Jennie Visits the Doctor

I had to leave work at 1 o’clock to go to the doctor’s appointment so I told the boss about it and went to get the bus. I’d gone to him for some period pains, and now he wanted me in for twice-weekly checks, through one month of my cycle. I felt a bit full in my bottom because I hadn’t gone to the toilet since two days before. The last time I went to the doctor he had looked at me in both of my holes and taken my temperature in my mouth AND in my bottom. I wondered if the doctor remembered unblocking me a few months before, so I planned to be bunged up again – hoping that he would need to wash out my bottom again this time.

He has a very nice lady on the reception who was friendly and asked what was the matter. She said I had to wait 20 minutes before he could see me, since I was early. I told her about my period pains and she said it happened a lot and she was sure he would help me. I also told her about not feeling good today and she said I should tell the doctor as soon as I saw him. She gave me a drink and some magazines. Most were a waste of time, but they had a copy of Cosmopolitan and I read that. I like the problem pages in it and read about unfaithful husbands, about a mum who didn’t like her daughter’s boyfriend, about skin problems, losing hair and…yes about period problems. It advised that she should take exercise gently and massage her lower tummy and also that there were herb pills which helped. The advisor also said that if it didn’t get any better she should go to her doctor. The waiting time disappeared quickly and I was called in by the nice receptionist.

I went into the doctor’s room and he was very nice and friendly as usual. He asked me about leaving work and if it was OK, and about how I felt. I told him I had some of the cramp pains a little but I also said that I had tummy pains that were a bit different. He asked about my period and I said it hadn’t started. Then, he asked about what I has eaten so I told him and he asked about going to the toilet and I said I couldn’t go. Then I told him about the problem page in the mag and about the period pains and he agreed with the exercise and massage, and that I already had the herb pills. I asked what to do for the massage and he said he would show me.

Then he gave me a white robe with ties at the front and asked me to go and put it on, so I went behind the screen he has for changing.

I got on his special table and he said he would take my temperature first, like he did last time. He put in a little thermometer in my mouth and then he lifted up my legs so my knees were high and he put on his gloves and wiped some jelly stuff on my bottom and pushed in the big thermometer. He said he was sorry he had to do this to me - he knew it wasn’t pleasant, but I said no, that it was OK, I didn’t mind it at all. I pushed my bottom hole when he was putting it in me so he could see me moving there and I squeezed the thermometer to make it wiggle and he kept his hand on it and pushed it a bit more and turned it, so I squeezed up my bottom cheeks and he asked if it was all right and I said it was ( and I really did feel good! ). He said I should be still or I would spoil the reading. So I waited for a few minutes until he wanted to pull it out, he said he had to wait 2 minutes from when I talked so the reading from my mouth was good. I couldn’t stop squeezing my bottom while I waited and he noticed that I saw him looking there. He went out for a minute and then when he was out I put my fingers on my pussy slit and I had got wet there.

He came back in and took the thermometer out of my mouth and read it and then he got hold of the one in my bottom and pulled it slowly until it came out and he looked at it. I saw it was brown on the end and I did get really embarrassed and I looked away. I could feel my face go red. He wrote down the reading and said in a kind joking way that I must be full, but don’t worry he would “sort it out”. He said since I couldn’t go to the toilet he could treat me right there or give me something to take at home which would make me do it. He asked if I was OK to get home like that. I said I wasn’t sure, so he said it might be better to “deal with it” there and I said yes. I thought he would do the same as when I was there before, and he unblocked me, but he called in the nurse and I heard him tell her to give me an enema.

What was really strange was that I felt so embarrassed when the nurse got the bag ready and pushed in the nozzle. It wasn’t at all sexy because she just did it like I was part of the plumbing – she hung up the bag and told me to keep still. I was still on my back with my knees up. The doctor watched it all, and then he said he would be back after he saw the next patient. When he’d left, the nurse said she would hurry it. She asked me to squeeze on the nozzle so it didn’t leak and then she squeezed the bag slowly so it went in. Then she had me go into a little toilet room and sit, and left me there. Well, of course as soon as I relaxed my bottom it all came gushing out because I wasn’t really bunged up at all. I washed my bottom and went back in. She said I was quick and did another fill in me with salted water and a bit of oil, which made me go to the toilet again, BIG gushes almost clean this time, and I washed again and went back in.

She got me back on the table again and said the doctor wouldn’t be long, so I waited and waited, it seemed like ages, and I didn’t feel sexy anymore. My bottom and pussy felt cold from the washing and I hadn’t dried properly. She had also put me off thinking sexy things. All I could think about was the nasty floor wash soap smell on her and the rough way she did the enema, I guess it because she didn’t actually like doing it. But I thought about what her bottom and pussy would be like, and I imagined giving her a big rough enema with one of those big syringes I’d seen pictures of! I thought about squirting it fast into her bottom and then doing another lot in her vagina.

It made me laugh to myself but I got a shock when the doctor said, “Are you having fun?” He had come in really quietly and I got an awful fright when he spoke. I didn’t say anything but he said he was glad that I didn’t mind being cleared out now so he could check inside properly. I said I thought the nurse didn’t like doing it and he said don’t worry about what she thinks, he would have done it himself if he had the time. He’d gotten the other patient out so now he could concentrate on my problems, and one of those was fixed already as the nurse had told him I had cleared out!

