Joey Goes For A Check-Up

By J. Tsavinici

This was the first day of summer vacation from school. This fall he will be attending his first year in high school. The story of this summer will be one he will remember for the rest of his life and will change his life forever.

His name is Joey. He is 16 years old. He is 5 foot 8 inches. Joey is about 100 pounds. During the summer Joey is going to visit Germany, France, England, and Spain. What happens before and on the trip to these locations will be the story that you will see on the next pages. Yes, the story will be dirty, but it must be told so that other will learn from the experience.

This morning Joey woke up and went to breakfast. At the breakfast table were his mother and father. Both of them were very strict and rich. They believed in a strong and powerful control over their only son. They also believed that the best way that they can teach their son was to send him into the trenches of life to fight his own battles no matter how tough they might be. The only major rule that they enforced was he must obey everything that his elders said.

As breakfast went on the mother whose name was Jane told her son that he was to go to the doctor’s this evening at 6:00 so that he might be able to get his physical and shots for his trip that he was suppose to start on tomorrow to Europe. His father whose name was James set up this trip so that his son could get a chance to see all of Europe and to understand their customs in the event that he had to make business trips in the future. His father planned every detail of the trip out so that he would only have to travel to the locations and everything else was already taken care of for him.

This included the teacher that he was to stay with in each country to help him learn the customs. After breakfast he went to his room and packed for his trip. His father did not believe in wasting labor on things that could be done by himself and his family. So he had his son pack his own bags for Europe and his father felt that this would give him a since of responsibility. The only other person in the house beside the family was the butler, whose family had served Joey’s family for many centuries.

Joey finally finished packing about lunch time. He sat down for lunch and then went out that afternoon with a very good friend to the arcade down the street. This would probably be the last time that Joey will get a chance to see his friend and an arcade till he got back from Europe. Joey and his friend spent a long time at the arcade till about 5:00 p.m. Then he and his friend went to the local hamburger stand and ordered some food and ate it there. Joey than said goodbye to his friend and headed off to the doctor’s.

Upon arriving at the doctor’s Joey noticed that he was the only one in the waiting room. The doctor then entered the room and said hi to Joey. He also said “I see that you have arrived. Let me lock this door so that no one else will disturb us. You are the last patient for the day for me.” The doctor then locked the door then turned the lights off in the waiting room.

He the told Joey to follow him to the exam room and that he was all set up for the physical. He told Joey that his mother called and told the doctor what Joey needed. As they enter the room the doctor, whose name was Dr St Denis, told Joey to take off all of his clothes and put on the gown that was lying on the exam table. He told Joey to put all his clothes on the desk.

Joey questioned, “Everything?”

The doctor calmly said, “Yes everything.”

Joey said “OK”.

The doctor then said that while Joey was changing into the gown that he was to pee into the cup on the exam table and to put the cup on the desk also. The doctor than pointed to the bathroom. Joey said OK. The doctor then left the room. Joey then took the gown and cup and went to the bathroom. There he took off all of his clothes and pissed into the cup. He then put on the gown which was open in the back. He then went into the exam room and put his clothes onto the desk and the cup on the desk as the doctor ordered. He then walked over to the exam table. Dr St Denis then walked into the room.

He then told Joey to sit up on the table and Joey did so. The doctor then took a small flashlight out of his pocket. He began to feel through Joey’s blond hair. He then turned Joey’s head to the right and looked into Joey’s right ear and then turned Joey’s head the other way and looked into his left ear. The doctor stated that the ears were very clean. The doctor than told Joey to look forward and the doctor looked into Joey’s powder blue eyes. He then told Joey to tilt his head back and the doctor looked into each of Joey’s nostrils. He then told Joey to open his mouth wide and to say “Aaaaah”.

Joey did so. The doctor commented that Joe did not have his tonsils out yet and Joey agreed by saying “Aaaaah”.

The doctor then put the flashlight away and put his stethoscope up to his ears and then pick up the end of the stethoscope. He then placed the end of the stethoscope onto the boy’s chest where he began to listen for the boy’s heart beat. The doctor moved the stethoscope around the boy’s chest telling Joey to breathe very deep. Joey did so. He then told Joey to lay back on the table and he then reached under the table and got out a blood pressure meter. He then placed the cup around Joey’s arm and he then placed the stethoscope at the end of the rap and began to squeeze the bulb blowing up the cuff around Joey’s arm.

