It Isn't Nice To Snoop


I have always been nosy. I am very ashamed of it, but it’s almost as if I can’t help myself. When I was very young and we would visit our relative’s or friend’s houses I always found myself snooping through their medicine cabinets, hampers and dresser drawers. I was lucky I was never caught! Once my cousin did catch me listening in on a telephone conversation with his girlfriend and he yelled at me and that was the end of it. I now restrain myself when I visit people in their homes, but the other day, something got the better of me.

I had scheduled an appointment with my new gynecologist. I arrived at the office and the receptionist handed me several of the standard forms to fill out. I did and I returned them to her. Then I sat in the waiting room and waited and waited. I read a few magazines. I read his diplomas that were proudly displayed and sat there doing the math and I figured out about how old the doctor was. This depressed me; he was about 6 years younger than me. If he called me “Ma’am” I figured I’d let him have it in the jaw! LOL After about 40 minutes, the nurse called me to come into the examination room.

I followed the tall blonde woman who appeared to be about my age into a small exam room, She said: “Hi, Jeannie, I am Nancy. How are you today?”

“Hi,” I said back. “I’m ok, a little nervous.”

“Well, don’t be, dear,” she said. “Dr. Johnson is very gentle and has a very easy going manner, You are going to feel like you knew him all your life. Now,” she continued, “ handing me a hospital gown. “Why don’t you remove all your clothes and put this on and then I will be right back in. OK?” (As if I had a choice!)

“All right,” I replied.

Nurse Nancy closed the door and I stepped out of my shoes and placed them against the wall at the far end of the room. The was a straight backed chair and I sat on it to take off my socks. I stood up and I pulled the pale yellow cotton long sleeved top over my head. I felt my fingers shaking a little as I opened the button on my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I took my jeans off and I folded the top and the jeans and placed them over the back of the chair, I removed my white satin bra and hid it in the folds of the top and then I slid off my white cotton panties and did the same with them.

I opened the folded hospital gown and put it on. Feeling more exposed than I felt comfortable with, I attempted to tie the gown in the back. But, alas, there were no ties on it. Only the remains of part of one, the result of being over laundered. It was white with a green and blue design on it - standard issue, but it was very soft and sheer and felt very sexy against my skin. It was chilly in the room and I could see the shape of my erect nipples under the light fabric,

I heard a knock on the door and Nurse Nancy poked her head in.

“All ready?” she asked,

“Yes, I am ready,” I replied.

“OK…” she said as she began to write in my chart.

“Jeannie, how old are you now?” she asked.

“43,” I answered.


“5’4” She asked me about past surgeries, pregnancies, family illnesses, etc., All the standard questions. Next she asked me when my last period had been. I wasn’t quite sure of the exact date. I knew it was due soon, perhaps in a few days to a week. She said that I should remember to keep track of it.

Nancy had me get on the scale. “Hmmmm, 170. That’s a bit high for your height.” So, I wasn’t anorexic! I had been trying to lose but… I was told to sit on the exam table and Nancy came and took my blood pressure and pulse. They were both normal. Then she told me to lay back and relax and that Dr. Johnson would be with me soon. She handed me a paper drape to cover my lower region.

I really did try to relax, but I couldn’t help glancing at my watch and after about 10 minutes just sitting there, I got really bored. I decided to get up and peruse his display of baby pictures that were tacked up all over the walls in lieu of wall covering. I recognized one or two children from the neighborhood. Then, one particular picture on the far wall caught my eye. It was a picture of new parents, still in the delivery room holding their newborn son. I recognized the woman immediately, it was my neighbor Hope and her husband Bobby with their son Sean Douglas. It was nice to see a familiar face. As I started to walk back to the exam table, something else caught my eye.

Just under the padded place where I had been sitting, was a series of drawers in the exam table itself. Well! This was too good for me to resist. I just had to have a peek!. I slunk to the door and listened for footsteps. Assuring myself that I was safe, I slowly and quietly opened the narrow top drawer. There were an assortment of instruments in it, I closed it. The next drawer was a bit deeper and it contained a pile of folded paper drapes like the one that was exactly like the one Nancy had given me, I closed that drawer as well. The third drawer surprised me as it was not a drawer at all, but a sort of draining sink, for what I did not know. I attempted to close it, but, it became stuck and I could not slide it back in. I frantically shoved at it as quietly as I could and to my horror, it became unhinged on one side, With that, there was a knock on the door and it opened. In walked the doctor, not too pleased that I was snooping in his belongings.

I didn’t know what was worse: the fact that I’d been caught snooping, or that I was standing there in the middle of the exam room with a hospital gown that was falling off my naked body. My breasts and bottom exposed to his annoyed glance,

“Here, “ he began, “let me get that for you.”

I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t look at him.

“I am Dr, Johnson,” he said extending his hand, “You must be Jeannie?”

“Y-y-yes, I am.” I whispered, my eyes averted,

“OK, let’s begin, shall we?” the doctor said. I detected a slight evil grin on his handsome face.

