In the U.K.

The plane touched down and taxied to the terminal. Heathrow was in its usual drab, damp, setting. Fog hovered threatening to close the airport, a drizzle brought a chill to the air that managed to invade the terminal.

Laurie shivered as she walked to the baggage claim, wishing she didn’t have to come on this trip, and barring that, wished she was settled in her hotel room. To make matters worse, she was constipated and very uncomfortable. Stress, long work hours, meals grabbed on the spur of the moment more than likely caused the condition, and now it would only get worse. Time change, work in an unfamiliar surrounding, totally different food and no regularity in site would compound it.

After claiming her baggage, she stood in line at customs and noticed to her relief that the traffic was minimal and was processing swiftly. It was a good thing, she could feel the dull ache in her bowels and knew it wouldn’t go away until she could settle down in her room and take care of the matter. In no time she was through customs and riding in a cab to her hotel where relief was waiting. Small cramps were forming, but she knew it was to no avail, this had been going on for several days but no bowel movement to relieve the situation, it would require help in the form of an enema.

Normally this would be a pleasant, erotic, relaxing event, but for now all she wanted was relief.

Check-in went without a hitch and she found herself in her room digging for gratuity to dismiss the bellhop. She grabbed one of the strange bills and thrust it at the man who discreetly pocketed it and left, it must have been of sufficient denomination since he was smiling as he left. Opening her suitcase, she dug frantically through it for the bag, the discomfort was increasing now and she desperately wanted to relieve herself. Having gone through the luggage and not finding it, she started throwing clothes on the bed in search of the apparatus. Nothing, how could this be, she distinctly remembered removing it from the cabinet and placing it on the counter while packing. Then I hit her, there had been a phone call with last minute instructions and a change in flight plan that required her to hurry to the airport. The chaos had made her forget the kit containing the bag, hose, nozzle, and lubricant.

Despair set in as the realization took hold. Here she was in a foreign country, badly in need of help, and not knowing what to do. Well, there was only one thing to do, go to the desk and ask directions to a pharmacy.

Exiting the elevator, she tried to maintain a normal walk to the desk, this was not easy since the cramps were increasing and she was in an elevated level of discomfort. There was a man talking to the desk clerk so she waited to the side until they were finished. They must of known each other because the clerk interrupted the conversation and asked her if he could be of help. She asked him where the nearest pharmacy was. Her face must have given away her despair when she heard that they were all closed for the evening. The man talking to the clerk turned and asked if he could be of help since he was a physician.

She muttered a reply that it was of a personal nature and turned to walk away. His hand gently grabbed her elbow and turning her, looked into her eyes and said, “ You are in need of help, let me help you”. He then turned to the clerk and asked if the office behind him was empty and could they use it for privacy. A nod and he was ushering her into the office, closing the door behind them.

With commanding authority, he turned to her and asked what the problem was.

She told him of the constipation and lack of anything to relieve it. He placed a hand on her abdomen and with gentle pressure pushed in. His hand could feel the cramps she was suffering from. “Young lady, you are in dire need of help, and lucky for you, I was talking to my nephew when you walked up.” She was surprised when he placed his ever-present valise on the desk and opened it. She hadn’t even noticed it before this, or would have recognized him as being a doctor.

She was speechless as she watched him remove a latex exam glove, pull it on his right hand, then lubricate his middle finger with a tube that was in the bag. “Now then young lady, just bend over the desk there and we will have a look see”.

She was mortified, how could this be happening to her, in a plain office with a total stranger being subjected to an exam of such personal nature. His left hand was on her shoulder gently pushing her down so her torso was resting on the desk. In a state of shock, she felt her skirt being lifted and her underwear pulled down. Fingers separated her cheeks, and then a cold finger was at the opening of her anus. Still in a state of shock, she began trembling from the intrusion. His soft voice commanded that she relax, this would only take a minute. She felt his finger push against the orifice, then slip in to the first knuckle. Then to her embarrassment, she felt his finger probing deeper alongside the compacted waste in her bowel. His finger pulled out of her now lubricated orifice, and she thought he was done. Hearing paper being ripped, she looked back to see him removing the wrapping from a long slender object about the size of his finger. Spreading her cheeks, he pushed the object into her, then with his finger, worked it deeper into her.