After the doctor blew up the machine so far he slowly released the pressure and listened for a pulse. after he got the pressure he wrote it down on a piece of paper on his desk. The doctor then went back to Joey and removed the cuff from his arm and placed it under the table. The doctor then told Joey that he was going to have to remove the top half of the gown that he had on so that he could check out his skin and Joey said “OK doctor”.

St Denis untied the gown from the back and unrolled the gown till it was at about Joey’s waist. He then began to feel all round Joey’s ribs and gut and he told Joey that if anything hurt when he touched it that Joey was to let him know. Joey nodded in agreement. As the doctor began to work his way down Joey’s gut he slowly moved the gown down.

He then told Joey to place his hands above his head and Joey did so. He then told Joey that he was going to have to remove the gown all the way. Joey nodded in agreement being he knew that he was getting a full examination for his trip overseas. The doctor the removed the gown and placed it under the exam table. The doctor then opened a drawer on the exam table and pulled out a pack of gloves opened it and placed them on.

As the doctor then looked at Joey’s hairless legs he asked Joey to raise one leg up and Joey complied.

The doctor told Joey that he was checking the muscle tone so that he could see if there were any degenerative diseases. Joey understood. Dr St Denis grabbed hold of Joey’s leg and began to feel it from the top slowly down till he got to Joey’s buttock. He then told Joey to lower that leg and to raise the other leg.

Joey did so without question. Dr St Denis did the same thing with the second leg as the did with the first leg, from the top to the buttock. The doctor then asked Joey to roll over onto his stomach and he did so. Dr St Denis reached under the table and pulled out a big rubber type pillow. He told Joey that he wanted to check his spinal arch and that he needed to place this pillow under him in order to check this out as well as other problems and that it would be more comfortable than having him laying in strange positions. So the doctor placed the pillow in a position so that it was under Joey’s buttock and this caused Joey’s buttock to be raised into the air.

The doctor then opened another drawer on the exam table and pulled out an electronic thermometer. He then told Joey that he was going to take his temperature. He the placed his hand on Joey’s butt. He told Joey to relax. Joey was somewhat surprised that the doctor was going to take the temperature this way but he did remember what his mother and father always said to him and so he did relax as the doctor said. The doctor then spread apart Joey’s cheeks placed the pre-lubed probe onto the tip of his anus and told Joey to take a deep breath. Joey did so and as Joey took the deep breath he felt the probe going in. The doctor inserted the probe till it touched the prostrate gland.

As soon as the probe touched the prostrate gland Joey gave out a mild moan. The doctor then told Joey to relax because the probe was going to be in there for a couple of minutes and that he was going to check Joey’s spine while the temperature was being taken. Joey said OK and felt the doctor move his hand to the top of his spine and slowly move it down his back to his butt. The doctor than told Joey that he had a good spine.

The doctor then went to the end of the table and removed a latch. The table was a special table built so that the back part could be unlatched and opened. He then told Joey that he was going to do a check of his kidneys and prostrate gland and other organs but the only way to check them was for him to reach into his anus. He told Joey that he was going to separate he table and split it apart which was going to cause Joey’s legs to be spread apart.

He then told Joey that in order to prevent him from bringing his legs back together that he was going to have to strap his legs to the table as a precaution. Joey understood and he felt the doctor strapping his legs to the table then he felt the table spread apart as the doctor described. As the doctor locked the table in place the thermometer beeped. The doctor then went up into the split and removed the thermometer out of Joey’s butt. Ah 100 degrees the doctor said a little warm. before I start the exam I am going to have to give you an enema, do you know what this is Joey asked the doctor.

Joey had never had an enema in his life. the doctor told him that it was placing water up the anus to clean out the rectal track so that a doctor could examine the patient. Joey ask if it hurt.

And the doctor told him that it might be uncomfortable for a while. The doctor told Joey that he was going to have the urge to go to the bathroom but to ignore it as much as possible until the doctor told him to go. The doctor the pulled out a rubber enema bag already prepared with warm water from under the table. He told Joey that the enema would go a lot better if he kept his hands above his head. Joey followed the doctor’s directions.

The doctor then pulled out a tub of lubricating gel and placed some of the gel onto the long enema tub. The doctor used a special tube that was very fat and long. He then placed the tube at the entrance of Joey’s ass hole. He then told Joey to take deep breaths. Joey then began to take deep breaths at which point the doctor then grabbed Joey on his side which caused Joey to take a really deep breath. This is when the doctor pressed the tip of the enema tub into Joey’s butt. Joey felt a short but sharp pain.

