I spent most of my summer holidays at my Grandparents summer home on Lake of the Woods a place called Clearwater Bay. Our nearest town was Kenora and we did our weekly grocery shopping there.

Our nearest neighbor’s place was Dr. Cromers and they lived about a 1/4 mile to the east of us. They had a beautiful home not unlike ours for size. I spent considerable time at the Cromers probably because of their three daughters. There were no boys living anywhere near us so the girls and I became hiking buddies and did many summer fun things together. They were all good swimmers so water skiing behind Grandpa’s boat was our favorite past time. When we were using our boat to pull I would drive but when the Cromers boat was used then Ann, the oldest girl drove. Ann had her drivers license and would act as chauffeur when we wanted to go to Kenora to a movie or something. Barbara was the middle girl. She was very strong and built like a boy, and even had a boy’s haircut. She would take one, sometimes two of us on at one. Jean was the youngest, and my summertime girlfriend.

Their father was a doctor in a large town west of where we lived in Winnipeg. The girls were always practicing their first-aid on me trying to patch me up if I scraped a knee or a finger or something. They were very good at it too, seeing their father had taught them.

My days usually started off with my diving off the railing of my boathouse room into the beautifully clear water. After breakfast, I would get wood in for the fireplace, then make sure my room was tidied. After that I was free to do whatever I wished which included many activities with the Cromer girls. I guess Jean and I played together the most because of our ages but now and again the others would join us.

This one day we were all four hiking along a back trail that lead to the backside of our island. It was a neat trail and hardly ever used as the island was quite rocky and there were a few very steep rock outcroppings making it good for climbing. It wasn’t a good place to build cottages though. We discovered a few places where the water was deep enough to dive into off one of the ridges. Our water was always at a temperature that was ideal for swimming and we were in the water almost every day.

We had packed a lunch and each of us had a back pack to carry along with a towel and swimming gear. We were starting to sweat as we climbed the ridge. It was always worth the effort as the view was wonderful and then there was the swim afterwards. There was only one spot along that rocky shoreline where we could climb out of the water and we were headed for that. The dive would be about ten feet and there was no bottom to worry about. It was very deep.

All the time we had been hiking the girls were joking and teasing me about my great build. They were always teasing like that but today they were especially giddy. They knew I was on a gymnastics team and were forever after me to do little routines for them.

“Bet I could take you on in a wrestling match Jordan,” Barbara joked putting a head lock on me. I squirmed and fussed making like I was really in trouble. She wasn’t hurting me at all, we were just playing. I ran ahead of her and she pinched my butt laughing and shouting to the rest what nice buns I had. I had never heard any of them say things like that before and blushed a bit.

Today seemed different somehow as it wasn’t only Barbara making comments and teasing me, they all seemed to be focusing their attention on me trying to get me into a wrestling bout with them. At the top of the ridge we sat down. It was such a hot day I removed my shirt and placed it on the ground so I could lay on it.

“I wish we could take our tops off like you Jordan,” Jean laughed.

“Jordan?” Ann said softly. “Have you ever seen a girl naked? We’ve never seen a boy naked. Here we are in our teens and we still haven’t seen a boy naked. I mean completely naked. Jordan would you let us see you naked? You are our best friend and we would never say anything to anyone we promise,” Jean smiled wistfully at me sort of like giving me a sexy look. I was so shaken by Jean’s request, that I just sat spellbound trying to pretend I hadn’t heard her correctly. I tried to start another conversation.

Jean persisted seeking an answer from me. I sat up and stared out at the lake. “Great day to water ski huh? Should we go back and take a run?” I asked.

“Jordan please be a good guy and just let us have a little look?” Ann asked pleasantly.

“Come on you guys quit your kidding. There is no way you’re going to see me naked that’s for sure !” I exclaimed. We sat looking down at the water without a word being said. They didn’t seem upset with my refusal to disrobe.

“Why do they want to see me naked for anyway ?” I wondered. Maybe I would ask because things were too quiet.

“I know you were joking, but why did you want to see me naked?” I asked

“Jordan you have a perfect body, everybody knows that. We see lots of pictures in Dad’s books and we read about boys and what they do and what happens to them sometimes. We just wanted to see for ourselves if all that stuff is true. Because you were our best friend we were sure you would do a little favor for us. Besides, we don’t know any one else we could ask.” Jean said making me feel terrible.

