Job Interview

Nancy had just graduated from College only two weeks ago and already she had landed a second interview for what sounded like the job of her dreams! The interview 2 days ago with the Vice President had seemed to go very well. He really seemed to like her and she liked everything about the job. The pay was terrific and she would have a very important position with lots of travel to very exciting places all around the world. Mr. Hotaling, the Vice President had said he wanted her to meet Jason Albright the owner of the firm. He would be the one to ultimately make the decision if she were the right type of person for their firm. Mr. Hotaling had mentioned it more than once that their firm required a ‘certain type’ of individual in order to successfully carry out the mission of the company.

Today was the big day! Nancy was ready for her 9:00 AM appointment with Mr. Albright an hour before she needed to be. Then before she knew it, she was in the waiting room and she heard a man’s voice call her name.

She looked up and there stood a small very young looking man with the dumbest looking glasses she had ever seen. He introduced himself as Jason Albright and told her to follow him. Nancy followed him into a large plush office with huge black leather chairs. He motioned for her to sit in the chair facing his desk. He opened up a folder which she could see held her resume and some notes she assumed were written by Mr. Hotaling.

After a long silence Mr. Albright began asking Nancy many questions. He seemed to be very interested in her and she was really getting the feeling that he was equally as impressed with her as his Vice President had been. Then she thought she has been dreaming when she actually heard him say he was very close to offering her the job. The only thing left was for her to ‘submit’ to a physical exam by the company doctor. He told her that this was a very important step in determining if she was right for the job.

Nancy quickly agreed and jumped up to shake Mr. Albright’s hand. He did not take her gesture but instead told her to sit down and listen carefully to him. Nancy did as he asked but was a bit taken back by this. He proceeded to tell her that she was to report to Dr. Mason directly upon leaving his office. He told her that it was very important for her to be completely cooperative during the exam. He also said that she was to be aware that under no circumstances was she to feel that she was being forced to continue and at any time if she would like to end the examination she was perfectly free to do so. Mr. Albright explained to Nancy that there was a certain type of person he needed to do the job she had applied for and he needed to KNOW that she was the right one. He said that if she passed the exam and all was well when he got the medical report from Dr. Mason that she would start her new job immediately.

He then picked up the phone and she heard him make the appointment for one hour from now. She had not expected to be going to see a doctor and was a bit nervous about how he had used the word ‘submit’ to a physical exam. Nancy thought for a second and realized that she was probably just being very paranoid since she was so anxious to get this position.

An hour later Nancy walked into the Doctor’s office that Mr. Albright had directed her to. There were several others in the waiting room. Nancy sat down and picked up a magazine. Four people had been called before her by the nurse and when it was her turn she followed the nurse down a long hallway to the last room on the left. The nurse told her to sit on the chair next to the examination table and the doctor would be with her shortly.

In no time at all a very tall and stern looking gray haired man wearing a white coat entered the room. He did not greet or look at Nancy as he entered the room. He picked up a folder and began to read. Then he looked up over his glasses and told Nancy that he saw she was one of Mr. Albright’s people. Nancy did not know exactly what he meant but she nodded. He asked her if she was ready for her exam. Nancy nodded, a bit skeptical.

Dr. Mason began to write in his folder and told Nancy to take off all of her clothes and lay them on the chair. Nancy began to flush a bit as this seemed a bit irregular but began to get undressed. She had taken everything off except her bra and panties when Dr. Mason sternly told her to take everything off. Nancy asked if she could have a gown and his answer was a quick, “No gown”.

Dr. Mason watched her as she took off her bra and pulled her panties down and stood completely naked in front of him. Next he ordered her “Up on the scales.”

Nancy stepped up on the big black scales and stood there while he maneuvered the slider until it reached her correct weight. He then told her to get up on the table and lay on her back. Nancy was getting a bit nervous.. she had never had to do this before without a gown. She felt embarrassed to be so naked but she did as he asked and climbed onto the table and lay down on her back. Nancy made an attempt at covering her breasts and pubic hair because she could feel the doctors eyes on her body. Dr. Mason clumsily grabbed her arm and took her blood pressure. Then he felt for her pulse on her wrists and her throat. He jabbed a cardboard stick in her mouth and told her to say “ah”. Then he flashed a bright light into her eyes.

