Julie’s Exam

My name is Tom and I am a thirty year old physician assistant trainee in Columbus, Ohio. The other night my neighbor Julie called and said she was not feeling well and asked if I could take a look at her. Since I have been taking care of minor medical problem for friends and neighbors for a long time I told her to come on over. Julie was a very attractive forty five year old divorced secretary whom I had met about two years ago when she moved across the street. We had talked a few times but were not real close friends.

When she arrived she was dressed as always in a ankle length skirt and a blouse buttoned to the neck, I always assumed she was very modest because of the way she dressed. Was I about to learn just the opposite. Julie explained that she was having abdominal pains and generally feeling sick to her stomach. Since she had no medical insurance or regular doctor she didn’t know where else to go. I told her I would be happy to help her out and showed her to a spare room that I had made into an exam room. I told her to relax and that I would be right back to take her temperature.

When I walked back into the room I was surprised (and delighted) to find Julie lying face down on the exam table with her skirt pulled up to just below her ass and her pink cotton panties pulled down to her knees. Apparently she was not as shy or modest as I thought.

I went to the drawer and took out the only rectal thermometer I had and walked back the table. I gently lifted her skirt to reveal her ass and she began to turn red from embarrassment. I lubricated the tip of the thermometer, spread her cheeks and I could feel her tense up and then jump slightly as I pushed it in. I had her gown pulled far enough up to give me a complete view, and what a view it was, considering I had never seen anything above her ankles. Her bottom was just perfect, not a trace of secretary’s spread or even an ounce of flab. She jumped again as I removed the thermometer but quickly calmed down. I told her that she did not have a fever and asked her when she had her last checkup. She told me she had not been to a doctor in about five years. Since she was not as shy as I thought, I decided to see how far she wanted to go and suggested she might need a complete physical. Julie looked a little startled at first but then said that I was probably right. I let her know that I could do it whenever she wanted and she said she had time now if I did. I said now would be fine and pulled an exam gown from the drawer.

I handed Julie the gown and asked her to remove all of her clothes. Instead of stepping behind the screen she finished undressing and put on the gown while I stood there. I proceeded to begin the exam working from the top down doing all of the basic little things I was supposed to do Then I asked Julie to untie the top of the gown and lay down so I could examine her breasts.

Once she was lying down I pulled the top of the gown to uncover two round firm breasts with nipples as hard as rocks. I began with the left one and placed her hand above her head, then I gently began probing and squeezing her mound working around and up to the nipple. By now her nipples were as hard as granite and I began pinching the left one. Julie started moaning with pleasure as I did this and then proceeded to the right side. She continued her light moaning as I completed my examination of her breasts, then I pulled the gown back in place. As I covered her back up I noticed a small smile on her face, and I knew she was enjoying this. I decided then that I would make this an exam Julie would never forget.

I moved to the opposite end of the table and began examining her feet and legs. This would give her a chance to calm down or get more excited about what was to come (and I’m sure she had no idea ). I worked my way up her legs past her knees and raised the gown to just below her crotch. I parted her thighs just enough to rub between them stopping just short of the bottom of the gown. Julie was starting to twitch just a bit and I could tell her excitement was building. I asked her how she was doing and she told me with a smile that she was just fine. I stood at the end of the table and pulled out the stirrups. I asked Julie to slide to the end of the table and pace her feet in them.

I raised the gown up to just below her breasts, uncovering her perfectly flat stomach and neatly trimmed pubic hair. I began examining her abdomen and worked my way down to her genitals. I pulled up a stool and sat at the end of the table. I had a full view of her nearly hairless crotch. Since I have always been turned on by shaved women this was an extra treat for me. I spread her legs as far apart as I could without making her uncomfortable, then I reached up, just touching the inside of her thigh. She jumped slightly but then settled right down. I parted the outside lips of her vagina and saw nothing but her pretty pink pussy. I noticed she was so moist with excitement that I wouldn’t need any lubrication for her internal exam.

