Jennifer's Train Ride

By Anonymous

I think it’s time we took a short vacation, and since riding a train has always seemed so romantic, I think we will take a train from Chicago to Seattle. The usual rules apply: we are not required to be back at work Monday, we aren’t too rich or too thin, and the bag never runs out of water before we’re full! not bad for rules!

Even at the last minute, I am able to get us a compartment on the empire builder leaving Chicago for Seattle. After getting aboard, and our luggage into the compartment, we shut the door to the corridor, and embrace, as we start to move out from the station. As I reach down to stroke your shapely ass, I think about the many opportunities we will have to share enemas while on the train. I was lucky to get a compartment with a small shower. Coach class is so pedestrian!

Torn between seeing our departure from the windy city, and the desire to see you filled with your first enema, I suggest we might be able to accomplish both with a little ingenuity. Reaching into my shaving kit, I pull out a small jar of Vaseline, and tell you to bend over the small table by the window. Lifting the hem of your dress over your waist, I am greeted with the lovely sight of your shapely ass, partially hidden by your red bikini panties. I stroke the soft skin of your thighs above your black mesh stockings, which produces a sigh from you, and the starting of a soft erection in me.

Pulling your panties down to your knees, I begin to kiss your pale cheeks, as my hand caresses the inner surface of your thighs. As my thumb brushes the fine hair of your love portal, I detect a little dampness. Standing up a minute, I unscrew the tube of Vaseline and place a dab on my fingertip spreading your cheeks with one hand, I touch the cool lubricant to your dimpled rosebud, coating the surface, and then slowly begin to insert my finger. going in just past the second knuckle, I feel you clench your cheeks with anticipation of what is to follow. Sliding my finger back out, I apply more Vaseline, and again insert my finger, this time all the way. fully seated, I start to move it around and in and out, causing you to squirm with joy. We are both excited too, at the thought of people standing at the stations watching as we pass by, my finger stroking your sensitive rectum all the time. Finally, I decide that your slick rectum is ready, and ever so slowly remove my finger, leaving your dress up.

Turning from the window, I pull a red two quart bag and a double inflatable nozzle nozzle from my suitcase. Liberally coating the inflatable nozzle with Vaseline, not caring that it will degrade the rubber, I again spread your lovely cheeks, baring your glistening anus. After all, money will always buy multiple inflatable nozzle tubes, and I so like the slippery feel of the Vaseline between your cheeks and mine. I work two fingers up inside you to stretch you a little, and then start the tube on it’s delightful journey. As the first balloon disappears inside you with a little pull I stop and pump it up the full four times.

Oh yesssss, you definitely feel that! then giving the tube a firm pull to make sure it is seated firmly, I inflate the second balloon, completing the insertion, and forestalling any leaks.

“Now my dearest, we need to route the tube where it will not show so we can sit in he dome car!” Leaving the inflation tubes hanging down between your legs, I route the tubing along your velvet valley to your belly, and pull up your bikini panties. Letting the hem of your dress fall, the only thing showing is a short section of tubing protruding from the waistband of your skirt.

As you standby the window watching the houses and fields go by, I fill the three quart bag with rather warm water and attach the hose tightly. With the clamp closed, I squeeze the bag to insure no leaks. putting on my windbreaker with the little loop sewn inside at my shoulder, I carefully hang the bag inside my jacket, curling the tube in an inner pocket. If I am careful, I can stand and walk with the bag being the least bit visible!

“Well, my darling, what say we go to the dome car and sit there for a while?” Leaving our compartment, we go two cars back and climb the narrow stairs. Though almost full, we find seats near the middle of the car. I offer you the window seat, and I sit by the aisle, on your left. with a little squirming around, you find a comfortable position where the outer balloon promises a continuous stimulation of your rectum, yet you can recline a bit. Reaching into the overhead rack, I get a pillow, and place it behind you so you can scoot forward just a little bit.

Reaching discretely into my inner pocket, I take out the hose and place it on the seat between us, hidden from people passing by. With the same care, you attach it to your nozzle securely, and adjust the folds of your blouse to cover it completely. We are ready to begin!

Just as I am ready to release the clamp, another couple walk by and take the two seats directly across from us! In their mid thirties, they exchange greetings, and begin to comment on he benefits of train travel. I take this opportunity to release the clamp between us, and watch your expression as the sudden flow of warm water starts to enter your rectum.