The doctor asked me to lay back and he felt the glands on my neck. He looked into my eyes and ears with his lighted instruments. He pulled the gown down a bit and listened to my heart as he told me to breathe deeply. He tested my reflexes, He looked over my chart and admonished me to keep track of my periods. He asked me several questions about that:

Was I regular?

Did I have a heavy or light flow?

Did I get cramps?


Spotting in between? Etc. Etc. Etc.

He asked me if I thought I would be getting it in the next few days and I said that I did think so.

“Hmmmm,” he mumbled. “Lay back, dear,” he said. “I want to check your temperatures.”

I began to open my mouth and wondered why he used the plural.

“No, Jeannie, I don’t take oral temperatures.”

My eyes gave away my fright.

He stroked my hair and whispered “Shhhhhhh, don’t be afraid. Just relaaaaxxx.”

He sat on his stool told me to put my feet in the stirrups and to ‘scoot down to the end of the table.’

I did what he wanted and then I heard him rummaging on the cart next to him. I heard the sound of a tube being squeezed and I felt his lubricated finger pressing against my anus,

“Easyyyy,” he said quietly as he pressed deeper and then withdrew his finger. He then started to slide a thermometer into my anus and I felt him twisting it and pulling it in and out.

“OK? You are doing great, Jeannie,” said the doctor. “Now don’t move, stay very still.”

I heard the sound of the lubricant once more and then I felt its coldness against the wet opening of my vagina. I waited for the feeling of his finger slipping in but instead I felt a hard smooth thin object.

He was taking my temperature in both my rectum and in my vagina.

This was very strange but very exciting as well.

“I’d like you to contract your kegal muscles and hold onto the thermometers for me, Jeannie,” the doctor instructed.

I gripped as hard as I could. He maneuvered both of them in twisting and turning and pushing and pulling motions. I was getting very excited.

Doctor Johnson was leaning so close to my exposed vulva that I could feel his breath on the sensitive skin. I was sure that he could see the growing moistness glistening on my slit.

After what seemed to be much more than sufficient time to get a reading, the doctor slowly twisted the thermometers in a pulling motion and extracted them from my aroused openings,

He read them and said with concern, “They are both a bit elevated, but we will deal with that later.” For some reason, he emphasized the words “deal with that” and it made me nervous.

Dr. Johnson came around to my left side and announced that he was going to examine my breasts. He slowly pulled the sheer gown off my left shoulder and revealed my breast. The folds of the fabric shifted the garment and the entire top drifted to my lap leaving both my breasts exposed to his view. His hands surrounded my breasts and he pressed them gently yet firmly. His fingers tugged at my nipples, lingering much longer than I thought he needed to. His expert touch excited me more than I was willing to admit.

He smiled at me and said, “I don’t think we really need this gown, do we?” It was not a question. There was nothing for me to reply so I just gazed back at him as he tossed the bit of cloth into an open container near the examining table. His hands pressed on my abdomen as he checked on the condition of my uterus.

Once more, he told me to place my feet in the stirrups and he told me to “scoot down” to the end of the table, The position left me completely and utterly open to him. He sat on his stool between my legs and I heard the snap of a rubber glove going on his hand. He lubricated his finger and I felt him tug at my outer labia. He retracted the hood of my clitoris and amazingly pressed his finger on it and rubbed it for some time. As he did, His fingers slipped into my vagina. I was waiting for the usual twist that my old doctor always quickly did, but Dr, Johnson located my g-spot and he caressed it as he continued to rub my clit. I tried to hold back but I just couldn’t and I began to cum as wave after wave of orgasm took over my body. Finally, he withdrew his fingers. He inserted a speculum and took a pap smear. I was ready to get up, but he pressed his hand on my shoulder and the touch told me to lay back. I closed my eyes and I felt his finger invade my anus. I was so soothing. I didn’t want him to stop. Of course, eventually, he did. I heard a knock on the door. Nurse Nancy entered the room.

“Are you ready, Doctor?” she asked.

“Yes, Nancy, I think we can begin now,” he replied

I wondered just what it was that “we” were ready for. I soon found out.

Suddenly I felt the doctor’s strong hands holding my arms as the nurse fastened leather restraints around my wrists.

“Hey! What are you doing to me?” I pleaded.

“Nothing, dear, nothing, just a little procedure that you really need. Just relax, dear,” said the nurse.

My feet, still in the stirrups, were also imprisoned by leather restraints around my ankles.

“What are you going to do me?” I begged.

There was no answer.

Both the doctor and the nurse were busying themselves at the counter and at a small sink. Their backs to me, I could not see what they were doing.

Finally, the doctor spoke.

“Jeannie, you know that your temperature was higher than normal and quite frankly, I could have told you to take a couple of pills and it would have gone down. But I decided to do something to bring it down that is a bit more invasive and a lot more humiliating to you, After all, you invaded my privacy by going through my drawers and nearly breaking one, Now you are going to find out why that special drawer with the drain is there after all.”

