Johnny's First

The origins of our own individual sexuality most often can be traced to our childhood; those acts and attitudes which we absorb into our impressionable young selves form the basis of what we become as adults So, it is not at all surprising that my own early exposure to the delights and humiliations of enema treatments at the hand of my Aunt have made me an unabashed lover of “liquid fulfillment” now that I am a man.

My initial experience began when I was spending my summers in the country with my Aunt and her two daughters, both of whom were a couple of years older than me. My Aunt was a registered nurse, a yoga enthusiast and a firm believer in frequent and thorough cleansing of the bowel and colon as a means of maintaining good health for herself, her daughters and when I came to spend my summers each year, for myself as well.

Bath time in the evening on Wednesdays and Sundays would find the girls and I naked, each awaiting our turn on our hands and knees on the bathroom floor where we would be lubricated by the long middle finger of my Aunt’s gloved right hand before having the red rectal tube inserted and the hose clamp clicked open so that we would be filled to capacity with the very warm and sudsy enema solution. I soon learned how to breath in short pants to ease the pressure inside as my Aunt would insist that I take and retain the same quantity as my older and more experienced cousins were given.

There were, especially early in my training, a few accidents which made my natural embarrassment in being naked among so many females even more acute. Yet the curiosity I felt, especially as I grew older, about the shared experience of bathing with my cousins and watching the girls’ flat tummies being swelled to firm roundness by my Aunt before being permitted to dash to the potty to expel, or seeing their pouting hairless clefts as my Aunt made them kneel with their bottom high in the air while she spread their cheeks wide apart, inserting the Vaseline coated finger which she gently turned one way and then another to insure complete relaxation and lubrication of the rectum; all these things made me await the twice weekly sessions with a curious mixture of eagerness and dread.

The enemas were never easy. There was always “just a little more to go before the bag is empty,” or “now I want you to hold this for me just a little while longer so your cleanout will be a really good one,” to contend with. Occasionally, there was a spanking for any of us who did not apply ourselves to the task at hand, followed by an extra quart as a reminder of what we were there for and what was expected of us.

The summers with my Aunt and the enemas continued in pretty much the same fashion until my cousins began reaching puberty, after which our treatments were segregated into different evenings of the week. I was at once relieved and disappointed that baths and cleansings would now be a private affair between my Aunt and I without the girls to share the experience with as it had been in the past. Perhaps it was just as well for this was the summer (I was nine) that I experienced my first session while being given a high colonic.

My Uncle was killed in Korea and my Aunt had never remarried. She was employed by the local hospital in town where she had been a nurse ever since my Uncle’s death. For as long as I had known her, she had worked the early shift from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon in order to be there for the girls when they arrived home from school. During the summer recess, there was a maid during the day to keep house and watch over us.

On this particular evening, my Aunt arrived home a bit later than usual, having gone first to the grocery store. As she entered the front door she handed the plump sacks full of groceries to the girls and told them to put them away. This was my treatment night so, before dinner, she bustled me off into the bathroom and told me to strip while she busily prepared the soapy enema solution. The sound of the water running in the sink as she tested its temperature with her finger, making sure that it was as warm as I could comfortably stand and the sight of the large red enema bag hung with an old stocking from the shower curtain rod, had come to create instant butterflies in my tummy as I anticipated what was to follow. Tonight, however, was to be a different kind of experience for me in two ways. First my Aunt didn’t change out of her nurse’s uniform as she had always done before. Second, she produced from the back of the linen cabinet, a very long and slender red tube which she attached to the hose leading from the now bulging enema bag.

“You’ve reached an age where you are ready to have me give you more complete treatments” my Aunt stated in a matter-of- fact tone of voice. “This evening and at least once a week from now on while you stay with me, I am going to give you what is called a high colonic.”

I was standing naked in front of my Aunt as she held out the impossibly long colon tube for my inspection. “By introducing the enema solution way up high inside you, we’re going to get far better results in flushing the wastes from your system and you will be able to take somewhat more enema inside you than you’ve taken for me before. Now get down on your hands and knees for me so I can get you ready.”

All dressed in her starched white nurse’s uniform and white stockings, my Aunt donned the latex surgical glove and brought out the familiar big jar of lubricant as I knelt down on my hands and knees the way she told me to do. I could feel the warmth of her hand as she spread my ass cheeks apart, then the coolness of the Vaseline as she spread it along my anal opening very slowly. I was aware of being opened as that long finger pushed past the entrance of my rectum, and slid full length inside of me, twisting and turning as it probed me deeply, coating me with lubricant.