My darling, you show great composure as you receive your enema in front of two strangers, without them having the slightest idea of the internal flood you are experiencing! As we talk, I gradually squeeze the bag with the inner part of my arm as I lean against you. With each bump of the train, you receive an additional squirt as we lurch together.

Just thinking of you receiving this wonderful enema causes my member to swell with passion. I picture the slippery nozzle inside you clamping tight, and the slow continuous flow of water filling your bowels. I feel you move around a little bit to ease the flow, but also trying to not arouse the curiosity of the couple across from us. You must have iron control to keep such a placid expression on your face while your bowels are flooded by the enema! I do know that not all of your comments make sense as we continue our conversation with the other couple, but you do quite well considering everything inside you. Finally, your white knuckled hand grabs my knee, signaling your desire to stop the flow for a moment. Shutting off the clamp between us, I sit back to savor the sight of you sitting there so proper and prim, with a rectum completely drowned in warm water, the inflatable nozzle able to keep it there with no leakage.

When the porter comes by with coffee, I make a point of asking you if you would like some, going on about sugar or cream, keeping the porter standing there as you try not to squirm too much. After coffee is served to the four of us, I again release the clamp and bring my arm tightly against my side, driving the flow of water inside you. From your breathing, I can tell that you are extremely aroused by taking this enema in the dome car, across from two strangers. I wish I could reach down and pull up your dress to fondle your dripping portal, to slide my finger up and down your slippery valley of love. I suspect I could cause you to orgasm in just a heartbeat, with just a few strokes of your little nubbin. Feeling the bag under my arm almost empty, I give it one more final squeeze, sending a final jet of warm water deep inside you, and then shutting the clamp. Returning my hand to my lap, I resume my conversation with the other couple.

After about fifteen minutes, I feel you begin to squirm about in your seat. The other couple looks on, wondering if you are feeling well. I inform them that you are just very excited to be on the train, you know, a new experience and all that. Finally, your hands in your lap deftly disconnect the tube which I secrete in my pocket again. Leaning over to me, you tell me you think we should return to our compartment. Standing and saying our goodbyes, you very carefully descend the stairs and walk stiff legged back to our compartment.

Once inside, you turn to me, kissing me deeply, your tongue probing, one hand reaching to my engorged, swollen shaft, squeezing it with passion through the cloth of my pants. “Oh, my lover, do me nowwwwww. I’m so hot I can’t wait another minute, I must have you inside me before I explode!!!”

Never one to ignore such an erotic suggestion, I lean you over the small table beside the window. Lifting your skirt, I see the nozzle firmly gripped by your clenching cheeks. As I deflate the outer balloon, your dripping, absolutely soaked tunnel of love gapes at me, half open in anticipation. without delay, I open my fly and drop my trousers to the floor. My fully erect and throbbing shaft juts out like a steel flagpole.

Holding your hips with my hand, I guide the head of my shaft to your juicy portal. The sensitive head just barely buries itself inside you, when I feel my self in a furnace of desire, your moist, well muscled portal squeezing me and drawing m inside you. “Oh my darling, you feel so hot inside, and I can feel every contraction.”

With only a few long strokes, sliding in and then out of your steaming sheath, I can feel the sperm boiling inside me, building, the tension increasing, as I feel you start to orgasm with my shaft buried inside you combined with the full enema churning inside your bowels. with a cry and strong shudder, you experience a crashing, exploding orgasm, intensified by the relentless pressure of your enema trapped inside you. Carried over the edge by your continuing orgasm, I release great spurts of semen, my own rectum contracting with waves of pleasure. I remain buried inside you, as I continue to cum, egged on by your rhythmic contractions finally, almost out of breath, I hold you tightly as our passion subsides. reluctantly pulling out of your cum soaked passage, I turn around to kiss you, ignoring any people who may see us through the window as the train goes by.

Leading you into the small toilet, I have you sit down while I deflate the inner balloon. Pulling the inflatable nozzle from your drenched rectum, you release a torrent of warm water, which almost brings on another orgasm as you sit there. Standing, I wash my hands and pull up my trousers, as you continue to empty yourself of the wonderful erotic enema.

“My lovely Jennifer, we will have many more opportunities for erotic enemas while here. when you are done, perhaps you would like to give me an enema too. It would be my first on a train!”