Jennifer's Shopping Trip

By Anonymous

Well, just what I always wanted to do on a Saturday afternoon, go shopping! but this time, my love, I have brought a little something that should make the expedition a little more interesting.

Walking with you to the woman’s wear department, I see that you are going to be looking at bathing suits. great! but at least I will get to see you in some nice suits. As you begin to look over the selection, I wander off to the men’s room for a few minutes, returning to find you have picked out three that don’t look too bad at all. You ask me to come to the dressing rooms with you so I can both hold your coat, as well as tell you what I think.

Standing out side the room, I hear the rustle of clothing as you change. Finally, you step out, and I must admit I am rather impressed with the way you fill that suit! nice bod!

Returning to the small room, you begin to try on the next suit. after waiting a minute, and carefully looking around to see that the area is empty of other customers, I open the door and step inside. You have just removed the first suit and are standing there in all your glory, but not much else.

“My darling, I think this is just the place for a little something I have planned for you. I think it will make shopping a lot more fun for both of us.”

“Here, bend over this chair, facing away from me. remember, no peeking!” As you bend over the chair, I reach into the large shopping bag I have been carrying and pull out a tube of Vaseline. Opening the cap, I squeeze a short ribbon onto my fingertip. With my left hand, I spread your cheeks, revealing your little crinkled rosebud. my index finger, with the Vaseline, touches you there, causing you to gasp with delight. Slowly working my finger in little circles, I coat your rosebud, and then start to dip into your dark passage. as my finger glides deeper inside your tight passage, I feel your contractions as your sphincter accommodates my slippery finger.

“Do not make a sound, my darling, there are other ladies changing in these rooms you know. we must be silent,” I whisper into your ear.

Working my finger back and forth inside your tight passage, I feel you loosen up, starting to enjoy the erotic friction, as well as the novelty of being fingered almost in public. While my finger probes your depths, my other hand reaches around you to roll your nipples between my fingers. The feel of your soft skin arouses my own passion too.

Leaving my finger inside you, I again reach into my shopping bag, this time pulling out a full, two quart enema bag. hanging it on a most convenient hook on the wall, I withdraw my finger and liberally coat the gleaming black nozzle with Vaseline. again spreading your round cheeks, I place the nozzle in the center of your rosebud, and with a gentle twist and push, start it on it’s slippery way.

With this new, unexpected intrusion, you start to raise up, but I gently push you down against the chair again. Leaning over you, I whisper in your ear that I have a little surprise for you, but that you have to remain perfectly silent. As I continue to work the nozzle deeper inside you, I move it in and out as well. I know you like the feeling of something sliding in and out of your tender passage. With the nozzle fully seated, I reach over, and undo the clamp, releasing the flow of warm water into your rectum.

Oh, you are very surprised by the warm rush, never thinking I would do this in a public place, but enjoying the slowly spreading warmth as the water fills your passage. Holding the nozzle with one hand, I reach down and part the fine hair of your now slick valley. You always enjoy it when I stroke you as I am giving you an enema, and I would not want to deprive you of that here.

As my fingertip glides up and down your now dripping little valley, I rub the ball of my fingertip across your little nubbin, causing you to press back against me and squirm with the combination of the action of my finger, and the warm enema filling you slowly. By now, my rigid shaft is straining to free itself from my pants, and I lower the zipper to allow my shaft to spring free.

Without removing the nozzle from your rectum, I guide the head of my shaft to your dripping tunnel of love. Moving my hips a little, I watch as the swollen head parts your wet lips and starts to disappear inside your hot passage. Moving just a little, I only go inside you an inch or so, just the head. the exquisite friction is wonderful for both of us, but only makes me want to plunge ever deeper inside you.

With a quiet gurgle, the bag empties, and I shut the clamp. leaving my now throbbing shaft inside you for the moment, I start to wiggle the nozzle back and forth.

After a few minutes of delightful friction, I remove the wet, slick nozzle, and curling up the hose, return the bag and all to my shopping bag. Pulling out my rigid member, I take it in my hand and guide the slick, spongy head to your glistening rosebud. pressing forward again, I see it slowly part your tight passage. holding your hips with both hands, I slowly and gently pull you towards me. As I feel my shaft descend into your warm, grasping rectum, I suddenly feel the head bathed in hot water.

Oh, what a good feeling that is! As I bury myself inside you, my throbbing shaft is half drowned in your hot enema, captured inside you. I must stop for a moment, dry throbbing with passion, as I hold you tightly against me.

Finally, I am able to begin slow rhythmic strokes. the tight friction of your passage is complemented and enhanced by the deep pool of hot water inside your rectum. As I move in and out, I imagine the hydraulic pressures I am creating inside you. From your squirming and the trembling of your legs, I assume you are enjoying the unique experience.

“My darling when we come, we must remain absolutely silent. It will be hard, I know, but it would be a little embarrassing for the manager to find us like this.”

With those words, I feel the pressure building inside me. I am unable, yes, and unwilling, to stem the sudden jet of my essence which joins the enema inside your rectum. I pull you towards me firmly as my member unloads jet after crashing jet inside you. Your legs tighten with sympathetic passion as you experience an unusually erotic orgasm, concentrated and enhanced by the enema within you. Your whole body tenses up, you are standing on your toes, as if to drive me deeper inside you. I feel your powerful contractions grip my still throbbing shaft with passion, as we gradually come down from that emotional high.

When I can catch my breath, I slowly pull out, taking care to not release any water as I do. Standing straight again, I return my now flaccid member to it’s normal hiding place, and zip my pants.

Leaning over to kiss your neck, I whisper into your ear, “My darling, that was so wonderful! I just wish we could repeat it, but I only got the one bag of water from the men’s room. I will wait out side the dressing rooms now. You go ahead and try on those other two bathing suits. In fact, if you want, we can do as much shopping as you like right now!”