Jennifer's Present

Since it is your birthday next week, I have decided that you should have a special experience to celebrate it. I have arranged for you to spend a few days at a spa in the mountains of northern Nevada. They specialize in the care and pampering of ladies from around the country, and due to their remote location, are not hampered by restrictive city ordinances. I shall escort you, my darling, and will be available for your companionship at all times.

“If you are finished with your packing, my darling, I will take your bags to the car and we can be off. The flight leaves in less than two hours” Finally boarding the Boeing 757 for a flight to Denver, and then transferring to another flight to Jackpot, Nevada, we settle back into the gray leather first class seats. Sipping a glass of chilled wine as we continue to climb through the cloud layer to our final cruising level of 35,000 feet, you ask me, “Where are we going specifically, and what is this ‘special present’ all about.” Smiling, I tell you it is to be a bit of a surprise, but that I think that you will enjoy it very much.

Later that afternoon, the wheels of the plane touch down at Jackpot with a chirp, and we roll to a stop at the terminal. Getting our single bags, we are met by a driver just outside, holding up a white card with our names on it. “My dear, the driver will take us to the lodge, located in the town of Rowland. It is about a 45 minute ride from here.”

Continuing up the sinuous, winding road, we finally come around a bend and slow to a stop in front of a massive and elaborate set of double doors. Our bags in hand, we pass through the doors to find ourselves in the courtyard of a modern, single level house of some sorts. A wooden bridge leads to the front door, as the ground drops to a lower level. Beyond the first part of the house, another section or wing extends off behind some trees in the rear. “I know you expected to find some log cabin out here my love, but not something transported from the pages of Sunset magazine!”

We are greeted at the door by a young lady in a sky blue dress who tells us that she will see us to our rooms. Passing beside a large brick fireplace, and bar, we go again outside, over another wooden bridge to the second wing. Separating the two wings, below us, is a stream and pool, and the abundance of trees, flower arbors, and lush shrubs makes us forget that we are in the deserts of northern Nevada.

Entering the next wing, the young girl points out my small room to the left, and then escorts you to your room overlooking the central garden. You walk down the carpeted hallway to your room, where you are directed to unpack and after taking a quick shower, to don one of the white robes with gold trim, hanging in the closet.

Still a bit damp from your shower, you recline on the bed, wondering about the strange building in the desert, and the unusual experience I have arranged for you. After a short wait, another young girl in a similar white robe comes for you and escorts you to an enclosed courtyard, open to the sky. In the center of the tile floor is a raised table, padded in purple leather. You are directed to remove your robe and lie down on the smooth table. The afternoon sun shines on your nude body, warming you with it’s rays. One of the young girls has you place a gold sleeping mask over your eyes, to “protect you from the glare.”

You hear the quiet sounds of padded feet on the tile, and then feel the soft touch of delicate hands running down your shoulders to your wrists. Then a second set of hands are doing the same along the outside of your legs.

With a sigh of pleasure and anticipation, you give yourself up to the delicious feeling of being stroked. Now, yet a third set of hands, begins to spread a scented oil between your breasts, gently spreading the oil over your stomach, and back over your breasts. The slick attention to your breasts causes your nipples to harden slightly. Now, oil is applied to your legs and arms also. As the oil is massaged into the soft inner surface of your thighs, your legs part slightly, revealing your lovely velvet valley. Now, all three sets of hands are caressing you, coating you with a thin sheen of the aromatic oil.

You feel a coolness, as a thick creme is spread over your love triangle. After a few minutes, a hot cloth removes the cool creme. Curious, you reach between your legs to find all traces of pubic hair removed. As your hand moves over your mons, you feel only a smooth slickness, and imagine what you look like. A warm hand replaces yours and continues to massage the scented oil into your love triangle. As a fingertip, coated with oil, dips into your valley, you tense a moment from the pleasurable sensations arising from your loins. The absolute silence of the young girls, combined with the total darkness of the

sleeping mask, makes you wonder if this is all a dream. Relaxed again, you just savor the continued stroking of your little nubbin, hiding within your moist valley.