I couldn’t help but notice her remark about, “Were”: there best friend. Surely they wouldn’t break our friendship up just because I refused to undress in front of them ?

“What do you mean about wanting to see if the book is true?” I asked trying to keep the conversation away from me. I hated it when we just sat there saying nothing.

“Come on you guys let’s have a swim,” I said enthusiastically hoping they would accept my suggestion. No one moved. “Ah come on your guys. I’m going in anyway,” I said starting to removed my outer shorts. I had my swim suit underneath.

Jordan we’re not going to swim with you unless you let us see. It will only take a minute.” Ann the oldest said coyly.

I thought about what they were doing and wondered why, but I knew they were really serious so finally I made a minor concession.

“Look I don’t know why you want to see me in the buff, but if I show you my butt, will that be good enough?” I asked.

“Okay Jordan, but you have to step right out of your shorts and stand facing the water,” Barbara ordered. “You can stand right there and we will be right behind you. We’ll tell you when you can get your shorts on okay?” Ann said excitedly.

“I know what your going to do when I’m undressed. You’re going to jump me aren’t you?” I asked seeing through there little scheme.

“Well, we might and then again we might not. You’ll just have to trust us, and anyway Jordan you’re our friend we would never do anything to hurt you,” Jean said.

“What’s the big deal anyway ? What do you think you have to hide that we haven’t already seen?” Barbara asked looking at the others for support. I couldn’t believe my best friend was supporting the others.

“Yeah Jordan, it isn’t any big deal anyway. Come on be a good sport, we’ve know each other for long enough,” Ann said coaxing. I had never heard them talk like this before.

I stood on the spot they had selected and battled with my conscience whether or not I would go ahead or not. One time I was saying, “It isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and then next I was saying,” No way José!”

Friends or no friends I wasn’t about to show my naked muscles to any girls. Then I thought of Jean and what the rest of the summer would be like. I could never tell anyone about their request.

I looked up into the sky and then down into the water and slowly reached for my waste band of my trunks. I slowly began to pull them down and when they slid to the ground I dutifully stepped out of them and moved to the spot they indicated.

“Jordan you are truly beautiful” Jean said. “Didn’t I tell you he had a beautiful body under those clothes?” she asked her sister’s enthusiastically.

I felt strangely exited standing naked like that and with an audience of girls. The sun warmed my whole body and I just stood there waiting to see what they would do next. Something else was stirring deep in my groin as my little dink started to make sign s of interest at being exposed to the elements. My back was to them so it was okay. I felt Jean put her hand on my arm and feel my muscles. then another pair of hands were on my back and still the other was on my butt end.

“Okay you guys you have seen what you asked for now can I get my shorts on so we can swim?” I begged.

“Stand perfectly still Jordan and don’t move,” Barbara instructed .I could sense the other girls behind me. Soon Ann walked out along the cliff edge without a thing on. She was naked. I nearly choked. Then the other two walked out and they were naked too and they stood directly in front of me. I wanted to turn around but then I would have missed seeing them and they were excited at seeing my excitement.

“Jordan we’ve come this far and we have shown you our bodies. Don’t you think that was a fair trade ?” Jean moved closer and placed her hands on my chest then moved them down to my stomach. I wanted to scream. My dink was at full erection and they knew it as Jean took it in her hand and Ann reached between my legs and took hold of my testicles. I was about to faint. My legs were weak and I wanted to sit down.

“Please I think we should swim first,” I said.

I think. Barbara pushed me flat on my back while Jean proceeded to massage my dink. She was trying to jerk me off. I knew what she was doing and so did she. I didn’t want them to see me cum but what could I do ? I wanted to get up but also wanted to stay. We were all naked and seemed engrossed in the game of seeing me climax. It didn’t take long before I was in the throws of the greatest one I had ever had and I didn’t care if they were watching or not. They were as excited as I was, breathing heavily as Jean brought me to sperming out.