She repeated this procedure twice, the last time using two fingers which she had never done before. I had to push hard on her command to allow myself to be dilated sufficiently for the second finger to enter, but the unique sensation of being invaded this way created an unusual feeling in the very pit of my stomach, especially as her fingers pressed against what I would later learn is my prostrate gland. Satisfied that I was thoroughly greased, my Aunt finger’s were replaced with the tip of the slippery red colon rube as she pushed the first six inches into my rectum.

“You’re to have two enemas tonight. Right now, I’m going to just open the clamp and let this run in as fast as possible to get you ready for the next one. If the pressure is too much, I want you to tell me so we can let you rest for a moment before starting again. But if you can, I want you to take this one without stopping. OK?” I nodded my head as bravely as I could as I had done this before and I always cramped and felt that I was going to burst when she gave them to me this way. Click! went the clamp, and the very warm stream of enema solution began squirting into my colon, filling me quickly. Surprisingly, I succeeded in taking the two full quarts without complaint. From the moment that my enema began, my Aunt had slid the greased colon tube further and further inside me, so that by bag’s end, I had about half of the tube still to go.

“You did really well for me!” complimented my Aunt. At the moment, I was feeling both very full and quite proud of myself as I answered her by admitting “It’s not as hard to take this way, Auntie… but I’m so full! Can I go to the potty yet?”

“No young man. I want you to give your enema time to work. I’ll let you know when you can get up. Now, I’m going to see if I can work the rest of the tube in, or if we’ll have to try something a little different during your next enema to make it possible to get it all inside you.” My Aunt began sliding the colon tube in and out a few inches at a time, working it ever higher, until it reached a bend, beyond which it simply would not go.

“Hmmmm.. that’s what I was afraid of” she spoke quietly.

“All right, I’m going to remove the tube and you can let this all out for me. I’m going to get dinner started, so I’ll give you about half-an-hour to be ready to take your next enema.

Slowly, I could feel the tube as it slithered back around all the twists and turns of my colon as my Aunt removed it and I made a mad dash for the commode. Expecting everything to come out in a huge flood, I was dismayed to find that I managed only a trickle, the rest of the enema sitting like a cannon ball inside my tummy, refusing to budge. Then the pressure and cramps really began to tell as I sweated the minutes out until the enema, at last, worked its way back down the colon and I could release it with a groan of relief combined with cramps, chills and knees that simply refused to stop shaking. My Aunt chose that moment to look in on me and in an instant, she was there comforting me, draping a warm towel across my shoulders, rubbing my tummy with the flat of her hand to help ease the cramps, giving me words of encouragement until the worse was over and I began to feel better.

“You are cleaned out sufficiently enough that the next one will be much easier for you. You’ll see,” my Aunt promised me. “In the meantime, why don’t you go crawl into my bed for a little while and rest for a bit until I call you.” Dutifully I wrapped the towel about myself and walked down the hall to my Aunt’s bedroom and lay down upon the satin coverlet where I fell fast asleep.

When I awoke to my Aunt’s voice, telling me that it was time to get up, the afternoon had long since faded into night time and I could see the moon’s soft glow outside the bedroom window. The house was unexpectedly quiet and I wondered how long I had been sound asleep.

“The girls have had dinner and I’ve put them to bed,” spoke my Aunt. “Your dinner is in the refrigerator and I will warm it up for you when we are through this evening with your treatment.” My Aunt leaned forward and gave me an affectionate hug and kiss on my forehead. “Did you have yourself a good nap?” she inquired. I assured her that I was feeling quite refreshed. My Aunt walked over to the closet where she began removing her nurse’s uniform while I watched her from across the room. The only light was that which came from the moonlight through the bedroom window and the glow of the lamp shining through the half open bathroom door down the hall.

My Aunt stepped out of the starched white uniform and stood with her back to me as she unclasped her bra, letting the straps slide off her shoulders before folding it neatly and dropping it into a nearby chair. She stood there for a moment, clad in garter belt, white panties and matching white stockings before withdrawing a short silk robe from its hanger in the closet and putting it on, tying the sash securely about her waist. She walked back to me and sat next to me on the edge of the bed, her arm loosely around my shoulder.

“Are you ready to begin again?” she asked.

I nodded ‘yes’, then clearing my throat uttered “Yes ma’ m.”

“Do you…” my Aunt paused, as though searching carefully for the right words. “Do you ever discuss the treatments I give you with your mom and dad?”