Removing his finger he began unwrapping another one. He explained that they were a powerful suppository and would help clear the lower bowel, but that was only the beginning of the treatment. She would need a thorough cleaning to alleviate the condition. Cheeks were spread again and the second was entering her. This one required extra effort to get it the full depth of his finger in her in order to insert the capsule deep inside her.

He removed his finger, wiped the excess lubricant off her, then stripped his glove off and dropped it in the wastebasket. She lay there in total shock, unable to move, embarrassed and unable to believe what had just happened. Here she was, bent over a desk in an office, skirt pulled up around her waist, and underwear pulled down exposing her private parts, a total stranger having finished an exam and inserting two suppositories into her rectum. She stood up and tried to pull up her undergarments with some sort of dignity, then moved towards the door in a trance.

Sensing confusion and embarrassment, he took her elbow and sat her in the chair. Looking intently into her face, he began explaining exactly why he did what he did, and what was needed to completely alleviate her condition.

“You are completely compacted, we need to clear your lower bowel and then we can clear the rest. The suppositories I inserted in you will work quickly, they will be violent and uncomfortable, but it will be over soon. Then we can proceed to the next step, which will be a complete purging enema. If you could have gotten to a pharmacy, you would have had no luck in purchasing either a laxative or any other aid to relieve your condition. You see, we have social medicine here and people go to the clinic to get whatever is needed when that condition arises. What you don’t realize is that the English people are big advocates of anal intercourse and enemas to clean the bowel in preparation of the act. They also use enemas as a form of foreplay. Everything we need is available, but not at a pharmacy, it can be found at a sex shop and there is one just down the street. Come, let’s go get the paraphernalia we need to help you.”

Laurie sat in a trance, not believing what had happened, and not believing what she just heard. A cramp caused her to flinch, then she said, “I couldn’t possibly go into a sex shop, besides I am cramping and will need relief shortly.”

“Nonsense, the walk will do you a world of good and help with relieving your condition. It is but a short way and I will assist you if need be. Now be a good sport and come along.”

She reluctantly stood and allowed him to escort her out of the office. There were a series of small cramps forming, nothing severe but indicative of what was to come. They left the hotel and started down the side street. She wished they could hurry and get this behind them, she had no desire to partake in any of it but felt helpless in the presence of the doctor. By the end of the third block, she was beginning to get concerned, how far did they have to go? The cramps were intensifying and they weren’t even there yet. Halfway down the next block, he guided her down a half flight of stairs to a lower level.

Now she was concerned, was a mad man manipulating her? Darkness was settling and this didn’t look like any kind of store.

He opened a door and escorted her inside. The exterior of the building gave no hint as to what it housed. In the midst of all this nothing was a large room, well lighted, a selection of sexual aids and toys larger than she could have imagined. The room was cordoned off into sections, female aids, male aids, videos and books, and then in the corner was the anal section. As he headed for the section she discreetly looked at the other customers to see if anyone noticed. They were all engrossed in their own special wants.

He walked through the area as if in a supermarket. A package containing the familiar red bag and hose, another with an assortment of nozzles, a box of packets containing some sort of powder to be mixed with the water, two tubes of lubricant, a butt plug, a dildo, and a semi-rigid device with a handle, ¾ inch in diameter at the largest portion, then ½ inch at the smaller, alternating the length from one to the other such that it resembled a newel post. The look on her face prompted him to reply, “It is only an expulsion stimulator, we won’t need that for sometime.” The words made her pale and seemed to stimulate the cramps in her bowel.

As they approached the counter to pay for the items, she doubled up with a severe cramp. He slipped his hand under her upper arm and supported her. He leaned close and whispered, “I see the suppositories are working, it will get worse but that is what they are supposed to do. You are doing fine, you can handle this.”