After a little while, one of the girls has you turn over on your stomach, but asks you to keep your mask on. Settled into a comfortable position, you feel the same warm oil applied to your back, and rounded cheeks. As one set of hands massages your shoulders, and another your legs, the third set of hands kneads your cheeks, delving into the crack, seeming to search out your crinkled rosebud. You wait with anticipation as a slippery finger traces little circles around your opening.

The delicate touch causes you to clench your cheeks at times. As you are starting to relax a bit, one of the girls tells you they will be taking your temperature, and not to be alarmed at the cool slickness of the thermometer. As you lay there quietly, you feel a cool penetration as the well lubed thermometer descends into your rectum. After entering you about four inches, a warm hand placed on your cheeks steadies the thick glass shaft. Waiting, you feel the thermometer being twisted around, and being pulled out a little and then returned to it’s previous depth. The subtle feelings of the slick friction as you lay there starts a tingling in your loins and a slight moistening of your love tunnel. You move slightly on the table, but the motion only increases your awareness of the cool tube jutting from your slippery cheeks. Finally, the thermometer is slowly withdrawn and read. “Your

temperature is within limits, and I think you are ready for the next level.”

Again, you feel a cool probe touch your rosebud. Thicker than the thermometer, it stretches your sphincter a little as it is slowly pushed deep into your rectum, but then the diameter becomes smaller again, allowing you to squeeze the rigid tube without pushing it out. One of the girls continues to move the probe in and out, and the constant friction starts those wonderful feelings emanating from your lower regions. Nothing really specific yet, just a warm glow spreading from your rosebud up to your velvet valley.

Hearing a light click, you feel a soft warmness start to fill your rectum. You are a little surprised to be receiving an enema! But the flow of warm water into your bowels certainly concentrates your full attention on the erotic feelings you are experiencing. As you clench your cheeks, squeezing the nozzle embedded inside you, you feel a dampness starting to flow between your lips as your excitement rises.

Your mind wanders with the images of you lying there in the sun, attended by an unknown number of young attendants, as the warm water continues to flow gently. When the person who inserted the nozzle starts to move it in and out, you squirm with a sudden desire to be penetrated.

I can see you laying there, the slender tube disappearing between your cheeks as the several young ladies continue to stroke your body, and massage the scented oil into your sun drenched skin. Your bowels are filled to capacity with the warm water, your delicate lips protrude with suppressed passion, and you start to wiggle about the padded table. With a teasing slowness, the nozzle is pulled from your grasping opening. With your head cradled in your arms, you move your hips up and down slightly, trying to ease the fullness in your bowels. The movement only serves to heighten the sensations emanating from your bare love triangle.

As you squirm on the table, you feel a greased finger slowly start up your slippery passage, replacing the enema nozzle. To your surprise, a second finger starts it’s journey into the depths of your love tunnel as well. As the two fingers penetrate you, one of the young ladies softly pinches one of your erect nipples. You can feel yourself becoming wetter than before under the expert stimulation and attention.

The two fingers start to move back and forth, stirring your juices. You can feel the finger in your rectum caressing the smooth walls, bathed in the warm water captured inside you. The other finger moves slowly back and forth your special spot inside. The double stimulation continues as another assistant starts to caress your other breast with her oil moistened hands. As your breath sharpens, you tense up, only to relax once again. You clench your cheeks together in response to the erotic probing of your rectal passage.

Your sweet valley is now literally dripping with your love juices as you move your hips back and forth with abandon. As you raise your hips in tense response to the stimulation, you feel yet another finger slide between your legs to rest between your bare and well moistened lips. It traces little peacock tracks across your sensitive nubbin, sending you over the edge. You press your hips tightly against the table, and capture the finger against your little nubbin. your cheeks tighten, straining to hold in your enema while wave after wave of pleasure flows over your body. Your senses are stimulated by the multiple hands

caressing you, and especially the two fingers buried in your twin passages. Your internal contractions squeeze those fingers in a vice like grip, as you strain and shudder through a most erotic orgasm.

You lie in the sun, spent for the moment, the fullness of your enema complementing the warm lingering rush of your orgasm.

