JoAnne's Thermometer

By [email protected]

JoAnne (Jo) invited me over to her new house for lunch the other day. I have known her for about five years, but in that time, we have developed a pretty good relationship. No, it’s not a romantic relationship or a sexual relationship, just a friendship. But, boys will be boys and girls will be girls, and the hormones are designed to act together. So, it would be an understatement to say that I haven’t thought about fucking her. And, every time we get together, there’s always that certain hesitation that exists - the kind of hesitation where, if we were in a romantic or even sexual relationship, it would be time to take the “next step.”

Today, things were a little different. We’ve never had any problems talking about things and Jo was telling me how she was becoming frustrated - at the dating situation where she couldn’t seem to find anybody “nice,” and purely from a sexual standpoint. If I weren’t married, and that’s why we keep our distance, I’d snatch her up in a minute! Now, from a sexual standpoint, that’s just a pure animalistic thing. Sure, I’d fuck her and she’d like for me to do it, but we know better than to do that. I asked her about masturbating and she said that even that had gotten old. Then, I told her about fantasy and fetishes, and my collection of text and video. She was curious, so I elaborated further and told her about playing doctor and especially about how I love to use the rectal thermometer…

“Oh, really? That’s interesting,” Jo said.

“Well, I guess it goes back a long way, but it is fun, and that way when I jerk-off, it’s a little different,” I responded.

We talked some more about various playing doctor scenarios that I had done, and more about the times I had spent by myself (I still didn’t think it was time to talk about enemas) and Jo was getting really interested…

“Is there any difference between a rectal thermometer and an oral thermometer?” she asked.

“Not really. They both work the same, it’s just that a rectal thermometer has a stubby bulb on it where an oral thermometer has a long skinny tip,” I told her.

“Hmmmmm…I think my thermometer is….wait a minute, why would I have a rectal thermometer?” she pondered. “Would you mind looking at it?” she asked.

“No, of course not,” I replied. Why wouldn’t I want to look at her thermometer? Just the thought of it was getting me hard, and I was trying to ignore how good she was looking in her shorts and T-shirt - being an ass man, I had always taken special notice of her ass. She got up from the couch and I watched her ass, a firm one, walk by in her shorts…

“Let me go and get it,” she said, and she went upstairs. I heard her open the closet and shut it, then she was back downstairs and standing before me with the plastic thermometer case. I took it from her and opened it, pulling out the glass rod to reveal the tip.

As I held it between my fingers, I could just picture her with it in her ass…

She jarred me from my daydreaming: “Is it an oral thermometer?” she asked.

I looked at the tip; not stubby, not elongated. “Where’d you get this?” I asked.

“When I was in the hospital for some tests. They gave it to me when I left but they always took my temperature in my mouth,” she said.

“That’s right. This is sort of a ‘universal’ thermometer. See the tip? It’s a little long and a little stubby - it can be used for oral or rectal,” I said, holding the thermometer up and waving the tip around.

When I said “oral,” I pointed it at her mouth, and when I said “rectal,” I pointed it at her ass.

“It doesn’t hurt?” she asked.

“No - it kind of feels good like it tickles up inside. And, when I jerk off, I like to twist it and move it in and out. What position do you like when you masturbate?” I continued…

By now, Jo was into it. “Sometimes, I just like to lie on my back and rub…you know…down there; other times, I like to get up on my knees and wave my butt in the air while I rub myself…I don’t know why I like that position…,” she said.

“Have you ever done anything back there?” I asked.

“Not really,” she answered.

I was going to have to get an answer to that one. “Not really?”

“I mean…some girls have sex back there — I don’t think I could do that,” she answered.

“You might be surprised, but you said, ‘not really’, so what did you mean?” I asked.

“Like….well…I’ve touched myself there,” she said.

“Have you put your finger inside?” I asked.

“Y-ye-yes…,” she said, “but not all the way.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“I get it about half-way in and then…,” she paused.

“And then?” I proceeded.

“And then….and then, you know….and then…I orgasm,” she said.

“It makes you cum? The finger in your ass makes you cum?” I questioned, wanting to be blunt and factual, using words like “ass” and “cum.”