She hurriedly fumbled in her purse and paid for the items, hoping to return to the hotel as quickly as possible. The doctor didn’t share her desire to return quickly. They left the underground store and strolled leisurely back the way they had come. The cramps were becoming more severe and almost without letup. Her sphincter muscle was tiring from the constant pressure to keep from expelling. Walking was becoming difficult and they had only gone a half a block. Suddenly an excruciating pain overtook her, dropping her to her knees and producing a loud moan from her lips. His hands reached under her arms and lifted her, then he guided her to a dark doorway. “Put your arms around my neck as if we are kissing.”

“I can’t hold it any longer, I am going to expel.”

“Hold on for a second, you can do it.” His hand reached into the bag, then she could feel him lifting her skirt and sliding his hand down into her panties. “Spread your legs, I will help you.” Spasms overtook her, and without thinking she did as he asked seeking any kind of relief. She could feel his hand seeking her vagina, then the lips were being spread by something cold, and then it slipped inside her. He twisted it inside her vagina, then withdrew it. Just as he pushed the object farther between her legs to rest against her anus, she cried out that she couldn’t hold it any longer.

“That’s OK, release.” As her sphincter blossomed out to evacuate, he pressed the object into the opening. It went part way in and then stopped, his other arm went around her back, then with force, he pressed the object the rest of the way in. She felt her sphincter clamp down around the object, it wasn’t all the way in, only partly. Then she realized what had happened, he had pressed the plug into her, lubricating it with her own juices first.

The cramps subsided for a moment and she evaluated the feeling that the object provided. It felt full and stretching on her anus, but still pleasant. Another cramp coursed through her and her sphincter opened involuntarily. The plug was pushed back, but wouldn’t pass, thus effectively preventing evacuation. He put his arm around her and with her arm over his shoulder, they continued on their trek back to the hotel. Progress was slow because of stopping while another debilitating cramp coursed through her. Finally they reached the hotel and having crossed the lobby, took the elevator up to her room.

She was in great pain by the time they reached her door, enough so that she was having trouble getting into her purse to retrieve the key. He took the purse from her, found the key, opened the door and helped her in. She started for the sanctity of the bathroom but he blocked her way. “Remove your clothes.”

She replied, “ I will be all right now, you can go.”

“I said remove your clothes, we have a long night ahead of us.”

Because of the discomfort she did as he said, modesty was giving way to the great need for relief. He ushered her into the bathroom and in front of the toilet. Lifting the seat on the toilet he told her to face the wall and squat over the bowl. She straddled the bowl in apprehension. He stood behind her and pushed down on her shoulders until she was squatting just inches from the porcelain lip. Now the pressure on her bowels was unbearable, and in addition to that was the strain of her thigh muscles to maintain the position. She could sense his hand reaching between her spread legs, but he did not touch her, just remained ready. All of a sudden a violent cramp coursed through her, her sphincter straining against the plug deep inside her. It was at this precise moment that he grabbed the plug, and with a jerk, yanked it out of her. It was all she could do to remain squatting as the torrent streamed out of her. When it ended her embarrassment returned and she started to stand up only to have to hastily squat again as another volume was released.

When it was over, he said, “Turn around, put the seat down and sit.”

She barely made it before another involuntary evacuation took place. She was mortified to be doing this in the presence of another, but it was out of her control. In the meantime, he was cleaning off the plug and his hands as if there was nothing unusual about it. When he had finished he stood in front of her, and as another episode took place, he cradled her head and pressed it to him in comfort. Instinctively her arms went around him for support. When the spasm had passed, she took stock of what was happening, deciding it wasn’t all that bad. She felt something against her cheek, then realized it was his erection, he too partook in the national practice.

Leaving her to clean herself, he emptied the ice bucket and filled it with warm water. When it was full, he opened 2 of the packets and dumped them into the bucket. Staring thoughtfully for a minute, he opened another packet and added it to the mixture. After filling the bag with the mixture, he hung it on the towel bar and opened the bag of assorted nozzles.

