after I had attended a birthday party with some friends three days earlier, and ate all the usual junk food that’s served at a party. I ended up with a severe case of constipation.

I didn’t want my uncle to find out that I was constipated so while he was at work I checked his medicine cabinet to see if there were any laxatives available. I found a box that had one Ducolax suppository in it. After reading the instructions on how to use it, I dropped my jeans and underwear and inserted the suppository up my butt and waited for it to work.

After about 45 minutes had passed I felt the urge to have a bm and went into the bathroom and had a seat on the throne. But I only farted a lot of gas and still felt bloated and miserable.

Later when I came out of the bathroom, still feeling miserable and very uncomfortable I went and laid down across the bed hoping I would start feeling better. A short time later my uncle came home from work and noticed that I was not myself and asked me if I was sick.

I was feeling real bad by then and thought I had better go on and admit the truth so I told my uncle I couldn’t use the bathroom and was feeling sick to my stomach.

He asked me if I had taken a laxative. I admitted that I had tried a suppository but it didn’t work. At this point he suggested that he could give me an enema, or he could show me how to give it to myself.

I had never had an enema before as I could remember, so I asked my uncle to explain the procedure to me and what it consisted of as I had no idea what to do.

He removed a flat box off the top shelf of the linen closet and pulled out a red fountain syringe bag with a matching hose and a white rectal nozzle attached to one end and explained to me in detail how to use it.

Since this was going to be my first time having an enema I decided that I had better let him do the job as he was experienced and knew what he was doing. After I agreed to let him give me the enema he told me to go into the bedroom and strip from the waist down and meet him in the bathroom. I was a little reluctant at first about having to be butt naked in front of my uncle, but the pressure and discomfort in my stomach from me being constipated, made me soon forget about the humiliation of the treatment that was coming, and I quickly slipped my Levi’s and underwear off and wrapped a bath towel around my waist and went into the bathroom where my uncle already had the enema bag filled to the brim with soapsuds and warm water hanging on a towel bar near the toilet.

He had me take off the towel and spread it on the floor and lie down on my back with one foot on the edge of tub and the other on the toilet. I was very embarrassed because I had an erection and didn’t know why this was happening. Normally the only time I would get erect was around my girlfriend and not around another man.

My uncle noticed that I was embarrassed and told me not to get alarmed about my now fully erect cock. He told me he would also get an erection whenever he took an enema. He told me that it was normal for a male to become erect before and during an enema. It put my mind at ease knowing that nothing was wrong with me.

My train of thought was interrupted, when he asked me if I was ready for him to start giving me the enema.

I said yes and he got down on one knee and inserted the rectal nozzle up my butthole and released the clamp on the hose, filling my ass up with warm water. As this was my first time ever getting an enema, I was unable to hold the enema solution and begin to squirt water and turds of shit all over the bath towel that was under my butt. I was making a big mess.

My uncle told me not to worry about it, just squirt the water and shit on the towel. He would clean it up afterward. He then reinserted the nozzle and continued giving me the enema until the syringe bag was empty.

I must admit when he had finished giving me the enema I had shit and water all over floor and on the towel under my ass but I felt 100 percent better. I got up off the floor to take a shower while my uncle cleaned up the mess that I had made.

This incident happened 12 years ago and I have only had an enema once since then. It was while I was in the hospital for a knee injury, and became constipated from inactivity as I was on bedrest, and in traction.

I have purchased my own fountain syringe so when the need arises, I will be ready to take care of the problem thanks to my uncle showing me the ropes when I was a teenager.

I Get An Enema From Dad

I was in high school when this incident happened. I’m now 30.

After I had returned home from a fishing trip with my best friend and his dad, my dad couldn’t go with us as he had to cover for another employee who had called in sick. During the entire three days we were gone I did not use the bathroom, as there were no toilets in the area where we were. So I just held it until I got home.

The next morning after returning from the trip I was feeling miserable and asked my dad if I could stay home as he and my mom were divorced and he was the custodial parent. I was feeling sick and had a stomach ache. After getting his permission he called the school and told them I was sick and he was keeping me home. He then ask what was wrong and I told him that I had eaten something that made me sick, as I was too ashamed to tell him I was constipated.

After he left for work I figured this would be a good time to try and use the bathroom, but I was locked up tighter than a drum, and my stomach had begun to hurt so I took a dose of Pepto- Bismol which helped. I went back to bed and soon fell asleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep but I was awakened by a telephone call.

When I answered the phone it was my dad calling to check on me and to tell me he would be getting off work early, so after getting off the phone I thought I had better try to use the toilet before he got home and went in and tried to have a b.m. I still couldn’t do anything.

About an hour later my dad came home and asked how I was feeling. He felt of my forehead and said I felt hot so he got the thermometer out of the bathroom cabinet and placed it under my tongue.

After a couple of minutes he removed it and told me I had a fever of 103 , and then he asked me the question I was dreading : had I had a bowel movement ?

So thinking he would just give me a laxative I told him that I had not used the bathroom since the fishing trip. Instead told me that he was going to give me an enema to get my bowels moving and to break the fever telling me that I had went too long without having a b.m. Dad than left my room and I soon heard the sound of water running. I was dreading the treatment that was coming.

A short time later dad called me into the bathroom and told me to take my undershorts off and lie down in the bathtub. Embarrassed as I was I dropped my shorts down around my ankles and stepped out of them leaving me with nothing on but my T-shirt.

I reclined on my back in the tub with my knees drawn up exposing all of my private areas . I watched as dad opened a jar of Vaseline and lubricated the white enema nozzle and then held the red hotwater bottle up to expel air from the hose.

Then he inserted the nozzle into my rectum and opened the clamp on the hose , I begin to feel the surge of warm water shooting into my bowels causing me to start expelling water and shit all over the towel that was under me bringing me instant relief.

Dad gave me several more enemas until the bag was empty. I told him I was feeling a lot better and had begin to sweat profusely after the enema had broke the fever and washed the shit out of my bowels that had me constipated.

After a shower I went back to bed and awakened the next morning feeling great and started getting ready for school.

A short time later my buddies came by and we left for school. I never told my friends that my dad had to give me an enema for fear I would be ragged on.

But that enema dad gave me opened up a new way of life for me as I now take an enema once a month to stay healthy, and whenever I’m irregular and need relief right away then I’ll fill my hotwater bottle with 2 quarts of warm sudsy water and lay on my back in the bathtub and the problem is soon solved.