In Search of Elusive Relief

In the last ten years that I have become more aware (and informed) of the sexual implications of enemas - traveling to far-flung public libraries and adult bookstores searching for information regarding enemas, colonics, and klismaphilia.

Let me start at the beginning… I spent much of my earlier life (prior to the age of thirteen) in hospitals enduring more than 30 surgeries. I distinctly remember the only positive side of needing to undergo yet another operation was the pre-op procedures especially the enema. I was (am) extremely anal-erotic, (as a child I often experimented with sticking pens, pencils, and my finger up my ass).

The thought of a nurse sticking something up ‘back there’ intentionally was always very appealing. I even recall getting preadolescent erections from an enema and during a doctor’s rectal exam.

Nowadays, I am turned on by not just the physical stimulation, but the vulnerability and helplessness of a patient in a nurse/patient or mother/child relationship (I.E. - I’m not in control, they are doing this to help me, and I can’t stop it…). I am also extremely aroused by the need to exposing myself (both back - and often casually the front), during the enemas. (I am very exhibitionistic).

Recently I have begun to visit “colonic clinics” in hopes of finding some sort of sexual gratification. My experiences have led me to both the large “clinics” and to the “mom-and- pop” (usually mom) therapists who give colonics in a room located at the back of their home. I would love to find a therapist who accepts the sexual nature of their procedure and is receptive to the “ultimate” results (“Hey - look you got an erection - here yet me help you with that”! I realize this will probably never happen, but ya can’t stop me from fantasizing…)

Colonics usually start with you on your left side and then after the first flush - they have you roll over onto your back. By this time - I always have a monster erection which is quite visible beneath the thin sheet they drape you with, yet therapists seldom give it a casual glance - if at that! (Are therapists that used to it? Do all guys get hard during colonics? Are they that scared to acknowledge a usually embarrassing situation?)

Once during a colonic in Dallas, (performed by a typical “older” - 50ish- woman), I was hooked up to an automatic colonic machine, (as opposed to the gravity method). During the procedure the therapist was called out of the room for a minute, (by her young attractive daughter who was working as receptionist for the day). I took advantage of the situation (as any red-blooded-cock-hard male would) and started jerking off. Naturally when the therapist walked back in I was caught red handed - I fumbled around a bit making a half hearted attempt to cover myself - but I was in the rhythm…. Trying hard to look me straight in the eyes - the therapist sat down, pulled the sheet well over my still busy cock-in-hand, and casually continued the series of fills and empties. I mumbled something asking permission to ‘finish off’ and she grudgingly said it was OK (as long as I kept it under the sheet). Through the rest of the procedure she did very well ignoring my movement under the sheet yet casually glancing at me, my activity, and my face (I think trying to see when I came?…).

I would love to repeat this experience yet I am a bit apprehensive (chicken). I have also reasoned that therapists that practice in their home might be more receptive, yet everyone I have found is married, overweight, and overage (while I don’t mind an older woman - these have frankly not been too sexually appealing)…

I did visit a major ‘Health Clinic’ in Chicago, and was given a colonic treatment by a very attractive young (my age) therapist, yet I think she was over-precautions about nudity - having me get fully covered before she entered the room, remain fully covered until after she left, and keeping me on my left side throughout the entire procedure (hence discretely directing my erection away from her) etc… As a result I didn’t try anything…

I would like to hear from any other readers who have had any true experiences at colonic clinics or from any therapists/nurses who might be discretely receptive to such an experience….

I will wrap this up for now - Please keep up the good work.