He sorted through the collection and came out with one that looked like a penis. The tip was bulbous shaped and larger than the shaft. The entire length was about 6 inches. She shuddered as she looked at it, knowing it would be inserted in her. With her lower bowel empty, stirrings of sexual excitement formed causing a damping of her vagina. As he lubricated the nozzle with the grease, her nipples hardened which he couldn’t help but notice. He attached the nozzle to the hose then dropped it into the open top. Picking up the bag he motioned for her to follow him. They walked into the sitting room where he hung the bag from the drapery rod.

“Since you will be receiving a large volume enema, I decided to make it as comfortable for you as possible, the knee chest position is the most common, and does quite well, however it can be very uncomfortable and is used more for punishment.” A shudder went through her on hearing that statement, there were revelations about this stranger escaping in subtle comments.

He moved the settee away from the wall and positioned her behind it. A folded towel was placed on the top of the back, and she was bent over it with her hips resting on the towel, and her arms on the seat. “ I am going to assist you in maintaining the proper position, think of it as an aid and not as a restraint.”

Reaching into his valise, he pulled out two pieces of surgical tubing. Grasping her right ankle, he attached one end of tubing, then pulling her leg all the way to the right, he tied it off to the settee leg. The other leg was also stretched to its limits and secured to the settee leg. Her legs were on the edge of being uncomfortable, but more important, her privates were spread and easily accessible. The anus was still barely covered, but the vaginal lips were spread and the wet tissue inviting.

He stepped back and she could hear him pulling on a latex exam glove. The snap of it encompassing his wrist sent a shudder through her. She was surprised when she felt his rubber covered finger slide along her wet slit. Buttock muscles twitched as he explored the crevasse. She was vulnerable and exposed, at his mercy. Even though she was bound in a sense, she was relaxed and enjoying the attention. Ripples were coursing through her stomach as his fingers titillated her throbbing orifice and swelling bud. As her orifice opened in anticipation from natural reaction, he slipped two fingers into her vaginal canal. Fingertips hooked and pressed down on her G spot, his thumb slipped into the dripping slit and found her swollen clit. With pressure on her clit from his thumb, and the constant rubbing inside her cunt from his fingers, the sensation on her urethra along with the intense sensation on her clitoris caused a screaming, shaking, orgasm.

His fingers never stopped, continuing their manipulations until she was back at the pinnacle again. Just as she was about to crest over the top again, he quickly pulled his hand away. Her legs were quivering, anal sphincter contracting at a regular rate, vagina splayed open and dripping fluids down her thighs. Tremors were coursing through her abdomen demanding release.

Her nipples were not only rock hard, they ached for attention. Just as she gripped the cushions and moaned, she felt her buttocks being spread. Cold grease covered her anus, then a finger pressed into her. It was erotic as well as uncomfortable. Twisting and pressing, exploring every fold within reach.

Just as she was getting acclimated to it, he withdrew. Now the intrusive digit was missed, she wished it were back inside her making impersonal exploring of forbidden passages. Shaking from desire, she felt her buttocks being spread once again. This time, there were two fingers pressing to gain entrance. Natural reactions took over, sphincter clinched to prevent entrance, legs tensed, arms stiffened. She felt a hand on her neck, pressing hard, pushing her head into the cushion.

Attention drawn to the new complications, muscles relaxed a bit, and two fingers slipped into her. A gasp escaped her lips as they worked their way past the firm sphincter muscle. He slowly applied pressure as he rotated the fingers back and forth, gaining entrance in small achievements with each twist. Deeper and deeper his fingers went into her whether she allowed it or not. When his fingers were in past the second knuckle, he rested, leaving them buried in her.

Gradually she became accustomed to the invasion, actually enjoying the intrusion. Her sphincter muscles on both anus and vagina were contracting slightly in response to the feeling. She could feel her labia swell with excitement and the ever-present fluids building in anticipation of sexual manipulations. Thigh muscles quivered and she tried to relax her sphincter so as to coax the digits deeper in her. Disappointment rose in the form of a small cry as she felt him withdrawing from her. Just as the fingertips reached the entrance, she felt another joining them. Now there were three digits trying to gain entrance. As they entered, it wasn’t too bad, then further progression strained the opening, skin and muscle stretched tight.