The doctor then told Joey that the hard part was over and now it was time to be a big man and take his water. The doctor the pressed the tub until it reached the prostrate again and began to shift the tub around which caused Joey to moan again. He told Joey that’s a good boy. The doctor then opened the valve to the enema bag which caused the water to flow into Joey’s rectum. Joey felt pressure building up in his Rectum and stomach. About ten minutes later the doctor reached under the table and pulled out a bed pan and told Joey that as soon as he pulls the tub out of his but Joey can release the water. The doctor quickly pulled the tub out of Joey’s butt and had the bedpan under Joey.

Joey immediately released the water and contents of his bowels into the bedpan. It took about five minutes for Joey to completely empty his bowels. Joey felt a lot better after he was empty. The doctor then said that Joey was now clean and ready for the examination.

He then took the lubrication tub and squeezed some lubrication Gel unto his gloves fingers.

He then placed his index finger onto the entrance of Joey’s butt. With his other hand he grabbed Joey on his side again and told Joey to relax. The doctor then quickly inserted his finger into Joey’s butt. Joey felt a little surprised but it did not hurt this time and as the doctor then started to move his finger around Joey’s butt it felt good. As the doctor moved his had around inside him the doctor then began to rub slowly along Joey’s side. As he was doing this he was telling Joey to relax. Joey said OK. The doctor then removed the one finger for a moment to then place both his index finger and his middle finger into Joey’s butt. With both fingers the doctor quickly moved about Joey’s Butt causing some unusual feeling to come over Joey’s body. Good feelings! Joey could not understand why what the doctor was doing was feeling good.

The doctor then told Joey that he was going to use a more sensitive tool to check out his organs and that it may hurt for a moment but the pain will go away. Joey Did not disagree. The doctor then took his hand out of Joey’s Butt and unbuttoned his smock. The doctor purposely did not wear anything under his smock for this occasion. The doctor then took off the rubber gloves and placed them into the trash can beside the table. He the reached under the table and got out a condom. Joey could not see any of this due to the fact that he was purposely not in a position to see any of this by the doctor. The doctor then opened the condom packet and placed the condom onto his penis. He then told Joey that this was going to hurt for a few seconds and then he might feel a sense of pleasure and that it was all right to feel this sense of pleasure.

The table with the pillow raising up Joey’s butt was just high enough for it to reach evenly with Dr St Denis’ penis. The doctor then told Joey that the instrument was ready to go in and that he was to relax to reduce the amount of pain that he would feel. Joey said OK. The doctor then placed his penis at the edge of Joey’s Butt and the told Joey to take a deep breath. As Joey was taking the deep breath the doctor pressed his penis into Joey. This caused Joey to feel a sharp pain for a moment which caused Joey to let out a slight yell. The doctor in a calm voice told Joey to relax and Joey did so.

The doctor continued till his penis filled up Joey’s butt. He then began to move his penis in and out of Joey’s butt. For Joey this going in and out caused Joey to have a mixed feeling of good and bad. For the penis was causing some pain and the pain was causing some pleasure that Joey never felt before. The doctor then asked Joey if it hurt and Joey responded by saying a little. The doctor then asked Joey if he wanted him to stop for a moment and Joey said no that will not be necessary. The doctor then told Joey that the instrument was going to be going faster. Joey responded by saying OK I am ready. The doctor then began to move in and out faster and faster. Joey started to moan.

The doctor then asked Joey if it was hurting and Joey said no. The doctor then grabbed Joey by his sides and Joey felt the doctor rubbing back and forth along his sides with his hands. As the doctor was doing this he told Joey to relax and Joey did so. This felt very good to Joey. As The doctor rubbed Joey he moved his right hand down to Joey’s penis and began to rub it. Joey wondered why the doctor was doing this but did not protest because it made him feel extremely good. The doctor then told Joey that he was checking to see how strong his prostrate gland was. He told Joey to relax and to let the body do what it would normally do at this time.

Joey felt so good that he was not about to complain. He had so many feelings going through his body that he was beginning to enjoy what was happening. The doctor then asked Joey if he was feeling any pain and Joey said no. All of a sudden Joey felt a lot of pressure in his rectum as the doctor gave a strong and sudden shove then he felt the warm cum as the doctor came in his rectum and moments latter this caused Joey to cum in the doctor’s had and the doctor then let out a big smile.