I Love You

She sat there with her head slightly tipped. Not knowing what would come next. The blindfold was a new twist on their love making. He had never done that before. She knew he was up to something when she saw a strange new twinkle in his eye … almost magical, he was definitely up to something.

She heard him rustle something behind her. Her mind raced, her heart pounded, beads of sweat began to form on her forehead … but she loved it. In some strange way it seemed to heighten what she was feeling. The undying love for a man she couldn’t have. She knew that, but the times they spent together were more than perfect. Almost as if the fact that he couldn’t be ‘had’ made him all the more desirable. She knew it was more than that though. He was a man who for the first time treated her as the center of his universe. She was used to that feeling … only in reverse. So many times someone else had been the center of hers…not really caring about her feelings or needs. But with Jon it was different. He always knew what she needed. Before she did at times. More importantly he showed her, every chance he got.

She was bolted from her thinking by the sound of running water. She knew what that meant : an enema for sure. It was an erotic passion they both enjoyed. What brought them together in the first place actually. It was hard to believe that it was almost a year since he had first laid eyes on his “type”. They had played and bantered though e-mail and chat for months before that first phone call. At that point she was hooked. Knowing that all he pretended to be was real. He had never lied to her, and was sometimes brutally honest. She liked that. Knowing what to expect from him made her feel safe. But then again…she didn’t know what to expect now did she ?

This was different and wildly exciting.

She felt his breath as he whispered in her ear, “Are you comfortable honey”. How could she be? He had her bound by her feet and hands, unable to move, not really knowing what was next. But she was comfortable. Even in this exposed, vulnerable state, she trusted him, with all that she was. He would never hurt her, she knew that. And more importantly he would help her to reach plateau she didn’t know existed.

She simply nodded her head. Unable to find the words to answer him. He caressed her cheek and kissed it. “Good, are you ready for what I have planned?”

Before she could answer she felt him kissing her mouth and neck. Slowly working his way down her body with gently kisses. Stopping only to spend a little extra time at her nipples. Sucking and kneading them till they were fully erect and longing for release. As he moved away from them she sank a bit, but was quickly lifted as she felt him move toward her mound. He helped her to lie down and stretch out as much as her binds would allow. She then felt him at her feet, untying her. A smile crossed her lips, thinking that she would now be able to move more freely, but before she knew it he had fastened something around her ankles. It was softly padded and warm. Like fleece. But buckled like a restraint.

Then she realized this was the new toy he had been talking about. As she allowed them to be fastened to her ankles she had no idea what she was in for. He spread her legs and began his insistent lapping at her womanhood. Slowly teasing her hood, darting in to barely touch her clit, then down to her opening, and back up again. Never staying in one place to long. Mostly teasing, but driving her wild none the less.

She felt her body begin to respond, heard the soft moans escaping her body. He continued to work her. Opening her with his mouth and tongue. Licking, lapping sucking. Just as she thought she was about to explode he moved away and was at her feet again. She heard the sound of metal clicking and her legs being pulled even further apart. Even without her sight she knew what had happened. She had never been placed in one before, but knew instinctively that it was a spreader bar. Used to keep her lets at a proper distance from one another so he would have full access to her. If she had thought she was exposed before she should have seen herself now. Fully exposed opened wide for his gaze.

“My God you are beautiful”, she heard him say. It was still hard for her to believe. She had spent all her life believing that she was ugly and not worth much. This man came along and told her that she had a beauty inside and out. It was hard to hear, but she loved it.

A slight smile crossed her lips and she replied, “You’re just saying that,” quickly followed by, “Not to mention you are a bit prejudiced.”

Quickly she felt her body moving , turning over onto her stomach. One quick fluid movement, so fast and so precise, she wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or the blindfold that had her senses off. Then she felt the stinging CRACK of the paddle on her ass.

She gasped out loud. “What the hell ?” she countered.

“Quiet my precious, we had discussed you being punished for such misgivings as downgrading yourself. I am determined to raise your self esteem even if I have to treat you like a child to do it. You owe me five. Too much fuss and I can raise it.”

“But that’s not fair. You can’t do that to me,” I countered.

“I can and I will. You just earned ten my love, want to go for fifteen?”

Stifling the want and need to argue I knew it would do no good. He was right. We had discussed my being punished for talking down about myself. I had never thought that he would do it though. He had fooled me. I made a mental note not to underestimate him again.

The blows came spaced and deliberate. Not too hard but not to soft either. By five I was softly whimpering, feeling the sting in my bottom. By ten I was all out crying.