He stopped again at the first knuckle, she wanted desperately to squeeze her legs together to prevent further intrusion, but her ankles were secured to the legs. She felt a hand on her back pressing down, reassuring but commanding also, and then the fingers started their twisting and slow entrance. From the fog enveloping her brain, she heard a voice, “Relax, let go, open up, I will dilate you with or without your co-operation, it is imperative that we dilate you in order to insert the nozzle, you can do it Laurie, I know you can.”

She wanted to comply, but it was hard to do, natural reactions were strong, but her inner knowledge knew that it would be better to help, for the inevitable would happen either way. Seizing on a plan, she struggled hard to spread her legs against the restraints instead of trying to close them. In addition she willed her anus open, the result being she felt his fingers slip in to the second knuckle. There was a sharp pain, but also a pleasant full feeling, her legs were straining which helped diminish the unpleasantness.

As he began the twisting again, the sphincter adjusted and all that remained was the wave of passion gripping her anus and vagina. She wished that his fingers were a cock, and also wished that a cock was buried deep in her vagina, but then she remembered what this all was leading up to. The passion diminished, but did not leave entirely. His three fingers were only in to the first knuckle, satisfied to progress no farther, and her sphincter was very comfortable with their presence. Maybe the insertion of the nozzle wouldn’t be that bad after all.

Suddenly he pulled out of her, she waited for the intrusion, but there was nothing. Her anus felt dilated and ready, she could swear that she could feel cold air invading the open passage. Just as the orifice was closing, she felt the tip of the cold nozzle pressing against the well-lubed anus.

Realization washed over her, he deliberately waited for the contractions so the insertion would be an ordeal. Now the sphincter was again tested for resiliency, muscle stretched, tissue formed to extreme shapes. The conquering of the restrictive orifice was minimal, but just past that there was an impasse. Pain shot through her as the intruder encountered another constricted passage. This one was not going to allow entrance, it was impassable. All muscles in her lower extremities convulsed to prevent entrance. Just as she was about to cry out for relief, he changed the angle so it was aimed at her navel, she felt the tissue give way as it slipped past the restriction.

Both rested for a moment before continuing. She felt a hand on her back again, for support, constraint, or compassion, she didn’t know which, but then the nozzle was entering her without resistance. Her bowel felt full and uncomfortable as the nozzle progressed. Pressure was building in her intestinal tract by the displacement. It was a combination of a desire to expel and to belch at the same time. Finally the nozzle was inserted to its full length as evidenced by his hand pressing against her buttocks. She was panting and perspiring from the ordeal, content to remain still and recuperate. A familiar sound brought her back to reality, but it evaded recognition. In a few seconds it was apparent what it was. The feeling of the warm fluid filling her identified the click as the opening of the clamp.

With her bowel distended by the large nozzle, the flow was unimpeded, rushing through her. A quick glance backward confirmed this by the sight of the bag being half-empty already. She thought that this was going to be easy until the first cramp hit her. The cramp was so intense that she would have stood up if not restrained by his hand. Her legs were trying for all their might to break the bonds and clamp off the flow, but it was to no avail. Autonomy took over as the only available reaction in the form of a loud moan. The verbal release helped mentally, but didn’t stop the flow invading her. Then activity captured her attention, glancing back she was appalled to see him refilling the bag from the pitcher. There was no way she could take all that.

Warmth was now reaching depths in the core of her being. Spasms were constant from the invading fluid, but there was also an anticipation of how far the fluid would reach. Would it fill her stomach then flow up her throat? She didn’t think it possible, but then again she never was filled to this capacity. Just as she was about to beg him to stop, she heard him say, “You are doing quite well, better than I hoped for, there is only a little more left. I know you are uncomfortable, but I will assist you, the solution has to remain inside for 20 minutes minimum to achieve success.”

Despair washed over her, there was no way she could contain it for another minute, let alone 20.

As a cramp seized her, she felt movement from the nozzle, surely he will pull it out and let her evacuate. Yes, it was happening, the nozzle was being withdrawn and relief was close. Then to her dismay, it was being thrust into her again, pushing the fluid deeper inside her, aggravating the ever-present cramps.