Called from my room shortly after you, my love, I have watched silently from the shade of overhanging roof. Wearing only a white cotton robe and sandals, my rigid shaft tries to push through the thin material as i watch you being pleasured by the young attendants. Seeing you receive your enema, and the pleasure it gave you makes me want to stroke my throbbing shaft through the light cotton robe.

I see you now, on your knees, head down on the pillow, your lovely posterior raised to the sky. Your still dripping portal gapes open with pleasure as the young girls slowly stoke your warm flanks and back. One of the young girls comes over to me and whispers in my ear that it is time now.

A low stool has been placed at the end of your table, and as I stand on it, I find that my erect member is at just the right height to penetrate your dark and wet passage. the girl on the right of me places a cool hand on my shaft to steady it, and then proceeds to coat the head and shaft with a warm gel, like liquid silk to the touch. Covered completely, my shaft is gently guided until the purple crown is just touching your little brown rosebud, still slick with the vaseline from your recent enema.

While two girls hold your hips immobile, I am gently pushed from behind, as the girl on my right guides my shaft to it’s destination. As the spongy head parts your relaxed opening, I feel it slide past your sphincter and dip into the warm water captured inside you. I can’t describe the glorious pleasure of entering that warm pool with my throbbing shaft, your slick walls gripping my member with waves of contractions as you react to the delightful friction.

Left to my own, I start moving in and out, slowly, savoring the exquisite tightness, the velvet grip, the surprising wetness as I enter you deeply. It seems that my motion acts as a hydraulic pump, transferring the pressure waves all throughout your body. You start to moan with pleasure, pushing back against me as I enter you with each drawnout stroke of my hips. I feel you begin to tense up and strain as you feel the beginnings of a massive climax starting deep within you. Your increased breathing and the ever more frequent contractions of your sphincter as I continue my slow even strokes, seem to draw me ever deeper inside you.

I feel the boiling sperm inside me straining for release. My shaft throbs with the onset of my orgasm. Starting deep within my rectal passage, my prostate quivers with anticipation, my cheeks squeeze together tightly, and an increasing pressure builds inside me. I am well past the point of no return. With a loud groan, I pull your hips forcefully towards me, crushing you against my loins, my jerking rod buried all the way inside your flooded passage. Up from inside me a white hot jet of my essence boils over, shooting out the end of my shaft with a rush, and mixing with the warm water filling your rectum. A pause, and then a second gusher is ripped from my insides. It feels like I am being turned inside out with the strength of my orgasm. I am

unaware of your loud moaning and crying, your body writhing on the table with uncontrolled passion. My whole being is centered on my throbbing and jetting shaft. My bare toes grip my sandals like a vice, my hands squeeze your hips almost painfully as I pull you tightly towards me, unaware that I can go no deeper within your body.

With a final, shuddering gasp, I unload yet a third gushing stream into your sodden passage, and finally start to release the pressure on your hips and thighs. My knees are weak from the extreme pleasure of my orgasm, and one of the young girls holds my shoulder to steady me. As I start to recover, my member very slowly starts it’s slippery retreat. You slump down on the table, completely drained from the erotic experience.

As soon as the head of my shaft returns to the light, one of the nimble assistants slides a medium sized butt plug inside your well pleasures passage to prevent the expulsion of your enema just yet. I step off the low stool, and walk over to a soft couch where I sit in the shade and recover. I am handed a frosty glass with a mix of lime juice, mint leaves and ice to sip.

The other maidens help you from the table, still wearing your mask. One of them holds your butt plug firmly inside you as you are escorted to the bathroom.

While you are expelling your enema and being showered again, I return to my room and a cool shower also.

Drying off, I again don a white cotton robe and sandals, and walk across the wooden bridge to the bar area that we passed as we came in. Sitting on a white leather couch, I am handed another cool drink by one of the many young ladies who seem to be the only staff present. I look forward to seeing you when you come from your shower.

Hearing the door open behind me, I turn and see you enter the room. Your eyes sparkle with pleasure and life, your step has a spring to it I have not seen often. “Welcome back, my darling! You look very relaxed after your shower, are you enjoying your stay here, so far?”