“You mean my enemas?” I asked although I knew perfectly well what she was talking about.

“That’s right your enemas” she replied.

I shook my head slowly. “No ma’m. I’ve always kind of thought that it was, well… I don’t know, I just never talk about it with them.”

“I think that it might be a good idea if we continued to keep it that way, especially now that you are starting to grow up. Don’t you?” Without waiting for an answer, she continued. “When your Uncle was alive, he would ask me to administer some special enemas to him which he enjoyed very much. We would take turns giving them to each other because it was something that we enjoyed sharing together. Can you understand that?”

I thought for a moment about the question and decided that I could accept that so I answered : “Yes I understand I guess.”

“Now I want you to listen to me carefully and think hard before you answer me” my Aunt intoned in an unusual and serious voice. “I would like to make your enemas that I give you something very special. By that I mean you would experience some new feelings that you have never felt before, feelings that have to do with becoming a young man. It would make your enemas much more exciting for you and I would get a lot of pleasure in giving them to you. It wouldn’t necessarily be easy for you because some of the treatments involve some pretty large enemas that you would be given and required to hold for a while. But if you decided to say yes I think that you will be very happy that you did.”

She continued “Just two more things that you need to think about before you give me an answer. You must absolutely promise me that this will be our secret… that you will never ever talk to or tell anyone else about what we do together, not even the girls. And, I will expect you to obey me without questions, whatever I tell you to do.”

I sat for a long time without saying anything. I knew that I was very fond of my Aunt and wanted to please her. I thought about the enemas that she gave me twice each week and admitted that I kind of enjoyed our sessions, even the ones that were a little difficult for me, (or was it especially the ones that were difficult for me ? I really wasn’t ready to try to answer that question.) I knew that she was asking me to do something forbidden, although I didn’t know just what she had it mind. I was flattered that she would pay so much attention to me. I fidgeted on the bed, my hands clasped together in my lap, my mind imagining the small pieces of fantasies that I have very recently begun having in my dreams at night about girls and women.. … and what? I knew that I was ready to discover the answer for myself and my Aunt was just about the best person in the whole world to learn from. So I screwed together all my courage and blurted out my reply.

“Yes. I want you to continue giving me my enemas. I’ll obey you Auntie and do whatever you ask me to do and I promise that it will be just our secret. And…” I hurried on before my courage failed me, “Would you do something for me Auntie?”

She took my chin in her hand and gave me another hug as she said “Sure baby. What would you like me to do?”

“Would you sometimes wear your nurse’s uniform for me when I am to have my treatments? I think you look so pretty in it” I said, embarrassed by my bold admission.

She tilted back her head and laughed aloud in the high musical voice that was uniquely her own, took me by the hand and led me to the closet, my towel falling from about my waist so that I was naked as I crossed the dimly lit room with her. My Aunt pulled a light chain in the closet so that we were instantly bathed within the light from the fixture on the closet ceiling. Pushing aside the clothes in the front, my Aunt indicated the next row of garments behind them. Taking one of them down, she held it in front of herself. “Do you like this one?”

There wasn’t very much of it. Just a short dress of a smooth and slippery material that I didn’t recognize.

“Go ahead and touch it” she urged me. I reached out and took the hem of the dress between my thumb and fingertip feeling the soft flexible material.

“It’s made of latex” she said to me. “That’s a special kind of rubber. I have uniforms, aprons,. ..even panties and bras made of this. I love to wear them because of the way it feels against my skin. It’s kind of a special nurse’s uniform you might say. Here, why don’t I put this on and we will go into the bathroom and get started.”

As I watched, my Aunt untied the robe and let it slide off of her shoulders so that her breasts were completely exposed to me. They were rather small but they were tipped with very long pink nipples that stood out very erect. “Do you like to look at them?” she said taking them in her hands and cupping them in her palms without a trace of embarrassment. I nodded, unable to form any words at the moment.

“When the girls were babies, I used to feed them with the milk from my breasts. They would take a nipple in their mouth and suck on it and lots of milk would come out. Did your mother feed you with her breasts when you were a baby?” she asked me. I thought hard for a moment but all I could ever remember were bottles so I answered as truthfully as I could “No. At least I don’t think so.”