Again the nozzle retreated, then moved back in her. He was using the nozzle to fuck her ass, if only she wasn’t bloated and suffering from cramps, it might be enjoyable. The assault continued, then additional action was taking place. Fingers were pushing into her vagina, hooked and pressing on her urethra, rubbing the g-spot. If only she was empty, she knew a gigantic orgasm was possible. Under present conditions however, that would never happen.

Slight arousal was accomplished but that was all, perspiration dripped off her and added to her discomfort. After what seemed like forever, the nozzle was withdrawn, only this time it exited her anus. Pressure from within was severe and it was all she could do to retain the fluid. This was worse, now she wished the invading nozzle was back inside her to help plug her. With sphincter clenched, and legs quivering from the strain, she didn’t notice the bindings being released from her ankles.

Arms were helping her up to a standing position. The pressure increased with the aid of gravity, cramps and fluid demanding release. There was no way she could hold it. An arm went around her under breasts supporting her, a foot coaxed her feet together which helped maintain the closed orifice, but not for long. Every muscle was contracted in an effort to close the sphincter, even her eyelids. She felt movement but didn’t realize she was being carried to the bathroom. She felt herself being turned around and then his voice penetrated the fog her mind was in. “Bend your knees and sit.” The support was leaving her and her knees bent on their own, lowering her body which also resulted in her sphincter losing control.

At this point she didn’t care, she was out of control and needed relief. Everything gushed out just as she sat on the seat, it was then she realized she was on the toilet. When the first evacuation ended, he stood in front of her and pulled her into his stomach, cradling her head while rubbing her shoulders and neck. Another spasm produced the second evacuation, leaving her weak and thankful for his consoling. As she leaned against him, she could feel a pulsing, then realized it was his heartbeat transmitted by his cock. He had a stiff erection that was laying against her cheek. The whole situation was bizarre and she should be frightened, but he had a calming effect on her. After a few more minutes of ministrations, he left her to finish by herself while he started preparations for the next treatment.

She relaxed as best she could while sitting as the fluid slowly worked it’s way to the large intestine where it was expelled. This required more time and expulsions than she had thought it should, but then she had never realized that the human body could hold that much fluid and waste. Her head snapped up and a sharp intake of breath occurred as his voice penetrated her wandering mind. “Well, we got the preliminary necessities accomplished, now for the real cleaning. This will be a deep cleaning that will rid your body of any remaining poison. It will be both erotic and uncomfortable, but I know you will handle it smashingly, and I will assist in every way. In addition, I turned the heat up for your comfort since you have no clothes on.” Her heart sank at the sound. She thought it was over and he sounded as if it hadn’t started yet. Why did she allow this to continue, why didn’t she demand that he leave? It was as if there was a powerful force controlling her and rendering her helpless.

Feeling empty and slightly weak, she watched as he began the preparations for the upcoming treatment. The pitcher filled with warm water, the addition of a different powder from a packet, thoroughly mixed and poured into the bag. Then she watched in horror as he mixed another pitcher of solution, explaining that this time she would benefit from a deep thorough cleansing. She started to say that there was no way she could manage more than the previous time when he assured her that being mostly empty there was room for more and that her bowels had stretched some from the first cleansing.

Resigned to her to her fate, she watched as he removed the nozzle and attached a long tube to the hose. The fitting to couple the two hoses resembled a butt plug with a barbed fitting on each end for the hose to slide over. Then to her horror, he opened one of the tubes of lubricant and began coating the entire length of the tube. He was going to insert the whole thing into her. It became apparent that the coupling would also be inserted to help her contain the hose and the fluid. She broke out in a cold sweat thinking about it and wondered what kind of a monster she had stumbled upon. Surely this was neither a recommended treatment nor a safe one. Reading her thoughts he explained that deep colonics were the only guaranteed method of complete cleaning. Her shoulders slumped as she watched him pick up the full bag and the pitcher and carry them into the other room.