“I’m not sure whether it’s that or it’s just the time when I…when I put my finger inside…that I’m almost there…,” she answered.

I put the thermometer back in the case and handed it to her. “Well, now you know that you can try something with this thermometer if you want,” I said.

“When do you put it in?” she asked, taking the thermometer case from me and pulling out the thermometer to look at it.

“Usually I like to get a little bit excited before I put it in, but then I leave it in until I cum,” I said.

“Do you have any special or favorite position?” she asked, as she moved the thermometer around, ran her fingers along its length, and studied the tip.

“It’s easier for me to put it in and move it around if I just lie on my back and spread my legs — plus, then I can also stroke myself a little easier. But, sometimes, I’ll either lie on my stomach and push against the bed while reaching behind me to move the thermometer around or I’ll get on my hands and knees which kind of feels nice, too,” I answered (not wanting to get into detail about “stirrups” or “enemas” and not even touching being fucked by the nurse with the strap-on dildo. Jo handed the thermometer case back to me and said, rather forcefully: “I want to do it.”

I looked up at her and said, “It’s not for everybody, and you might not even like it, but the next time you masturbate, try it and see what you think.”

“No, I mean I want to try it now,” she said.

I achieved what I had wanted to achieve but now reality was facing me right in the eye. “Uh, OK, ah, go ahead…I’ll wait right here and you can tell me how you liked it,” I stammered.

“That’s not what I meant. I want you to help me do it the first time,” she said.

I actually fumbled - I was so shocked. “It’s no big deal, you just put some lubricant on it, and you can put some on your rectum, and slide it in - no problem,” I said, almost trying to talk myself out of this situation (why?).

Jo reached for my arm and pulled me from the couch to a standing position. “So, if it’s no big deal, you’ll help me?” she asked.

What could I say? “Yeah, OK. Do you have any Vaseline or hand cream or something like that?” I asked.

“I have some Vaseline,” she said.

“That will do just fine although I use KY jelly because it is water soluble,” I said.

“I have some of that somewhere, too,” she responded.

I was curious. “Why do you have KY?” I asked.

“It came in the stuff they sent home from the hospital,” she said. “C’mon - let’s go upstairs,” she said as she took my hand and led me toward the stairs.

All I could do was follow at this point - heading in the right direction but not knowing what I had gotten myself into and crossing the line that had been between us for five years. Climbing the stairs behind her, I was again attracted to her ass in the shorts and I caught an occasional glimpse of her cheeks. Yes, very nice. She stopped at the hall closet and grabbed the tube of KY and then led me into her bedroom. She put the KY and the thermometer case on the nightstand.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

“Positive,” and then she handed the thermometer case to me. “Let’s get started,” she said.

“OK - well…ah….you…ah….,” I stuttered as I was so stumped.

“Well what?” she said.

“You know it’s kind of hard to take a person’s temperature rectally when their pants are still on,” I said.

“So, take your pants off,” she said.

I was stunned. WHOA! “My pants!?” I sort of exclaimed and I sort of questioned. “I thought you wanted me to help YOU?” I asked.

“Yeah. I do. I want to see how you do it so I’ll know what to do,” she said.

“But…but, you’ll see me…naked…,” I stammered as I slipped off my shoes.

“So - is that a big deal?” she asked.

“Well…no…no problem with me if it’s no problem with you,” I answered, kind of surprised at where this whole thing was headed. I undid my belt and pants, and pulled down my zipper. Then I sat on the bed and took off my pants. Jo reached out and took them from me, laying them across a chair. I set the thermometer on the nightstand and began to lay back on the bed.

“Don’t you take off your shirt?” she asked.

“Uh…yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I leave it on and just raise it up,” I said.

“Aaww, c’mon. You gotta take your shirt off…,” she said. Realizing that things were moving right along, I took off my shirt and handed it to her. Then I lay back on the bed - having done this probably 1,000 times or more in my lifetime, yet being stumped this one time.

“Don’t you take your panties…I mean, underwear off?” Jo asked, giggling when she said ‘panties’.

“Yeah, I do, but it’s just that….well, I don’t do it right away…I sort of rub myself a little bit first,” I said.

Jo sat on the bed next to me and took my hand, placing it over my cock. “Well, go ahead. Don’t let me stop you,” she said.

