Jenny In Jail

By [email protected]

“Come with me Lang,” said the guard opening the cell door. “Why? Where are we going?” said Martha Lang in a timid voice. Martha had been sentenced to 30 days in the county jail for shoplifting. It was a stupid thing to do and she knew it the instant she got caught. It was day 10 of her sentence and today she stayed in her cell rather than work in the jail laundry.

“You can’t pull that sick call routine on me,” said the guard, “You’re going to the infirmary for a full check up.” Martha hadn’t been feeling well for several days. The jail food service did not agree with her and she was severely constipated. “Get moving Lang,” said the guard as she pulled Martha’s arm almost dragging her out of the cell.

As they entered the infirmary the guard called over to the nurse, “Check this lazy bitch out will you?” “Glad to,” replied the nurse who got up from her desk and opened the door to an examination room. Martha meekly walked into the room.

“Sit down,” said the nurse pointing to the exam table. “Here, put this on,” she went on tossing her an examination gown. As Martha pulled off her jail issue cotton dress, the nurse filled out the patient registration form. “The doctor will be with you shortly,” said the nurse in a very harsh voice.

In a few minutes, the doctor walked in the room. “OK Lang, what is the problem?” he said in a very tired voice. “Well, my stomach……..,” Martha started to say when she was interrupted. “You constipated, correct?” said the doctor. “Well, yes,” said Martha in a very small voice, “If I could just have a laxative or something….,” The young doctor interrupted, “When you get your medical license you can write the prescriptions, OK? The nurse will be with you in a bit,” he said as he walked out the door.

Through the thin door of the exam room Martha heard the young doctor tell the nurse, “Give her a three H to flush her clean.” Martha sighed as she hoped her prescription would have her regular by morning. But when the nurse walked in with a tray of supplies, Martha knew she wasn’t going to get a prescription laxative.

“OK Lang, up on the table and lay on your left side,” said the nurse, “The doctor has ordered an enema for you.” Martha gasped in horror when she heard the words. She hadn’t had an enema since she was three. Martha just stood in disbelief as she watched the nurse fill the stainless steel enema can with hot water. Into the can, she opened two small packets of enema soap. “Get your ass on the table now!” shouted the nurse seeing Martha just standing in the middle of the room.

Martha slowly crawled on the table and lay on her left side. The nurse put the enema can on a little shel f above her and let the tube and clamp hang down, swinging slightly back and forth. Martha felt the nurse tug at the back of her gown and she gasped a bit when she felt the cool room air on her naked bottom. The nurse walked in front of Martha and picked up a pair of latex

gloves that she snapped on with great precision. She picked up a long paper wrapper and walked behind her patient again.

Martha heard the nurse open the paper wrapper and she quickly attached the inflatable nozzle tube to hose from the enema can. The nurse put a large blob of KY jelly on her index finger and brusquely pried Martha ass cheeks apart with her other hand. In one quick forceful action, the nurse rammed her finger into Martha’s anus and began to finger fuck her tight little hole. Martha began to squeal, but the nurse just continued reaming her ass with her finger.

A sigh of relief came from Martha’s lips as the nurse finally removed her finger. She heard some more noise behind her and then the nurse again parted her ass cheeks. Martha tensed up as she did. Slowly the nurse started to insert the inflatable nozzle tube into Martha’s anus. “You can fight all you want, it is still going in bitch!” replied the nurse as Martha tried to relax. Twisting

and pushing the tube with her fingers, it finally disappeared up Martha’s butt.

As the nurse pumped the inflatable nozzle balloon once, Martha wiggled and squealed as she felt the device expand in her ass. “Like that? Then try this!” said the nurse as she gave the bulb four more pumps filling Martha’s ass like never before. Then the nurse smacked Martha on the ass with her hand and opened the clamp on the tube letting the water rush into Martha’s bowels.

“Eeeeiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooo,” cried Martha as the soapy solution poured into her backside immediately causing cramps. “Shut up Lang,” said the nurse as she again slapped Martha’s ass. “Noooooooo….Oh God! I am going to burst,” cried Martha as she wiggled and squirmed on the table. “Just wait, bitch, just wait,” said the nurse.

Martha heard a loud gurgle from the enema can and the nurse clamped off the inflatable nozzle before she disconnected the tubing from the can. “On your back,” snapped the nurse. Martha slowly complied and the nurse soon had her feet in the stirrups. “Hold it 10 minutes bitch,” said the nurse as she walked out the door.