They almost screamed as they watched me grimace and writhe as I spermed onto my stomach. They touched it and then my dork. They seemed entirely fascinated. I guess the book proved correct as to how boys react to masturbation. I never used to do it very much and was surprised at what I produced. Now I didn’t care if I got dressed again or not. Ann stood up and helped me to my feet giving me a huge kiss on the cheek then she dove into the water still naked. The three of us joined her and swam for about an hour. We seemed to be having more fun than ever before. All inhibitions were gone. I was just getting to the point where I would touch Ann and Barbara’s boobs. They felt wonderful and firm and it excited them. They never hesitated to dive under the water and take hold of my thing and once Jean even put it in her mouth. That did it. I was no longer a virgin, or at least so I thought.

We lay on the rocks drying afterwards no one making a move to dress. I had never felt such freedom. I didn’t care one particle about that fact I was laying naked with three naked girls. Some guys I suppose would kill for this I thought.

I thought that I had reached the epitome of sexual freedom and for the next several days we made the journey to “Jerk Off” point as we named it. Oh yes I was Jerked Off as well but then other things were happening. Ann brought a large syringe for ladies, in her pack and proceeded, while we were all watching, to use the instrument as a penis and started a motion of “in and out” until she too reached a monstrous climax. It was strange to know that a woman could experience the same thing. That made it all the more exciting. When she was done she dove into the lake taking her syringe with her.

When she climbed out she walked over to Barbara and instructed her to bend over. Ann inserted the huge dork into her sister’s butt, squeezing the contents into her. She moaned and groaned then ran to the edge of the ridge and dove in. She came back with the syringe and this time Jean parted her cheeks for the insertion.

I was slowly going out of my mind. Jean smiled and cooed and claimed how wonderful it felt. She exclaimed she had never felt anything so wonderful. She too dove into the water. When she came out she had the syringe in her hand and said, “Jordan sweetie, on your hands and knees. Here comes the greatest feeling you will ever have.”

I reluctantly opened my hole to the intruding nozzle. Jean was right. When she squeezed the bulb I could feel the cool water splashing my insides. The nozzle was very large but somehow it didn’t hurt. I was getting an enema. I had had them before when I was younger. This was heaven. Anne pumped me while I retained the water. I nearly fainted at the joyous pleasure I was experiencing. It was my turn to take to the water and I brought the bulb back and administered it to Jean. Lord would it never end ? I came again. We lay back and I was weak. The girls were too.

The weather turned rainy for a couple of days and we had to forgo our trip to the ridge, however I would have gone no matter what the weather.

When next we met Ann was carrying all sorts of toys in her back pack including a full hot water bottle and tubing for a full enema.

“Jordan I brought this just for you sweetie. I am going to give you an enema. Okay?” Ann said.

I didn’t care. I would take it. I would take anything.

After I had taken two enemas, Ann showed me another little bulb that had two tubes running out from the bulb. Ann instructed me to dive in and that she would be right behind me. She was and I felt her fumbling around under the water with my bum cheeks, spreading them apart and inserting one end of the two ended bulb. She started to squeeze then squeeze again and so it went and I was getting fuller and fuller and still she squeezed while at the same time feeling my giant little penis. I was too busy trying to hold the water to think about what I was going to do with it.

“Jordan swim over there and you can just let it out there in the water,” she instructed. I couldn’t have gotten out if I had tried. I swam as far as I could with my butt leaking enema as I swam. It was amazing. I wanted more.

We each had a turn then crawled out onto the rock where Ann bent over my stomach to “Listen to my stomach”. Instead she took my dink in her mouth and proceeded to suck it. I had never had that happened before and It was heaven all over again. The girls spent hours musing over every detail of my body.

Kissing here - sucking there, one finger in then two, every conceivable thing imaginable, from my testicles to my anus, to my dork, to my knees and legs and under my arms and so it went. There was nothing left for them to know about me.

There was one thing that was left and it happened after one of our long termed passion episodes.

Ann was laying flat on the rock and she called me over to sit beside her. I lay down and she commenced to play with me until I was fully erected again. The two girls watched in awe as her sister pulled me over on top of her and inserted my penis into her opening. She started to move then I started to move and before a few seconds had gone by we were both writhing maniacs entangled in a major climaxing scene.

It was my first intercourse and I could truly say I was no longer a virgin. Now I had to perform with the other girls but that occurred over the rest of the summer. I had to be the most empty person on the face of the earth. My bowels were empty and my balls were empty.

Joy, joy and here I was nearly going to pass all this up.

No way José !