“I think that you have missed a great deal” she said softly. Now taking her robe and hanging it on a hanger, my Aunt then put on the short dress made of the material she called latex, smoothing the slippery fabric over her hips. There were no buttons on the deep V neckline of the dress and her nipples showed through the rubber. Reaching beneath the hem of the short dress, my Aunt raised the dress sufficiently for her to grasp the waist band of her panties giving me an eyeful of stocking tops, thighs and the satiny material that covered her crotch. Her eyes never left mine as she slipped the panties off her hips and stepped out of them letting the hem of the skirt fall back into place. “I think we are ready” she said with a warm smile, and taking my hand once again in her own, she led me down the hallway and into the brightly lit bathroom where my enema session was to begin.

There were changes in the bath room that took me somewhat by surprise when we entered. Instead of the single enema bag hanging from the shower curtain rod, now there were three; two red ones of normal size and a much larger black bag hanging in the middle. Also there was a low padded stool in the center of the bathroom floor I had never seen before. Atop the commode tank sat a narrow stain- less steel tray about 16 inches long and within the tray was an assortment of rubber and plastic nozzles of many shapes and sizes. Turning my attention back again to the array of enema bags, I looked with some concern at the big black one, for not only was it roughly twice the volume of the other two but it also was equipped with a black rubber bulb near the end of the hose where the nozzle would be attached. I wondered if my Aunt really intended that I take the full contents of such a bag and decided that such a thing was not possible. Such a bag must be intended to hold the contents of two or more enemas for the convenience of not having to stop and refill the bag in-between. Or so I thought.

“Come sit on the stool” said my Aunt “while I get things ready for you. Oh, and yes, please close and lock the bathroom door for me too.”

I went over to the door, pushed it shut, and locked it as I was told. I was surprised, for in all the years that I had stayed with my Aunt, never had I ever found the bathroom door locked even when occupied by my Aunt or my cousins. Although it wasn’t a common happening, several times I had walked into the bathroom to discover one or more females in various stages of undress taking a bath, sitting on the commode, brushing her teeth or whatever and the same thing, in turn had happened to me. Casual attire and an open attitude about nudity and bodily functions seemed to make the use of door locks quite unnecessary. Returning to the stool, I sat down and watched as my Aunt took one of the red bags and carried it to the sink. From the sink she took out a bottle and set it on the countertop.

“I have a quart of mineral oil that I have allowed to sit in some hot water to warm it up for you. I’m going to start you out with this to open you up and relax you.” She opened the bottle and poured the clear liquid into the bag, then walked the few steps over to the commode where she selected a black douche nozzle. She took the bag and hung it from the shower curtain rod, attached the nozzle, opened the clamp to let the air from the hose and motioned for me to get up and come to her. “Come bend over the tub and let me lubricate you.”

I bent over, grasping the edge of the tub for support. “Now spread your legs apart” she requested. As I did so, she put on a surgical glove and scooped a large glob of Vaseline on her middle finger I could feel little chills up and down my spine as that finger circled round and round my anal opening until, slowly, I could feel the pleasant intrusion of her finger as she buried it completely inside of me. This time, as she spread the lubricant inside my rectum, my Aunt seemed to make a special point of paying particular attention to one spot, a small lump that lay rather far inside that must have been connected to every other nerve in my body. Each time she would run the tip of her finger over it, little rushes of warmth would come over me. “Do you like me doing that to you?” my Aunt asked me. I nodded and told her that it made me feel strange. but nice!

“OK, push for me now so I can get another finger in.” I closed my eyes and concentrated on pushing open my muscles and I gasped a little as the second finger slid in. I was well greased and instead of hurting, the second finger gave me the feeling of being quite wide open and stretched, but it didn’t hurt.

“This evening we are going to work on three things that are very important for you to learn. First, to teach you how to let me expand your opening back here. You don’t understand now, but the more you can open up for me, the more pleasure I will be able to give you with special equipment that we will try later when you are more experienced. Second, you must try to take more and more enema solution for me each time we have a session together in order to increase your capacity to the fullest. To help you, we will use very warm mineral oil like you will receive in a few minutes, along with larger soapsuds and other kinds of enema solutions, to help expand your colon and to clean you out completely.

“Last, I am going to do some things to you to correct you when I don’t think that you are trying hard enough for me. That means that I might have to spank you sometimes, or even tie you down if you fight me or if it is going to be an especially difficult treatment for you to take. On the other hand,” at this point, my Aunt pressed down on my prostrate with the tips of both fingers while she reached down between my legs with her other hand and softly stroked my little penis until it stood out very straight and hard, “I will be doing things and teaching you things about boys and girls and helping you to take your mind off of your discomfort when I think you need help getting through a rough time.”

I could feel an incredible new sensation going through my body as she stroked me quite gently and I watched in some considerable excitement as her hand grasped me and squeezed me as her fingers continued to slip in and out of my relaxed anus.