Martha looked down at her swollen belly. She thought to herself that she looked like she was at least 8 months pregnant. Slowly she began to rub her distended tummy in a feeble attempt to reduce the cramps that raged within her water filled bowels. Martha moaned and groaned and as time went on, a new feeling began to overtake her. The warmth in her belly radiated all over her body and the cramps took on an erotic quality. As the clock ticked on, Martha finally reached down between her legs and gently touched her pussy lips. Just as she ran her fingers over her clit, the door burst open.

“What the fuck are you doing Lang?” screamed the nurse “Frigging yourself with an ass full of water?” “I will show you bitch how we deal with patients who play with themselves!” shouted the nurse as she went over and picked up another enema can.

“But…but…..,”stammered Martha not knowing what would come next. Martha watched in horror as the nurse filled the enema can with cold water and then went to the refrigerator in the corner of the room and added handful and handful of ice to the solution. Then she opened a bottle of vinegar and poured at least a pint of the smelly liquid into the icy can.

Martha began to sob out loud as she watched the nurse attach a big white douche nozzle to the tubing on the can before she set it high on the shelf. “Lift your ass up slut!” shouted the nurse as she stuck a cold metal bedpan under Martha’s ass. The nurse pulled Martha’s gown up over her tits as she picked up the douche nozzle. “I can see I don’t have to lubricate this cunt,”

said the nurse as shoved the douche nozzle deep into Martha’s pussy. “This out cool down your hot box,” said the nurse as she turned on the flow of solution.

“Oh God NOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Martha as the ice-cold solution filled her cunt. The nurse would alternately hold Martha’s pussy lips together as she filled her vagina with ice-cold vinegar solution. Martha screamed and shivered as she felt her pussy expand under the pressure of the cold fluid. Then the nurse would remove her fingers and the solution would flow out of Martha’s cunt dribbling down over her ass. Again and again the procedure was repeated until the can was empty. Martha was covered with goose bumps and shivered.

“That ought to cool your hot little cunt!” said the nurse as she jerked out the douche nozzle. The nurse also let the air out of the inflatable nozzle and quickly pulled the device from Martha’’ dripping ass. As soon as she did Martha squeezed her butt cheeks together as hard as she could trying to hold the enema solution in her.

“You have 10 minutes to crap out Lang!” said the nurse as she left the room. Martha jumped to her feet and ran into the little bathroom off of the examination room. She barely had time to sit down before her bowels exploded flooding the bowl with brown water.

Martha groaned and cried as she relieved herself. The ice water douche gave her horrible cramps, far worse than what she ever had during her period. Her stomach also cramped as she tried to relieve herself of the soapy solution.

The ten minutes went quick. “Hurry up Lang!” cried the nurse as she tossed Martha her cotton jail dress. Martha cleaned herself off and began to stammer, “But….but my underwear…..” “Put your fucking dress on or you can go back to cell naked!” cried the guard who grabbed Martha by the arm. Martha barely had time to toss the dress over her head before the guard grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the exam room and down the hall.

As the guard opened the cell door, Martha could see that her bunkmate Jenny was back from work detail. Jenny stood back as the guard pushed Martha back into her cell and slammed the jail door shut. “You will work tomorrow!” shouted the guard before she walked away.

Martha just broke down crying. She was still cold from the ice water douche, having terrible cramps from her treatment, and very embarrassed. “Oh Martha, what did they do you?” said Jenny in a comforting tone of voice. “Here, let me help you. Your dress is all wet,” she went on as she pulled the cotton dress over Martha’s head. Martha stood in the middle of the cell shivering like a leaf as Jenny pulled back the covers on her bunk. “Get into bed Martha, I know how to warm you up” said Jenny as Martha slowly crawled between the sheets.

Martha lay with her head towards the wall. She felt Jenny get into the small bunk behind her and then tuck the covers around the both of them. “I will take care of you, love,” said Jenny snuggling tight into Martha. Sobbing, Martha told Jenny what had occurred. Jenny just listened as she snuggled into the abused woman. Martha was still shivering when she finished her story and Jenny gently kissed the back of her neck.

Then slowly Jenny moved her hands around Martha and began to fondle her tits. “My you are cold, your nips are as hard as little rocks,” said Jenny as gently pinched Martha nipples. At first Martha was stunned with Jenny’s actions, but it felt so good that she didn’t protest. Martha began to breathe deeply as Jenny’s fingers parted her pussy lips and began to rub her clit.

Confusion soon left Martha’s mind as delightful feelings rolled up from her cunt and overwhelmed her brain. Jenny stopped only long enough to remove her clothes and move down to the bottom of the bunk. She spread Martha’s legs and soon was licking her clit and fingering her ass as Martha groaned in orgasmic delight. That night, Martha tasted her first pussy and found that the rest of sentence was really quite enjoyable.

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