I Think It's My Time To Tell You About Me

By Ilana

Hi all my friends out there, i’m female, 27 years old. 1.70 meters (i think its about 5.58 feet). 55 KG (121.25 pounds). i have brown hair and blue eyes. i’m married happily and we have (for now…) two kids. one is 5 yeas old and the other is 2 years old.

one of our friends found the attached pics somewhere on internet and sent them to us with a question: “is it you Ilana?”.

this girl isn’t me. but… her face is like she was my twin sister!!!

look at her. she is blond, i’m brown and my hair is shorter (comes to my shoulders). her tits are smaller than mine (i’m 36c). i think I’m higher. i’m shaved too but much better (really). but…as i said, her face is just my face.

i live in Israel. so if one of you comes here and see me in street, he will know who i am :)).

when i was about 17.5 years old i got inflamed throat. my Dr (from when i was a baby) gave me some antibiotics. after 4 days i got a very heavy scratch in my vagina. and to it, i got there much white matter like cheese. i washed my self several times a day, but it became worse. i didn’t know what to do. i was afraid to tell my mother. i was ashamed to go to my Dr. (i could not even think i’m going to show him my pussy).

in out street, not far away from our house, lived a young lady (about 30 years old) and i knew she is a gynecologist at some hospital. she was not married. so, after 5 days of suffering i just knocked on her door. she invited me in told me to sit down and asked me what brought me to her. i told her. she said i should not be worried about it. its only fungus because of the antibiotics.

she gave me some anti fungus cream to smear in my vagina and put it in vagina. she asked me if i know how to do it. i said “no”.

she told me to take down my panties and lay on the bed my knees bent to my chest. i did so. she put on her hand a latex glove and begun to smear the cream between my lips, on my clit, and deep in my vagina. she did it so slowly, so gently. i never before insert my finger into my vagina (it was not a proper thing to do…)

i never before had an orgasm (was afraid to continue masturbation to that point…its not a proper…). but now, she caressed my clit and my vagina so nice, i could not hold myself and my orgasm just hit me within few moments.

i was so ashamed. i didn’t know what to do with myself. i wanted to disappear. the lady Dr. just smiled kindly to me. and said: “its ok Ilana its ok Ilana”. such was my first orgasm. Dr. told me to come again tomorrow so she will smear again the anti fungus cream. the same happened in the second day. this went on for 7 days until the fungus was no longer there.

this is how i got our lovely fetish.

i’m sorry for misspelled words. be sure i never misspell in hebrew!!!!