I had a sinking feeling that I knew what was about to happen, but I asked anyway.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“We are going to give you an enema. Not just any enema, but a very special punishment enema. Then perhaps you will learn not to invade other people’s private space.”

I trembled and thought of protesting but I knew that it would do no good.

Nurse Nancy leered at me as Dr, Johnson smeared some Vaseline on my now tightened rosebud. Nurse Nancy then gently but firmly inserted the nozzle of the largest red rubber bag I had ever seen into my anus.

“OW!” I yelled.

“SHHH! Be quiet,” she scolded.

She handed the bag to the doctor and he hung it on a tall pole. With the nozzle buried deep inside me, he opened the clip and the water gushed into my hole filling me until I thought I would burst.

“I can’t hold it! Pleeeease, take it out of me!” I begged.

They exchanged sinister grins and then the nurse spoke, “My dear, you must take the entire bag there is only about 3 quarts of warm soapy water in here. You are a big girl so you can take it.”

I thought I would die right then and there. Three quarts of water!

After many, many minutes the bag was completely emptied and the nurse removed the nozzle from my behind. I was very nervous that it would come gushing out of me but before I could say anything about my fears, Dr. Johnson was again between my legs and he produced a large, pink, strange shaped object, I had no idea of what it was, but I did have an idea of its destination. And I was right, Dr. Johnson lubricated it with Vaseline and he quickly pushed it in to my bottom.

“This is commonly called a ‘butt plug’ and it will help you retain the enema until we decide to let you release it.”

They exchanged their evil grins once more and left me there in the room, turning off the lights as the door closed behind them.

The butt plug in my bottom did feel rather nice, and I tried to relax and enjoy the sensation even though I knew that I was being punished. I began to dose off as there was nothing else I could do. I became aware after a time of a feeling of hands caressing my breasts. My nipples were being cruelly pinched and pulled and I felt fingers enter my pussy.

“My, she is wet,” said a voice I recognized as Nurse Nancy.

“Wet, and very aroused I am sure,” said the male voice that belonged to Dr, Johnson, his fingers still punishing my nipples.

Suddenly the urge to release the enema became overwhelming and I began to cramp.

“Ooooooo,” moaned, “Please let me release it now!” I begged my torturers.

“What do you think, Nancy? Do you think she held it long enough?” asked the doctor teasingly.

“Hmmmm? I’m not sure Doctor, it has only been 45 minutes.” Replied the nurse.

Forty-five minutes! I thought my bowels would burst.

“Well, I think we can let her release now,” said the doctor, I waited for them to open my restraints and help me stand to use the bathroom. Instead they just stood there staring at me.

“Please! I begged, open these straps and help me to the bathroom! I can’t hold it!”

“Of course you can’t, dear, but we aren’t going to release you just yet.” Dr. Johnson reached under the table and pulled out the bottom drawer,

“I believe you are familiar with my drain?” With that he extracted the butt plug from my bottom and the enema came gushing out of me. I was so embarrassed at having to relieve myself in front of the two of them like this. Tears streamed down my face. I was thankful that it was over. I promised that I would never snoop again. Nurse Nancy opened the restraints and I composed myself enough to stand.

“Bend over, Jeannie,” said Dr, Johnson,” He was holding a white rag in his hands. I did as I was told and he gently wiped the liquid from my bottom and whatever had dripped down my legs.

I averted my eyes as I walked toward the straight-backed chair that held my clothes. Dr, Johnson got there before me. He held them up as he seated himself in the chair.

“Not yet,” he said. “Please put your panties on for me.”

I knew not to argue. I stepped into the white cotton bikini panties and stretched them up and over my thighs until I was covered. He handed me my bra, I slipped my arms into the straps and reached behind me to hook it. He looked disapprovingly at me. Nancy shook her head and approached me. She made me bend down and she adjusted my breasts inside the bra to show off their fullest cleavage. I stood up and the doctor smiled a smile that said, “That’s more like it.”

Silently, he handed me my top which I put on and then my jeans. I stepped into the jean and pulled them up. When they were just about to slide up past my knees, he stopped me.

He pulled me to him and positioned me at his side, I was made to lie across his knees and the jeans slid to my ankles I felt the soft cotton of my panties being pulled down my thighs and the strong hand of my doctor caressing my bottom.

It really felt nice and I was sure that it was his way of telling me that because I had taken the punishment enema, there were no hard feelings about me snooping in his things. That is what I thought until, …SMACK!

“Owww!” I yelled. The doctor was spanking me. I hadn’t been spanked since I was a little girl!

Again his hand rained down upon my ever increasingly red bottom. SMACK…SMACK….SMACK…SMACK .. SMACK.

“Oh pleaaase!” I cried.

“Please?” asked Dr, Johnson. “Please? Please don’t be late for your next appointment. It will be the same time tomorrow.”