My fingers grabbed around my half-hard cock in sort of a natural reaction. “Well, it’s just that I’m not used to doing this in front of anybody,” I said, my hand now lightly stroking my cock.

“Just pretend I’m not here,” she said.

What the heck, I thought. I have an opportunity to jerk off, I can slide a thermometer in my ass, and a female is watching. That’s sort of neat - so I closed my eyes and raised up my hips, sliding my underwear down and off of my legs. I used one hand to stroke my cock and the other hand I used to rub across my chest and my belly - and I would occasionally stop stroking my cock to rub my balls. After a while, it was time for the thermometer. I opened my eyes and Jo was still sitting on the bed next to me, sort of perplexed by what was going on. I made eye contact with her.

“Like what you see?” I asked.

“Yeah. This is wild,” she said.

“How about handing me the thermometer and the KY,” I asked. “Are you gonna do it now? Are you going to take your temperature?” she asked, as she took the thermometer out of the case, and handed me the thermometer and the KY.

“Yeah - see, I get myself turned on pretty good and then it’s like I move to the next level,” I said.

“Wow! I never imagined…,” she said.

I wasn’t going to continue the dialogue. It was time to get that thermometer into my ass. I took the KY and squeezed some on my finger. Then I raised my feet into the “stirrups” position and placed my finger on my asshole. Jo got off the side of the bed and went around to the foot so she was looking right at my ass. Knowing that she was watching from the best vantage point, I teased my asshole a little bit with my finger, then slowly eased it inside, letting out a little moan as it slid upside. I pushed it all the way inside and started finger fucking myself and stroking my cock - partly because it felt good, and partly because she was watching. When I reached the next plateau, I pulled my finger from my ass and reached for the thermometer. I took some KY and ran it along the length of the thermometer - not that it needed it with my well lubed asshole, but I do find that it’s a nice slippery insertion if both the thermometer and my asshole are lubricated.

Pay attention, now,” I said, as I positioned the thermometer against my asshole and slid it inside. Keeping my legs spread wide and my feet raised, I started to stroke my cock again and rub my asscheeks and the backs of my thighs.

“See how easy it is?” I asked. I could see Jo squatted at the foot of the bed, looking at the thermometer in my ass and my hand moving up and down my very hard cock. I took the thermometer between my fingers and began to twirl it in my asshole and move it in and out - all the while, steadily stroking my cock. I lowered my feet to rest on the bed, but kept my knees raised and my legs spread. I started to move my hips on the thermometer and stroke my cock with a tighter grip and a bit more speed. It wouldn’t be long now.

I said, in that tone of voice when you’re about 90% ready to cum, “I’m gonna cum soon…”

Although my eyes were half open, I noticed that Jo was walking past me and I could hear water running in the bathroom. Too late to worry about that stuff, but I didn’t want her to miss my cumming, so I paced myself. It wasn’t long before she returned and I sensed her presence at the foot of the bed. I would let it happen now. I quickened my pace on my cock and was alternating between rubbing my chest and belly, lightly pinching my nipples, and moving the thermometer in and out of my asshole. I began to squirt and, since I really didn’t want to make a mess, I released my grip a little bit so the pressure wouldn’t be so great as to shoot cum all over the place. I felt the cum running down my hand as my asshole gripped the thermometer and my hand ran up and down my belly. I felt cum on my belly and dripping on my hand. I hadn’t cum for a few days and this whole thing had gotten me pretty hot, so I knew I was going to cum a lot.

When I was finished cumming, I lay there with my legs spread, my hand wrapped around my cock, and the thermometer in my ass. As I returned from post orgasmic bliss, I said to her, “See, didn’t that look like fun.”

She was sill at the foot of the bed. “Yeah… do you take the thermometer out now?” she asked, and I felt the thermometer moving in my ass - it had to be her fingers on it.

“Yeah, like right about now once it is all over,” I answered. I felt the thermometer sliding from my ass and looked up to see her standing next to the bed with the thermometer in her hand. That was an interesting sight knowing that it had just been in my ass and that she had watched the whole thing!

“Should I read it?” she asked.

