Janice's Debt

By Anonymous

Janice is a very attractive lady 25 years old, blonde hair and a body that makes grown men salivate. When she came to me to arrange a temporary loan I found myself lost in fantasy about fucking her on my desk. She worked at a very exclusive ladies clothing store and was dressed just as I like my women, tastefully revealing. The skirt she wore showed me a very tight bum that was screaming to be released from the constraints of the material bonds and fucked savagely. It was precisely this thought that was preoccupying me when I was brought back to reality by Janice asking if my organization could see fit to extending her a loan of $15 000.00 to cover an urgent debt.

I was impressed. Usually my “loan” clients don’t dress up so nicely for their appointments with me, I guess a loan shark doesn’t get the respect due other professional lenders. As I regained my wits I said, “Of course I’ll give you the money you require my dear.”

Janice was obviously relieved and it showed on her pretty face. “But remember to be on time with your interest payments and we’ll have a great relationship, OK?”. Janice signed on the dotted line and I retrieved the wad of money from my desk and counted out 15 000 from it and handed it to her. I held her hand firmly and stared into her clear blue eyes and said “Don’t make me have to come and get what’s mine and we’ll be fast friends, but if I must come for you you may not like the terms of repayment.”

I watched Janices perfect ass sway out the door of my office, and once again found myself dreaming of her bent over with her magnificent tits swaying as I fucked her ass. I mused that if she didn’t keep up the vig I just might get my opportunity.

It had been precisely one week since my life was touched by my latest obsession and it was time for Janice to pay the interest on her loan. I was looking forward to seeing her that day. At 1:00 in the afternoon my associate told me, “A fancy broad was ask’n fo me at da bar.”. I told him to see her up and to not even think of touching her.

It was with genuine concern that I listened to Janices sad story as to why she couldn’t come up with the vig. I felt for her, I really did, but business was business. I leaned back in my chair and stared right through Janice as she sobbed, “Please, give me a little more time and I’ll make good.” a tear dripped off her cheek bone.

“Well Janice if I let you off the rap then every deadbeat in town would be coming to me with a similar sad tale, you can understand that I can’t be in the business of charity, there is just not enough profit in it.”

Janice cried “Please, I’ll do anything for a little more time.”

I’m not an unreasonable man so I offered her this deal : “If you take off all those fine clothes real slow like and let me have a really good time with you I will consider granting an extension of one week.”

Janice’s face flushed as she sputtered, “It’s not that I don’t find you attractive but I am a Catholic girl, I just don’t know if I could do that!”

“You have only three options, one agree to our deal, two pay the juice, or three get awfully dead after I have my way with you anyhow. Sorry some times life just ain’t fair.”

I watched with great interest as Janices clothes hit the floor one article at a time revealing an even more outstanding body than I had imagined. Her tits hardly even sagged as they were freed from their bondage and her ass didn’t even hint at a sag. I was going to enjoy this butt good.

After she was naked and thoroughly humiliated I commanded her to accompany me to my private bathroom where with her beautiful blue eyes growing wider by the minute I prepared a large enema for her. I described the order of events to her as I filled the enema bag. “First you will receive this enema and be cleaned, then you will lube my cock with your mouth and this Anal Eze gel, and lastly but most importantly you will fuck my cock with your ass.”

I had finished preparing the enema and ordered Janice : “Stand by the toilet and bend over.” She hesitantly complied as I told her, “Hold in the liquid as long as you can, you wouldn’t want a repeat procedure would you ?” I slowly screwed the 6 inch nozzle up Janice’s quivering asshole.

Janice gasped “UUHhhng NNNnnooo!!!” as the nozzle worked its way deeper into her rectum. I then released the torrent of warm water and disinfectant into her waiting intestines. I observed her panicked expression in the mirror as she tried to stop the urge to defecate. She did OK and managed to almost make it until I told her to release the water.

Janice was trembling as I led her over to my desk. “I’m going to love having you fuck my cock with your ass. If you thought the nozzle was big wait till you experience my love meat.” I offered Janice the tube of Anal Eze to fill her mouth with and she allowed me to squeeze a large amount into her mouth as I watched the tears stream down her face. “On your knees and lube me up!” I demanded. After I parted with her supple lips and my erect penis was good and lubed I ordered her to bend over. I generously lubed her rose bud like asshole slowly inserting finger after finger. Janice winced as each finger worked her insides.

“I’m ready now, so fuck me with your ass.” I demanded as Janice slowly impaled herself on my fully erect 8 inch cock. I watched her reflection in the window as I pounded her ass for the next twenty minutes.