Next she saw him pick up a thermometer and Nancy began to open her mouth as he approached her with it. “Oh no”…he said……”this goes in your behind…turn over.” Nancy was appalled at this and protested. Dr. Mason repeated his command for her to roll over. Nancy thought about what Mr. Albright had said about cooperation. She supposed this wasn’t such a bad thing and did as she was told. When Nancy was laying on the table with her bare bottom exposed to the doctor he picked up a tube of some sort and began to separate her cheeks. He then squeezed a small amount between her cheeks. Nancy jumped at the feel of the cold slippery substance he was applying to her rear end. She could feel her face getting very red with embarrassment.

Suddenly she felt doctor Mason inserting the glass thermometer into her rectum. At first he just poked it in only slightly and wiggled it a bit. Then he slowly and methodically began to insert it until she could feel his fingers resting against her cheeks. He held it inside her and did not let go. It seemed like an eternity and she could feel him moving it around inside her. She held her breath hoping this awful humiliation would soon be over. Finally she began to feel him remove the thermometer just as slowly as he had inserted it. Nancy sighed with relief. Then she felt Dr. Mason spreading her legs apart wider than the table. He began to spread her ass cheeks apart again and poured more slippery gel on her behind. She asked him what he was going to do. He told her he would be doing a rectal exam. Nancy couldn’t help it but she heard herself let out a quiet moan at the thought of this. What was this all about?

Was this what Mr. Albright had meant when he used the word ‘submit’ ? Was this more than a routine examination? Dr. Mason seemed to be enjoying humiliating her. Nancy suddenly realized that this WAS part of the test. It dawned on her that what Mr. Albright was telling her was that he needed a certain type of person to work for him. He needed someone submissive. This was his way of ‘testing’ his prospective employees.

Before she knew it Dr. Mason was spreading her cheeks and poking a gloved finger at the tip of her little pink hole. He began to sort of ‘play’ with her hole and every once in a while he would insert his finger into her ever so slightly. Nancy knew she had to lay still as horrified as she was at what he was doing. At one point she jumped a bit and Dr. Mason yelled at her to be still. Then suddenly she felt him insert a finger quickly and deeply inside her ass. He seemed to be pushing and prodding and feeling inside her bottom. Every once in a while Nancy felt he was removing his finger from her rectum when he would suddenly push it inside deeper still. Nancy closed her eyes and held onto the sides of the table as she was having her ass violated by this stranger. She told herself it would be over in a few minutes.

It seemed like an hour later when Dr. Mason finished his rectal exam and told Nancy to turn over onto her back. Nancy hesitated… she was very scared and embarrassed but she did as she was told. Dr. Mason then came and stood over her and looked her in the eye. He told her that the next part of the exam she was to lay perfectly still. She was to show control and not move a muscle. He then grabbed her legs and spread them wide apart. He went over to the counter and picked up a metal cigar shaped tube about 5 inches long. Dr. Mason also picked up the tube of jelly he had poured on her behind. He was about to begin pouring it between her legs when he hesitated and explained to Nancy that he was going to be examining her vaginal area and that what he would be doing would be quite stimulating. He was sorry for that but it was very necessary. He told her she was NOT to move a muscle and she was NOT to reach orgasm or she would fail the exam. He then asked her if she would like to end the exam at this time. Nancy did not answer. Dr. Mason quickly said “Very well,” and started to turn away from her.

“NO,” Nancy said. “I will continue. Go ahead… but is this really necessary?”

Dr. Mason told her it was and turned back toward her as she lay on the table, naked with her legs spread wide apart. He began to pour the liquid like jelly all over her vaginal lips and then with the metal tube he started gently rubbing it all over her. Nancy once again grabbed hold of the sides of the table. He had told her she could not move.