I reached into the drawer and put on a pair of gloves and prepared to enter her. I asked Julie to relax, and told her she was about to feel a slight poke as I inserted my fingers in to examine her. She said okay, she was ready. I spread her lips again to give me a better view and the inserted two fingers in her vagina. As I was feeling around inside her I could feel her muscles beginning to contract and she was beginning to thrust herself against my hand. This was not what I wanted to happen, at least not yet. I gently , slowly removed one finger hoping to slow down what I knew was going to be one hell of an orgasm. Julie seemed a little disappointed as I did this but perked right up when I began probing the outside of her rectum.

My finger was so wet from being inside her that I didn’t need any lubrication here either. I gently inserted my finger and pushed up as far as I could. Now I had one finger in her pussy and one in her ass, I was pushing up as far as they would go and massaging her insides as I went. Julie once again began thrusting against my hand, and I kept on pushing forward. This time I was going to let her go all the way. Within a matter of no more than a minute, Julie exploded in a wild orgasm. She continued lunging and trusting with my hand inside of her for almost ten minutes. Once she began to calm down, I started to remove my hand. She grabbed me and asked me to please keep it there just a little longer. I let Julie have her way for a few more minutes, then she sat up trying to compose herself. She told me that she hadn’t had an orgasm like that since she was a newlywed. She also thanked me for the exam because she really hadn’t had one in such a long time. I told her not to thank me yet because I hadn’t told her what I had found. She started to look a little nervous and asked what I meant. I explained that she had a rigid feeling on the left side of her and it might be something to look at. She said that she had been unable to have a bowel movement for the last four days despite taking a lot of laxatives. I told her that was what was causing her poor feeling and that I knew just the right treatment for her.

Julie had a look of panic in her eyes because she knew what I was about to tell her. I suggested she have an enema. I told her after four days of not going not only does it get harder, but her body was reabsorbing the toxins that it would have expelled. Julie said she knew all that but just the thought of an enema scared her. She had them when she was a little girl and hated them then. I let her know that she should at least think about it. She said she would and let me know.

Later that night Julie called and said she was feeling worse and asked if I could do her enema. I explained that she could buy a small one at the store and do it herself. She told me she didn’t have the courage to go and buy one or to poke herself in the butt with one. I told her I would get what I needed and call her when I got home from the store. She said goodnight and she would see me tomorrow. I hung up the phone and began to make a list of what I needed. Since I knew this was going to bring on another orgasm I was going to have some fun myself. The next day I went to the adult toy store to see if they had what I needed, since I had never been there I wasn’t sure if they did, but boy did find what I needed.

I called Julie to say that I was ready whenever she was and she said she would be right over. She arrived about ten minutes latter dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I hadn’t thought she even owned a pair since all I ever saw were those long skirts. Julie told me that she didn’t get much sleep last night between the stomach pains and the expectation of her enema. I let her know that it would not be all that bad so she should try to relax. She said she just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. We went into the back room and Julie sat on the table while I prepared the solution. She looked like she wanted to cry. I hung the bottle from a tall stand and rolled a tray of nozzles over to the table. Since Julie was such a nervous wreck I decided to leave the tray covered so she could not see the equipment. I asked her if she was ready and she said she would never be ready but lets get it over with.

I placed a towel on the table and asked Julie to strip from the waist down. I watched as she peeled off her tight jeans and then slid off her white cotton panties. Her bare ass looked even better today than it did yesterday. I told her lay face down with her butt raised up. I put on a pair of gloves and reached for the K-Y jelly. I told her the first thing she would feel was my finger lubricating her rectum. I spread her cheek and as I spread he lubricant around she jumped. She apologized and said she would try to hold still. After lubing the outside of her opening I inserted my finger as far as it would go. She was starting to breathe a little harder now but more from fear than excitement. I picked up the smallest of the four nozzles and placed it on the hose. After bleeding the air from the hose I let her know it was time to begin. I inserted the nozzle and she began to cry, so as I opened the clamp I held her hand and told everything would be fine. I only allowed a small amount of fluid to enter her the first time, maybe half the bottle. Julie seemed to calm down and was doing good. I told her I was going to remove the nozzle but that she had to remain in that position.