When he was finished he slowly began rubbing blessedly cool lotion on my reddened ass, cooling the burn. Then he lovingly took me in his arms and held me. Stroking my hair. “Honey, I don’t want to hurt you, but it is for your own good. You know that. You enjoy spankings, but if make sure there is a bite and sting to them, perhaps you can learn from it. You need to have faith in yourself, please baby.” His words were true and the tone of his voice made me know how much he cared. Not wanting me to fall into the trap that so many women fall into. Thinking they are worthless. He loved me, and I knew it, more importantly, I relished in it.

We were there a long while, me in his arms, him holding and stroking me. Soothing me. He finally said, “Ok baby, time to see how you are feeling.” He laid me gently on the bed, face down as he retrieved the thermometer. We often played this game. He was daddy and I was his little girl. He knew I enjoyed it, and I thought that he secretly did as well. I felt him part my still slightly stinging cheeks, then the cold drop of KY jelly as it hit home. He massaged it in, applying gentle pressure till my anus yielded to his invasion. He generously lubed me inside in out, taking his time and being a bit too cautious. Enjoying the feel of my tight muscle around his finger. In an instant his finger was gone, only to be replaced by the cold glass of the thermometer which he twisted and rotated as he rubbed my back telling me how good daddy’s little girl was being.

The bar at my ankles keep my legs far enough apart that he had a birds eye view of me. I wasn’t just damp. I was wet, soaked in fact. His had brushed against my folds and I could almost hear the smile cross his face. It seemed like forever but not long enough and the thermometer was gone. “No temp honey, that’s good. You still need your cleaning though, you know that.”

I moaned and shook my head. “Please Daddy, not tonight”.

He fondled my ass and smiled, “Yes baby, now is the time.”

He must have made the enema quite hot cause with all the time we had spent in preparing it was still quite warm. I felt a few drops hit my leg as he moved the nozzle closer to it destination. She again felt his finger probing at her backdoor. This time coated with much sticker Vaseline. That meant only one thing, the colon tube. He always used KY Jelly unless he was using something that was slipping much further up her bowels. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard him say, “Honey I am going to use the long tube tonight. You need a very good cleaning, and if you are really good, Daddy will but his cock in your ass.”

I wanted that. So much. I enjoyed pleasing him in this way, not to mention, when it didn’t hurt, it felt wonderful. He always took special care to make sure I was comfortable during anal sex. We hadn’t done it often, but the times we had were earth shattering.

His lubricated finger continued to probe deep inside me. His fingers were so large, almost uncomfortable at times. He had a way of always using the right pressure though. Making sure not to hurt me, to only cause me pleasure.

When he had finished with that I began to feel the long thick colon tube begin its way up my rectum. Slowly the water began to flood me. The tube inched its way into me. He gently rubbed my back and encouraged me on. “You are doing wonderful honey, keep it up. You have all the tube in you now. How does it feel?”

I was unable to do more than moan loudly as the water continued it torrent into my bowels. My hips began to rock and sway as the water filled me and increased the burning desire between my legs. Sensing my need, his hand lowered to my womanhood and began light playful strokes of my clit. Soon I was bucking wildly as his finger continued their play and his other had orchestrated the in and out symphony of the tube in my ass.

His fingers slowed and I heard him say, “That’s my girl, you have taken it all. All 3 quarts.” His voice had a cooing quality which made me know just how pleased with me he was. He gently removed the colon tube and placed a very warm washcloth at my anus to help me retain the water. He fumbled around in his “bag of tricks” and found what he was looking for.

The next thing I knew I felt something being forced into my ass. “You had always said that you thought that Noz’s Nozzle would make a great butt plug, so I took it upon myself to have him send me one without the hole. Just like the one you have at home honey. I am sure this should help you hold on to your water.” With that it slid home. Making me think for one short second that it would split me in half before it seated in.

He was then at my feet. Undoing the leather bind on my ankles. “Honey I fully intend to please you till you scream.”

I smiled, knowing that that was always the case. He had never left me wanting. My pleasure seemed so much more important to him than his own. “Thank you baby, don’t you think the people in the room next door may mind though? I could invite them,” he countered and we both giggled.

“Maybe next time, I think I want you all to myself right now,” I said.

With that he helped me onto my back and entered me. Slow strokes to begin with, then they increased in speed. He sensed my orgasm building and held me at its edge. My swollen belly needing release along with my sex. Wanting so much to fall over the edge into the abyss. He reached for the plug and rotated it as he began slamming home in earnest. It was more than I could bear.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! MY GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!Jon!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed as each wave flooded over me. I came three, or was it four times before he allowed me to come down from that high. He gently slipped away from me, holding me close to him.

“Do you need to go honey?” he asked.

I did but didn’t want to leave the comfort of his arms. “Yes, but I don’t want to,” I replied.

“It’s ok honey, I will stay with you.”

And that he did. He took me to the bathroom and removed the plug as I sat.

As the water escaped me in a noisy flood, he had his arms around me, stroking my hair, whispering, “I love you,” in my ear.