“OH GOD.. Nancy thought…..what is he DOING to me ?” Nancy tried to pick a speck on the ceiling and focus on it so that she would not think about how this doctor was making her feel. She couldn’t help but feel this cold metal tube being slid all over the outside of her vagina. God this doctor was making her feel like she had never felt before!

Then he began to gently and teasingly rub the tube onto her clit. “OH GOD….NO!”…..Nancy thought. “I can’t move… I MUST be still. But …oh god what he is DOING to me ?”

He continued to rub her clit gently.. he would not let up. She didn’t move but she began to beg Dr. Mason to stop….that she could not hold still! Then he stopped and walked back over to the counter. Nancy sighed with relief and relaxed a bit.

Then she saw him pick up another tube similar to the one he was already using on her but this one was longer in length. This one was about 10 inches long. Dr. Mason turned again to Nancy and told her to spread her legs wider. Nancy did so as best she could. Then she felt his fingers begin to spread her pussy lips open wide and he began to insert the longer tube deep inside her vagina. He pushed it in and out several times before leaving it sticking out of her and picked up the shorter tube. He then began to do what felt like ‘tickle’ her clit in a way that Nancy thought she was going to leap off the table. She grabbed onto the sides of the table and tried desperately to concentrate and think of being somewhere else.

Dr. Mason kept it up. Nancy was beginning to feel a sense of losing herself. She did not want to admit to herself how wonderful this doctor was making her feel. She fought and fought as he stimulated her directly on her clit! Her lips were aching she could feel the pleasure welling up in her body. She opened her eyes for a minute and saw that Dr. Mason was looking directly in her eyes as he played with her while she lay naked on his table. Nancy held on tight but began to moan louder and louder as the intensity of the stimulation rose in her. She HAD to resist! This was the test! She began to beg the doctor to stop!

“NO… NO….NO”…she moaned but still managed to be quite still. Just when she thought she was going to be able to make it she felt the doctor begin to thrust the long tube in and out of her vagina while still stimulating her directly on her clit. Nancy felt the room spin. The pleasure that was building throughout her entire body was like none she had ever felt in her life! She wanted to explode but knew she HAD to hold back.

She began to squirm without control. Dr. Mason held her legs apart wider. Nancy was losing all sense of herself and could hear herself scream “NOOOO NOOOOOO NOOOOO…” but she did NOT want him to stop! Then she lost all control and began to pump her hips into the long tube forcing it to enter her deeper and deeper with long heavy thrusts!

“OH GOD YES…” Nancy shouted! Then she yelled “NO NO.. I can’t do this…” as she continued to pump her hips forcing the doctor to thrust the tube deep inside of her. Dr. Mason continued to use his instruments on her and smiled as he watch her reach a full orgasm. Nancy’s screams began to subside to moans and she slowly quieted down.

Dr. Mason removed the long tube from her vagina and stood up looking directly at Nancy’s eyes. Nancy felt wonderful and did not even care that she had just lost the job of her dreams. She did not care anymore about the awful humiliation and embarrassment she felt earlier. She looked up at Dr. Mason and smiled. He smiled back at her. Then he explained to her that he had not really expected her to be able to resist orgasm. The test was to see IF she would submit to the procedures and how long she could resist cumming. He told her that she had done remarkably well and that a full report would be going out to Mr. Albright immediately and he fully expected her to be embarking on a new and exciting career. He told her she could stay and relax in the room for as long as she would like and when she was ready she could get dressed and report to Mr. Albright first thing the next morning.

Dr. Mason left the room. Nancy drifted off to sleep for a few minutes then awoke and looked around the room. She could hardly believe what had taken place. Nancy climbed down off the table, cleaned up and got dressed. She had planned on taking the bus and it was a long walk home but Nancy needed some time to let the events of the day settle in. This morning when she had been anticipating how her meeting with Mr. Albright would go, she could not possibly have known it would be like this !