Jenny and Her Enema

By [email protected]

My niece Jenny has lived with me all summer. She gets into trouble and I had to paddle her real well the other night. She understood and thanked me for caring. It was not one of the most favorite things I had to do. She went out last night and come home from the movie and said, “Uncle Dave, I don’t feel well.”

I sat her down and said, “When was the last time you had a BM ?”

“Five days ago.”

I said, “Do you want another spanking ?”

She said, “I need an enema more.”

I said, “You are eighteen now and you can administer an enema to yourself.”

“But Dave I am too squeamish to do it.”

I said, “Can’t your girl friends give you one ?”

“I’d be too embarrassed to ask.”

I said, “What did you have to eat young lady ?”

“A big tub of popcorn and two cokes.”

I said, “All right I will give it to you but if I hear one complaint I will call a visiting nurse and let her give it to you.”

The couch is right outside the bathroom. I told her to fill the three quart enema bag and bring the clothes tree from the bedroom. It took her a long time to do this.

She took a shower before the enema. She yelled, “Dave I’m ready. How do you want me ?”

“Over my lap.”

“I don’t want to.”

I yelled, “Nurrrrrrrrrse…” and she laid across my lap like a good teenager. I said, “’All right, brace yourself here comes the Vaselined finger.”

She moaned pitifully. “Take it out.”

I said, “No we have to this.”

We heard a knock at the door It was Janet her seventeen year old girlfriend.

“What is going on ?” I said.

“I’m going to help Jennifer take an enema.”

“Could I help ? I give them to my sister all the time. She is l5.”

Jenny said, “Come on in.”

Janet said, “Honey I think it would be better to lay on your left side. It will work better.”

I said, “Janet you can get a pair of rubber gloves out of the cabinet and there is a rubber sheet there bring it.”

Janet noticed the Vaseline on her rectum. She is ready while Janet held her buttocks open, and I held the bag up high and the nozzle went in. I turned it on.

“Ohhhhhhhhh….” Janet rolled her over on her back and messaged her tummy. I took a long time to give her the first quart.

She said, “Dave turn it off for a minute.

Jenny was starting to get bloated. “Turn it on sir,” Jennie said. “We want to watch TV later.”

The second quart went in. “Aahhhhhhh ooooooooooo…” She started to cry . Janet held her close.

Finally she took the last quart. It was sheer agony Jenny held a piece of toilet paper against her anus for l5 minutes. As Janet started nurses training this was good practice for her Janet released Jenny She made a run for the toilet.

Janet stayed with her and made sure everything was all right. She knew if it would be a good enema or not.

“Sir I think she should have a plain two quart water enema rinse.”

Jenny agreed. She took this one in the knee chest position on the bathroom floor I did not watch. I could not help hearing though She was finished and both of them spent the night in Jenny’s room.

She came out of the bedroom. “Sir I don’t feel well Could you give me an enema ?”

I said, “Here we go again.”

Since she did not belong to me I let Jenny give her one on her bed and she used the bed pan . That was Jenny’s first enema Jenny called her mother and asked if she could give Janet an enema.

She said sure. “In fact it wouldn’t hurt if you girls gave each other enemas once a week.”

So every week they get together for enemas and pizza. I go out to a movie that night. I take one every morning when Jennie isn’t there. She knows though and says, “Hey Dave how was your enema ?”

I chase her around with the hairbrush and swat her with it and we both have a good laugh.

The other morning she put her uncle me over her knee and gave me twenty swats. That was my punishment for spanking her. I laughed but I could not sit down too well. I hugged her and never spanked her again and she has become a master with her own enema.

She has learned to take a gallon and what a but plug is used for. Oh and Janet is a full fledged nurse now and she administers enemas to me once a month. It is a wonderful fulfilling life.