He lifted up my legs again and said he wanted another temperature reading now I was clear. He put the jelly again on my bottom and pushed in the thermometer, twisting it in. This time I squeezed up my bottom hole without meaning to, it just sort of happened by itself when he twisted and pushed it. He said “Ah, I see you have the reflex,” and I asked him what he meant and he said not all people did an automatic squeeze like me, so I was special. Honestly, I don’t think I have noticed that before, but anyway he thinks I always do it! He said he would do a full set of reflex tests when he had my temperature, and he talked a bit about some patients being too shy to have the treatment I was getting, and I was sensible to let him treat me properly. And then I guessed from the things he was saying that he was getting me to have more “treatment”!

He told me to completely relax and he took out the thermometer slowly, and by trying hard to relax and the way he pulled it I felt my bottom squeeze by itself! I really couldn’t stop it and he said “Well that is one reflex tested.” and he was almost laughing. The temperature was down to the same as my mouth, but he said that would be because of the enema and he would take it again later.

I had to sit on the side of the table and he looked in my eyes with a light and hit my elbows and knees with a rubber hammer so they jumped, and he rubbed a thing up the sole of my foot so it curled, and I laughed! He looked in both my ears with a scope thing and I loved the way he held my lobes and rubbed them just a tiny bit as he was looking in and he pulled them a little while he looked. He looked in my nose, and then in my mouth, and he said there were lots of things he could tell about my health from my tongue, from spots on it or the color or the edges for my liver! but I was OK.

Then he asked me to undo the robe and he felt under my arms for any lumps, it tickled and I didn’t make it easy, and he asked if it was all right to feel my breasts and I said sure, (I was really liking him inspecting everything) and he was nice and gentle and felt for lumps on each one and he felt for the ducts behind my nipples by softly squeezing his finger and thumb in at the sides of them – that was electric! He asked if it was uncomfortable and I said no, it was really nice. He asked if it was OK to check my nipple reflex by doing it more times, so I said OK and he squeezed and said if I had that reflex they would go hard and they did! I told him it was like a nice tingly buzz in them and he just said “Good” and stopped and got me to lie down on my back. But I really wanted him to do more!

He felt my tummy and under my ribs with his fingers and he said he could feel for swollen livers or stomach. And he showed me how he checks for appendix when people have bad pains across there. And also he can feel my bladder, and he asked if I get a burning feeling from my “urethra” ( I didn’t know where he meant and he put his finger at my pee hole and said its the tube from my bladder to there ), well I’m OK there!

Then he talked about infections getting in the tube and going to my kidneys and also about being careful to keep my bottom clean and not get anything from behind there to the front in my vagina, and I said I knew that and my mother had told me about that when I was younger, and now here is the bit, he said “If you are doing anything to your bottom, don’t let it go to the front, keep them separate” and I just knew from the way he said it that he meant more than just wiping my bottom! But I said I always wiped from the front to the back, and he said that was the right thing to do, and he really looked at me hard.

He felt my legs and knees and my feet. He said he had to see another patient and he would be back soon to finish the examination and asked if I was warm enough. He left me there on my back exposed and I didn’t move. The nurse came back in and put some packets in a cupboard and then pulled the robe over me saying “Cover up, don’t get cold.” and she went out again.

The doctor came back in after I got bored staring at the ceiling and said “Right, we’ll have to take this off now”, and he sat me up and stood in front of me and pushed the robe off my shoulders and I really wanted to fall against his chest. I didn’t, but he is just so dishy and manly and kind, and sexy and he has lovely hands that I want him to feel me with… I felt like swooning!

But he told me to lie on my tummy and he felt my neck and shoulders and then he felt each bit of my spine and said it seemed straight. People get arm and leg pains from twisted spines!

He felt over my kidneys and said if they are infected he can feel extra heat there and his hands patted my bottom! He said there isn’t much for a doctor to tell from feeling that! It’s just muscle and fat, but mine looked good! And he asked me to turn over again.

Then he asked about my period and when I expected it (again,) and what the “discharge” was like, color, thickness, how much… it was like an exam test. Then he said he needed to examine me inside and asked if it was OK and if I wanted the nurse to be there, but I don’t like her so I said no.

He put my feet up and he said there was an intimate reflex he wanted to check that was connected to my nipples, and he put his finger in me and did the sideways squeeze on my nipple a few times, and he waited and did it again and I felt my inside cramp on his finger and he waited a bit more and then said “OK that’s fine” and pulled out his finger and I had wetted it! I could see he had a bulge in his trousers from when he stood next to me. He said sorry for not putting the glove on but he couldn’t feel it properly with it on. He washed his hands and then he did put on a glove and got the jelly and squeezed it on and pushed his fingers in me, he did 2 fingers and he felt all around inside me an then he pulled them out and got a metal thing and pushed it up me and said I should tell him if it hurt at all. It didn’t and he used it to open me. then he got a special tube with a light in it and put it inside and looked right up in me at my cervix. He said I as “engorged” and I was starting to bleed and it all looked good (which was a relief!).

Finally he pulled out the tube and the opener and put his finger back in again and felt a bit more, then he said he wanted to take the temperature of my cervix. He got a thermometer and pushed it up inside me and he got another one and pushed it up my bottom to get both temperatures. He wrote them on his card and then said “Just one more thing to do,” and he got a new glove and more jelly and he pushed his finger right up my bottom as far as it could go and he felt all around inside there and said I was fine. He even wiped me there with a wet wiper and said, “OK now you can get dressed,” and sent me to put my clothes back on.

I felt really exhausted and aching inside. The nice lady who let me in said “We’ll see you on Friday” and I went home.