I’m Bananas Over You

By Anonymous

I went out one Friday night after a long week at the office and was in the mood for something a little different. I had heard about this new night club in town that had a lot of people who were into bondage. I walked in sometime around 7:00pm or so…..sat down at the bar ordered a beer. I noticed a beautiful lady wearing a knockout mini dress with garter, stockings, high heels and very long brown hair. See kept looking over my way I thought maybe she was looking at someone behind me.

I turned around and saw no one then looked back at her and she smiled at me. She kinda motioned me over to her table we introduced each other and I asked if she was with someone tonight. She said a girlfriend was coming by and I could join them. We had a few drinks and talked about what types of bondage she was into. I said this was new to me and I had not tried anything like this before. Before you no it we had a few more drinks and were feeling quite good and started talking about what turns each other on. We were both very hot and horny. She said her panties were very wet from all the talking we were doing and would I like to go back to her place. I thought I was dreaming or had to much to drink !

We went back to her house and up to her bedroom. She had the type of bed with a mirrored ceiling so we could see each other from head to toe. After a good hour of playing around we each other she asked if she could tie me up. I thought this could be interesting and agreed to her demands. She undressed me down to my boxer shorts had me lay on my stomach tied one wrist to the left bedpost and then the right wrist to the right bedpost. Then she had me lift up my stomach and put a nice soft pillow under me and said you are going to need this. She then tied my ankles to the bottom bedposts. You are going to really like this! Have you ever had someone else give you an enema before? No I said! It had been a long time since I had one of those I replied.

She said well in that case I have some great plans for you. You are going to love this! I will be right back dear. After a few minutes she returns with nothing in her hands. I wonder what she is going to do? She had said something about an enema. I hear some noise and look above me in the mirror and see her putting on a rubber glove. OK ! Now lay your head on my pillow and I want you to RELAX. I now feel her pulling my boxers down to my ankles. You are going to feel much better soon.

She now spreads open my cheeks and inserts very slowly into my anus a disposable enema filled with what feels like KY Jelly. I have to lube you up real good for what’s going in back here. I have something very special for you. Now just Relax honey. I now feel lots of KY Jelly going inside me back there. What are you doing? Just relax you are going to love this. She now inserts a finger or two and starts to move them all around inside me. We have to make sure you are well lubed for what’s ahead! And for what I ask? You will see! I am going to give you a very special enema. Its an thick solution made mostly with bananas. Good! I think we are ready now. I am wondering where the enema equipment is? I did not see her bring anything in with her. I look up into the mirror and as she lifts her mini dress I see what looks like a large strap on dildo about 8” inches or so with a tube going between her legs and coming out behind her into cookie press type of device. This was attached to her back with a elastic waist strap.

Oh boy….. I don’t know about this….. Now I want you to RELAX and take lots of deep breaths you are going to enjoy this very much. I am going to OH…MY..I now feel my cheeks being spread open and the dildo just outside my anus waiting to go in. I am wondering how she is going to give me an enema with that dildo device. RELAX RELAX that’s it RELAX DEAR ! Oh OH Its going inside me now ! ! ! That’s it you are doing fine! She is now in to me about two to three inches.

OK that’s good for now. I want you to take some real big deep breaths and you will feel some thick solution going inside you. This will make you feel much better. I notice she has a hand held push button switch in her hand. When she activated the switch I felt the very thick banana solution entering me now. This is the most erotic feeling I have ever had before. I am going in a little deeper now. As the solution starts to flow again I feel Her push the dildo in me a little deeper. She is now starting to moan and groan.

At this time I am so hot I am going to lose it but I want to wait till its all over to please her. I feel the solution start going in again and she pushes it in a little bit more. She is moaning and groaning and says I am soaking wet down there are you going to be able to take care of me when we are all done? Yes! I say thinking if I last that long. Once again the solution starts to flow and she is still pushing it deeper into me. Oh honey you make me so hot! Did you know I can feel with you the solution going inside you. and Once again the thick solution starts going deep inside me again. I look up in the mirror and her mini dress is still on and now up and over my cheeks I now feel her body against my cheeks which means one thing that the enema device is all the way in me now! She is now moaning again louder than before and the thick solution starts flowing again inside me this time lasting for three to four minutes.

Wow what a feeling! I am now starting to feel very full now!

Honey are you OK? I am going to start moving in and out to move the solution deeper into you so it will work real well. She now says Honey I am think I am going to……… Oh.. Honey Honey. OH.. OH….OH…….. Honey ..Honey…. Honey……….. Oh………OH………OH… At this time she is still going in and out and in and out I am just about to lose it myself…She says Honey Please do it with me… OH …….OH………. OH Honey I am going to C………………….

We both just collapsed on her bed together with her still on top of me and still very deep inside me and I again start to feel the last of the thick enema solution going inside me. What a night this would be for both of us.

I have made a female strap on device as described above which is a dildo shaped enema nozzle. A enema tube passes through the middle and comes out of the back of the nozzle. The dildo is held in place by a strap on harness. The tube on the back is coiled around several times in a circle at the base of the nozzle for the purpose of full contact of the labia and clitoris. As the solution passes through maximum pleasure can be fully felt for both temperature and movement of the solution on the clitoris. If a thick enema solution is used you will feel a lot of movement!

Also the tube has a small circle knot in the back which can be than placed a few inches in her anus she will feel the solution temperature and lots of movement inside her as the solution goes into her partner. The tube is attached to a special battery operated enema delivery device which is fully controlled by her. This is done by a very small hand held push button device. She has complete control of the solution going in to her partner. Depending on the solution it could last from 5 to 15 minutes.