“But if you have any doubts or if you want to change your mind about doing everything that I ask of you or tell you to do, then now is your chance to back out. Do you still want me to give you your new treatments ?”

“Oh, yes please,” I managed to answer.

“Are you sure ?” she insisted.

“Yes Ma’am, please give me my enema treatments…I want you to be my Enema Nurse.” That was the first time I have ever voiced my combined enjoyment of my enema treatments from her over these many summers and my fascination for her pretty white uniform and the little nurse’s cap she wore. And now I had blurted it out for her to hear; now I have given her my complete commitment to allow her to teach me in whatever way she wanted.

“Good ! that’s what I wanted you to tell me. You must remember this moment later and every time that you and I are together especially your promise to do what I tell you and that this is just between you and me and no one else. Now bend over a little more and I’m going to insert another finger to spread you open just a little wider before I start your enema.”

I could hardly believe it as she worked a third finger in my anus dilating me to my limit. My little penis was throbbing now and she must have known that I was very close to ejaculation because she stopped masturbating me and slipped her fingers out of me. Turning me around to face her she gave my cock one last squeeze and told me : “I know that you would like me to continue, but I don’t want you to lose interest in everything else I have planned for you so we’ll put that off until later.”

I guess that I looked pretty disappointed because she continued : “It will be worth it, I promise you!”

My Aunt greased the black nozzle that she had selected and sat down on the padded stool in the middle of the bathroom floor, spreading her thighs apart slightly so that I could see up the short rubber dress she wore and view the cleft of her vagina and the patch of blonde hair that clung damply to it, all framed so beautifully by the white stockings and her garter belt. If she noticed my stare she did not seem to mind and she instructed me to lie across her lap. The smooth latex felt really nice against my bare skin as she spread my ass cheeks apart and deftly inserted the nozzle. The clamp was opened and the very warm mineral oil began flowing through the hose from the enema bag and into my bottom. The oil was warmer than I had expected but not more than I could manage . The big surprise was how heavy it felt as it entered my rectum and pushed its way up into the colon, almost like heavy syrup. Once the quart had all run in, the nozzle was removed and again my Aunt inserted her fingers within me as I squirmed on her lap.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed brightly, “The oil has really relaxed you. A moment ago I could just barely get all three fingers in. Now they slide in with no problem.” Which was true.

“We need to give the oil some time to work its way up, so why don’t you let me get up and I want you to lie across the stool for me on your tummy.” I eased myself off of my Aunt’s lap and she arose, smoothing down her skirt as she stood up. I lay across the stool, my knees on the floor, my bottom in the air and my arms dangling on the other side of the padded top. My Aunt opened a cabinet beneath the sink and withdrew a shoebox with a string tied across the top.

“I haven’t used these since your Uncle died” she said as she untied the string and removed the cardboard lid. From within, she withdrew a device I had never seen before, but I instinctively knew its purpose.

“This is a special enema nozzle made of rubber that will allow you to take your enema without worrying about it coming out before we are ready for it to.” She walked over to the Vaseline jar and began coating it thoroughly before continuing her comments. “The nozzle is small at the tip and flairs out to its widest point which is about one and one-half inches in diameter before it narrows down along the neck again. The bottom is wide so it will keep it from going too far in. There is an opening that runs all the way through the nozzle to let the enema solution in and a little spigot where the hose is connected that allows me to adjust the flow of the solution from fast to slow, to shut off completely. I wasn’t sure that you would be able to take this yet but your progress has surprised me. Now just relax for me the way that you’ve been doing when I put my fingers in and let’s try this on for size.

My Aunt knelt behind me, spreading my cheeks wide apart and pressed the tip of the rubber nozzle against my anal opening. “When I tell you, push hard for me, OK?”

I replied by taking a deep breath and letting it all out slowly before saying : “Yes Auntie.”

The tip of the nozzle had already opened me up about half way with the insistent pressure that was pushing it in when my Aunt gave me the command “Push!” I bore down, trying to open myself as far as I possibly could and I felt the nozzle slip in a little more. I was at my limit, yet there was still a little more to go. “I don’t think that I can take any more Auntie! Ow! … it’s too big!” I pleaded.

“Yes you can. You must try a little harder for me. We are almost there. I’m going to ease it back just a little to let you relax for just a moment and I want you to sit up for me on your knees.” I pushed myself up off the stool and sat back on my haunches, the nozzle still pressing firmly against my anal ring. I could feel the heavy mineral oil as it flooded from the colon back into my rectum, expanding it like a balloon.

