Introduction to Enemas

By Anonymous

This story begins in the early 1940’s in a Midwestern rural community My mother, being of English Descent believed in the use of enemas both for herself and for her children. Mom had a couple of red bags of the hot water bottle type and one was a 2 quart model and the other much larger. We didn’t have “running water” and carried all our household water in from a distant well. Mom would always keep a teakettle on the stove at all times for a source of hot water. Several times in my child hood, mother would determine by some mysterious method I needed an enema. Mom had a small 2 oz. red rubber bulb syringe which she would use on me.

The procedure went like this : Mom would set herself in our bathroom on a straight backed chair, pull her dress up over her knees high on her thighs and mom usually wore nylons and a very reinforced girdle. She would have me lay over her legs, spread the cheeks of my butt and lubricate my anus with Vaseline.

Setting on a table nearby was a bowl with soapy water in it and the 2 oz red rubber bulb. Mom would fill the bulb, I would hear it gurgle when full then in moments the tip of the syringe was pressing against my anus, soon to slide into my rectum. Squeeze, squirt, in came the hot liquid and the syringe tip would be removed only to be inserted once again and squeeze, removal, insertion, squeeze, removal, insertion over and over.

This process would not stop despite my pleas until mom had completely used up the solution mixed in the bowl. Then I was allowed up and to set on the commode to unload the solution and other materials from my colon. What a relief.

One day after a particular long spell of sickness, mom stated that I had to go to the bathroom and empty my bowels. I stated that I didn’t feel like a BM and hadn’t had one for three days. Lying in the bed next to the bathroom I heard my mother busily doing something with water, I heard the splash of water being poured into a container, the “swish, swish, swish of something, then I heard the unmistakable rubber bag sound, the floppiness which rapidly turned into the sound of water being poured into the bag.

Soon the sound ended, I heard my mom coming to the bedroom, she got me up and escorted me into the bathroom where the regular straight backed chair was setting but instead of the small bulb syringe there laid a huge red rubber bag, stoppered by a black stopper which was another type of stopper with a long coiled red rubber hose ending in a large black long tip with a bulbous end which I could see was perforated with multiple openings all this attached to the bag.

The red bag was of the hot water bottle type and the streaks of still damp soap and water were glistening on the sides of the bag. On the ribbed red rubber tubing was a chromium clamp affair which I now know controlled the flow of the injectable solution in the bulging rubber bag.

Upon my entry to the bathroom, Mom instructed me to take off my pajama bottoms and while I was busily doing this chore mom hung the huge red rubber bag up on a nail which I had always wondered why it was there ( in later years I was to learn the nail was there for douche sessions with mom and the girls also) Mom positioned herself in the customary chair, skirt pulled up to the bottom of her open-bottom girdle but there was a new twist, over her legs mom had placed a rubber sheet completely covering her exposed legs. “Was this an ill omen of coming events I thought?” I dutifully placed myself across her rubber protected legs and now mom took the customary Vaseline jar and with one hand holding the cheek of my butt open, began lubricating my anus in a very extensive manner and suddenly, without warning, a finger was slid through the anus into my rectum.

Upon the intrusion out of sheer surprise I jerked a little bit. This brought a minor scolding and a surprise instant swat on the butt which relaxed my anus and mom removed her finger, wiped it with paper and then picked up the red rubber ribbed hose leading from the large rubber bag and proceeded to lubricate the (douche) tip with Vaseline. Being satisfied that all was properly lubricated I received the word to hold still and the next thing I knew was pressure on my anus.

A more proper description of the douche tip is in order as I think that it is somewhat unique. It was approximately 6 inches long, made of hard black vulcanite terminating in a bulbous tip which the tube expanded into about a one inch in diameter head which was approximately one inch long. The head had a series of holes drilled around the edge of the tip at an angle not a “fire hose” tip but a spray tip. The tip was essentially flat on the end. Probably worked well for a well lubricated vagina but a tightly held anus of a 6 year old male was another story.

There was difficulty inserting the tip and with another surprise swat on the butt the anus loosened and the next feeling I experienced was something very large inside my rectum. Pressure was continued to be applied and it felt like the large intruder was going to be pushed into my throat. Soon I heard the click of the metal clamp and my bottom began to feel warm and a fullness began to ascend upwards toward my tummy. I glanced up at the large red rubber bag and at the snap of the clamp the bag jerked and swiveled slightly as if it had a life of its own being hooked into me.

Quickly I was asking to be allowed to go to the toilet and the clamp clicked, the admonition to “hold it” was given and the intruder was removed from my rectum. As the intruder was removed mom placed her finger over my anus covered by paper. As soon as she had secured the tip and hose she allowed me to set on the commode to relieve myself. I stay there a while then realizing the “treatment” was not over with , I dutifully returned to my mother’s legs for further injection . Looking up at the red bag it appeared as though it had not lost any of its contents.

I laid over moms legs again peering at the large garters descending from the pink girdle and snapped onto the stockings. This time the intrusive nozzle was inserted with much less difficulty and the click of the metal clamp was heard and the red bag again took on a life of its own, joined to me. The solution ran in rather quickly and soon I was complaining again which resulted in the clamp being shut off, my tummy massaged then the flow started again with the red bag swiveling slightly and the solution racing down the rubber tubing and out the end of the sprayer nozzle into my enlarging, engorged colon. Mom indicated that I would take the complete contents of the bag which turned out to be approximately three quarts.

When the bag hissed its last and the bag was deflated and looked like it had eaten a lemon it was so tightly closed, my tummy was excessively expanded to the point I thought I would burst. Mom held on to me and placed me on the commode with the nozzle still inside me, then with a quick pull the tip was removed and following it was a gush of liquid like Niagara falls which continued for quite some time.

As I was eliminating this huge amount of water Mom was cleaning the equipment and I feared that another bag full was coming however she determined that I had had the “treatment”. Then much to my horror the small red rubber bulb was brought out while I was still on the commode and mom took a medicine bottle out of the cupboard which had a white, ill tasting, substance in it which poured out very thickly. Mom filled the red rubber bulb and awaited my complete elimination.

Once finished, mom sat down, pulled me over her knees again with out the rubber sheet and quickly spread the cheeks of my butt. She inserted the tip of the red rubber bulb and began a slow squeeze. I could feel this cool liquid filling my rectum and soon the syringe was removed from my anus to be replaced by a cotton tube (Tampax) which had a string on it. I asked mom what that was for and she indicated that I might have an accident without it. Then she put rubber pants on me and took me back to bed.

What a strange feeling all this was, something in my rectum which was uncomfortable and the rubber pants which were tight and applied pressure on my now hard penis. I have to admit there was a certain sexual overtone to this whole procedure but at the time I didn’t know what that meant. Nor did I even think of it.