In a faked authoritative voice I said, “Of course.” Jo took a Kleenex from the nightstand and wiped off the lubricant, then rotated the thermometer around until she could read it.

“It says 100 degrees exactly - are you feeling OK?” she asked. I chuckled a little. “The rectal temperature is 1 degree higher, so it would be 99.6; I guess the 4/100 is from the heightened sexual level, huh?” I said.

“Yeah, I guess so. Interesting,” she said. Then she put the thermometer back on the nightstand and she leaned over my waist. I felt her place a warm washcloth over my cock and she started wiping me off. She wiped all around my cock and reached below me to wipe between my legs.

“Thought you might need this…how about raising your feet and spreading your legs so I can get in between here,” she said, as she moved her hand lower to get between my cheeks. I always knew that this girl was the greatest - the kind you’d take home to mother - of course, mother doesn’t need to know about this!

Jo got her washcloth covered fingers between my asscheeks as I lay there again in the stirrups position. She rubbed up and down and I could feel her middle finger at my asshole. She pushed it forward slightly and rotated it around, then finished wiping between my cheeks. Up over my already cleaned off cock to my belly where she wiped the cum from there.

She stood up and said, “There, nice and clean,” and went back into the bathroom.

Feeling a bit self conscious, I got off the bed and had gotten my underwear, my ‘panties’, on when she came back out.

“Hey, where are you going?” she asked.

“I thought that since I was through and you know how to do it, that you might want some time by yourself,” I answered.

Jo came over to me and led me back toward the bed. “No way, I want to try it now while you’re here,” she said.

My thoughts were racing. “Uh, well,….OK, I’ll just sit here…,” I said as I sat on the side of the bed where she had once been.

With that, Jo took off her T-shirt and I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits are small and firm, and for around the house, she really doesn’t need one. She undid the button on her shorts and in no time had slid them off her legs. She’s neat - she walked over to the chair and laid her T-shirt and shorts across it. What a great site in just her light blue bikini panties, but they didn’t stay on long. She slid them down her legs and off and I noticed that her bush, what there was of it, was very light colored (her parents are from Norway, and she sort of has light colored hair, but I almost expected brown pussy hair - although her eyebrows are light colored).

I felt like a kid in high school sitting on her bed in my underwear and looking at her nakedness. “You look nice,” I said. What a dumb thing to say!

“Thanks - you did, too,” she said, as she climbed on the bed and wasted no time in reclining and beginning to move her hands over her body. She kept one hand between her legs and, like me, rubbed one hand over her belly and tits. I noticed how her nipples became erect (making note that this seemed to be a characteristic of girls with smaller breasts). I noticed that her fingers rubbed on her clit and as she got more excited, she would let a finger or two slip inside her pussy.

She reached a level and looked over to me and said, “I think I’m ready now. Can you put some KY on my finger?”

I got the KY and put it on her fingertip, saying, “Remember, you can’t cum yet…”

She raised her legs as I moved to the foot of the bed to see her finger touching her asshole as she said, “I know. I normally would have waited a little bit more before taking this step.”

I had put the KY on her middle finger. She raised her legs up into “stirrups” position and moved her finger around her asshole to spread the lubricant around. At the same time, I noticed that she would slip her index finger into her pussy. I then noticed that her finger was sliding very slowly into her asshole…the first knuckle, the second knuckle, all the way inside. She moaned as she felt her finger in her asshole and her other finger in her pussy. Her hand was rubbing her clit and her tits. Her finger was moving around in her asshole and her pussy. Now her other hand was pushing against her clit and her hips were really moving. Her breathing was intensifying and her hand, with the fingers in her pussy and her asshole, were really going at it.

“Don’t cum,” I said. But I think it was too late. She was making those guttural grunting sounds and her hips were really moving. I could see the perspiration on her forehead and the back of her thighs. Her feet were planted firmly on the bed but her legs were spread. Yes, she was cumming. I sat back and watched - and enjoyed it. As her orgasm subsided. she removed her fingers from her pussy and her asshole and let her hand rest at her side. Her other hand kept lightly stroking across her nipples.

Jo looked over at me as she raised her legs and said, “Take my temperature.”