“Now let’s try it again” spoke my Aunt. “Push hard for me.”

I pushed as hard as I could and this time the nozzle slid in a little further than before. The heavy mineral oil was forcing me open from within as my Aunt applied a little more pressure on the nozzle, until I could feel the tight ring of my anus open that last extra centimeter and the nozzle slide past the last ring of muscles and slip swiftly within me. Never had I ever felt a sensation like it. I groaned aloud with relief and pleasure at the same time. It was like being filled with a slippery rubbery rectum stretching pleasure and my cock once again stood out hard in response to the new presence within my body. My knees were shaking as I once again placed my chest down upon the stool while my Aunt prepared another enema for me. The oil that I thought would force its way out was held in tightly by the large, heavy rubber nozzle nestled between my ass cheeks and I was busy breathing in fast panting spurts trying to let the mineral oil work its way back into my colon so that the pressure in my rectum would ease a bit. My Aunt returned from the sink holding the same red enema bag as she had used before and hung the bag high above me, connecting the hose to the nozzle that sealed me so effectively.

“I need you to climb up on the stool now and lean way over so that your head rests on the floor. That’s right. Up on your knees for me and your head down here.” My Aunt made a little pillow of folded towels for me to rest my head upon. In this position, my upper body was now angled sharply downward so that the new enema, plus all the mineral oil I was holding were going to flow very high into the colon.

“I’m going to let two quarts of warm water inside you now to force the mineral oil as high as possible. If you get cramps you are to tell me so I can give you time to get over them before resuming the enema flow.” She clicked open the clasp on the hose, then opened the spigot on the nozzle and I could feel the warm water squirting within me in a steady and insistent stream. The first quart went in without undue problem. I asked my Aunt to shut it off to let me relax for a moment.

“Are you cramping?” she asked. I told her no, just getting a little full and she told me to concentrate on taking it all for her. The enema continued to flow and now I was feeling quite full. Just as I thought for sure that I wasn’t going to take one more drop without bursting, the bag gurgled empty and my Aunt shut off the spigot on the nozzle, sealing the mixture of oil and water inside me.

The pressure of the three quarts was enormous and the weight of all the liquid was such that I simply could not move. My Aunt disconnected the hose from the nozzle and lifted me upright. I got on two wobbly feet and held my distended tummy with both hands, gasping for breath. My stomach stood out like a rounded pumpkin and I was massaging it firmly with my hands, trying to ease the unbearable pressure inside.

“Come with me to the potty” ordered my Aunt and I walked uncertainly behind her over to the commode “Are you very, very full?” she asked.

I nodded grimly that I was. “If I let some of the enema out, do you think that you would be able to hold the rest of it for awhile for me ?” This time I managed to find words just as a wave of cramps washed over me. “Yes. Please hurry and let some out !” I thought I was dying when at last she positioned me in a half squat over the commode and opened the spigot. Like a stream of water from a garden hose nozzle, the enema gushed out of me and into the toilet where it splashed vigorously against the bowl with much noise. She left the valve open for just a few seconds, during which time I managed to let loose about two thirds quart of the enema solution before she closed the valve again.

“Is that better?” she asked as she helped me to stand up and turned me about so that she could inspect the nozzle and make sure that none of the expelled liquid had splashed upon me.

“Oh yes. That is ever so much better,” I replied gratefully. The pain that had come over me had gone now and I was very much aware of the two plus quarts still inside, but the pressure was now almost pleasant by comparison to what it was before.

“I am going to have you hold the rest for half an hour before I remove the nozzle and let you expel. I want you to come to my bedroom with me and lie down for a while.” She picked up a towel and a bottle of hand lotion and she put her arm around my shoulder as we walked out of the bathroom and down the short hallway.

Without turning on the light she guided me to the bed where she instructed me to wait for a moment while she got ready. My Aunt climbed into the bed and propped herself up with a pillow behind her back. She then spread the towel across her lap and told me to come lie in her lap. I climbed on the bed carefully and positioned myself as she instructed me so that I was cradled in her arms, almost like a baby. I felt very warm, very safe and sheltered as she held me to her breasts and rocked me gently. I could hear the regular beating of her heart through the latex material of her dress and I had almost forgotten about the enema I was still holding when another wave of cramps started building inside of me. I clinched my teeth to keep from crying as the knots in my stomach left me racked with pain for a moment. I could feel my Aunt’s hand rubbing my tummy easing that pain and helping me through it. When it had passed her hand slipped lower to grasp my cock, which she deftly manipulated with gentle fingers until I was very hard.