She jumped a little as I pulled the nozzle out, but she remained in position as I told her. After a few minutes she said she needed to use the toilet. I told her a wait just one more minute and brought her a bed pan. Julie winced at the thought of using it, but she didn’t have much choice. I placed it on an old chair and she sat down, almost immediately the fluid came rushing out. After sitting there for a couple of minutes she got up, looked in the pan and saw nothing but the fluid I had pumped in. I explained to her that since it had been so long since her last movement that it would probably take two or three times to clean her out. After telling her this she looked as if she wanted to cry again.

I let her relax for a few minutes as I refilled the bottle. This time I had Julie lay on her back with her feet in the stirrups. I relubricated her and picked up a new nozzle. This time I choose thin twelve inch tube to push the fluid deeper into her. I let her know that this time she might feel a little discomfort, but I didn’t tell her why. I felt her jump as I began to push the tube in but this time there was no crying. Actually she seemed to give a little moan and this time I knew she was enjoying it. I continued pushing the tube in as far as it would go, I then released the clamp allowing the fluid to flow. Julie just lay there with her eyes closed, breathing a little heavier, and with a slight smile on her face. I began gently caressing her pubic hair and slowly worked my way to her vagina, just lightly rubbing the outside. She began moaning a little louder just about the same time the bottle ran dry. I asked her to relax while I removed the nozzle, I reached down to take it out, but she grabbed my hand and asked me to leave it there. I told her she had to empty herself out so we could begin the final part. Julie got up and this time went into the bathroom. She was in there about ten minutes.

When she came out she said that the last one did the trick, she felt much better. I told her that she should have one final cleaning to be sure. She agreed and got back up on the table. Julie knew the routine by now, she slid all the way to the end with her feet in the stirrups. I picked up the last tube, a half inch diameter twenty inch long one. I left the room to refill the bottle, when I returned Julie was holding the tube. She asked if I planned to use that on her. When I said yes her face had a look of both fear and anticipation. I took the tube from her and told her to resume her proper position. I then held the tube where she could see it while I lubricated it. Then I moved back to the end or the table picked up the K-Y jelly and relubed her ass. I began inserting the tube slowly. After the first few inches I pushed it in quickly as far as it would go. Julie let out a little yell, saying it hurt a little, but I assured her that in a minute or so she was going to feel much better.

I released the clamp, but only a little this time, I wanted this one to last a while. As the fluid was flowing I resumed caressing her. This time I had one hand on her lower end and the other rubbing her breasts through her shirt. While I worked my way toward her vagina she reached up and unbuttoned her shirt. I now took both hand and pushed her bra up, leaving her firm round breasts uncovered. Julie grabbed my right hand a placed it back by her vagina. Once again I began to caress her outer area. This time after a few minutes she began moaning with pleasure. I pushed the tube a little further in and she really started to moan. I gently inserted two fingers into her and almost immediately she began thrusting against my hand. This continued for a moment of two then she started pushing harder. I began pinching her nipples with my other hand and she started thrusting harder still. When I felt she was almost ready to reach her peak I closed of the clamp to stop the flow.

I began massaging both her vagina and her rectum at the same time. I then put my mouth over her nipple and started licking, sucking and biting them. Within a few seconds Julie peaked out. Then Julie just stayed there with a smile for about five minutes. When she got up she went into the bathroom for another ten minutes. She came out with her shirt still open and her bra still pushed up. She sat on the table for a few minutes and thanked me for a great day, the best she said she had in a long time. Julie then took a shower and went home.

Its been about a month since Julie’s exam and treatment. I see her on the street going to work or coming home just like before. I graduated from my training school last week and I am now a licensed physician assistant. I begin my first job working with a doctor at the student health center at a local college. This job might have some interesting stories to tell.