I think I understood what she said. I went to the nightstand and got the thermometer, shook it down, and put KY on it. Resuming my position at the foot of the bed, I looked at her separated pussy lips and her well lubricated asshole. I took the tip of the thermometer and placed it against her asshole, noticing the involuntary clenching of the sphincter muscle - when the reflex stopped, I pushed it forward and slid the thermometer inside. I could see her pussy contract and I could feel the resistance on the thermometer as I inserted it. Jo let out a little moan and let her hand wander down to her pussy hair where she rested it - lightly moving her fingers over it. I kept hold of the tip and moved the thermometer around, then started moving the thermometer in and out. I think that got her fired up gain because I noticed that her pussy was beginning to lubricate and her hand was really rubbing on her clit.

“Just keep doing that a little bit longer - usually I have a little orgasm after the first,” she said.

Was I to argue with this? I kept up an alternating motion of twirling the thermometer. moving it in and out, and a combination of both. I noticed her hand in a steady motion across her clit, and I could feel her pending orgasm when her muscles clenched around the thermometer. She was moving her hips around and she started to moan. I also noticed that she was pushing down so that the thermometer would go deeper.

I let this happen because it put my finger tips right on her asshole - I had to hold onto the thermometer so it wouldn’t get lost inside! That did it - it was a couple of thrusts and then she, too, was flat on the bed in post orgasmic bliss. I slid the thermometer from her asshole and she squirmed a bit-probably still a little sensitive there. I stood next to the bed, just like she did, and wiped off the thermometer.

She looked over at me and I said, “100 degrees - looks like orgasm does raise the body temperature, huh?” She giggled and I wondered whether she noticed my hard-on pushing through my underwear. Jo stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. I loved looking at her asscheeks knowing that I had just taken her rectal temperature. I walked into the bathroom to see her standing at the sink running water onto the washcloth.

I approached her from behind and she saw me in the mirror. I thought I kept a good distance from her, but my underwear encased hard-on was now against her asscheeks. She looked up and we were again at that point where I would kiss her if we were dating. No time to think about that after what had just happened.

We joined our mouths together in a passionate kiss and I felt her hands reach for my underwear and pull them down. I let them fall to the floor and step out of them. She moved around so that my cock was between her legs. Nature took over and I was rubbing my cock between her very wet pussy. She adjusted herself and my cock slid inside. It was tight and she moved on it good. She rode my cock harder than I thought was possible, and I did my share of pumping, too! She was holding on to my asscheeks with one hand, steadying herself on the sink with the other, and I guess the edge of the sink was rubbing her clit as I felt her pussy tighten on my cock as she came.

I was ready to shoot inside of her when she moved off of my cock and reached behind her to grab it. She rubbed it up and down her pussy, each time making longer and longer strokes. Then I felt her put it at her asshole and start moving around on it.

I moved forward and started moving my cock on her asshole when I felt her tongue my ear and she said, “Take my temperature this way now.” I got myself adjusted and she realized that she would have to help a bit more. I had hold of my cock to steady its entrance into her asshole - she reached behind her and spread her cheeks. I knew it was going to be extra tight as the head pressed in, but she only grunted a little bit - after all she had just had three orgasms and the thermometer was in there - so it was loosened up. I knew there was a little discomfort for her as I slowly slid my cock in her ass because I could see her grimace in the mirror, but her moans told me that the pleasure far exceeded the discomfort.

The discomfort subsided and soon it was all pleasure as I steadily fucked her asshole. Now, it wasn’t real loose and it had never been fucked before, so I wasn’t able to fuck it like a pussy…but that was good, because it was nice and tight and I needed to cum badly! I started a steady rhythm which caused me to reach the peak. Jo had been fingering her pussy while I rubbed her tits and she was rubbing her clit. I again felt her cumming and the tightness caused me to begin to shoot…apparently this brings ‘em off when they feel the thrusts or something, because she was cumming big time and pushing back against my cock. She tightened up as she finished cumming and this served to milk the last drop of cum from my cock. I put it in deep one last time, and that got a “ungh” from her - then I slowly removed it.

Jo turned around and gave me a passionate kiss - her hands around my asscheeks - and my cock between her legs. “Thank you,” she said, “That was fun - and I wouldn’t have wanted to do that with anyone else…”