“Would you like me to continue ?” she asked, already knowing my answer.

“I don’ t want you to ever stop,” I told her. “It feels so wonderful when you touch me like that.”

My Aunt slid the garment she was wearing off of one shoulder exposing one of her breasts next to my mouth. She held the breast in her hand and pushed my head down so that the nipple pressed against my lips. I didn’t have to be told what she wanted and I hungrily took the hard nipple in my mouth and began nursing it like a baby. She ran her fingers through my hair and sighed a soft sigh, saying : “That’s my boy, suck on it. Take as much in your mouth as you can and run your tongue all around my nipple as you nurse me. Yes.. that’s it.”

As I busily tended to the slippery nipple in my mouth, she squirted some lotion on her hand and on my little cock and began a slow, rhythmic pumping action with me in her grasp, stopping every now and then to flick her thumb across the underside of the head of my penis and then over the opening where I was most sensitive to her touch.

Everything was so new to me, so different that I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, only that my hips had begun to rise to meet her hand as she stroked me a little faster and a pressure even greater than that of my enema was rising fast from within me leading me towards what ? I found out moments later as I erupted with a searing orgasm into the air and across my belly. Whatever had happened to me caused me to cry out with pleasure and my Aunt was laughing and kissing my forehead and giving me hugs and caresses. Evidently, I had pleased her very much. “Do you know what just happened to you?” she asked in the darkness of her bedroom.

“No,” I muttered, totally exhausted, the droplets of cum on my tummy and chest still glistening in the moonlight that streamed through the bedroom window.

“You just took your first big step toward becoming a man. Did you like what I did to you?” she asked as she milked the last drop of cum from my limp cock.

I answered, trying to sound as happy as I felt at that moment, “Oh my yes! It felt so good that I thought that I was dying for a moment.” I paused for a moment, then continued.. “Almost like the enemas you give me Auntie. Sometimes when it hurts the worst is when it feels the best, like when you fill me up really full inside, or when you put your fingers inside me and make me push to open up real wide for you.” I was lost for a few moments in my new found sexuality, reliving my emotions and excitement thinking about her slippery hand as she fondled me and gave me such pleasure when, with a start, I thought about her, wondering if I had made her feel good.

“Did.. .did you like me sucking your nipple, like… like a baby?” I asked. She took the nipple, still wet from my mouth and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger. “Yes, I liked pretending that you were my little baby boy, and I love the way it feels when you put it in your mouth and you nurse me. I’m going to have you do that for me often… and some other things that will please me too.” Taking my hand in hers, she guided it between her thighs which she spread apart as she raised her knees, the short skirt riding up about her hips as she did so.

“This is what happens when you nurse my nipples,” running the tips of my fingers up and down the moist crevice of her pussy so that I was aware of the slippery wetness that came from within her vagina. “When a woman is pleased by a man, she gets very wet there, where you are touching me now. That happens when I am receiving an enema too sometimes even when I give you your enemas as well, especially when you try really hard for me to take every last drop when I give you a big one!”

She ran her hand over my full and distended tummy, pressing firmly as she did so causing my plugged rectum to expand with additional pressure. Suddenly, I was aware of an immediate and undeniable urgency to expel as the enema fought to force its way past the tight grip of my anal ring and the rubber butt plug I wore inside.

“Auntie, I’ve got to go potty,” I groaned. “Right now!”

“Are you sure you can’t hold it just a little longer for me?” she asked as she toyed with the rubbery flange on the butt plug pulling it outward gently, making me aware of being stretched open more and more as she tugged.

“Please!” I pleaded. “Please take me to the bathroom!”

I half walked, half staggered down the hallway, my Aunt leading me like a child until we reached the brightly lit bathroom and she positioned me, half squatting, above the commode.

“Now, I’m going to remove the plug,” she stated in a no-nonsense tone that she used when she expected instant obedience from me or the girls. “I want you to push really hard for me while I take it out, starting now!” I had absolutely no difficulty in pushing, as that was what my body had been waiting for ever since the enema had been given, but the plug seemed forever in coming out. As I closed my eyes and concentrated, I could feel myself being dilated even wider and wider until I was sure that it wasn’t possible to open myself even a fraction more. But the insistent pressure of the enema kept forcing the plug outward, along with the constant tug of my Aunt’s fingers until, almost with a “pop, the plug squirted free and the enema I had been required to hold for so long gushed out with amazing pressure, splattering the toilet bowl loudly as my weak knees gave way and I sat heavily on the cold white rim of the potty.