Returning, he washed his hands, helped her off the toilet and helped her into the other room to a position behind the settee. In a trance she stared at the wall as he once again secured her ankles to the legs of the couch, then gently bent her over the back to lie her head on the pillow. Familiar fingers pressed into her anus, slowly and carefully dilating her sphincter while applying the lubricant. First two, then gradually three worked their way into the first knuckle. The feeling was rather pleasant, if only he would stop at this point and bring her to an orgasm, she knew that very little stimulation on her clitoris would culminate in an orgasm. She also knew that this was only a preliminary exercise to prepare for the long greased tube. The thought brought shivers to her.

She felt his fingers pulling out and knew the time had come. A thumb and forefinger spread her buttocks, then the tip of the tube was against her slippery hole. Since it was about the size of one finger, it slipped in easily until reaching the inner sphincter. He was patient, applying slight pressure and waiting for her to adjust. Deciding that the inevitable was going to happen anyway, she willed herself to relax and allow entrance. Her efforts were to no avail. Sensing her acceptance, he pulled the tube out an inch, then slowly pushed in while twisting it at the same time. Still no gains to be made. If the tube was stiffer he knew he could easily penetrate the restriction, however the tube had to be flexible to make the turns and go deep into her bowels. He withdrew the tube and pressed in again, this time it found the entrance and entered her colon.

He stopped for a moment to allow her to rest, rubbing her back in a sign of compassion. When her breathing returned to normal, he began pushing the tube into her. Slowly it entered her, traveling up along her large intestine.

She could feel the assault on her innards, it was making her queasy yet was erotic in a strange way. Deep inside her, she felt the tube hit the wall of her intestine. He felt it in his hand and explained that they had reached the first turn. Thinking that he had accomplished the insertion, she braced herself for the rush of water. She was surprised when he twisted the tube and pushed it around the bend. Now she was queasy as she felt it travel across her inner bowel until it met the next turn. He stopped to allow her to adjust, and to help in that manner, slipped two fingers into her vagina. This took her by surprise and she forgot about the invading tube. Another surprise was that she was aroused and her vagina was almost dripping with natural secretions. His fingers hooked slightly as he pressed down on her g-spot. His thumb pressed gently on her clitoris. She wriggled and thrust.

Her desires were being answered as she felt something pushing the lips apart as it gained entrance to her wet dilated passage. She was so dilated that it slipped in with hardly a push, then some resistance was felt as a portion of it that had a larger diameter passed the sphincter. She could feel the bulb penetrating her then another slight resistance. Now she knew what it was, it was the knobby stimulator being pushed into her sex canal instead of her anus.

This was definitely stimulating, no strain on her part at all, as a matter of fact she was pushing backwards aiding the insertion of the bulbous dildo.

Deeper and deeper the knobs slipped past her sphincter until the tip reached the end of the passage. She knew that it wasn’t all in, but it did fill her cunt completely. A further push stretching her vagina allowed one more knob to gain entrance, giving her a full feeling like the enema but in a different location.

Shudders consumed her as she felt the apparatus in her rectum being slowly withdrawn. When it almost exited, she felt it change direction and start penetrating again. As this was happening, she felt the withdrawal of the knobby apparition in her cunt, (after all, how else to describe the slimy passage that occupied her brain) stretching and allowing the larger diameter to gain entrance, then the muscle collapsing as the smaller diameter gained entrance. The process being repeated time and again as the sphincter stretched again, then the knobs retreating pulling rivers of juices with them on exiting. Now there were rivulets running down her legs in addition to the drips coming off her clitoris.

As the last knob reached the orifice, starting its small stretch to exit, the process was reversed with the stimulator pushing deeper and the anal intruder starting to withdraw. All this was in slow motion, tantalizing in that she wished deep, fast, hard thrusts, but not to be. The strumming of her anal sphincter and vaginal sphincter was intense, but rhythmic. Her arms were aching from squeezing the pillow, but her body took over and a quaking orgasm overcame her.

