Julie and Tracey

Julie and I had been girlfriends since grade school. We had kept up our friendship since entering college even though we went to different schools. During spring break of our sophomore year, we were both 19 years old. We were both home at our parents’ homes and I awoke early on Tuesday, got dressed and ate, and went to call on my friend.

Since we were close, I just walked into Julie’s mother’s house through the back door into the kitchen, where her mother was washing some dishes from breakfast. “Hi, Tracey,” she said with a smile, “Good to see you. How’s college?”

I told her it was fine. She said “Julie’s not feeling well, she’s up in her bedroom. Go on upstairs, I’ll be right there.”

I walked down the hall and up the stairs. When I got to Julie’s room I entered the doorway and then stopped dead in my tracks. Julie was lying in bed on her stomach wearing white cotton knee socks and a nightgown which had been pulled up over her waist. Her shapely round bottom was exposed and a little more than an inch of a thermometer jutted out from a whisp of white petroleum jelly nestled between her firm cheeks. I saw the open jar of petroleum jelly and the opened black thermometer case lying on her dresser.

She turned crimson when she saw me but made no attempt to cover herself up. “Mom just won’t give up on the rectal thermometer” she said with exasperation. “You’re not alone.” I admitted, “my mom still takes mine that way too, although she usually makes my lie across her lap and holds the thermometer in. Except when she has chores to do, then she does it to me in bed just like this. Sometimes I think she forgets she’s taking my temperature, it seems like hours before she comes back into the bedroom to take the thermometer out and read it.”

“Yeah, I know” Julie said. I think this thermometer has been in me for about twenty minutes while she’s been washing the dishes. I feel like she’ll never come up to finish this. Do me a favor and sneak a peek at it to see if I have a temperature.”

I walked over to her and sat down next to her on the bed. I grasped the thermometer between my thumb and forefinger and slowly twirled it just to tease her before removing it, wiping it with a tissue and reading it. “It looks like you have a slight temperature, 99.8” I said. “Better put it back in before my mom comes up”, Julie said. I went over to the dresser, dipped the thermometer into the jar of petroleum jelly and sat down again on the bed in between Julie’s wide spread legs. “OK, relax” I said, trying to use an authoritative tone as I spread her buttocks apart with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. I placed the white covered bulb up against the puckered ring of her anus and just held it there, admiring the view. She has a terrific body. “Tracey, come on, put it back in before my mom comes up” she pleaded. I slowly pushed the thermometer in until only about an inch and a half remained visible between her cheeks. I have to admit, I started getting a little “hot” myself thinking about what was happening to my friend.

I sat at the edge of her bed until her mother returned, probably in about another five minutes, removed the thermometer and read it. “You’re going to have to stay home for a while young lady, you have a fever, she announced.

I visited with Julie for several hours, during which her mother repeated the procedure I had witnessed earlier, leaving poor Julie bare ass up in bed with the rectal thermometer in for about another ten minutes while she straightened up around the house. I started feeling moist between my legs while watching Julie lie there, the thermometer sticking out of her behind, and imagining what it would feel like. While walking home later, I couldn’t help thinking of how it would feel to have my temperature taken.

When I arrived home, I had already formulated my plan. My mom asked how Julie was and I told her Julie was sick and that I felt as if I was coming down with something myself. Mom felt my forehead. “You don’t feel warm” she said, “but let’s take your temperature to make sure. Up to your room young lady and I’ll be right up.”

I sat on my bed eagerly awaiting mom’s arrival. I saw her go to the hall closet, remove the thermometer from its case and shake it down several times, studying it in between shakes. She opened the jar of petroleum jelly she kept on the closet shelf and swirled the bulb through it, coating the first inch or so of the thermometer with a generous blob of jelly.

She walked into the room, placed the thermometer case and the jar of petroleum jelly on my nightstand and approached the bed holding the thermometer. “Lie down and roll over young lady” she said. I hadn’t even removed my shoes, but I got down on my stomach on the bed. I felt mom lift my skirt and tuck it in at my waist. “Lift up in back” she said, grasping the waistband of my panties at both sides, sliding them about half way down my thighs. “Part your legs Tracey” she said. I complied, spreading my legs as far as I could until the panties were stretched tight across my thighs. I felt her separate my cheeks and then, after several seconds had passed, I felt the thermometer enter, slowly and deliberately. It was cold and slippery. I became excited immediately. She held the thermometer in for about a minute and then she stood up. “Lie still dear” she said, patting me on my exposed backside. “I’ll be right back. I have to check dinner, I don’t want to burn it.”

I lay perfectly still for what seemed an eternity feeling the invading thermometer planted in my tushie. By then, I was so “hot” I couldn’t help sneaking my hand down my belly and between my legs to massage my clit and swollen wet lips. The feeling was exquisite, especially with the thermometer adding sensation in back. It seemed like hours before mom returned.

She sat down beside me on the bed, and softly rubbed my buttocks, making me involuntarily clench the thermometer between them. I felt her grasp the end of the thermometer to steady it and prevent it from slipping out. “Just another minute dear”, she said, “and we’ll get an accurate reading.” I don’t know if it was my imagination in my excited state or whether she actually began to slowly move the thermometer in and out for several minutes before removing it to read it. By then I was sure that my excitement had been able to produce a slight fever. I hoped so.

“100.2, rectal” she announced. “Get undressed, put on your nightshirt and a pair of socks to keep your feet warm and get into bed. I’ll bring you your dinner. Maybe if you rest, you can beat this thing before it takes hold.” She wiped the thermometer with an alcohol soaked tissue and placed it back in its case, screwing the top back on, but instead of placing it back in the closet, she left it on my nightstand. I became all wet and flushed again just looking at it.

She brought dinner and I ate and watched some TV. Mom came into my room and watched a movie with me, sitting on the edge of my bed. Just after the movie ended, I saw her reach for the case, remove the thermometer, and shake it down. “Roll over on your tummy Tracey” she said, “I want to check your temperature again before you go to sleep.” Before I could comply, she had dipped the thermometer in the jar of petroleum jelly and was leaning over me. She lifted my nightie, doubled a pillow up, told me to “lift up” and placed it under my hips so that my butt was elevated in the air. I deliberately spread my legs as widely as I could. She was so efficient that the thermometer was all the way in before my feet had stopped moving.

Again she commanded, “Lie still”, got up and went to her bedroom. I could hear her dialing the telephone. She had called Julie’s mother and I could hear only parts of their conversation, which had to last a half hour. “Oh what a coincidence, I’m taking Tracey’s temperature now, too” I heard her say. “Yes, I agree, they think they’re too old for this but the rectal route is the most accurate. Besides, Tracey has such an adorable behind.” I heard laughter.

The thought of Julie lying there with the rectal thermometer inserted made me cum repeatedly. I fantasized that we were playing doctor and taking each other’s temperatures rectally. By the time mom hung up the phone, came back, removed and read the thermometer again, I was spent.