The next several minutes were punctuated with the sounds of my evacuation echoing about the tiled bathroom while my Aunt carefully cleaned up the equipment that she had used on me. When she finished, there were still two bags hanging above the tub, the red one and the very large black one.

“Are you just about done?” my Aunt asked kindly. I sat with my arms folded across my lap and nodded silently that I thought that I was done. She helped me up from the seat on the commode and took a warm wash cloth to my bottom, cleaning me completely before handing me a robe to put on.

“Let’s go into the kitchen and get you some dinner. I have some nice nourishing soup for you and a tall glass of cold milk. Does that sound OK to you?” I allowed that it did indeed sound delicious, as I was feeling quite hungry after my thorough clean-out, not to mention, very empty inside.

“I’m going to keep you on a soft diet tonight and tomorrow. You will get a good night’s sleep and tomorrow, in the morning, I am going to give you a two quart glycerin and soapsuds enema, a very warm one, in order to expand and condition your upper colon. For that,” she said, holding the red enema bag.

“We will use this bag and a nice long colon tube. After you have held that for a while for me, we will get rid of that and I’m going to give you another enema to fill your colon completely. That is what the black bag is for. We use one like this at the hospital for giving barium enemas where the patient will be given a lot of the liquid at one time. Tomorrow,” she said, putting her hand on my shoulder and looking me in the eye, “You are going to be my patient and I am going to give you an enema treatment like we sometimes give at the hospital. I’ll wear my uniform just like at the hospital.”

‘Yes, I want you to wear it for me whenever you give me my treatments, either one, the one of cloth or the rubber one you put on tonight. I like both of them very much.” I replied. She tousled my hair in a lighthearted gesture and snapped off the light as we left the bathroom and headed for the kitchen I had no doubts that tomorrow would be a very difficult and trying day for me, but I also knew that my Aunt had awakened feelings and needs within me that were only vague shapes and formless longings before tonight. I was also aware that I had a terrible crush on my Aunt and more importantly, that my enema experiences were intensely erotic and exciting for me when she administered them to me.

That night, as she tucked me into bed and kissed me goodnight, I could not avoid the erection that I got as I looked at her and imagined what tomorrow morning and my role as her patient would be like. By now my weariness was even stronger than my newfound sexuality, and I drifted into oblivious sleep only vaguely disturbed by fleeting visions of being strapped helplessly to an examination table while surrounded by masked and gowned nurses who perform the most embarrassing examinations on me before administering enemas that I must receive and retain for them. I protest as my stomach swells and becomes rounded and hard, straining against the straps and cuffs that hold me tightly, trying to escape. I am spanked by one especially young and pretty nurse who turns my naked bottom red with her hand as she makes me take more and more of the enema solution… the scene in my dream dissolves and I am somewhere else, a place that I do not recognize.

I am now a doctor and it is my oldest cousin, who has by now begun developing breasts and a small blonde bush of hair on her pubis, who is my patient. She lies naked, knees spread apart and raised high, cradled by knee crutches on a delivery room table. She is moaning, but I cannot tell if it is from the hot, sudsy enema I am giving to her, or as I suspect, from the way that she is manipulating and toying with her engorged pink clit with her long and slender fingers as she masturbates. She has taken so much of the solution inside her that she looks as if she were about to have a baby. I press down on her distended tummy just above her pubic hair and my reward is a long, arching, golden stream of warm pee that squirts forth like a fountain from between her swollen pussy lips and slippery fingers, drenching me from head to toes.

Finally the dreams stops and I am allowed an uninterrupted sleep until morning.

These things that happened to me so early in my young life have created within me now, as a man, an interest and attraction to enemas and watersports that I cannot deny. They are a part of who and what I am. I honestly know myself to be a gentle and loving individual, but the erotic pleasure that comes from giving and receiving enemas with a pretty female can be a simple and tender sharing of health and mutual pleasure; or it can involve one or both of us assuming a more dominant role where spankings or firm restraint can be employed to heighten the anticipation and excitement of the one who is to be given his or her enema treatments.

To anyone who has been slowly and sensuously filled to their limit while being teased, tied, taunted, masturbated, spanked, licked, sucked or fucked to a final shattering orgasm by someone who understands and loves making enema needs and fantasies a wet and delicious reality, you must know, as I do, that there simply is no range of human pleasures that compare with large warm enemas and a willing and loving partner.