As she surfaced from the depths of carnal pleasure, she felt both instruments being withdrawn from her fatigued orifices. When they had almost exited, she clenched both sphincters, attempting to keep them buried deep inside her, not wishing to be left empty, however there was no way she could prevent their removal. Now she was being laid over on her right side. He laid alongside her on his back and pulling her left knee up over him, assisted her in straddling him. With his hands on her hips, he guided her pelvis back and down. She felt his cock slip inside her dilated wet vagina. Instinctively she squeezed her orifice as the shaft penetrated her. When their pelvises ground into each other, he pulled her down on his chest, nuzzling her head into the side of his neck.

Relaxing and enjoying the moment, she was surprised to feel something part her buttocks, seeking her anus. She felt her sphincter stretch to accommodate the intruder, growing wider as it entered, then collapsing as the larger diameter passed. It felt like a bulb until he pressed again on the object and her sphincter once again widened to the increasing size of the intruder. As the second bulb passed her sphincter allowing it to close, she realized he was pushing the stimulator into her rectum. The expansion and contraction was repeated over and over as the knobby apparatus entered her. Deeper and deeper it went, when 5 inches was in she could feel it rubbing his cock through the thin tissue separating the two passages. He still continued pushing it deeper into her, filling the void and the and applying pressure on her bowels causing a slightly uncomfortable feeling. It seemed like it took forever to impale her with the rod. He was in no hurry, but determined in his actions, not stopping until 12 inches was deep inside her.

He paused allowing her to acclimate herself to the intruder. Gradually the queasiness of the impaling diminished and she tuned her thoughts to the sexual feelings of having both orifices penetrated simultaneously, one by the sinister shaft, the other by his warm cock. He held her head tight to his neck, then bent down with his head and with his other hand pulled her breast up to his mouth, sucking the nipple and aureole inside his mouth where his teeth clamped down on her teat as his tongue stroked her nipple.

Not believing it possible, she felt the stirrings of another orgasm building. This was accelerated when he began stroking the shaft in and out of her anus. Her anal sphincter was vibrating wildly as the bumps passed through it, and internally the same knobs were rubbing against his cock sending shock waves down to the nerve endings around her vaginal entrance where his cock entered her. In and out went the shaft, increasing in speed, wave after wave of electricity coursing from her anus and cunt upwards where it terminated in her nipple that was being administered to by his mouth.

With a final violent thrust, she felt him ram the shaft all the way into her at the same time thrusting with his cock, then he bit hard down on her nipple and she felt the warmth of his cum squirting deep inside her. The combination caused her own orgasm, sphincters clamping hard, milking his spurting cock of all its fluid. They both relaxed from their simultaneous orgasms, then he began kissing and licking her nipple, and washing away the pain he had caused.

They lay in a collapsed state for a long time, until she could feel his cock retreating as it lost its rigidity, shrinking back to a flaccid state. She moaned as it slipped out, wishing it to remain, but knowing it was over. The shaft was still deep inside her and she waited for him to remove it. Instead, he pulled her hips forward, causing her to move up over him until her legs were alongside his chest. She felt the combination of her juices and his cum traveling towards her opening, seeking discharge. Not wishing to drip on his chest, she contracted her vagina holding the mass inside. She felt his arms reach behind her, then movement on the shaft as he placed his hands on either side of the handle. The next thing that happened was consuming of her resolve.

Rubbing his hands up and down caused the stimulator to twist inside her rectum in a rapid motion, first one direction, then reversing. The entire length of her colon was also twisted until it lost its grip on the lubricated shaft, however that internal movement and the strumming of the rotating shaft produced yet another orgasm. At the peak of the orgasm, he yanked the shaft out of her anus. The rapid vibrations of the sphincter opening and closing to allow the shaft to retreat caused a reflex action making her straighten up. His hands grabbed her breasts and supported her in the upright position.

Drained of energy, her vaginal orifice dilated and allowed the accumulated fluids to drain, producing a puddle on his chest. As the results of their tryst drained from her, her muscles fatigued and she settled down on him. Before she made contact with his body, his hands guided her backwards away from the puddle of combined cum, allowing her to settle on his thighs. With subtle gestures, she was instructed to clean him of the sticky mass, then pushed lower to repeat the act on his penis.

When finished, she was pulled up to meet his mouth in a sensuous kiss, then they fell asleep in each other’s arms.